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Brunswick Lake Master Plan

Brunswick, OH - "...Eppink called plans to complete the second phase of the trail extension project known as the Plum Creek Greenway Project a potential 'game changer'..." more

Report: Fewer New Yorkers are Cycling

NY - "The number of New Yorkers who regularly ride a bicycle dropped 5 percent in the last two years, data released by the city Tuesday showed." more

City Council Votes to Ban Cars from Bike Lanes


Rochester, NY - "City Council voted Tuesday to prohibit cars from stopping or parking in bike lanes." more

Woman Attacked On Bike Path In Mattapan


MA - "...She was taken to a Boston hospital to receive treatment for cuts and bruises. She has since been released from the hospital." more

Scooters, Bikes Can Work in Tandem


Memphis, TN - "...At the end of the day, both programs working hand in hand certainly have made an impact on shared mobility in the city..." more

Surface Solutions for Tree Root Bumps on Paved Trails


Medford, OR - "...the county received a Recreational Trail Program grant to test what materials fared better than the asphalt against root bumps, which can regrow a year after paving." more

Why E-Bike Schemes Have Failed in Two Cities


"Is this the death knell for dockless e-bike shares?" more

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RiverScape Bike Path Tunnel Closure

Dayton, OH - The bike path tunnel underneath Riverside Bridge will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 17 and Wednesday, Sept. 18 for mainline water source repair.

ODOT to Install 11-Mile Bike Lane


Cincinnati, OH - "...By 2020, U.S. 52 will have an 11-mile bike lane stretching from Five Mile Road to New Richmond. The span will be marked with better signage, new paint and rumble strips to keep drivers from weaving into the wrong lane." more

Shepard Connectors Progress

9/17/19 - Columbus, OH

See photos.

See a map of the connectors.

Harrison County Trail Plan Revealed


Cadiz, OH - "...Dan Rice, president of Ohio Erie Canalway Coalition, said upon completion, the trail will be able to connect five regional and five national trails." more

Bike Lane Recommendations for Longmont


CO - "Cyclists and motorists in the future are unlikely to encounter many vertical posts, rails or curbs physically separating bike lanes from motor vehicle lanes on Longmont streets." more

Bluebikes’ 10 Millionth Trip


Boston, MA - "...Bluebikes will notch its 10 millionth trip in the next few days, the bike-share system announced on September 16. Nearly one-fifth of those rides occurred in 2019." more

Bikes and Scooters Could Replace a Lot of Car Trips


U.S. - "Almost half of all car trips in U.S. cities are three miles long or less. That little nugget of information has long been understood, hinted at by U.S. Census surveys, but now a transportation data company has confirmed and expanded on it..." more

Moped Gangs Attacking Cyclists


UK - "...Moped gangs have been filming themselves pushing cyclists off their bikes and posting footage on social media as part of a dangerous trend." more

Swooping Magpie Causes Fatal Bike Crash


AUS - "...The 76-year-old rider fell while trying to get away from the swooping bird." more

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New Park will Serve as Future Trailhead

Fairfield, OH - "The grand opening of FurField, the city’s new multi-use and dog park, is set for October, but an exact date has not been determined." more

Zoning Changes to Protect AT Section


Nazareth, PA - "An eastern Pennsylvania township has approved zoning changes aimed at blocking projects such as natural gas pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels and cellphone towers from being located near its section of the Appalachian Trail." more

City To Create Protected Bike Lanes During U.N. General Assembly


NYC - "The city will create a special lane for cyclists to ride past the United Nations building during the annual General Assembly next week, a change from a longstanding security policy that banned bikes from the area even though car drivers were not similarly restricted." more

Portland Needs to Step Up Traffic Enforcement

OR - "...I've lived and driven in the city for over 30 years and I cannot believe the flagrant disregard for laws and human life that I see almost every day." more

France to Invest €43M in Cycle Lanes


FRA - "Around 150 areas across France will receive state funding to have more bike lanes and improvements to existing ones, part of plan to get the French on their bikes." more

ER Doc: Stay Off E-Scooters


MN - "...Smith estimates at least five people are treated in the ER each day for e-scooter-related injuries. That adds up to several hundred ER visits this summer..." more

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Trail Work Day Along the AC&Y Trail

New London, OH - Brush removal along the developing AC&Y Trail, also known as the New London-Greenvich Trail.

Derr Road Reconstruction Moves Ahead

Springfield, OH - "...On Friday, the TCC approved the amended project to reconstruct Derr Road from its current state into a a four-lane road with added designated turn lane and multi-use paths on either side of the road for pedestrians and bicyclists..." more

Greenbelt Extension Along U.S. 60 Nearly Complete


KY - "The latest extension of Owensboro's David C. Adkisson Greenbelt Park walking trail along the former U.S. 60 bypass is nearing completion." more

City Council Approves Controversial Bike Lanes

VA - "The Alexandria City Council voted 4 to 3 Saturday for a controversial plan to trade traffic lanes for bike lanes on Seminary Road, despite protests from many residents who said it will worsen gridlock..." more

Razorback Greenway Continues to Connect NW Arkansas


AR - "...The greenway connects six downtowns; three hospitals; 23 schools; the University of Arkansas; and the Walmart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson headquarters..." more

Transformative Impact of Trails in the Quad Cities

IL, IA - "...two powerful trails in the region—the Riverfront and Great River trails, both host trails of the Great American and “spines” of a regional trail system between the states..." more

Paris Transit Strike Boosts Use Of Cycleways


FRA - "Never seen so many people using bikes to get to work in Paris before..." more

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New Towpath Connector Opens

Independence, OH - A new towpath connector opened in Independence today, September 14.

Maintenance & Repair Progress on the B&O Trail

Richland County, OH - A summary on the trail ongoing trail work on the Richland B&O Trail.

Olentangy Trail Ramp Improved

Columbus, OH - Posted on 9/13/19.

Road Construction Incudes Shared-Use Path

Upper Arlington, OH - "The first rebuild of Henderson Road is nearing completion -- and more than a month earlier than expected." more

Driver Charged in Fatal Crash with Cyclist

Cleveland, OH - "A 21-year-old woman is charged in a crash that killed a bicyclist in the city’s Tremont neighborhood." more

How 2-Way Protected Bike Lane Will Work


Ann Arbor, MI - "Ann Arbor's first two-way protected bike lane is being installed on William Street from State to First streets in October and the Downtown Development Authority is providing tips on how to use it. " more

Cars Driving in Boston Bike Lanes


MA - "...This video, shared by Reddit user u/FostersFloofs, shows a number of vehicles 'taking advantage' of the lane designated for cyclists so they can bypass traffic more easily..." more

Battle Over Bike Lanes


VA - "...A proposal to remove two driving lanes on one stretch of the road in favor of bike lanes and add a turn lane and pedestrian crossing signals triggered a classic clash in the city..." more

Tackling the Bike Share Parking Problem


WA - "...In Portland, things are a little different, where the city issues citations to poorly parked bikes. Bikeshare companies will then charge that to the person who last used the bike, providing a motivation to park it correctly in the future." more

Conservation Groups Decry E-Bike Use on Federal Trails


WY - "...The scary part to me is to look at all of these nonmotorized routes suddenly becoming open to e-bikes without any kind of scientific process or public process to take a look at what the impacts on wildlife might be or impact on other trail users..." more

Uber To Pull Jump Bikes From Atlanta And San Diego


"..Over the summer, both San Diego and Atlanta ratcheted up regulations on shareable bikes and electric scooters." more

Rail-Trail State Policy 2019

U.S. - "This year, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s (RTC’s) state policy arm focused on strategies aimed at building financial support for trails, walking and bicycling over the long term, including the creation of advocacy infrastructure that should pay dividends for active transportation for years to come." more

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9/11 Memorial Trail Approved by Senate

D.C. - "...The September 11th NMT is a 1,300 mile network of roads and paths that connect the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa., the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City, N.Y., and the 9/11 Memorial Garden of Reflection in Yardley, Pa." more

Citi Bike Cyclist Assaulted in Bike Lane

NYC - "A cyclist says she was assaulted in Midtown South this week by two men who tackled her off of her bike and punched her multiple times." more

In 2023, You Could Bike From Fort Worth to Dallas


TX - "...The roughly 52-mile trail mostly follows the Trinity River, offering a scenic and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of Metroplex traffic..." more

Study: Bike Share Eases Traffic Congestion


" increased use of bike share programs would ease traffic in Seattle, a study by Inrix found." more

Bike Share Service Opens in Reykjavík


ISL - "...One hundred bikes will be on offer at 41 locations..." more

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Ohio Eminent Domain Reform Bill in Committee

"...The legislation being debated, H.B. 288, would amend the state’s eminent domain laws to limit this power by prohibiting the seizure of land for creating a recreational trail." more

Lose Your Glasses on the Heart of Ohio Trail?

See original post to learn more.

Worshipers Given Pass to Block Bike Lanes


Philadelphia, PA - "...The recently painted bike lane on the left side of Spruce Street in front of the Society Hill Synagogue was wide open Saturday until a little after 9 a.m..." more

Berkeley Cyclists Fined $200+ for Rolling Stops

CA - "While San Francisco rushes to redesign intersections and put posts around its bike lanes, Berkeley has taken a different approach to traffic safety: penalties of more than $200 for cyclists who roll through stop signs." more

Brookline Police Cracking Down on Cars in Bike Lanes


MA - "Police in Brookline are cracking down on drivers who double park in bike lanes..." more

Judge Rules Bike Path Built on Private Land


RI - "Rhode Island built a section of the Blackstone River Bikeway on private property and will have to compensate a construction company for taking its land..." more

In-App Ticketing Comes to Denver

CO - "RTD, Transit and Masabi have come together to enable travellers to plan and pay for trips involving multiple modes of transportation on a single platform." more

E-Scooters Aren't the Greenest Way to get Around


"Shared electric scooters, or e-scooters, may be greener than most cars, but they can be less green than several other options, according to new research." more

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Simon Kenton Trail Section Closure 9/11/19


Urbana, OH - The Simon Kenton Trail will be closed for paving repair, Wednesday 9/11/19 for one day. The section closed will be from Miami St. in Urbana to Edgewood Ave. There will be NO access to this area for anyone during this job.

