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Sidepath Construction in NW Columbus

Columbus, OH - "Additional 1/2 mile sidepath almost completed creates 2.4 mile section in northwest Columbus..." more

Approaches Differ in Regulating E-Scooters in Ohio


Columbus, OH - "...Instead of instituting bans as other cities — including Bexley and Upper Arlington — have, Columbus officials said they are trying to take a 'thoughtful' approach to developing any regulations." more...

Harrison County is Becoming Tourism Destination


OH - "...In all, there are 85 miles of public trails in Harrison County. These are complimented by miles of hiking and bridle trails..." more

Man Allegedly Shot While Walking on Greenway


IN - "A Marion man told police he was shot in the ankle while walking on the Cardinal Greenway early Friday morning..." more

Flood Spawns Birth of Rail Bikes along Buffalo Creek


Clay, WV - "Volunteers are scrambling to assemble rail bikes and small passenger cars to keep pace with visitor demand to ride the rails of a 113-year-old railroad line severely damaged during the June 2016 floods." more...

Seattle Trying Speed Limits for E-Bikes


WA - "...I've ridden a few and they go pretty fast you can definitely cruise pretty fast it's almost car speed..." more

Carbon Fiber Bike Failures


"High-end bikes and components are often made of carbon fiber, which is strong and light-weight. But carbon fiber bikes have to be carefully maintained." more...

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New Towpath Bridge in Tremont


Cleveland, OH - "The 101-mile Towpath Trail notched another milestone Friday with the installation of a 130-foot-long, 14-foot-wide bike and pedestrian bridge over West 7th Street, north of Quigley Road in the Tremont neighborhood." more...

East Exchange Street Bike & Ped Lanes Unveiled


Akron, OH - "...The temporary lanes appear on the north side of East Exchange Street between Ohio Route 8 and Arc Street. Bright green lanes are for cyclists and walkers, while beige lanes are buffers against the flow of traffic." more...

Prairie Township Sports Complex Phase 1

Prairie Twp., OH - "...The parking lot, a pedestrian path around the site and the shelter house are done but will remain closed until next year, Gant said. The trail will connect to Alton Hall School to the north and the Camp Chase Trail to the south..." more

Pace Bikes Pedal into Bloomington

IN - "...IU launched the new smart bike-sharing service this summer, in partnership with the City of Bloomington, offering a fast and affordable way to travel around the city and campus." more...

Missing Hiker ate Berries & Bees

Cougar, WA - "...Matthew B. Matheny, 40, of Warren, Ohio, was in good condition, talking and did not appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries..." more

Adirondack Scenic Railroad Rail Bike Operations


NY - "...Officials with the organization recently tested the first four-seat rail bike prototype with a ride from Charlie’s Inn at Lake Clear Junction to Saranac Lake Depot. The bike reportedly performed flawlessly..." more

Latest Bear Creek Greenway Sweep


Medford, OR - "...The nearly 18-mile bike and walking path extends from Ashland to Central Point and has long been a haven for transient activity. The illegal camping sites often accompany a substantial amount of trash." more...

Video Shows Person Sabotaging Bike Share Bikes


Seattle, WA - "Seattle Police have released a surveillance video of a person in Sodo seen snipping bike share brake cables on more than one occasion, and they’re asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect." more...

It’s Fine for Nonbikers to Use the Bike Lane

"The same things that drove people to bike—getting places faster, getting a little exercise, getting out of the car—have started to attracted potentially unwelcome visitors to try out the cherished city bike lane." more...

Self-Driving Car Makers Prepare to Blame Jaywalkers


"Who’s to blame when an autonomous car hits a pedestrian? Car companies are already trying to force the question for their own benefit." more...

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North Shore Trail Moving Forward


Jefferson, OH - "...When completed in 2020, the 4.25-mile trail will extend the Western Reserve Greenway Trail from the Trumbull County line to Lake Erie, some 32 miles away." more...

5 Best Places to Rent a Bike in Cleveland


OH - "There is a growing bicycle culture in Northeast Ohio, and you don't have to actually own a bike to be a part of it..." more

Missing Ohio Hiker Found Alive

Cougar, WA - "Authorities say an Ohio man has been found alive after he went missing nearly a week ago on a hike near Mount St. Helens in Washington state." more...

Reddit Helps Solve Hit-and-Run That Killed Cyclist

"A driver struck and killed Susan Rainwater, leaving a small piece of his truck behind..." more

Bikes Piling Up at Scrapyard

San Diego, CA - "A growing mountain of rideshare bikes at a San Diego metal recycling plant is raising eyebrows." more...

Will Tariffs Mean Price Hikes for E-Bikes?


"The bicycle industry is mobilizing for a 25 percent tariff on Chinese-made electric bikes and motors." more...

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Another Cyclist Raped on Berlin Trail

Deerfield, OH - "For the second time this summer, there has been an attack on a woman at the Berlin Hike and Bike Trail, located off of US-224 in Deerfield." more...

Read another post with more details on this crime.

Limebike Expands Bike, Scooter Service to OSU

Columbus, OH - "Lime introduced 125 dockless bicycles and an unknown number of scooters to the Ohio State University campus Monday, as thousands of students are returning to the area for the start of fall semester classes Aug. 21." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

The Backstory on the Historic Trail Bridge in Wakeman

Wakeman, OH - "Bruce Chapin and I spent a lot of time looking at the remarkable double-arch stone railroad bridge over the Vermilion River in Wakeman." more...

Hit-and-Run Brings Crack Down on Jaywalking

Shelbyville, KY - "...[Police Chief] There's a misconception that a vehicle always has to yield to pedestrians..." more

Blocked Bike Lane Forced Cyclist into Road & Fatal Crash

NYC - "Mayor Bill de Blasio, who's repeatedly stated that briefly parking in a bike lane is no big deal, now says he'd like to see 'consequences' for the livery driver who blocked an unprotected bike lane on Central Park West, forcing a 23-year-old cyclist into the deadly path of an allegedly drunk sanitation truck driver." more...

No Charges for Driver Who Kills Cyclists

KS - "The driver of a minivan who crashed into two German bicyclists on a Route 66 ride won’t face criminal charges..." more

Dying Railroad Could Become World-Class Trail


CA - "...A bill authored by state Sen. Mike McGuire would create the 300-mile-long Great Redwood Trail, which some people think could rival the Sierra Nevada's John Muir Trail for spectacular terrain and breathtaking vistas." more...

Food Delivery Hitting the Sidewalks

CA - "Heading back to Axios' San Francisco office after a meeting with a Berkeley professor, I nearly collided with an icebox-sized tub with wheels and a flagpole, sporting Cal colors." more...

Behavioral Science Used to Make Cities Safer

"...People don’t change faulty behaviour despite awareness, as humans are not rational beings..." more

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Amenities Added to Cannonball Trail


Williams County, OH - "...We now have Kiosks w/ full map and trail info at Wabash Park in West Unity and Cty RD 13( Airport RD) at east edge of Montpelier There is trail parking at both locations as well and village of West Unity has added flush toilets/ restrooms and drinking water at their park." more...

New Bike Fixit Stand at Edgewater Park


Cleveland, OH - "So, you're at Edgewater Park and you need a little air or your bike needs a quick adjustment?.." more

Red Bike Go is Soaring


Cincinnati, OH - "...Red Bike Go offers those with limited income a $5 monthly membership, as opposed to the regular $15 monthly membership. Red Bike wants to offer inclusive access to all the benefits of riding a bike." more...

