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Thomas Evans Trail

The TJ Evans Trail starts on Newark's west side. From there it heads northwest through Granville and Alexandria and ends in Johnstown, OH in Licking County. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

campus connector
OSU Campus Connector

Latest Update: 9/24/16 by OB - Periodic Trail Closings

From,"The city of Newark has announced work being done on the bike path between Granville Road and Ohio 16 from Sept. 26 to Oct. 28.

"The path will be passable most of the time, but there will be intermittent closures of about 10 minutes at a time to allow for equipment and material deliveries. Work is needed to make repairs on the Log Pond Run diversion channel."

Branches Placed on Trail Surface - 7/7/16 by Rodney Anderson

I ride the bike trail between Cherry Valley road and Granville. 2 times this past week someone has placed large branches across the bike paths (mid way thru the cow section) I ride to work in the morning, so I am probably the first person to find out about these.

The first time I got stopped in time. Yesterday the path was wet and I stopped by crashing. Is it possible to have all these cut down branches removed so these idiots can't do this anymore? I have friends that would be more than happy to help with this.

Also, there is a good sized hole between CVR and the nice homes. The hole has a circle painted around it, but it is yet to be fixed. I hit it once and am amazed I didn't bend a rim. Other than that I love the local bike paths!

Trail Section Closing for Dam Repairs - 4/16/16 Ohio Bikeways

From, "The bike path along the south side of Ohio 16 will be closed between West Church Street and Cherry Valley Road from now through April 22.

"The closure is needed to make repairs to the Raccoon Creek dam."

Crack-Sealing Planned for Newark Trail Section - 10/11/15 Ohio Bikeways

From, "...The first cooperative project will be crack-sealing on the 12 miles of path in the city. The $14,348 project may begin next week and be completed in a couple weeks..."

Proposed Trail Extension to Health Department - 11/20/14 Ohio Bikeways

From, "A 1-mile extension of Newark's bike path would help connect residents with the health department, schools and athletic facilities, a transportation study shows.

"...The bike path extension, estimated to cost $511,560, would link the end of the path at Goosepond Road to the Licking County Health Department."

Armed Robbery Attempt Near Cherry Valley Road - 9/22/14 Ohio Bikeways

From, "A couple walking on the TJ Evans bike trail near Cherry Valley Road on Sunday afternoon told police a man tried to rob them and showed them a gun.

"...The suspect was described as a white male between 20 and 25 years old wearing a long, light gray hooded sweatshirt and dark gray or black pants."

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Licking County, OH

Class: A1+

Length: 14.2 miles with 2 connecting spurs of 3.5 (to YMCA) & 2.2 miles (to Goosepond Rd via OSU) / asphalt

Condition: Good

Facilities: A water fountain at the restored depot in Granville. Gas station/mini-mart across the street. Also, restrooms and water at Rotary Park along the campus connector trail.

Parking: Granville, OH (See trail map for more options).

Worth Noting: Facilities are scarce along the main trail, so plan on using nearby business facilities.

Map: Thomas Evans Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: West to East

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This is a great ride on those scorching hot summer days. Most of the bikeway is lined with an abundance of foliage that gives the effect of riding through a long, green tunnel. The cover not only provides protection from the sun, but also acts as a buffer from the wind on blustery days.

We rode the trail during warm, dry conditions. However, the coolness from the cover along much of the trail kept the surface from drying out from an earlier rain, despite the fact that the full sunshine had been back for a few hours!

The TJ Evans Trail moves through woods, pastures and farmlands giving occasional glimpses of a creek that runs alongside and a river along the campus connector along Rt. 16.

This bikeway has a history of poor surface maintenance. So keep an eye out for potholes, large cracks and other surface surprises that could ruin your ride.

Trailside Water Fountain in Granville, OH

Riding from Johnstown to Newark the trail makes a gradual descent that goes for several miles making the trip an almost effortless ride, barring opposing winds.

There are several short bridge crossings, including one over-street passage, along with an under-road tunnel. On the campus connector trail you'll encounter more over and underpasses as well as some architecturally unique bridges along the bikeway. Trail builders successfully met every challenge to bridge the gap between the Newark to Johnstown Bikeway and the nearby Newark-OSU campus trail.

Some tunnels have severe angles with the trail surface which is made more difficult by some drain grates that cross the trail and are slightly below the trail surface. A bridge along the campus connector uses uneven stones for its deck material. Looks nice, but not very practical, particularly in wet or frosty conditions.

Campus & YMCA Connector

The connector starts alongside Cherry Valley Road and takes on a rolling, turning nature that straightens out as you approach the Rt. 16 bridge where the bikeway climbs to meet the highway overpass. Turn left (north) and ride over the pedestrian bridge that spans Rt. 16 to ride toward campus. This trail goes as far north as Goosepond Road.

Or continue riding east over to the YMCA, within 1.5 miles of the Panhandle Trail.

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