Filling the Gaps on the Great Miami River Trail


Butler County, OH - "...there are 4.7 miles of proposed trail in Butler County that are the only pieces for which no funding has been found..." more

Preservation Status Sought for Darby Plains


Madison County, OH - "...The site has 350-year-old oak trees, and endangered species such as Ohio largest stand of Prairie Dropseed grass, plus prairie violets and Bicknell’s Sedge, a grass-like prairie plant that can grow more than two feet tall." more

Plainfield Launches Bike Share Program

IN - "Joining Indianapolis and other surrounding communities, Plainfield on Tuesday kicked off a new bike share program." more

Micromobility a Major Solution to Traffic Congestion


Boston, MA - "INRIX report finds that nearly half the car trips in the Boston area are under 3 miles..." more

Cyclists Demand Amazon Pay for a Bike Lane

Arlington, VA - "...We think Amazon, as part of the infrastructure of HQ2, should be improving the bike infrastructure right in front of their building..." more

Taxi Drives Down Bike Lane in Vancouver


CAN - "Police are investigating a hair-raising video that shows a taxi driving down a separated bike lane in downtown Vancouver." more

Toronto Locals Soured on "Neighborhood of the Future"

CAN - "Sidewalk Labs, a sister company of Google, has a wildly ambitious plan for Toronto’s waterfront. But concerns about Big Tech and privacy are only growing." more

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Students Raise Bike Share Concerns

Kent, OH - "...Where the bikes are being parked is not the only problem. Kelsie Kline, a communications major said the bikes need tune ups as well." more

William Street Getting New Bike Lane

Ann Arbor, MI - "...The city and Downtown Development Authority are partnering to improve William Street to include a two-way protected bike lane..." more

London Cyclist Headbutts Pedestrian


UK - "Police are hunting a cyclist who headbutted a worker to the ground after a near-miss on a pedestrian crossing." more

E-Bike Rider Struck by Garbage Truck

NY - "Another cyclist has been injured after colliding with a garbage truck in Brooklyn." more

More than 20 Serious or Fatal Hit-n-Runs in Denver

CO - "So far in 2019, more than two people each month on average have been killed or seriously injured in Denver by hit-and-run drivers. But arrests have been made in fewer than half of the incidents." more

Federal Plan To Allow Electric Bikes Raises Safety Concerns

CA - "Last month, the Trump administration ordered a change in regulations to allow electric bicycles on every national park trail on which regular bikes are permitted. The news has drawn a mixed reaction." more

Some Protected Bike Lanes Leave Cyclists Vulnerable to Injury


VA - "...There is evidence that protected bike lanes help prevent the worst crashes, Cicchino says. What our study shows is that certain locations are better than others for this type of infrastructure." more

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Towpath Section Closure Sept. 9-12

CVNP, OH - The towpath will be closed between Botzum and Ira Road today thru Thursday, Sept. 12. The section is being resurfaced.

Towpath Detours are Scary

Trail user reports that towpath detours are no fun.

Road Repaving, Bike Path Repairs Scheduled in Mentor

OH - "...Work is anticipated to begin on or about Oct. 7 and be complete within the month, according to a report to City Council.

"The project involves resurfacing portions of Hendricks and Hopkins, and bike path repairs along Hendricks." more

Cyclists Pedal for Change in State Law

Pittsburgh, PA - "...Ms. Innamorato is a co-sponsor for House Bill 792... which would amend state law so bike lanes and parking spaces would switch places, putting a barrier between bikes and cars." more

City Seeks More Funding for Bike Lane Project


Sharon, PA - "Sharon officials are trying to figure out a way to install candlesticks in the bike lane along North Sharpsville Avenue using the money a grant allotted." more

Copperheads Spotted on Bike Trail


Lancaster County, PA - "...Rothacker pointed out these snakes could easily be mistaken for a stick, putting passersby at risk of a venomous bite and the snakes in danger of being trampled upon or run over." more

Dangerous Bike Lane Draws Concerns


NYC - "...The new bike lanes are dangerous, ill-conceived and poorly thought through. They could result in many more pedestrians and cyclists being injured or killed..." more

County Marks Completion of $5.5M Bike Path

VA - "...Prince William County officials recently marked the completion of a new section of the path, which closed a gap along a more than 13-mile stretch of shared-use asphalt along Va. 234..." more

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Niles Approves $20K for Trail Maintenance


Niles, OH - City council approved the appropriation of $20,000 for repairs to the Niles Greenway Trail. No money has been spent on the 3-mile trail section that falls within the city's jurisdiction since the trail was built.

Galena Trail Extension Progress

Galena, OH - Ongoing construction to linke these 2 segments of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail continue. Work is expected to be completed in November 2019, weather permitting.

See construction photos.

ODOT Developing Bike & Ped Policy


Champion, OH - "...Those who choose to voice their concerns and provide feedback should visit the Walk.Bike.Ohio website..." more

Forcing Cyclists to Wear Helmets?


"A mandatory helmet law in NYC is how Vision Zero ends." more

Pot Taxes Help Fix Dangerous Street


Portland, OR - "A project on Southwest Capitol Highway will impact traffic between Huber and Kerr Parkway but will make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists — and is paid for largely through pot revenue." more

Bikes "Startling Elk to Death"


OR - "...trail closures on public land to give the elk privacy during calving season often don’t work..." more

Frisco Bike Plan Calls for More On-Street Bike Routes


CA - "...The focus on bike lanes and routes in the master plan was driven by the growing demand in Frisco..." more

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Paving Request for Friendship Trail Section

Sabina, OH - "...If the Sabina to Borum Road section does get paved this fall, the portion from Reesville (State Route 72) westward to Melvin Road would remain a stone path and would need new grant funds before it too gets paved to finish the blacktop for the entire 7.1-miles Clinton County leg of the Clinton-Fayette Friendship Trail." more

Toledo Cyclists Donate $5,000 to NORTA


Delta, OH - "We were shocked at our board mtg last night when Mark/Nancy Beerman from Toledo Area Bicyclists showed up to present us w/ check for $5000 from their Maumee Area River Ride as donation to Norta [Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association]." more

90,000 Rides in 1 Day a New Citi Bike Record!


NYC - "...The bike rides have surged as New Yorkers have discovered that the bikes are one of the fastest ways to get around the city — even faster than taxis or the subway..." more

Campus Bike Share Stations Added


University Park, PA - "...With the additon of these four new stations and 25 new bikes, Penn State's Zagster bike share program is now comprised of 110 bikes across 21 stations." more

Ground Rules for E-Bikes in New Orleans


LA - "...The council unanimously agreed to permit "pedal-assist" bicycles, which are motorized bikes that can reach speeds of 20 mph. It also allowed pedal-assist bicycles that reach speeds of 28 mph on certain bikeways." more

How Advocates Brought the Idaho Stop to Oregon


"...The new law does not include freedom to yield and roll through traffic signals at intersections. Idaho added this provision in 2006 and many cyclists feel like it is only a natural and logical extension of the stop sign provision..." more

Cyclist Deaths are Exploding in U.S.


"...cities gaining new cyclists are quickly, tragically finding that they do not have the proper infrastructure to keep them safe..." more

Changing Skyscraper Designs to Benefit Peds, Cyclists


UK - "Wind tunnels and downdrafts can make life difficult for cyclists and pedestrians. London’s new design rules aim to reduce headwinds." more

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Teen Charged with Raping Trail User

Columbus, OH - "...According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, on April 12, 2019, 16-year-old Desmond Lee Thomas pulled a gun and sexually assaulted the woman who was pushing her child in a stroller on the Camp Chase bike trail on the west side of Columbus." more

Cannonball Trail Section Review with Photos

Fulton County, OH - "I hiked 9 miles today from CR23 near Elmira to Rotary Park in Wauseon in northwestern Ohio. This section is entirely on the Wabash Cannonball Trail, a converted railroad..." more

Alison Steele Creating Historical Bike Route

Avon Lake, OH - "...Alison said the path will visit some of the city’s most important historical locations: the Avon Lake Public Library, the Folger Home, Lake Shore Cemetery, Beach Park Plaza, the Power Plant and the Peter Miller House..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Trail Getting Rave Reviews, But it's not Open


Angola, IN - "...The reason we can't publicly open it is the contractor is still on the hook for some items and we can't open it up and have the public out there if the contractor's still out there working..." more

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Expands

Indianapolis, IN - "Nearly 300 new bicycles and over 20 new bike share stations across the city have been added for the Pacers Bikeshare program expansion." more

Redesigned Bike Lanes Could Protect Cyclists


Pittsburgh, PA - "A demonstration of how parked cars can protect bicycle lanes and their users may be a sign of things to come in Pittsburgh and other communities along the region’s three rivers." more

2nd Plunger Protest in Boulder


CO - "For the second time in two weeks, city officials had to remove plungers from the streets of Boulder." more

Red Tape Slows Louisiana Ave Bike Lane


D.C. - "The four-year-old plan to add a protected bikeway to Louisiana Avenue is at a standstill while the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) continues to negotiate the street design with Congress..." more

Vancouver Bike Share Use Grows


CAN - "Mobi Bike Share in Vancouver is coming off its busiest month in its three-year history." more

5 Myths About Jaywalking Pedestrians


"Studies prove these myths aren't true but nobody is listening." more

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National Parks Service Opens Trails to E-Bikes