Mayor Cited in Hit-and-Run


Somerset, KY - "...Mayor Eddie Girdler was cited Sunday for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident and failing to give aid to the girl, who was riding a bike when she was hit in a crosswalk." more...

Bird Scooters Come to Louisville

KY - "...we took a ride on a Bird scooter (when they prematurely arrived a few weeks ago!) to give you the ins and outs on what to expect." more...

Ofo Left ATL, but Bikes get a Second Chance in Town

Atlanta, GA - "he China-based company donated 188 bicycles, hoping they’d be put to good use. They have indeed." more...

Seattle Ups the Ante on Green & Complete Streets

WA - "Can the Emerald City move fast enough to implement its best plans in the face of scorching rates of development?" more...

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New Bike Lanes in Hamilton County

Hamilton County, OH - "Check out these beautiful bike lanes that were recently added to US 50 in western Hamilton County! They start in Addyston and traverse about 4.5 miles through North Bend and Cleves..." more

Buck Creek Trail Paving Progress

Springfield, OH - "Wagner Paving Inc is paving the bike path from west of the Springfield Museum of Art to the Plum St. bridge on the Buck Creek Scenic Trail in Springfield.. 8/14/18." more...

NCIT Progress in Ottawa County


Ottawa County, OH - "...The county was awarded funds by ODOT in the amount of about $2.1 million to extend a section of the North Coast Inland Trail...

"...The ODOT funding will continue the trail from Elmore to Genoa... Completion of the project is tentatively slated for late 2019 or early 2020..." more

Bike Park Reopens after Renovations


Newark, OH - "...The renovations... include a BMX pump track, dirt jumps, a skills course, and a half-mile mountain bike loop on a 1.2-acre space." more...

E-Scooters Allowed on Sidewalks -- For Now


Columbus, OH - "As pedestrians and motorized scooters begin to share sidewalk space more and more in Columbus, City Attorney Zach Klein took to Twitter..." more

Westside Greenway Bollards Still Causing Injuries & Mayhem

NYC - "Meet another victim of the new math on the Hudson River Greenway." more

OB: Bollards are a hazard regardless of their spacing. Learn more bollard hazard basics, and also learn why they are still being used, despite the injuries and fatalities they've caused.

Teens Charged in Trail Sabotage Case


IA - "Pottawattamie County officials have arrested three teenagers who they say placed debris on the Wabash bike trail and strung fishing line across the path in attempts to injure cyclists." more...

Injured Cyclist Gives Driver that Struck Her Free Pass

Chicago, IL - "...On Tuesday, July 31, Green was biking home from her job [as] a barista when an elderly female driver struck her in a Lincoln Square bike lane..." more

NYC Sees Vision Zero Progress

NYC - "...The first half of 2018 has seen the fewest traffic-related fatalities in any six-month period ever measured in America's most populated city, officials say." more...

Study Reveals What Drivers Don't See

CAN - "U of T Engineering researchers studied the eye movements of drivers at busy Toronto intersections and found that more than half failed to make necessary scans for pedestrians or cyclists at right turns." more...

Students Protest Traffic Deaths

BGD - "On Saturday, July 29, a speeding bus ran over a group of students waiting on the side of the road in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh..." more

Couple Gives Up Tandem Riding Because of Disrespectful Drivers


UK - "...Following an incredible 78 years of tandem riding, which began in wartime Britain, Lionel and Joyce Joseph have now retired their two saddled mode of transport because of safety fears." more...

Rails-with-Trails a Safe Alternative

"...Arguments against rails-with-trails emphasize safety concerns, yet, of the thousands of fatalities along railroad corridors since 1975, only two involved a trail user on a rail-with-trail..." more

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Ohio Man Missing near Mt. St. Helens


Ariel, WA - "Deputies are looking for 40-year-old Matthew Matheny of Warren, Ohio, who was last seen at 7 a.m. Thursday on Blue Lake trail near Mount St. Helens." more...

Connector Planned to Link 2 Trails


Logansport, IN - "...The proposed route would use existing roads and trails to connect the 22-mile Panhandle Pathway running between Winamac and near France Park in Cass County and the 37-mile Nickel Plate Trail..." more

New MTB Trails Open in Johnstown


Westmont, PA - "...Saturday morning was the official ribbon-cutting and grand opening of the inclined plane downhill trails." more...

Marin 'Greenway' Project gets $280K


CA - "...This is an important project to replace a narrow pathway that is only 4 feet wide..." more

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Transportation Planning in Fostoria

OH - "Plans to create and improve travel routes around the area and within Fostoria city limits were the topic of discussion during Tuesday’s City Council meeting." more...

Linking Cass & Miami Counties by Bike Trail


IN - "Cass County officials and trail leaders are getting the wheels rolling on a connection through Logansport and Cass and Miami counties to link two biking routes." more...

Portland Businesses Add E-Cargo Bikes

OR - "When you do business in a city, electric cargo bikes are often a much better solution for deliveries and service calls than cars or trucks..." more

9 Die in Chopper Crash


JPN - "...The helicopter was on a two-hour flight to monitor the opening of a mountain trail..." more

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Athens Bike Path Spur May Open Soon

Athens, OH - "...The project, which has been ongoing for several months, seeks to repair and reinforce the path, which has sustained significant damage and erosion due to flooding earlier this year and the resultant natural rechanneling of the Hocking River..." more

Countywide Plan to Boost Bike Infrastructure


Montgomery County, PA - "The Montgomery County commissioners this week unanimously approved a plan to create 800 miles of 'bike infrastructure' in the county." more...

NIckel Plate Trail Planning

IN - "Two firms have been chosen to lead the design phase of the proposed Nickel Plate Trail in Fishers." more...

Bike Thieves Clean Out Bike Shop

CA - "Burglars cleaned out Box Dog Bikes overnight, making off with 21 bikes valued at around $60,000, according to the worker-owned store’s proprietors." more...

Better Street Design to Reduce Pedestrian Deaths

"With pedestrian deaths on the rise, advocates said more focus must be placed on how streets can be redesigned and made safer, rather than 'victim-blaming' those that have been killed." more...

Pentagon Restricts Fitness Trackers


Geolocation features are now prohibited for all Department of Defense personnel in certain areas." more...

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Turning Ohio into a Web of Trails


"...ODNR has spent the summer asking the public where they would like to see trails built. The goal this year is to develop the Ohio Trail Plan." more...

Holmes County Trail Repairs Start Aug. 13

Millersburg, OH - "We will be starting our 2018 repair project on Monday, August 13th. The project will stretch from the Millersburg Depot south to just past the Millersburg Walmart near Tractor Supply..." more

Harrison County Approves Bike Routes


Cadiz, OH - "Harrison County commissioners and the Conotton Creek Trail Committee approve and support the development of US and state bike routes." more...

Tree Removal along Alum Creek Trail

Columbus, OH - From MetroParks, "[On] August 15, 2018 between 7 am - 6 pm expect temporary closures between Innis Park and Easton Socccer Fields -- tree removal."

Cyclist's Bike Stolen at Crash Scene

"Mike Etter suffered only minor injuries, but that's where his good luck ran out." more...