Cleveland, OH - "...Cuyahoga Valley spokesperson Pamela Barnes said her park was picked for the showcase because its Towpath Trail draws many bicyclists. Also, the Cuyahoga Valley has already put the new policy into effect, ahead of some other parks, though hers and others are still working out some details." more

Copley Township Envisions Trail System

OH - "A trail system through the township might be years away, but officials hope it will one day become a reality that would create public green space and potentially help curb flooding in Barberton and other communities to the south." more

Riverwalk Extension Taking Final Steps


Jasper, IN - "...Part of a master plan that aims to one day complete a 10- to 11-mile multi-use trail loop around the city..." more

Ocean Parkway Bike Path Won't See Repairs Until 2022


NY - "A rough road remains for bikers, pedestrians seeking access to Coney Island's attractions and beaches." more

E-Bikes Now Allowed on Mt. Vernon Trail


VA - "Cyclists can now ride e-bikes around national parks, including the Mt. Vernon Trail along the GW Parkway, thanks to a recent policy change from the National Park Service." more

BCycle E-Bike Launch in Madison a First


WI - "...Madison is the first bike share program to fully convert its fleet to electric..." more

Carriage Drivers Concerned about Bike Lane


NYC - "...Horse carriage drivers fear this section of the bike lane could increase chances of collisions between the animals and cyclists." more

Amsterdam’s Cyclists & Peds Don't Get Along

NLD - "...Woe betide those who accidentally step onto a bike path..." more

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Great Miami River Trail Section Closure

Troy, OH - "Portions of the Great Miami River Recreational Trail within Troy’s city limits are scheduled to be repaved between Miami Shores Golf Course and Trade Square Road over the next week. Paving begins today, September 3 and should be completed by September 6, weather permitting..." more

See a map of the affected area.

The Success of the Saucon Rail Trail

PA - "After officials opened portions of the Saucon Rail Trail along Water Street Park in 2011, Hellertown business owner Steve LaBrake noticed [positive] changes." more

2 Peds & 1 Cyclist Killed in Chicago this Past Week

IL - "... One of the pedestrians was at least the fourth person killed by a driver this year while on the sidewalk, and the third person killed at a bus stop..." more

Whatcom County Planned Border-to-Border Bike Route

WA - "...a proposed 50-mile trail spanning Whatcom County’s entire coastline..." more

Citi Biking Thru Midtown Faster, Cheaper than Cab

NY - "...Citi Bikers in Midtown travel around 30% faster than their taxi-riding counterparts..." more

More Deaths by Red Light Runners

OR - "...Nationally, deaths from drivers running red lights reached a 10-year high in 2017 and are up 28 percent from a decade ago." more

COO Dies in Bike Accident


CA - "Chad Peterson, the chief operating officer at Intense LLC, died Monday from injuries sustained in a bike accident near Temecula." more

5 Myths about Collisions with Peds

CAN - "As people continue to die on Toronto’s streets in alarmingly high numbers, there appears to be growing consensus among the public and local leaders that the city is in the midst of a road safety crisis." more

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Towpath Trail Section Closing Sept. 27


Akron, OH - The trail will be closed for the Akron Marathon, which will take place in the area of the Wilbeth Road Trailhead and will utilize the Towpath Trail heading north through Summit Lake and into downtown Akron. The Wilbeth parking lot will be closed beginning at 8 p.m. on September 27 and will re-open after the race on September 28.

Dispute Over Pothole Won't Be Settled in Court

Walbridge, OH - "...Who is responsible for the road came to a head in January when a pothole popped open and there was a small game of chicken on who would repair it." more

Another Death at Old Man's Cave

Hocking Hills, OH - "...Victoria Schafer, 44, was on stairs near Old Man’s Cave when she was struck by a falling tree branch..." more

14 New Mountain Bike Trail Openings


U.S. - "August 2019 was a huge month for mountain bike trail openings. From new connector trails within larger, established trail systems, to full-on, brand new bike parks, there’s more singletrack for mountain bikers to ride than ever before..." more

Cyclists: Edmonton Should Adopt 1-Meter Clearance Rule


CAN - "Bylaw requires motorists to keep buffer zone when passing cyclists." more

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Wayne County Rails-to-Trails E-News

OH - "... This is the fourth and final chapter of the March interviews with Board Members." more

Toronto Bike Lane Improved Economic Activity

CAN - "The Bloor St. bike lane was initially a pilot project but was later made permanent because of the positive impact it's had." more

New Off-Road Cycle Route Links England & Scotland

"A new 800-mile mainly off-road cycle route between England and the north coast of Scotland has been launched." more

Bike Share Failures in Melbourne

AUS - "Melbourne might have a claim on the title of Australia’s cycling capital, but it's also turned out to be the graveyard for public bike share schemes." more

The Unsafe Laziness of Painted Bike Lanes


AUS - "Painting white lines to mark bike lanes on city roads and assuming cyclists will be safe and motivated to use them is delusional..." more

More News...

Trail Connection Construction Continues

Delaware County, OH - Construction progress to link two trails along the Ohio-to-Erie Trail corridor continues in Delaware County. The Galena Brick Trail is being extended to connect with the Sandel Legacy Trail in Sunbury, Ohio. View photo.

Water Line Work Brings Trail Detour Sept. 2


Fairborn, OH - "The City of Fairborn will be doing water pipeline work along the Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway at Kauffman Avenue near Garland Avenue. A small portion of the trail will be impacted and a temporary gravel detour will be provided. Please walk your bikes through the detour. This work is scheduled to begin the week of September 2nd and is scheduled to last 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Greene County Parks & Trails at 937.562.6440.

New Cannonball Trail Mileage Sign

Liberty Center, OH - A new trail mileage sign has been installed at the Henry County Rd 6-C trailhead along the south fork of the Wabash Cannonball Trail, just southeast of Liberty Center, Ohio. View photos.

Former Chief Counsel to Governor Killed While Biking

Hilliard, OH - "A 58-year-old man, who served as the Chief Counsel for Gov. George V. Voinovich, died Saturday morning after he was struck by a vehicle while riding on a bicycle in Brown Township near Hilliard." more

How to Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Columbus, OH - Some good tips from Columbus Metroparks on how to properly secure your valuables and vehicle when parking at trailheads. more

40th Cougar Report in Michigan Since 2008

MI - "...The confirmation was made after an image of a cougar was captured Aug. 17 on a trail camera on public land in the Upper Peninsula's Delta County." more

Building the Northeast Texas Trail


TX - "...The Northeast Texas Trail, or NETT, is in the process of being established across 130 miles, stretching through seven counties and 19 small towns between Farmersville and New Boston..." more

New Rules for Bikes in Arapaho National Forest


CO - "...the Forest Service announced that bicycles will no longer be allowed off designated trails and roads in the Sulphur Ranger District, which covers the Arapaho National Forest..." more

'No Crossing' Signs Proliferate in Portland

OR - "...In Oregon we’ve had it drilled into our heads that “every intersection is a crosswalk.” It turns out that’s not exactly true..." more

How is the Bike League So Effective?

U.S. - "Whether it’s on our bread and butter issues like funding for bike infrastructure, or on larger issues like automated vehicles, the League engages coalitions of likeminded organizations to get things done on behalf of people who bike. Here is how our coalitions on those two issues are making progress to protect and promote bicycling." more

E-Scooter Injuries Increasing


"...The latest study looking at e-scooter injuries, published in BMJ’s Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open this week, identified several trends associated with these injuries..." more

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Work Continues on B&O Trail


Richland County, OH - "Additional surface work is targeted, weather permitting, to work on the B&O Trail as follows...

Lexington: On Wednesday 9/04, work will occur behind Heartland Church. Riders should be able to reroute via the parking lot.

On Thursday 9/5, Construction will start near the washroom Pavilion by the parks. Riders should be able to ride around the impacted area using the parking lot.

On Friday 9/6, work will be completed just north of the recycling station. Riders should be able to ride in the grass to the east of the Trail.

Butler: Monday 9/9 and Tuesday 9/10 - This will necessitate closing the Trail from Traxler Rd north to SR 97.

Police Investigating Alleged Rape on Trail


Niles, OH - "...According to Niles police, a 20-year-old girl was walking on the bike path that crosses over Grant Street on August 2 around 4:30 a.m." more

Bernstein Advocates for Wheelway Extension


MI - "...'The reason I love this path is, for a blind person, it’s really fantastic,' Bernstein said, 'I can be totally independent on this path, I am able to get 18 miles from Petoskey to Charlevoix on an independent basis'." more

'Scooternado': Miami Orders Ride Share Off the Streets


FL - "With Hurricane Dorian threatening to deliver winds as high as 130 mph to Florida’s Atlantic coast, Miami has ordered thousands of electric ride-share scooters scattered around the city to be collected and secured, preventing them from becoming dangerous projectiles when the dangerous storm arrives." more

E-Bikes Coming to National Parks


U.S. - "Motorized electric bicycles may soon be humming along serene trails in national parks and other public lands nationwide. It's part of a new Trump administration order — hotly opposed by many outdoors groups — that will allow e-bikes on every federal trail where a regular bike can go." more

E-Bike Sales Skyrockets Across Europe


NLD - "The hot and rain-free super summer of 2018 made e-bike sales skyrocket across Europe...." more

More News...

Simon Kenton Trail Construction Alert


Champaign County, OH - The SKT northern section between Lippincott Rd. and the Logan County line will be totally closed, starting on Tuesday morning, 9/3/19, as we complete the final 3.6 miles of chip seal which will finish connecting our trail between Urbana and Bellefontaine.

Please observe all trail closing signs and avoid that area to allow the workers to complete this project, as well as for your own safety. This project is scheduled to take four days from 9/3-9/6. The trail should be complete and open by the weekend of 9/7-8, weather permitting.

Trail Survey Shows Weakpoints in Wayfinding Signage

Columbus, OH - There's a lively discussion going on over at the Central Ohio Greenways page regarding a trail user survey. A poll there asks whether you 1) frequently get lost along Central Ohio Greenways, or 2) never get lost ('3 - seldom get lost' would have been a worthwhile option as well).

Unfortunately, ineffective signage has long been the norm for many Ohio bike trails, particularly in urban areas. This old blog post illustrates how urban wayfinding signs can often be less than helpful.

New Sturbridge Trail Serves as Important Link

Hilliard, OH - The new Sturbridge Trail is an important connector that links the Heritage Trail in Hilliard with the nearby Hellbranch Trail. more

Mohican Greenway Corridor Concept

Millersburg, OH - "Someday there may be a trail connecting the Loudonville Trail with the Holmes County Trail and the Mohican Valley Trail through Ashland, Holmes and Knox counties." more

Kokosing River Closure

Mt. Vernon, OH - "Beginning Tuesday, September 3, the Kokosing River will be closed to boaters at the Mt. Vernon Avenue bridge project for demotions work." more

City Prepares App for Riverfront Project

Columbus, IN - " $8.6 million conceptual plan calling for several overlooks of the East Fork White River downtown, connections to the People Trail system and an in-water recreation area." more

Man Sues Over Blocked Bike Lanes


Philadelphia, PA - "...The lawsuit, given the green light to proceed in court by a Philadelphia judge, also takes aim at the Philadelphia Parking Authority for failing to enforce regulations prohibiting parking in the bike lane." more

New Bridge Connects Trail with Park


Kerrtown, PA - "...The Ernst Trail will now connect travelers to Kerrtown's Mary Gable Park..." more

Protected Bike Lanes Needed for 'Safe Passage'


NY - "The city should add more protected bicycle lanes leading to the Kosciuszcko Bridge’s newly opened bike and pedestrian pathway, according to City Comptroller Scott Stringer." more

The Unsettling Rise of the Urban Narc App

"It’s getting easier for city residents to use technology that can report bad drivers who block bike lanes. Welcome to the self-surveillance era of traffic safety." more

More News...

Great Miami River Trail Closure


Dayton, OH - The Great Miami River Recreation Trail is closed from Main Street to First Street in Dayton, on the YMCA side of the river. Crews are working to re-open the trail following a problem with maintenance equipment. Trail users should find an alternate route for the next day or so.

Vision for the Valley

Cleveland, OH - "...Vision for the Valley is an initiative to re-imagine the Cuyahoga Riverfront in ways that take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Cleveland landscape and the river. Balancing business, recreation opportunities, housing, and commercial transportation along this corridor will create a unique and vibrant community, while elevating Cleveland as a true waterfront city. We want to ensure that safe bicycle access and amenities are in this vision." more

Central Ohio Greenways Poll

Columbus, OH - "Central Ohio Greenways is taking a look at wayfinding and signage along the trails. We would like to know about your experience." Take the survey.

Wheels Up for New Bike Skills Park

Rudolf, OH - "...the Wood County Park District Board approved seeking bids for a $200,000 bicycle park at the site of the former towering silos near the Slippery Elm Trail in Rudolph." more

Man Dies After Fall at Old Man's Cave

Logan, OH - "...Ohio Department of Natural Resources officers say 22-year-old Alexander Cristin Colson was on the overlook for the Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave when the incident occurred." more

Cincy Fire Department getting a Bike Unit

Cincinnati, OH - "...They're going to be able to cover ground much faster than paramedics on foot..." more

Plan for Bike Lanes Divides Woodley Place

D.C. - "An eight-year conflict has engulfed a narrow slice of Woodley Park, pitting residents against bicyclists in the Northwest neighborhood — and their struggle reflects similar tensions in other parts of the District." more

Plunger Protected Bike Lane in Boulder

CO - "100 wooden-handled plungers lined both shoulders on 30th Street between Arapahoe Avenue and Baseline Road." more

Missing Phoenix Man found Dead

AZ - "...the body was found about a half mile from the man's home in thick underbrush near the Bear Creek Greenway." more

Specialized Sued for $10M in Bike Helmet Case


Denver, CO - "A 50 year old Denver man is suing Specialized Bicycle Components for $10 million, claiming the helmet he wore when he crashed his bike was defective." more

Toronto's 10 Worst Bike Lanes

CAN - "The sad state of disrepair of Toronto’s bike network is more than just an annoyance for cyclists – it can mean the difference between life and death." more

Study: Drivers Struggle with Bike Lanes


AUS - "...The study also discovered that the presence of a marked bike lane on the road actually caused motorists to leave less space when passing a cyclist than if there was no lane at all." more

More News...

Short Term Closures along B&O Trail

Richland County, OH - A contractor will be working near the Bellville Bike Depot and the Hines Ave bridge on 8/29 and 8/30 to remediate several bumps along the B&O trail surface.

More bump removal work is scheduled for 9/03/19 from Marion Avenue south to Deer Park. The work is expected to take 2 days to complete.

Cleveland, Your Potholes are a Riot


OH - "I came to Cleveland at the end of July. My flatmate gave me the keys to the apartment, the barista gave me a cold brew, and my boss loaned me a bicycle." more

South Philly Divided on Safe Streets


PA - "Only three communities in the U.S. boast a higher rate of bicycle commuting than the section of Southeast Philadelphia that South 11th Street runs through, according to U.S. Census data." more

Lawsuit: Philly's Sidewalks Discriminate


PA - "The city's sidewalks are 'riddled with barriers,' suit alleges." more

No Plans to Fix Collapsed Greenway Tunnel


TN - "Don't look for a popular pedestrian tunnel under Neyland Drive by Volunteer Landing to be fixed anytime soon..." more

City Council Approves Controversial Mountain Bike Trail


MN - "A controversial mountain biking trail proposed to run through Lone Lake Park in Minnetonka was approved by the Minnetonka City Council early Tuesday morning." more

Cyclists and E-Scooters Are Clashing in Europe


" those cities are themselves learning, e-scooters and bikes don’t necessarily play well together either." more

Will Mexico be the Next Big Bike Supplier for U.S?


"As the Trump administration upends global trade policy with China with punitive tariffs on bicycles, parts and accessories, Mexico’s Grupo Mercurio is eyeing the U.S. market." more

More News...

East Golf Hike & Bike Trail Closure

Boardman, OH - "East Golf Hike & Bike Trail will be closed to all pedestrians and bicyclists between Boardman-Canfield Road and the West Golf Parking Lot beginning Tuesday, August 27, 2019 for replacement of a storm drainage pipe..." more

1st Year Pitt Students get Free Rides

PA - "Pittsburgh Bike Share, also called Healthy Ride, is starting a program this school year that will provide unlimited 30-minute rides to first-year Pitt students and resident assistants." more

When is a Protected Bike Lane NOT a Bike Lane?


NYC - "It’s not a protected bike lane if cars can park in it." more

The Softee Driver Who Disses Cyclists

NYC - "...rogue Mister Softee driver has been told to stop harassing cyclists on the Addabbo Bridge..." more

Trail Sign Overload


CO - "After Jefferson County Open Space officials posted signs asking bikers to exercise caution, a vigilante trail user posted more etiquette signs..." more

The 'War on Cars' Is a Bad Joke

"...Framing this as a 'war' implies that motorists are victims of violent assaults..." more

The Bike Share Balance Problem

"...The distribution of bikes remains a persistent challenge. Because of commuting patterns, residential neighborhoods face shortages of bicycles in the morning rush, while business districts tend to run out of bikes in the evening..." more

Bicycle-Oriented Development

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, bicycling is the nation’s fastest-growing form of transportation. As such, cycling is exerting an ever-greater impact on many business endeavors..." more

More News...

The SELZ Case – Revisited

OH - "In the summer of 1999 I was asked to become involved with a young man who had received a traffic ticket for “impeding traffic” in Trotwood, Ohio. Little did I know that the case would ultimately garner international intention..." more

Louisville Approves Complete Streets Policy

KY - "...The so-called Complete Streets Policy ordinance, which passed by a 22-1 vote, calls for all future road construction and reconstruction projects to make a street safe for all users, whether they're walking, using a wheelchair, driving or riding a bike." more

Cyclist Mugged at Gunpoint on W&OD Trail

VA - "...At approximately 12:20 p.m. Aug. 25, a bicycle rider was approached by two suspects. One brandished a firearm and demanded the rider hand over her belongings..." more

Memorial Ride Marks 19th Cyclist Death


NYC - "Hundreds of family, friends, street safety advocates and elected officials took a memorial bicycle ride Sunday to honor Jose Alzorriz, a cyclist mowed down after a speeding muscle car blew a red light in Brooklyn..." more

The ''Amazon of Europe'' Bike Trail

"...The 700 kilometre-long cycling route will connect five countries en route from Austria to Hungary on both sides of the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers..." more

More News...

Closing Gaps along the Ohio-to-Erie Trail

Galena, OH - "...[Galena Brick Trail] a trail that actually goes somewhere... Within a few years, if everything keeps going, you’ll be able to [bike] from Westerville all the way up to Mount Vernon..." more

North Coast Inland Trail Section Compacted

Huron County, OH - A 10.4-mile section of the NCIT in Huron County was regraded and is being compacted by a 10-ton roller between Bellevue, Monroeville and Norwalk. See photos.

Heartland Trail Mile Marker Restored

Wayne County, OH - "...About 4 years ago as RTWC Founder and Board Member Keith Workman was doing some clean up on the future trail, he spotted an abandoned, overgrown with weeds mile marker from the C.,A.& C railroad (Cleveland, Akron & Columbus)..." more

Clearing Brush on the New London-Greenwich Rail Trail

Huron County, OH - Brush clearing continues along the New London-Greenwich Rail Trail. Learn more about this trail project on their website.