VeloNews Study Names Names


Boulder, CO - "There are more than a few surprises contained in VeloNews' recent Audience Study..." more

Retailers Stock Up on Imported Goods Ahead of Proposed Tariffs


D.C. - "A new report shows that retailers — across all categories — are stocking up on Chinese consumer goods before the possibility of increased tariffs." more

Bird Drops More Scooters on the Sly

"Bird has struck again — this time in Charleston." more...

Lance Armstrong Gets Medical Treatment after Crash


CO - "The world's most famous cyclist ended up in the hospital after crashing on a bike trail in Colorado." more...

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West Nile Virus Detected Along Ohio Trail

Trumbull County, OH - "...One sample was taken from the Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail in Champion and the other was taken from the Community Center in Newton Falls..." more

Surveying Work on Cannonball Trail

NW OH - Was out working on North Fork yesterday and came upon survey workers from Mannik & Who are doing work for our $2m grant from ODOT to pave trail from Fulton/ Lucas cty RD to St Rt 109 [on the Cannonball Trail]" more...

Wayne County Rails-to-Trails E-News

OH - Read the latest edition.

Treesdale Trail to be Built


Treesdale, PA - "Treesdale residents will soon have a new pedestrian and bike path connecting their community to Pine Community Park." more...

Amish Uber in Colon

MI - "...The newest taxi service in Colon has four wheels, four legs and good gas mileage." more...

Gravel Rides Are Saving Small-Town America


"How the massive economic success of races like Dirty Kanza is upping local support for gravel events." more...

Barcelona’s Superblocks

"Two years ago, Barcelona announced it would transform chunks of its street grid to prioritize people over cars. The method: superblocks." more...

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Bike & Hike Trail Closure Coming Sept. 4


Summit County, OH - From, "First Energy is continuing utility pole replacement work along the Bike & Hike Trail in Stow and Hudson. A trail closure will be in effect for the section of trail at Hampshire Road heading north to Barlow Road. The closure will be in effect until October 15."

1st New London-Greenwich Rail Trail Work Day

NE OH - "Our first workday! Friday, August 10th at the Greenwich Trail head on North Kniffin Street. 9:00 am. more...

Trustees Approve Niss Support Resolution


Madison Twp., OH - "...The land abuts the Richland B & O Trail and would connect with a trail the City of Mansfield developed as part of a Trimble Road improvement project. Western Reserve officials said plans also call for hiking paths and setting aside space for limited parking and recreational development." more...

E-News from Friends of the Little Miami

SW OH - Read the latest edition.

APVs Coming to Zaleski Forest

Zaleski, OH - "I want to thank The Dispatch for the disturbing news that all-purpose vehicles and dirt bikes will soon be roaring around a 52-mile trail to be built in Zaleski State Forest (Dispatch article, last Tuesday). I had no idea. My neighbors in Vinton County had no idea..." more

$6M Beltline Trail Expansion


Atlanta, GA - "Officials say the city of Atlanta has spent more than $6 million to buy a stretch of old railroad that will provide land for the Beltline project." more...

Canada Traffic Safety Record vs. U.S.


"The per capita death rate on roads north of the border is less than half of the U.S. rate." more...

25% E-Bike Tariff Confirmed


D.C. - "The U.S. Trade Representative has approved the inclusion of e-bikes and e-bike motors on the list of $16 billion worth of Chinese products that will be hit with a 25 percent tariff starting Aug. 23." more...

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Pedestrian Struck & Killed on I-70

Columbus, OH - "A pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle on I-70 in east Columbus on Sunday morning." more...

Bike Trail to Replace Old Railway

South Bend, IN - "...From rail to trail, the Coal Line Trail project is a new pedestrian and bike trail that will eventually run from Mishawaka through South Bend and into Niles..." more

Fatal Bike Crash Spurs Safety Research

VA - "...His bike tire got lodged in the streetcar track near 3rd and H streets NE. He fell and was struck by a bus and later died at the hospital." more...

Rails-to-Trails Green Issue

"...In this issue, we explore how trails and trail networks are transforming the country—generating transportation, economic, social, environmental and health benefits that resonate across communities and entire regions of the United States." more...

64 New Bike Friendly Businesses


"Today, the League of American Bicyclists — the nonprofit leader in the movement to create a more bicycle-friendly America — has awarded prestigious Bicycle Friendly Business Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum certifications to 64 companies in 25 states and the District of Columbia." more...

Rural Roundabouts Save Lives

"...With a roundabout, 'We eliminate the problems with determining whether there’s enough time to get through the intersection'..." more...

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Cardinal Greenway Makes Hall-of-Fame List

IN - "...The Cardinal Greenway, the longest rail-trail in Indiana that stretches nearly 62 miles from Marion through Muncie to Richmond..." more

Cyclist Killed, So Parish Seeks to Make Biking Harder


LA - "The Louisiana parish where a prominent local politician was killed while riding his bike has taken the wrong lessons from the tragedy." more...

Endangered Bees May Affect Trail Building


Minnetonka, MN - "Plan to add mountain bike trails at Minnetonka park worries naturalists." more...

A Brave New World on the Bike Path

"During an otherwise relaxing bicycle ride the other afternoon, a young woman whose attention was on the cell phone in her hand nearly ran me down." more...

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Flood Damaged Greenway Could Reopen in September


NC - "...The popular greenway park received heavy damage from the flooding in May and has remained closed since." more...

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Freight Service Could Thwart Greenway Bid


IN - "...A railroad operator is making a last-ditch bid to buy the Nickel Plate tracks so it can run grain on freight trains into Indianapolis..." more

Allentown Trail Plan Moves Forward


PA - "...nearly a decade after the Connecting our Community plan was unveiled, Allentown officials have stepped up their efforts to get pieces of the trail construction underway." more...

Nearly 250 Bike Share Bikes Go Missing

Rochester, NY - "...People apparently have capitalized on a flaw in the Bluetooth technology the company uses for locking and unlocking. The issue worsened in July and the majority of the bikes are now missing..." more

Putting Bus Drivers on Bikes


NZL - "The group is giving the classic 'walk a mile in their shoes' approach - just on two wheels." more...

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A Big Day for Stage 1 Towpath Development

Cleveland, OH - "...Local officials and dignitaries used the ceremony to provide their unique perspective on the importance of the Towpath Trail extending into Cleveland..." more

Ottawa County Park District Dusting Off Bike Trail Plan


Port Clinton, OH - "Ottawa County panel holds first meeting in a decade." more...

Rock Slide Closes Trail, Starts Fire


Manor Twp., PA - "...huge rocks and boulders smashed down onto the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail in Manor Township around 6:30 p.m. Some of the rocks fell onto live wires, which crashed into trees, sparking a fire." more...

D.C. Couple Killed While Biking in Tajikistan

"...A car swerved to hit a group of seven bicyclists; assailants then jumped from the car and stabbed the bikers with knives. Three of the bicyclists survived the attack..." more

Scooter Startup Wants to Fund Protected Bike Lanes


"A new transit infrastructure fund and global safety council aim to help scooter riders, cyclists, and pedestrians." more...

Cyclist Chases Down Purse Snatcher


UK - "...Despite being mid-ride and mid-snack, Perowne pedaled after the suspect with [a] sandwich still in his mouth..." more

Aggressive Driver Menaces London Cyclists


UK - "First the driver threw things at the cyclists, then acted as if he were going to ram them." more...

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Honda Offers Donation Match for Trail Paving

Bellefontaine, OH - "...For each dollar we raise through donations and fund raisers [for the Simon Kenton Trail] by November 30, 2018, Honda will match it dollar for dollar..." more

New Protected Bike Lane in Xenia

Xenia, OH - "...Have you ridden as far as Xenia this summer on the Little Miami Scenic Trail? Did you turn around at McDonald's because you really didn't like riding on the sidewalk through downtown Xenia? Take a look at the protected two-way bike lane installed this year on Detroit Street. Now it's easier than ever to get to Xenia Station..." more

Cyclist's Complaint Spurs Positive Action

Columbus, OH - "...Tonni was experiencing hostility on a segment of her daily commute—the narrow, one-lane bridge with a hill on St Claire Avenue that doesn't readily allow cars to pass when she's taking the full lane for safety (as is her right)..." more

Bike Lanes Pedal into Louisville’s Race for Mayor

KY - "Bike lanes represent a minimal part of the city's budget. But at times they're an outsized part of Louisville politics." more...

MUTCD Update From June 2018 Meeting


"...The NCUTCD approved and forwarded to FHWA 8 proposals at the June meeting. Two proposals may be of interest..." more

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Chardon Seeking Input on Maple Highlands Trail

Chardon, OH - "The City of Chardon is seeking public comment for the Maple Highlands Trail Phase II." more...

MTB Trail Gets an Upgrade

Hamilton, County, OH - "Thanks to a $5,000 grant from REI for major improvements on the Great Parks of Hamilton County’s Mitchell Memorial Forest bike trail, the park has improved signage, expanded the length of the trail, and made restorations." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

U.S. E-Bike Regulations are a Mistake


"No, I’m not suggesting that regulating e-bikes is a bad idea. However, I am saying that the classes established by the regulations get it wrong." more...

Bike Industry Vet Dies After Bike Crash


Boulder, CO - "Dave Whittingham, an industry veteran who managed bike shops, developed products and worked for several brands in the Boulder area, died Monday..." more

Harley Davidson May Include E-Bikes


Milwaukee, WI - "...In a news release, the company included illustrations of four electric two-wheelers, including lightweight street and offroad motorcycles, a scooter, and what appears to be a full suspension electric mountain bike..." more

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Ohio Forest Uses Debated

Columbus, OH - "Debate is already underway through public meetings and on social media over draft plans to allow mining and logging of hundreds of acres and expanding by miles all-purpose vehicle trails in some of Ohio’s 21 forests." more...

Distracted Driving Law Increases Potential Fines


Columbus, OH - "Drivers could face an extra $100 fine if they’re talking or texting when they violate certain traffic laws..." more

Bike Trail Coming to N. Green River Rd

Evansville, IN - "Walkers and riders near N Green River Rd will have a safer path along that busy road." more...

Titusville Man to Receive Greenway Award

PA - "...These awards celebrate individuals, groups, and businesses which assist the communities of Clarion, Crawford and Venango counties to protect greenways and trails..." more

Connecting Tallahassee by Bike


FL - "...Today, Tallahassee is home to a comprehensive bicycle network, including protected bike lanes, bike boulevards, bike boxes, buffered bike lanes and trails, in addition to traditional bike lanes..." more

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New Trail Opens in Ravenswood

WVA - "After a year of work by friends and community volunteers, Ravenswood neighbors will have a new bike path that everyone can enjoy." more...

Nickel Plate Trail Sculpture

Wagoner, IN - "Rochester artist creates bicycle sculpture for Nickel Plate Trail." more...

Touring Cyclists Killed


Tajikistan - "...Reports in local media say the suspects were armed with knives and attacked the tourists after the car hit the cycling group." more...

Bike Lanes Are For Everyone

"Transportation Twitter is buzzing today about an anti-bike lane op/ed in Crosscut that argues, among other things, that new bike lanes in the overwhelmingly white neighborhood of Wedgwood will hurt minority-owned businesses..." more

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Wasson Way Trail Section Opens


Cincinnati, OH - "Congratulations to Wasson Way Project and the City of Cincinnati for opening the first 0.6 mile of trail today! This exciting moment is just the beginning of what will be a nearly 8 mile trail corridor from Uptown to the Little Miami Scenic Trail..." more

Read another post on this trail opening.

8 Projects Planned Along D.C.'s Cycling Trails


D.C. - "One of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, D.C. has several major bike trails in the city and its immediate suburbs..." more

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Hilliard Woman Killed in Bike Crash


Union County, OH - "...According to patrol, 26-year-old Shannon Mills of Hilliard riding a bicycle northbound on Unionville Road when she failed to stop at stop sign and was struck by a Ford Five Hundred traveling eastbound on SR 161." more...

Intermittent Trail Closures on Little Miami Scenic Trail


Washington Twp., OH - "Beginning next week (July 30th) expect intermittent closures on the trail between SR 350 (Ft. Ancient) and Strout Rd..." more...

CoGo Coming to UA by Late September

Upper Arlington, OH - "Upper Arlington is expected to get its first bicycle-sharing stations by the end of September as part of a project to bring more than two-dozen new stations to Columbus and three suburbs." more...

Distracted Driving Cop Crashes Into Cyclist


MO - "...Fasanello said he sustained minor cuts and bruises but wasn’t seriously injured. His bicycle was destroyed." more

Baltimore Bike Share About to Fail Again

MD - "Baltimore’s bike share system is close to shutting down once again due to a lack of maintenance from its operator and its equipment’s inability to handle wear. Most troubling, two out of every five bikes in the system have disappeared." more...

Mountain Biker Runs Into Black Bear


"...The biker reportedly came over a rise, and the bear was right there in the landing zone." more...

65-Mile Side Trail Connecting to Great Divide Route

MT - "...On its 20th anniversary, the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail added more than 400 new miles to its north-south transcontinental map..." more

Incremental Street Fixes

"... an incremental development mindset can actually make it easier to do something quickly and make a more meaningful change." more

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Man Allegedly Attacks 3 on Olentangy Trail

Columbus, OH - "...The suspect, 32-year-old Christopher Bosewell, was arrested on W. 5th Ave and charged with 2 counts of felonious assault. Police say no injuries were reported..." more

Galena Brick Trail Update

Galena, OH - "The Galena Brick Trail (Phase 2) north of Holmes Street in the Village of Galena will be extended 1,775 feet. Project work has been awarded for construction to begin in August that should be completed in October..." more

Increase in Lyme-Carrying Ticks in Ohio

"...Black-legged ticks are the ones that carry Lyme disease and cases of Lyme disease are growing here in Ohio." more

Fishers Plans Trail Tunnel


IN - "...Trail planners said they determined quickly it was the only way to accommodate vehicles and people at the intersection." more

Bike Lane Experiment Results

Orlando, FL - "...The city reported a 53 percent decrease in speeding, 50 percent increase in biking and 38 percent increase in walking in the corridor during the pilot program." more...

Website Targets Bike Lane Scofflaws

Chicago, IL - "Bicyclists are fighting for space in Chicago’s designated bike lanes by posting vigilantelike photos of illegally stopped cars on the website Bike Lane Uprising..." more

E-Bike Industry Testifies Against Proposed Tariffs


D.C. - "Two members of the U.S. e-bike industry testified Wednesday in opposition to the Trump administration's proposed 25 percent tariff on e-bikes from China." more...