Merriman Valley Pursues New Crossings for Peds / Cyclists

Cuyahoga Falls, OH - "...Cameras are installed at the intersections of Merriman and Weathervane Lane, Merriman and Portage Path and across from Dollar General. This is in response to whether the Valley needs additional crossings for hikers and bikers..." more

Grant to Pay for Des Plaines Bike Trail

IL - "State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) recently announced a $152,700 grant to construct a .15-mile bridge and bike path that will provide accessibility for Des Plaines cyclists between two popular parks." more

Jumped Bikes – Vandals take an Uber Ride

RI - "One day there were a thousand red Jump bikes scattered across Providence. Then suddenly, on August 22, they had vanished!.." more

Hilo Bike Share gets Rolling


HI - "...Three years after Peoples Advocacy for Trails Hawaii, or PATH, launched a bike-share program in Kona, the program expanded to Hilo earlier this month." more

Cyclists Turning to Civil Court for Justice


CAN - "A growing number of Toronto cyclists involved in road rage incidents with drivers feel let down by the justice system and are turning to private civil action to get their day in court." more

What a Safe Street Looks Like


CAN - "Imagine, for a second, a major roadway in Toronto where you aren’t worried about getting hit by a car." more

More News...

Simon Kenton Trail Closures

OH - The SKT will be closed between Lippincott Rd. and the Champaign County line early next week, beginning Monday, 8/26, as workers do some maintenance on that section. It is unknown how long this work will take...

Also, the chip seal work in Logan County continues on Monday, 8/26, weather permitting. At this point, they are between SR 508 and West Liberty and headed to the county line. Please observe trail closed signs for your own safety and to allow the workers to complete their work.

'Music for River & People' on Display Thru Sept. 8

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...The installation on the [trail] bridge is called 'Wade: Music for River and People,' and the music playing through mounted speakers is composed by the river itself and from the people moving across the bridge." more

Trail Users Must Obey Traffic Controls

PA - "...'Stop signs are not optional,' Murrysville Chief Administrator Jim Morrison told council members Aug. 21. 'Bicyclists must obey the signals on the bike path'." more

River Valley Rail Trail to be Completed Sometime in 2020

MI - "...The trail would include 5.5 miles from Greenville to Belding, 16 miles from Belding to Lowell, and seven miles from Lowell to Saranac." more

Bike Lane Brings Big Changes


Indianapolis, IN - "Cyclists and motorists heading north out of Downtown on busy Illinois Street have likely noticed some changes, changes that may take some time to get used to ensure safe travels for all." more

Why Do E-Bikes Catch Fire?


"...The conditions that preempt an e-bike fire vary..." more

Hiking Group Overwhelmed in Arizona Heat


AZ - "A group of fitness coordinators from Kansas became overwhelmed while climbing a mountain trail near metro Phoenix in sweltering temperatures..." more

More News...

Closed Trail Section Reopens


Knox County, OH - The fallen tree has been cleared and the Heart of Ohio Trail section that was closed has reopened.

Niles Sets Bike Trail Rules


OH - "City council on Wednesday approved a set of rules for the Niles portion of the Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail to give police the means to enforce violations along the trail." more

Lakewood Considering Scooters & Bikes Share


OH - "...Lakewood officials are now asking for resident input regarding the growing transportation trend via a survey that will remain up through the end of the month." more

Bike Lane Battle Brewing in South Philly


Philadelphia, PA - "...Longtime residents say a new protected bike lane on 11th Street spanning from Bainbridge to Reed streets has collectively eliminated a little more than a hundred parking spots in the area." more

$150K Paid to Settle Greenway Injury Lawsuit


IN - "The City of Evansville and Indiana Department of Transportation have paid $150,000 to settle a lawsuit by a bicyclist injured on the Pigeon Creek Greenway..." more

New Bike Path Opens on Heritage Trail


MI - "...Members of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, TransCanda, and Crystal Falls Township gathered at Donna Hugh Park where the 9,800-foot long trail begins." more

Man Poses as Store Manager to Steal, Sell Bikes


CO - "A bike shop is putting out a word of warning after someone has been using their name to commit fraud in a string of bike thefts." more

Advocates Dispute Protected-Cycleways-Are-Risky Study


"...Finding problematic intersection design of cycle tracks here and there in three U.S. cities does not at all negate the overwhelming evidence that protected bike lanes are both safer, in fact, than unprotected lanes or no facilities at all..." more

Time to Deal with Trucks and Cars in the City


"In Toronto and New York, Vision Zero is just talk. It's time for action." more

More News...

Downed Tree Blocks Heart of Ohio Trail

Knox County, OH - The Heart of Ohio Multi-Use Trail is temporarily closed from Bishop Road to Mt. Liberty due to downed tree that is completely blocking the trail.

'Trail Closed' signs have been placed on the trail at this location.

Street Design Causing Crashes in Cincinnati

OH - "A car crashed into a home on Delhi Avenue near Rosemont this week and the man who lives there said his house has been hit by a car 34 times." more

Holbrook Hollows Opens in Geauga County

Bainbridge Twp., OH - "...At 129 acres, with four trails totaling 2.8 miles, Holbrook Hollows provides access to Cleveland Metroparks’ South Chagrin Reservation bridle trail..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Wabash Railway Line Now a Proposed Bike Trail

IN - "...The 17-mile trail will connect the four areas and will follow the now discontinued Wabash Railroad route." more

New Zagster Bike Share Station Debuts


PA - "The Borough of State College announced via Twitter on Wednesday that a new Penn State Zagster bike station has been installed downtown." more

Some are Unhappy with Bike Lane


East Lansing, MI - "...the path is raising some concerns from people who use buses to get to and from class. In fact, CATA had to remove two stops from it's route in order to create the temporary path." more

Drivers Parking in Bike Lanes

Philadelphia, PA - "Officials are touting a project to revamp safety infrastructure on two of Center City’s busiest roads for cyclists — but on the weekends it feels like it doesn’t even exist..." more

New Legislation Intended to Launch Statewide MTB Trail


WV - "...Known as SB 317, the legislation effectively extends ski resort-style liability protections to private landowners — so long as they join a group like the Mountaineer Trail Network Recreation Authority..." more

Kalamazoo Seeks Input on Street Design


MI - "The Kalamazoo planning department... launched a campaign Wednesday night to gather feedback from citizens about what changes they would make to Kalamazoo's downtown street design." more

Bird Shutters Bike Lane Program


"...Bird quietly phased out a program to help cities pay for protected bike lanes and improve infrastructure earlier this year over concerns about how the money was being spent..." more

More News...

Simon Kenton Trail Chip/Sealing Underway


West Liberty, OH - The Northern section of the SKT in Logan County will be closed between TR 199 & the county line, just South of West Liberty starting tomorrow; Wednesday, 8/21 for the start of our chip/sealing. This work is expected to take 2-3 days, weather permitting.

When completed, this 5.22 mile section finishes the phase #3 part in Logan Co. And connects Bellefontaine & West Liberty.

North Coast Inland Trail Surface Regrading

Huron County, OH - The trail surface has recently been re-graded from end to end, and now we are in the process of rolling it. This 10 ton roller was used between Bellevue and Monroeville on Tuesday, and will make its way to Norwalk and back Wednesday morning.

University Hospitals Ends Bike Share Sponsorship


Cleveland, OH - "...a UH spokesperson said that the hospital system had notified the bike share operator, Cycle Hop, that they'd be concluding their sponsorship." more

LaRose Pushes for River Access in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Brecksville, OH - "You can kayak the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. But it isn't easy." more

State Purchases Seacoast Railway for Trail

NH - "Seacoast New Hampshire is about to get greener, thanks to a crucial purchase last week." more

Vision Zero Is The Wrong Goal


NYC - "...Vision Zero is failing to have a meaningful impact because it targets the wrong goal. The logical flaw here, at least as implemented in New York City, is quite basic: it is a policy that requires dead cyclists as a prerequisite to safety improvements..." more

Battling Aldermen Over Street Safety


Chicago, IL - "...When I mentioned that drivers struck 296 people walking in Reilly’s ward during a recent year, and noted that he hasn’t proposed any legislation to protect pedestrians from motorists recently, the downtown alderman called me a 'troll'.” more

More News...

Cuyahoga County to Manage Lakefront Trails

Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland Metroparks tapped Cuyahoga County to manage construction of three Cleveland trail projects: the Red Line Greenway, Wendy Park Bridge, and Whiskey Island Connector." more

Pittsburgh Bike Plan Readies For 2020 Debut

PA - "After nearly three years of work, Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure will present a draft of a new bike plan this fall..." more

Drivers Disregarding Bike Lanes


IN - "...I did lose my temper a little bit, and I yelled at him, 'This lane with the bikes in it. It's called a bike lane. Pay attention!'.." more

Increasing Greenway Passage Police Patrols


IN - "...They’re looking out for issues like graffiti, damages that need repairs, and it’s an opportunity to engage with the community." more

Library Cards Unlock Access to Bikes


"What if you could check out a bike — in addition to a book — from your local library? That’s become a reality in over 20 communities in the U.S. and Canada." more

Related: Bike lending program kicks off in Cardington, Ohio.

More News...

Marquette Greenway to Link Dunes National Park

IN - "...The Marquette Greenway is a planned 58-mile trail that would connect Chicago to New Buffalo, Mich., along the southern shore of Lake Michigan." more

Mapping Sidewalks

Pittsburgh, PA - "When it comes to urban mobility, ambitious projects like bike lanes, bridges and busways tend to get most of the attention. As a result, perhaps the most important and fundamental piece of public transport is often overlooked." more

Volunteers Help Clean up D&L Trail

PA - "...Volunteers worked to clear brush, mow grass, and pick up trash from the Black Diamond section of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor." more

Jersey City Bike Lane Expansion


NJ - "...Jersey City is poised to become a great biking — and livable — city, thanks to an effort by local officials and outside consultants who have cracked the code on how to create protected bike lanes." more

Rowers Vs. Bikes & Peds

D.C. - "A proposal for a new pedestrian and bike bridge over the Anacostia River has pitted area rowers against the region’s bikers and pedestrians." more

Bike Lane Battles Continue in NYC

NY - "The city wants to carve out more space for cyclists. Opponents say the city is becoming increasingly hostile to drivers." more

More News...