London Wants to Eliminate Traffic Deaths by 2041


"London has reduced traffic deaths nearly 50 percent in the last decade, but Mayor Sadiq Khan isn’t satisfied..." more

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Towpath Construction in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "...Despite being only 0.7 miles long, Donovan calls Stage One perhaps the most difficult phase to complete—due to a landscape covered by railroad tracks, changing elevations, and even an area where uranium was cooked to build the atom bomb..." more

Bike Path Tragedy Underscores Dangers of Roadway Crossings


MA - "...There is a high stop sign on the bike path but no traffic control on the roadway. Three children have been killed on the section of the East Bay Bike Path, according to Providence Journal reports." more...

Why Carbon Fiber Bikes Are Failing

"The high-tech material has been used to build frames and components for decades, but as bikes age, catastrophic failures are leading to lawsuits." more...

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Alum Creek Trail Section Closes July 25


Columbus, OH - "Alum Creek Trail will be barricaded [closed] for trail improvements through the Easton soccer field complex..." more

Search for Man Who Exposed Himself on Olentangy Trail

Columbus, OH - "Columbus police are looking for a man accused of exposing himself to a jogger on the Olentangy Trail. According to the police report, the incident happened on Saturday morning." more...

Dayton Looks to be Better for Bikes


Dayton, OH - "...Dayton wasn’t always so bike friendly, and cycling advocates say there’s still room for improvement." more...

Grand Rapids Considers Bike Plan

MI - "Safety is a key concern for Grand Rapids residents who are interested in trading in their car – at least some of the time – for a bicycle." more...

Fishers Enacts 3-Foot Law

Fishers, IN - " A new ordinance in Fishers requires drivers to give cyclists a 3-foot clearance when passing them on the roadway." more...

What Type of Bike Infrastructure is Important to You?


Portland, OR - "...As you bike with your family around town, what’s your favorite 'thing' for biking safely?" more...

Drone Deployed to Help Bust Cyclists

CAN - "A group of cyclists in Collingwood, Ont. were stopped by local law enforcement who allegedly used aerial surveillance to observe them running stop signs." more...

'Poor Strategies' Have Been Holding Back Bike Sharing

"Mistakes in predicting regulations, poor consumer behaviors and a lack of brand loyalty could make bike sharing less profitable for companies..." more...

Louis Garneau Injured in Bike Crash


CAN - "...The 59-year-old is a former Canadian national team member on the road and track." more...

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Massillon Trail Robbery


Massillon, OH - "Two people are charged after a woman claims she was beaten and robbed of a cell phone while walking a trail on Sunday." more...

Massillon Adding Bike Routes


Massillon, OH - "Officials hope new bike routes in Massillon will help visitors wander off the Towpath Trail and explore the city." more...

Safety Tips for Sharing the Streets


Columbus, OH - "...The city has taken what it calls the “6E Approach” when it comes to improving bicycle accessibility, according to Scott Ulrich, the City of Columbus healthy places and bicycle coordinator." more...

Input Sought for Kalamazoo River Greenway


MI - "What do you envision for the future of the Kalamazoo River corridor in Allegan County?.." more

Bicyclist Struck Crossing Road


Traverse City, MI - "...The car behind the [stopped] truck swerved around the truck and ended up hitting the woman on her bike while she was crossing." more...

Ofo Lays Off Majority Of U.S. Staff

"Ofo laid off the majority of its workforce in the U.S. on Wednesday as the Chinese bike-share company began to withdraw from several markets..." more

Uber E-Bikes Cannibalizing Rides from Uber Cars

"...New riders taking a spin on its red Jump electric bikes in San Francisco are more likely to continue riding the bikes instead of hopping in one of its ubiquitous cars." more...

New Traffic Signals Favor Peds in London


UK - "The city of London is on a mission to make walking as convenient as possible, using smarter traffic signals that reduce wait times for pedestrians." more...

Cyclist Clotheslined by Garden Hose


AUS - "He broke his collarbone, fractured several ribs, and will likely miss work due to his injuries." more...

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App Will Offer 360-Degree Trail Views

MI - "The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments has partnered with off-road mapping company Terrain360 to bring 360-degree views of trails and waterways across southeast Michigan to the organization's ParkFinder app." more...

New Road will Include Trail

Santa Claus, IN - "...The new road will also incorporate a biking and hiking trail that will connect to the recreational trail system in the town about 35 miles northeast of Evansville." more...

Enhanced Greenway Patrols to Combat Fires

OR - "Four grass fires in a month along the Bear Creek Greenway, including one that burned 97 acres and killed a homeless man in Central Point, have local police and fire officials on the lookout..." more

Bike Lane Bouncers


CAN - "...what do you do when someone parks in the bike lane?.. more

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Equestrian Access to Cannonball Trail


Clinton Twp., OH - "...The Wabash Cannonball Trail is now much more equestrian-friendly." more...

Parks Aim to Increase Accessibility


Cave City, KY - "...The Mammoth Cave project is an early step in a coordinated push by the National Park Service to improve and increase accessibility for people with disabilities..." more

Panel to Give Cyclists, Walkers a Voice


IN - "Local bicyclists and walkers would have a voice in the city’s efforts to become more recreation-friendly under plans for a bicycle and pedestrian council." more...

Teen Bitten by Snake on Charlotte Greenway

NC - "...The marks left behind were from a venomous copperhead. Her father rushed her to the hospital where doctors gave her anti-venom..." more

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Simon Kenton Trail Paving Progress

Bellefontaine, OH - "@ 2.3 miles from the Carter Avenue trailhead in Bellefontaine to TR 199 were chip sealed on sub contract by the Logan County Engineer's Department.

"So far, many positive comments, as the trail is quite smooth..." more...

Options For Ottawa County Bike Paths

Port Clinton, OH - "...A connection of Elmore to Genoa, continuing along the North Coast Inland Trail in the southwest corner of the county, is already being developed." more...

Building on the Reconnection of Parks and Waterways


Cleveland, OH - "In the last decade, Cleveland has done something of an about-face on its view toward its rivers and Lake Erie waterfronts..." more

Golden Spike Marks Finish of 50-Mile Bitterroot Trail


MT - "People in Western Montana are celebrating the final piece of the puzzle as the 50-mile bike trail that connects downtown Missoula to Hamilton..." more

Dockless Bikes: How Often do They Work?

Seattle, WA - "Traffic Lab reporters found that just over two-thirds of dockless bicycles were rentable..." more

Rally for Safer Streets in D.C.

D.C. - "...The rally comes after two cyclists were struck and killed by drivers in the city within two weeks of each other at the end of June and early July." more...

Dallas & Seattle Ride the Dockless Bike-Share Rollercoaster


"The two U.S. cities with the largest dockless bike-share fleets are now on different paths." more...

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Man Brandishes Knife on Olentangy Trail


Columbus, OH - "...She said she and a friend were biking there on Tuesday around 8:00 p.m. when a man she paid little attention to suddenly became more memorable by first yelling then much worse." more...

Clark County Trail Repair Updates

Springfield, OH - "Long, full width, pavement repairs were completed yesterday on Simon Kenton from Mitchell Blvd. to north end near Tremont City Road...