Buckeye Lake Trail Development Continues

Licking County, OH - Work to eventually complete a paved loop around Buckeye Lake continues with about 24% of the loop now completed. more

Trail Maintenance Work to Continue Monday

Warren, OH - "The closures of the bike trail and the trailheads on the Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail have been extended." more

Creating Safe Streets for All


NY - "...cyclists, by and large, have avoided taking responsibility for their own behavior on city streets, and prefer to see themselves as victims..." more

Bronx Park now a Wasteland after $4M Makeover


NY - "...The Post found benches so overgrown with vines that there was no place to sit and graffiti marring a path and a water fountain." more

New Fruit Valley to Include Bike Lanes


WA - "There are no bike lanes where Fruit Valley Road crosses railway tracks and Burnt Bridge Creek, so cyclists are directed to use the whole travel lane. But that takes courage amidst car and truck traffic traveling at 35 mph or more." more

More News...

Bike-Hike Trail Section Closure Aug. 19


Summit County, OH - The Bike-Hike Trail will be closed for a trail section realignment from August 19 thru September 16. The affected location is near the Ledges Area, approximately 1/3 mile south of Boston Mills Road where crews will relocate a section of the trail away from a slip that has occurred.

Bike-Hike Trail
Upcoming Trail Closure Location in NE Ohio

The trail will be open weekends and holidays. There will be some periodic full (overnight) closures which will be posted as dates become available.

Bike Lanes will Help Connect Trail Sections


Cleveland, OH - "...Head down to the Flats and check out the bike lanes on Columbus/Center in the Flats. They are part of a future connection of the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Trail Lake Link and Scranton Flats - Towpath Trail." See photos.

Metroparks Covered Bike Parking


Cleveland, OH - "The Cleveland Metroparks has installed some swanky new covered bike parking at the E55th Marina!" See photo.

Little Miami River Advisory has been Lifted


Warren County, OH - "...Untreated sewage is no longer being discharged to the river. The Warren County Health District is removing the advisory in the Little Miami River south of Old 3C Highway in Warren County." more

Otsego County Trail Extension Opens


MI - "After two years of planning and developing, Otsego County is excited to open up their newly completed Iron Belle Trail extension." more

On-Campus Protected Bike Lane Opens


MI - "Almost a half-mile of one lane of southbound Bogue Street is now a two-way protected bicycle path separated from vehicles by a combination of surface-mounted curbs and break-away bollards as part of a temporary pilot project..." more

Clean Up Closes White Pine Trail Section


MI - "Federal officials say excavators will soon be used to remove contaminated soil and buried leather from the former Wolverine World Wide tannery site in western Michigan." more

Countering Bike Lane Push-Back with Safety Data


Chicago, IL - "...the city could reassure the neighbors by providing before-and-after collision data from the existing neighborhood greenways." more

Rock Slide Clean Up Slated for American River Trail


CA - "State officials say they will begin work Monday cleaning up a rock slide that forced a nearly three-year closure of a section of the paved American River bike and recreation trail alongside Lake Natoma in Orangevale." more

Another Lime Bike Fire


WA - "Video footage of a Lime electric bike spewing flames on the University of Washington campus in Seattle this week is the latest in a string of battery-related safety issues affecting new mobility services." more

Injury Risk Varies with Protected Bike Lane Designs

VA - "Bike lanes separated from the roadway by physical barriers make cyclists feel safer and encourage more people to ride. But a new IIHS study shows that protected bike lanes vary in terms of injury risk..." more

More News...

Olentangy Trail Section Closure Aug. 19

Columbus, OH - Beginning Monday, August 19, and continuing through the end of September, the Olentangy Bike Trail will undergo construction of a new section, enhancing the green space along the river as part of the Cannon Drive relocation project.

As part of this work, the trail between 5th Avenue and the SR-315 off-ramp will be closed for approximately one week but then will reopen. The section between the SR-315 off-ramp and Herrick Drive will remain closed for the duration of the project. Detour signage will direct cyclists to the shared-use path located just west of Cannon Drive.

Miami & Erie Canal Towpath Progress

Allen County, OH - Some posted photos of the progress of the trail construction between Delphos and Spencerville in Allen County. View photos (when viewing this post, scroll down for more photos).

Autonomous Shuttle Plan On Hold

Toledo, OH - "...The market is still in an experimentation phase, as complete autonomy has not yet been achieved..." more

Charges Dropped for Driver Who Struck, Killed Cyclist

Philadelphia, PA - "The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is urging the city’s District Attorney Larry Krasner to appeal a local judge’s dismissal of charges against a trash truck driver who struck and killed bicyclist Emily Fredricks nearly two years ago." more

Walking Louisville's Streets

KY - "...We’ve walked more than 15 miles of the city, writing down our observations and discussing what they mean to the city of Louisville as a whole..." more

Accident Illustrates Common Hazards along "Family Friendly" Trails

GA - "What started off as a fun-filled vacation for a Savannah couple and their family ended with a terrifying bicycle accident that could have killed their 7-year-old daughter..." more

Learn why many "family friendly" trails may not be as safe as you think.

Motorcyclist Guns Down Cyclist on Causeway


FL - "...Alex Palencia was among a group of cyclists out for an early morning ride on Wednesday when he was fatally shot by a motorcyclist after an altercation..." more

Residents Are Fighting for Bike Safety

Denver, CO - "After two deaths and a shift in the conversation in Colorado, advocates are cautiously optimistic that change is coming." more

Study Questions Bike-Lane Safety


"...According to the study, bikers in protected lanes were actually more likely to suffer injuries than cyclists in unprotected lanes or those on major roads with no infrastructure at all." more

Popular Protected Bike Lane has Highest Injury Risk


D.C. - "...not all protected bike lanes are created equal. The lane on 15th Street Northwest, among the city’s most celebrated, has numerous risk factors that contribute to collisions and falls." more

More News...

Construction to Close Ohio-to-Erie Trail Gap

Delaware County, OH - "Construction will begin mid-August to complete the [1-mile] missing link of the Ohio-To-Erie Trail between Galena and Sunbury. Construction is anticipated to be finished by November 1, 2019." more

Cannonball Trail Section Gets Surface Upgrade

Fulton County, OH - "...we have a new, improved trail surface from Fulton Co. RD 22 east to the trail crossing at Rt 20-A, as well as at our trailhead in Elmira at Co. RD. 23." more

Catherine Girves Receives Award

Columbus, OH - "...The 2019 Non-Profit Sector Professional of the Year award goes to Catherine Girves, Executive Director of Yay Bikes! in Columbus, Ohio..." more

Sewer Breach in Part of Little Miami River

Warren County, OH - "Warren County Health officials are warning people not to fish or enter parts of the Little Miami River." more

Goodbye to 11th Street Trolley Tracks

Philadelphia, PA - "They called it the Philly Handshake. That indelible experience of cruising up the street... and then you bite it on the 11th Street trolley tracks." more

Enraged Cyclist Vs. Cops Blocking Bike Lanes

NYC - "...One cyclist who was recently confronted with NYPD vehicles blocking both bike lanes around Union Square decided to let the police know how he felt." more

Plans for 144-Mile Bike Trail Still Alive

MO - "The state of Missouri and an Ameren subsidiary have until New Years Eve to come to an agreement over the future of a 144-mile former rail line that parks boosters would like to turn into a biking trail." more

Certain Bike Lanes More Dangerous

CO - "New research suggests certain types of bike lanes in busy downtown areas can be more dangerous than riding a bike on a major street with no bike infrastructure..." more

Montreal Issues 12,285 Tickets to Cyclists in 2018

CA - "...The Toronto Sun reported Monday that Toronto Police issued only 292 traffic tickets to cyclists in 2018, compared with 12,285 tickets issued to riders in Montreal..." more

Cyclist Crashes Into Bear

CT - "...Jim Triano walked away with just a broken finger and some road rash. His high-performance bike wasn't so lucky." more

Domino’s Pizza Announces E-Bike Delivery

U.S. - "The world’s largest pizza chain will roll out e-bike delivery in states across the country following a successful pilot test." more

Ghost Bike Removed by Council


UK - "Council ‘sympathetic towards roadside memorials’ but says sites need to be appropriate for the tributes being left." more

More News...

What's Up with UH Bikes?