"There is still some work to be done on on the Buck Creek Trail from Art Museum to Plum Street as well as small repair on Little Miami Trail under Wittenberg Street bridge. Timing for these is not yet established. A few edge repairs, with timbers, on Buck Creek and Simon Kenton will be completed after larger asphalt repairs are completed." more...

TJ Evans Trail Construction Update


Granville, OH - Erosion repairs continue on the TJ Evans Trail in Granville, with a trail section closure still in effect until August 1st. However, the Main Street to Moots Run Road section has been paved and is now open." more...

Roundabout with Sidepath Construction


Powell, OH - "The roundabout project at S. Liberty St & Jewett Rd. Creating bike/ped crossings at all three sides and with added trail easement most all the way around..." more

Scout Installs Fitness Equipment Along Trail

Centerburg, OH - "Users of the Heart of Ohio Trail now have even more options for physical fitness thanks to local scout, AJ Griffin." more...

The World's Deadliest City for Cyclists


Los Angeles, CA - "And how a small group of increasingly political riders is trying to change the congested driving culture, one bike path at a time." more...

15-City Bike Share Launches

MA - "In the Boston area, city-based bike-share is so 2016..." more

Groups Oppose Move to Speed Self-Driving Legislation Thru Congress

D.C. - "...The AV START Act, would create a national framework for regulating autonomous vehicles. Following the death of pedestrian struck by a self-driving vehicle in March, the League and other groups called for the legislation to be modified." more

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Help Find Middle Branch Trail Attacker


Canton, OH - "Local businesses and park supporters are collectively offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and successful conviction of a recent assailant on the Middle Branch Trail. This comes after a woman was approached and attacked on the section between Martindale and Spangler Parks in Canton on July 3.

"Stark Parks is asking for the public’s help in identifying the man. Anyone with information is encouraged to call (330) 479-2354..." more

Making the Most of Two Wheels in Ravenna

Ravenna, OH - "Under sparkling blue skies on a cool Wednesday evening, about a dozen area residents embarked on a winding, 4.2-mile bike ride through the city of Ravenna with the goal of creating a more bicycle-friendly city." more...

Help Authorities Find Suspected Bike Thieves

Dayton, OH - "Dayton Police have released images of three individuals suspected of stealing bikes in the hopes that the public may be able to help identify them." more...

More Tacks Found on Newton Bike Path

Newton, MA - "Someone or some people are placing thumbtacks on a popular bike route in the Boston area." more...

Forget Vision Zero

"...We have to lose the devalued 'vision zero' and simply 'stop the murders'..." more

Study: 91% of Drivers are too Distracted to Drive Safely

CAN - "...A recent study by Léger on behalf of Allstate Insurance of Canada claims that 9 out of 10 drivers engage in risky behaviour..." more

Safe Passing Laws in all 50 States


"Over the last decade and a half, the adoption of safe passing laws has been one of the most prominent successes of bicyclist advocates at the state level. Every year since 2006 at least one state has adopted a safe passing law." more...

Advice Transpo Advocates Should Ignore


"...To “advocate” is a verb. It requires you to occasionally stand up in front of other smart people and give voice to the politically unpopular topic that no one else wants to bring up. When you do that, people often try to talk you out of it..." more

BikeRadar Closes U.S. Offices


CO - "'s publishers, U.K.-based Immediate Media, has closed its U.S. editorial offices, which included three editors who worked in the Boulder area." more

Provisional Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese E-Bikes


BEL - "The European Commission has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on e-bikes from China, with tariffs ranging from 21.8 to 83.6 percent, depending on which factory produced the bikes..." more

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Loop Trail Being Planned


Cadiz, OH - "...The new recreational path could eventually include up to 185 miles of hiking and biking trails. Planners said these routes will be connected to other trails in the surrounding area..." more

Temporary Trail Closures on Towpath


Barberton, OH - From Summit Metro Parks, "The Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be completing tree work between Manchester Road and Snyder Avenue in Barberton. The work is expected to continue until approximately 7/20/18, and temporary trail closures will be in effect during this time."

Riverside Crossing Park Plans Revealed

Dublin, OH - "...In addition to the walking and biking paths, the new park is set to include a pavilion, a waterfall feature, bike racks and more." more...

Warrant Issued for Suspect(s) Who Assaulted Cyclist

TN - "Charles Peacock says three cameras on his helmet and bike were recording during his ride down Hickory Valley Road." more...

Judge Asked to Keep Public Away From Old Weapons Plant


Denver, CO - "...Environmentalists and community activists are trying to stop the refuge from opening to the public this summer..." more

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Sinkhole Closes Trailhead Parking Lot

Northfield, OH - From, "The Route 82 north parking lot is closed due to a sinkhole that has developed near the entrance. The [Bike & HIke] trail itself and the Route 82 south lot are unaffected."

Mill Creek Bikeway still Usable Despite Section Closing


Austintown Twp., OH - " can still use two portions of the trail from several access points." more...

Bikeway Access to Little Fish Brewing Co.


Athens, OH - "Bikeway access to Little Fish Brewing Company for the next few weeks is blocked at Armitage Rd due to slippage repair. The shortest detour is by walking your bike through the dirt parking lot under construction off of Armitage Rd, then across the grass through the hops garden." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest news.

Wawa Addressing Bike Lane Concerns

Philadelphia, PA - "The company put up signs encouraging customers not to park in the busy bike lane outside their Graduate Hospital location — but cyclists say they still want to see more..." more

Mapping of Macomb Water, Hike & Bike Trails


MI - "...In total, more than 680 miles of hiking, biking and water trails in southeastern Michigan will be captured via digital imaging." more...

Even These Bike Cops Don't Want to Ride on Streets

Denver, CO - " says something that even a cop feels unsafe biking in the street." more...

Why You Can't Sue Seattle Bike Share Companies

"...To be fair, nobody reads these things, but it’s in all caps, ‘By agreeing to arbitrate, each party is giving up its right to go to court and having any dispute heard by a judge and jury'..." more

Quick Fix for a Dangerous Road

Baltimore, MD - "Until last month, walking along Druid Lake Park Drive in Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill neighborhood was an extreme sport." more...

Have We Reached Peak Bike?


"...In the case of what I’m calling Peak Bike, the 'peak' doesn’t refer to product, but to customers..." more...

Bicycle Friendly Driver Training


"'I bet you save a life every day with the stuff you teach,' exclaimed one City of Fort Collins Bus Operator after taking the Bicycle Friendly Driver class. This is just one of the many testimonials that demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the Bicycle Friendly Driver program, created by the City of Fort Collins..." more...

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Galena Trail Section Paving Coming


Galena, OH - "...The trail section north of Holmes St. will be improved and paved as a multi-use trail which is part of the Ohio to Erie Trail." more...

Push for U.S. Bike Route Designations

Lorain County, OH - "...In the commissioners’ July 11 meeting, they voted to support the Ohio Department of Transportation’s intention to designate existing routes as part of the U.S. Bike Route system." more...

Cannonball Trail Future Extension Link?