Cleveland, OH - "For several days late last month and early this month, there were a grand total of zero UH Bikes available for rental in downtown Cleveland..." more

Riverside Bike Trail Will Grow


Cincinnati, OH - "...Earlier this summer, city crews completed a small portion of the Ohio River Trail West. It's just the beginning of what will become a 22-mile, $20 million mixed-use walking and biking trail that will stretch from downtown Cincinnati to Shawnee Lookout in Sayler Park..." more

Cleveland Selects 4 Scooter Companies

Cleveland, OH - "Cleveland has chosen four companies that rent electric scooters and bicycles by the minute to do business in the city." more

Council to Pursue Purchase of Railway Segment

Oak Hill, WV - "City council voted Monday to authorize purchase of an approximately 1-mile section of rail right-of-way from Norfolk Southern Railroad that would extend the length of the White Oak Rail Trail." more

Alliance Partnering With Penn Trails To Complete 14-Mile Greenway

PA - "For years, efforts to create a network of public trails in Kennett Township have been strengthened by partnerships..." more

A Conversation with Leslie Richards

PA - "How Pennsylvania's Transportation Secretary Is shifting the infrastructure conversation in her state and across the country." more

Cop Gives Cyclist Bogus Ticket in NYC

NY - "A cop told a cyclist he's not allowed to ride down any street without a bike lane. Experts — and the city — say that's wrong." more

$2.6M Granted to Illinois Bike Path Projects

Carbondale, IL - "A grant for $2.6 million was awarded to 16 bike path projects in Illinois, including one in Carbondale." more

Making the Most of the Empire Bike Trail


NY - "In the coming years New York will have one of the longest bike and walking trails in the United States, a continuous 750 mile path forming a T across New York..." more

Route 1 Bike Crashes Mount


DE - "Nearly 40 incidents reported on or near highway in 2019." more

Cyclists Refuse to Get Off Winnipeg's Sidewalks


CAN - "...Bike Winnipeg’s Mark Cohoe says cyclists on the sidewalk is a problem that isn’t going away any time soon." more

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Doctor Survives "Widowmaker" while Cycling


PA - "So when your heart stops beating you’re supposed to die. Thankfully I had a guardian angel (and EMT) riding just behind me..." more

New MoGo Bikes Provide Boost


Detroit, MI - "...The bikes detect the amount of electric boost each rider needs while pedaling and adjusts accordingly to give a smooth and easy ride..." more

Bustling Trailhead Causes Disturbances


UT - "The Summit County Council Wednesday talked about the problems that are occurring, as users flock to the popular Rob’s Trail..." more

Is Your Road Ready for a Bike Lane?


"Experts say “road diets” are proven ways to improve safety and make communities more livable. But not everyone is happy about the effort to slim down our streets." more

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Towpath Repairs Coming to CVNP


CVNP, OH - Repairs to the towpath trail will be ongoing over the next few weeks from Boston Store to Red Lock in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Earlier this year the towpath was inundated with rain and flooding which caused washouts and rutting along the trail.

The CVNP says the trail will remain open and to expect trucks and construction equipment on the towpath. Trail users are being asked to walk their bikes through these work areas and use extreme caution.

Greenway to get New Park


Lisbon, OH - "...Adjacent to the trailhead parking area off of South Market Street, the park will feature a pergola, seating, signage showing the trail route and a map of downtown Lisbon." more

Bike Campers Called Out on Facebook


London, OH - Bike campers taking advantage of a primitive shower at a trailside campsite along the Prairie Grass and Ohio-to-Erie Trails have been scolded on facebook for hanging laundry outside the camping area. more

Piers Gorge Bike Trail Proposal

Norway, MI - "Some of the biggest attractions in Dickinson County are the bike trails, and a new one may be coming soon." more

Cyclists Petition for Protected Bikeways

Philadelphia, PA - "The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is pushing for protected bike lanes on Delaware Avenue." more

Louisville Cracking Down on Jaywalking, Panhandling

KY - "...The ordinance includes jaywalking among infractions that could carry fines of $25 to $250." more

Vanishing Bike Lanes A Threat On NYC's Streets

NY - "Bike lane markings that have faded or disappeared entirely mean some of NYC's bike lanes exist only on paper, cyclists say." more

Why Speed Kills Cities

U.S. - "U.S. cities are dropping urban speed limits in an effort to boost safety and lower crash rates..." more

'The Netherlands Cleared Cars from its Cities, Why Can't Others?

"...While the ethos behind Vision Zero is commendable, the vision itself is only as good as the actions taken to support it..." more

'Catch 22' for Cycling Advocates


IRE - "Cork cycling advocates say they are in a Catch-22 situation when it comes to campaigning for more infrastructure in the city because the lack of enforcement at existing cycle lanes leaves cyclists disillusioned." more

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Search for Driver Who Struck Girl on Bike

Brooklyn Heights, OH - "Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the driver who struck a little girl on her bike." more

Related: Girl Struck by Car gets New Bike

Single-File Bike Riding Ordinance Suggested

VT - "Law enforcement is suggesting that the town of Burke require bicyclist to ride single-file on town roads." more

Wharf Street Bike Lane Now Open

CAN - "Cyclists in Victoria gained a few more blocks of separated bike lanes downtown when the remaining stretch of the Wharf Street lane opened on Thursday." more

E-Scooter Rider Killed on French Motorway


FRA - "Rider was reportedly in the fast lane when he was hit from behind by a motorbike." more

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Portions of Western Reserve Greenway Closing


Trumbull County, OH - "Portions of a bike trail and trailheads in Trumbull County MetroParks will be closed next week for maintenance.

"The Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail will be closed from Champion Avenue in Champion Township to the Trumbull/Ashtabula County Line on Bloomfield Township." more

B&O Trail Gets New Trail Signs


Richland County, OH - "...To make navigation easier for the visitors who come looking for the trail, there needed to be high quality, informational signs tailored to the trail’s different entry points." more

Rocky River Gets Bike Repair Station


Lakewood, OH - "Thanks to grant support from Cuyahoga County, Lakewood is now home to a new Bike Repair Station at the Cleveland Metroparks entrance at Sloane & Detroit!.." more

E-Bikes Being Added Around Detroit


MI - "...I’ve ridden plenty of bikes but never an electric one, also known as an e-bike, so I was excited to try out a new offering from Detroit’s MoGo bike share network..." more

NYC 'Radical Traffic Experiment' Based on Toronto Prototype

"What happens when you restrict cars? Transit use, cycling and walking increase dramatically." more

The Bicycle Emperor has no Spandex

Denver, CO - "...Bike lanes contrived in weird patterns through downtown Denver don’t reduce congestion..." more

Court Upholds Cyclists' Right to Pass on Right


OR - "The Oregon Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court decision that found a bicycle rider guilty of passing on the right..." more

Bus/Bike Integration Example at Bus Stop


OR - "...Lately we’ve seen more floating transit islands that allow bus operators to service stops without swerving over to the curb..." more

Multiple Accident Reports on Mt. Hood Trail


OR - "...Cyclists have been getting everything from bumps to bruises to broken bones." more

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Heartland Trail Construction Update

Marshallville, OH - The paving of 2.4-miles of the Heartland Trail has been completed. This new section, combined with an existing .3-mile mile segment, extends the trail 2.7 miles from Marshallville south toward Orrville in Wayne County.

Heartand Trail
New Trailhead Parking along Euclid Street in Marshallville, OH

Though the new section is open for use, there remains work to be done. So, trail users are asked to avoid any work areas until all trail work is completed.

For more information, see the latest Wayne County Trails Newsletter.

$10K Donation to Simon Kenton Trail

Urbana, OH - "...the Logan County Chamber of Commerce through their Economic Development Partners voted to donate $10,000 towards the trail project. This brings the current fund raising efforts to within about $17,000 of our goal." more

Towpath Times

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Red Bike Reaches 60 Rental Stations

Newport, KY - "When it launched nearly five years ago, the region's bike share program, Red Bike, hosted 30 stations throughout the urban core..." more

Cyclists and Peds Blast New Bike Lane


NY - "A new bike lane design in Kips Bay is raising red flags among pedestrians and cyclists in the area." more

Entire Bike Fleet Missing

MO - "...27 bikes that were put out on racks for use this year have been either stolen or simply not returned to the racks after use." more

Mayor Asks Residents to Support Changes to Their Streets

Denver, CO - "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced on Wednesday that he will lower speed limits and make street safety upgrades happen faster in several parts of the Mile High City..." more

Northbound Naito Parkway Will Have 1 Lane for Cars

OR - "...northbound travel lanes will continue to be shared: One lane for cars and trucks, and a separate protected lane for bikes, scooters and pedestrians." more

How Advocates are Making Biking Better

U.S. - "...Thanks to the work of League members and bike advocates throughout the country, there is momentum across the country for better biking." more

E-Bikes Gain Traction with Law Enforcement


CA - "While the number of agencies using e-bikes is unknown, a police bicycle safety group said their adoption is 'growing rapidly,' further fueling the e-bike market..." more

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2 Surveys that Need Public Input

Cleveland, OH - "There are currently 2 key surveys that need public input – and most importantly – input from the cycling community. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with each..." more

New Section of Tredway Trail Opens


Allegheny Twp., PA - "The new 1.75-mile extension of the Tredway recreational trail winding along the River Forest golf course in Allegheny Township from the marina to under the Freeport Bridge is just about complete." more

PennDOT’s Bridge Rebuild Won't Solve Problem for Cyclists


PA - "The $13.3 million reconstruction of the Grays Ferry Bridge will include a protected bike lane — but only on one half of the bridge..." more

Cyclist Attacked on Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "Last week there were two nighttime robberies of bike riders on the Lakefront Trail on the Near North Side within two hours of each other. Yesterday there was a third attack on a cyclist on the lakefront near Buckingham Fountain, this time during the evening rush." more

Man Killed by Hit-and-Run Cyclist


NY - "A 60-year-old man struck by a hit-and-run cyclist in the Flatiron District last week has succumbed to his injuries..." more

Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway gets 2021 Finish Date

NY - "After 15 years of piecemeal construction, the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a 26-mile protected route for walkers and bikers, will finally be completed by 2021..." more

Truck Hits Cyclists

IA - "...That crash left a mother and her 13-year-old son seriously injured after a truck hit them..." more

Man Finds Loaded Rifle Along Bike Path


AK - "... William Thrash found the AR-15 Tuesday in grass a few feet off a bike path that runs along Campbell Creek." more

World's Largest Cycling Infrastructure Database


UK - "As part of its long-term aim of reducing the number of vehicles on the UK capital’s roads, Transport for London (TfL) has launched the world’s largest database of bicycle infrastructure which will help to make cycling in the city easier and more tailored to people’s needs." more

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Kokosing Gap Trail Founders Honored

Howard, OH - "In recognition of their 30 years of volunteer service to the Kokosing Gap Trail, a new picnic table in the Howard shelter along the trail was recently dedicated to founding board members Doug McLarnan, Randy Cronk, and Dick Frazee. more

East Lansing Tests New Bike Project

MI - "It’s no secret Michigan State is a pretty green campus. Now they're adding yet another addition to their environmentally friendly campus - protected bike lanes." more

Silver Spring Is Getting The Region’s First ‘Protected Intersection’

D.C. - "A new type of intersection that designers say will make pedestrians and cyclists safer is coming to Montgomery County." more

Utility Pole in Bike Lane


Boston, MA - "Bicyclists in Somerville are dealing with a dangerous obstacle – a utility pole right in the middle of a new bike lane on Beacon Street." more

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Savannah Bike Lanes Success Story


GA - "...Savannah has more miles of green bike lanes than any city in Georgia." more

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Iron Horse Trail Alert

Alliance, OH - Large ruts in the trail are present after a nearby construction project at the water tower between State St. and W. 23rd St. Please use caution and walk your bike in this area."