NW OH - "We’ve dubbed the western terminus of the [Cannonball] trail in Montpelier (Williams County) as The Last Mile. It’s easy to walk or ride, has signage, and is already a favorite destination for people from all over. For many people, this is the first mile. And while we call it The Last Mile, we still have hopes of connecting with the Pumpkinvine Trail in northeastern Indiana..." more

KY Safe Passing Law Took Effect July 14

KY - "The law requires vehicles passing a bicycle to use the adjacent lane if available. If an adjacent lane is not available, then the passing vehicle should pass to the left at a distance not less than three feet..." more

Body Discovered On Gary Bike Trail

IN - "Body Discovered On Gary Bike Trail." more...

Region Takes Home Greenways Awards


IN - "...Of the seven awards granted that day, two were given to region recipients. These included the Outstanding Trail Project awarded to the Oak Savannah Trail Extension in Griffith..." more...

Father Killed in Hit-and-Run


Grand Prairie, TX - "A family is mourning the loss of a father who was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Grand Prairie while he was riding his bike early Sunday morning." more...

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Rail Corridor's Future Still Not Clear


Trumbull County, OH - "...Developers of the ever-growing Lake-to-River Greenway bicycle trail in northeast Ohio are hoping to utilize this CSX rail property to help complete the last four-mile Trumbull County leg of the 79-mile Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail." more...

More Biking Infrastructure Coming to Findlay


Findlay, OH - "...Findlay City Council voted in June to accept about $1.7 million from the Ohio Department of Transportation from its Transportation Alternatives Program, or TAP, to extend the Blanchard River Greenway Trail, and to create lanes for bicycles along Blanchard Street and Lincoln Street." more...

Turn Signal Clothing


"...Steven M. Johnson is a one-man Onion; he has been thinking new solutions to problems for decades..." more

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Solon Trail Proposal on Hold


Solon, OH - "Plans for an expansion of Solon’s mixed-use trails could still move forward but the city remains in a holding pattern as it waits to hear about potential grant money for the project." more...

Towpath Trail Groundbreaking Coming July 30


Cleveland, OH - "Towpath supporters are invited to join public officials from Cuyahoga County, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Metroparks, Canalway Partners and more to ceremonially break ground on Stage 1 of the Towpath Trail Extension Project." more...

Township Trustees Donate Land for Park


Ashtabula Twp., OH - "...the property is the ideal site for an access area to primitive trails." more...

Residents Upset Over Proposed Coal Mine

Perry County, OH - "...Families who live and work near a proposed mining site don’t want it there. They say it would be a disruption to the beauty of the forest and their lives." more...

Steuben Trail has been Years in the Making


Angola, IN - "...the trail, when substantially complete this fall, will travel over Interstate 69 along East C.R. 400N on a dedicated walk constructed for the trail near the Rep. Orville Moody Memorial Bridge that spans Lake Charles." more...

Future of E-Bike Trail Use is Muddy


AZ - "Sedona has without question become one of the most prolific mountain biking communities in the United States over recent years." more...

Turning Slip Lanes into Space for People


"...Since slip lanes serve no purpose except to shave a few seconds off car trips, they’re easy to convert to pedestrian space..." more...

What Will The Footpath of the Future Look Like?

"...Many footpaths (sidewalks) today are already functionally obsolescent..." more...

Portland's Scooter Tax

OR - "...Portland’s usage fee was eye-popping: 25 cents per trip." more...

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Blacklick Trail Missing Link Opens


Canal Winchester, OH - "We just received a bicyclist report that the 0.2 miles of Blacklick Trail between Refugee Rd/railroad bridge and Portman Park's north end is now paved and open!" more...

Alum Creek Connector Reopens


Columbus, OH - "The paved Greenway path connector from east of Alum Creek Trail in far north Columbus along I-270 to/from Emrick Rd (Dempsey Rd & SR-3) was recently reopened.

"Part of it was relocated and repaved due to Korna Kokosing's office building expansion." more...

TJ Evans Bike Path Paving Notice


Granville, OH - "Beginning Monday July 16 - A section of the TJ Evans Bike Path in Granville will be closed from Main Street to Moots Run Rd for paving. The paving project will take 2-3 days to complete.

"This project is weather dependent and the schedule subject to change if weather becomes an issue." more...

Upcoming Mill Creek Trail Section Closure July 17


Austintown Twp., OH - "A popular bike trail will be closed or detoured for approximately one year while construction crews work on the nearby turnpike." more...

Detroit Bike Share Expands


MI - "After more than a year in operation, Detroit’s MoGo bike share is expanding service to more neighborhoods in Detroit, as well as to five other cities in the region..." more

Rails-to-Trails Mid-Year Recap

"...In 2018, RTC members’ grassroots advocacy helped procure just over $300 million for trails and active transportation infrastructure over the next decade." more...

Cyclists Sues a Group Ride


CA - "A bay area doctor is suing 26 fellow cyclists over crash injuries he sustained on a popular - and famously aggressive - group ride." more...

Why Did the Human Cross the Road?

" confuse the self-driving car." more...

Is it Time for Scooter Superhighways?

"...high-density cities should begin to convert some entire multi-lane roads to thoroughfares for two-wheeled electric/manual vehicles only." more...

More News...

Camp Chase Connector Progress

Columbus, OH - "The majority of the construction of the Camp Chase Trail Connector project along Sullivant Ave and Georgesville Rd is done. There is a short section missing to the north of (eastbound) Sullivant Ave across the railroad tracks to connect to the Camp Chase Trailhead on Georgesville Rd..." more

New Columbus Shared-Use Path

Columbus, OH - "... building a short but important shared-use side path along Cleveland Ave east side, between Community Park Dr and I-270. To connect with Westerville Schrock Rd, Sharon Woods Metro Park, Mt Carmel/St. Anns hospital and Chase Bank offices. Work started April 2018. Columbus section fully paved July 9, 2018." more...

Lorain County Wants National Bike Route


Elyria, OH - "...a closer look at Ohio will show just one [national] route through the Buckeye state..." more...

Rail Corridor Deeds Corrected by County


Solon, OH - "Somewhat to the surprise of all parties concerned, county officials have quickly corrected errant deeds to the city's proposed 'rails-to-trails' right-of-way, an oversight that stood for 26 years." more

New Nature Trail in St. Clairsville


St. Clairsville, OH - "...There's plenty to see, including new bridges and three different water falls." more...

Bird Scooters Come to Columbus


Columbus, OH - "...The dock-free, motorized scooters have begun popping up Downtown and in the Arena District, Short North and Bexley..." more

Officials Hearing Bids to Repair Greenway


Evansville, IN - "...A section of the Pigeon Creek Greenway between North 1st Avenue and Garvin Park has been slipping towards the creek..." more

Car-Free Lane Coming to Columbia River Highway


OR - "...When a six-mile section of the scenic road reopens this fall following a one-year closure due to the Eagle Creek Fire, the Oregon Department of Transportation says it’ll have one fewer lane for automobile users..." more

Poll Suggests Toronto Streets Not Safe for Cyclists

CAN - "...The new poll found that while more than half of those surveyed (56%) are aware of Vision Zero, they believe it doesn’t do enough to protect non-drivers on Toronto streets." more...

More News...

Wasson Way Construction - Phase 1

Cincinnati, OH - "...This segment includes two parallel paths: one for faster moving users like bicycle commuters and runners, and one for slower moving users like families with small children." more...