New Police Bike Patrol Unit in Berea

OH - "...The bikes also enable officers to patrol the city and neighborhoods a bit differently than in a police cruiser. It’s a slower pace and bikes allow a closer contact with what’s happening in the area." more

Man Biking to Work Reported Missing


Columbus, OH - "Columbus police are looking for a high-risk missing adult." more

Parking in Bike Lane Leads to Arrests

Boston, MA - "Boston police arrested two people on gun charges in Mattapan Sunday after their car was parked illegally in a bike lane and they attempted to flee the scene..." more

County Responds to Feds Trail Concerns


MO - "Jackson County officials said Monday that work has resumed on the Rock Island Trail after a federal ruling had stopped construction last week." more

Man Searches for Witnesses after Bike Path Attack


OR - "A reader says he was attacked while bicycling in southwest Portland Thursday (August 1st) and he wants to know if anyone saw it happen..." more

Attempted Sexual Assault on Folsom Bike Trail


CA - "...McNamara said her daughter was taking the trail home around 11 p.m. Friday after playing volleyball in Livermore Park." more

NYC's Plan to Stop Cyclist Deaths Isn't Enough


NY - "It’s been a brutal summer in New York City and not because of the heat." more

Possible Changes to E-Bike Use on Public Lands


D.C. - "...changes in Parks Service regulations regarding Class 1 e-mountain bikes might be announced next month..." more

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Funding for Old Turnpike Bike Trail


Harrisburg, PA - "...The abandoned [turnpike] section includes two tunnels – Rays Hill and Sidling Hill – and a travel plaza." more

Hey, Mister Softee — Slow Down!


NYC - "...Something is seriously wrong with one of the soft-ice cream company’s drivers after two Queens cycling activists spotted the same sinister soft-serve seller trying to kill them on the Rockaway-bound lanes of the Addabbo Bridge..." more

A Ride Along NYC's Clogged Bike Lanes


NY - "A Patch reporter pedaled through six cycling corridors. Here's what he saw." more

Athlete Killed by Drunk Driver will Have Jersey Retired


FL - "...Delott, the only girl on the school's football team, was riding her bike June 28 in the bike lane on the Indian Rocks Causeway Bridge when she was hit and killed..." more

JUMP Bikes Easily Broken Into, Says Teen


RI - "How long does it take to bypass the payment function on a JUMP bike?" more

Cyclists Protest Unprotected Bike Lanes in Waterloo


CAN - "Next week, a group of cyclists will launch a social media campaign to protest the current design of bike lanes in Waterloo." more

The Verdict on New Bike Lane, Scramble Crosswalk


CAN - "Cyclists and pedestrians in downtown Victoria say they’re enjoying new infrastructure that’s making many feel safer." more

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Kokosing Gap Trail Volunteers Tackle Big Jobs

Knox County, OH - "KGT volunteers, Kenzie, Don, and Randy, tended to the trail this fine summer morning - clearing erosion, setting mile markers, removing fallen trees, and clearing a log jam from beneath one of the lovely trestle bridges..." more

Grand Lake St. Marys Sees Decrease in Bacteria Levels

Celina, OH - "Grand Lake St. Marys may have struggled with its health in the past, but the future of the water quality in the lake is looking bright as can be." more

Building Trails to a Brighter Future


PA - "...The grand opening of the Quemahoning Trail on Wednesday and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a two-mile extension of the Ghost Town Trail on Thursday brought two significant moments in the movement to provide more places for outdoor recreation enthusiasts." more

New Jersey Trail Funding On the Line

NJ - "Like many states with older transportation infrastructure built on the highway system, New Jersey faces a number of serious challenges related to pedestrian and bicycle safety. Even as the state explores ways to make active transportation safer for citizens, related fatalities are on the rise..." more

1st Protected Intersection on the East Coast

MD - "Silver Spring, Maryland, will be installing the first protected intersection on the East Coast, and the county’s department of transportation and engineering took to Twitter to explain how it works." more

Joyner Bike Corridor Experiment


MS - "Bike lanes have arrived in Joyner neighborhood, and what started as a plan to combine traffic calming measures with increased bike accessibility has left some Joyner residents wondering how to navigate their neighborhood roads." more

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Harvard to Jennings Road Towpath Construction


Cleveland, OH - Some photos of the Cleveland Towpath construction which is currently underway.

Marsh Creek Greenway Project Receives Funding

PA - "Tioga County officials couldn’t be happier with the news of state funding in the amount of $1.5 million targeted for the Marsh Creek Greenway project to connect downtown Wellsboro with the Pine Creek Rail Trail." more

Shop Owner Posts '____ Days Without Cycling Death' Sign


Brooklyn, MY - "With cycling deaths becoming a sign of the times in New York City this year, 718 Cyclery owner Joe Nocella began shedding more light on them Friday." more

Recent Deaths Bring Urgency to Bikeway Plans


Denver, CO - "...The basic problem is that we’re somewhere between 30% to 40% buildout of the bike network — most of the network is still pretty disconnected..." more

New Bike/Ped Safety Project Is Blamed for Heavy Traffic


Davis, CA - "...the city is already planning to tear out some of the just-installed concrete, and is considering other changes that could eliminate the road diet, potentially reducing the bike-lane barriers and/or shifting the new bikeway..." more

Feds Pull Plug on Bike Trail Plans


MO - "...The county, which issued $50 million in bonds to buy the property from Union Pacific, had reached an agreement in 2016 to use the corridor but only if it could continue to be used as a rail line..." more

Dangerous Driving is an Epidemic


U.S. - "In February 2017, we asked readers to take a survey about their experiences and interactions with motorists when they’re riding on the road. An astounding 5,325 of you responded. Here are the results:.." more

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Scioto Trail Closure for Pelotonia Aug. 2 - 4

Columbus, OH - Beginning Friday, August 2nd, the Scioto Trail between Broad St/Battelle Riverfront Park and the west side of North Bank Park will be closed for Pelotonia. Please cross to the West Bank of the Scioto Trail using Souder Ave to the north and Broad St or Main St to the south.

Bike Lane will Connect New Philly & Tuscarawas


New Philadelphia, OH - "...The Ohio Department of Transportation District (ODOT) 11 has been awarded a $1.4 million Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant for the construction of a 3.25 miles of 5-foot wide bike lanes from the intersections of state Route 416 and state Route 259, in New Philadelphia to the intersection of state Route 416 and Seventh Drive NW in the Village of Tuscarawas." more

Cross Country Cyclists Give Back

Springfield, OH - "...about 40 volunteers with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure somehow find the energy for the ride — and several service projects along the way." more

Nation's 1st Rail-Trail Loop Closer to Completion


PA - "...The authority now has 5.5 miles left to connect the Ghost Town Trail in Cambria Township near the Route 219 overpass and complete its 32-mile and 16-mile loops, which will make it the first continuous rail-trail loop in the nation." more

The Ups & Downs of Biking in Lansing

MI - "...Road conditions are the worst hazard right now,' Potter said. 'Pavement falling apart everywhere is really something'.” more

Great Lake-to-Lake Bike Ride Debut

MI - "A new cross-state bike event this fall will not only let cyclists dip their tires in two of the Great Lakes, but will mark the debut of a multi-use trail network that outdoor enthusiasts believe will become a destination corridor in Michigan." more

Advocates: Drop the Bike Lane Suit


NY - "Cyclists rallied Thursday outside an Upper West Side condominium where board members are suing to block construction of a 50-block protected bike lane." more

Salem Bike Lane, Scooters Get Mixed Reviews


MA - "Salem has been experimenting with a pop-up bike lane into downtown, as well as an e-scooter program that has averaged 350 riders per day." more

City to Continue Restoration of Greenway

WA - "Vancouver envisions planting 20,000 trees in the western portion over the next two years." more

Are People on Bikes More Dangerous Than People in Cars?


"...There was a bizarre tweet from the Toronto Star which suggested that people on bikes are as deadly as people in cars." more

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Cleveland Ohio-to-Erie Trail Route Update

Cleveland, OH - "We are hearing that travelers are getting confused in the Cleveland area because there is a lot of construction and changes. Here is the most recent status..." more

New Bike Trail Opens at Quemahoning Resevoir

PA - "...The Quemahoning Trail in Somerset and Cambria counties is officially open." more

Pittsburgh Launches 50-Year Transportation Plan

PA - "...The 2070 plan will also connect with other DOMI initiatives like the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, the updates Bike Plan, and the Complete Streets Design Guidelines..." more

Judge Gives Green Light to Protected Bike Lane


NYC - "...A New York State Supreme Court judge on Wednesday ruled against opponents looking to block a protected bike lane proposed along Central Park West..." more

For more news, visit the 2019 Archive.

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