TJ Evans Bike Path Repairs to Begin

Granville, OH - "A section of the TJ Evans Bike Path in Granville will be completely closed from the Main St bike path parking lot east of Granville Milling, up to the Granville Rotary Bridge, from July 18 through August 1. The repair is to correct bank erosion and unstable bank conditions." more...

County Allowed to Negotiate Rail Line Acquisition


Warren, OH - "...The county, through its MetroParks board, wants to use part of the rail line as the path for the final phase of its Western Reserve Greenway bike and hike trail." more...

State Park Officers Want Right to Carry Guns

Grand Rapids, MI - "...Michigan has 320 state park officers who are equipped with pepper spray, batons and handcuffs. The state has about 220 conservation officers, who are allowed to carry guns..." more

Driver Buzzing Cyclist at High Speed Caught on Video


Galveston, TX - "A cyclist in Galveston had a near death experience after a truck was caught on camera inches away from hitting her." more

Cities Look to Seattle on How to Regulate Bike Share

WA - "The Seattle Department of Transportation has spent months developing permanent rules for bike-share operations in the city..." more

New Round of Tariffs Targets $200B of Chinese Goods


"...The latest round targets hundreds of imports and includes many bicycle products and components..." more

Will Tariffs Slow Down China's E-Bikes?


"The trade war between the United States and China officially kicked off this past Friday, with the Trump administration imposing 25 percent tariffs on certain Chinese goods entering the U.S..." more

More Urban Cycling Saves Everyone Money

"Former Vancouver Chief Planner Brent Toderian is approaching his tenth year of living without the financial burden of car ownership..." more

More News...

Athens Trail Spur Repairs Underway

Athens, OH - "...the repairs 'are ongoing and are currently approximately 50 percent complete'..." more

Warnings Issued After Attack on Trail


Canton, OH - "...Stark Park Rangers have posted signs with safety tips..." more

CoGo to Add Stations at Easton


Columbus, OH - "CoGo Bike Share has announced new bike stations will be coming to Easton as ongoing plans for expansion into Bexley, Grandview Heights, and Upper Arlington are underway." more...

Stop Parking in the 22nd Street Bike Lane

Philadelphia, PA - "On Monday, a biker was hit at 22nd and South streets." more...

Bike Activists & Firefighters Clash

Baltimore, MD - "Baltimore City Council is investigating allegations that fire department employees and officials are bullying and intimidating bike activists..." more

Richmond Considers Trail 'Slow Zones'


CA - "Following complaints by Marina Bay residents about safety issues on the San Francisco Bay Trail, Richmond is considering establishing slow zones and enforceable etiquette rules on bicycle and pedestrian paths throughout the city." more

Cave Diver Who Died Was an Avid Cyclist


"...A Facebook page for Kunan shows his love for trail running and cycling. He also competed in adventure races as part of The North Face Adventure Team." more...

More News...

Harrison County Greenways Plan

Cadiz, OH - "Following in the footsteps of its neighbors, Harrison County is developing a master plan for a system of hiking and biking trails to spur economic development and improve the quality of life." more...

Bike Advocacy Accelerating in Cleveland

Cleveland, OH - "There have been several Cleveland cycling “firsts” over the past several months. The first protected bike lanes, the first highlighted green lanes, the first bike signal lights, and more..." more

Pentwater-Hart Bike Trail gets $1.4M in State Funding

Pentwater, MI - "Sen. Goeff Hansen kicked-off a bicycle event in Pentwater on Friday, June 29 by announcing he had secured $1.4 million in state funds for the creation of the Pentwater-Hart Bike Trail." more...

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail’s Newest Employees: Goats

Cumberland County, PA - "Fast-growing and poisonous weeds are attacking the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail." more...

E-bikes, E-Scooters not Welcome in Austin Parks


TX - "...n recent months, urban transportation startups such as Bird, Pace, Goat and Lime (and now JUMP) seeded Austin streets with hundreds of dockless bikes and scooters..." more

More News...

Little Miami Trail Section Closings Coming

SW OH - "Starting in mid-July and continuing into September, improvement projects in the Fort Ancient area between SR 350 and Strout Rd. and near Spring Valley between New Burlington Rd. and Roxanna New Burlington Rd. may require intermittent weekday trail closures..." (Visit the LMST page and cycle through updates to learn more.)

Check out the Little Miami E-Newsletter to learn about what's happening on the trail.

Man Faces Murder Charges for Running Down Woman on Bike


Saginaw, MI - "...Green was driving his sedan when he encountered the two women on the street. He drove at them, crashing into Long and killing her, Stevenson said." more...

Concern for Deteriorating Rail-Trail Bridge


Montague, MA - "Montague residents are concerned about the condition of the Canalside Trail Rail Bridge." more...

Tanker Truck Crushes Bike During Right Hook


CAN - "Dashboard camera video captured in East Vancouver shows a close call between a cyclist and a tanker truck that ended with the bicycle being flattened by the massive vehicle..." more...

E-Bikes Are Getting More People Out of Cars

"A new survey takes a deep dive into how and why people use electric bikes..." more...

More News...

Woman Assaulted on Middle Branch Trail


Stark County, OH - "Park-goers are on edge and police have added patrols after a woman reported being assaulted and robbed Tuesday afternoon while riding her bike..." more

Mt Airy MTB Trail, 20 Years in the Making

Cincinnati, OH - "Mountain bikers and trail advocates from across the region braved Tuesday's sweltering heat to see a vision 20 years in the making finally become reality." more...

Bike Share Locations Announced

Toledo, OH - "At 18 different locations in and around downtown Toledo you will soon be able to take a different kind of transportation." more...

Search for Missing Cyclist Called Off

Columbus, OH - "A search for a cyclist who was allegedly hit by a semi truck was called off after a pickup truck driver returned to the scene to claim his bike." more...

Sharing the Road in PA


PA - "...As bicycling grows in the greater Philadelphia area, the practice of bikes and cars on the streets and highways of our region has become a challenge and an investment..." more

Adirondack Rail Trail


NY - "...Bicycling promises to be the Next Big Thing in the Adirondacks, an outdoor activity that will be hugely enhanced by this 34-mile trail connecting Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake..." more

More News...

Simon Kenton Trail Closure


Springfield, OH - "...we now hear the Simon Kenton Trail is closed on Friday 7/6 from Red Coach to Kensington. Have also heard it may be reopened headed south from Kensington." more...

Intersection Repaving Notice


Cleveland, OH - "Starting on or shortly after July 9th, repaving work will begin at the east end intersection of the Detroit-Superior bridge. The Two Stage Bicycle Turn Boxes will disappear for a while during construction, and will be replaced with temporary ones as soon as possible." more...

Q&A with Janette Sadik-Khan

Louisville, KY - "...It’s my understanding you went on a bike ride through Louisville. Where did you all go and what your impressions of the city?" more...

Boston Spikes Parking Fines to Help Fund Complete Streets

MA - "...Officials also say all revenue raised by the higher fines will be invested into the city's 'Go Boston 2030' transportation plan, which plans to expand 'complete streets'..." more

Trails Closed Due to Heat Concerns


CA - "Some of the most popular trails in the county will be off-limits this weekend due to extreme heat..." more

Great Sauk State Trail Commission Supports Trail Fees


WI - "...Individuals 16 and older biking or in-line skating the trail will be required to purchase a trail pass for $25; while those walking or hiking will not be required to have a pass." more...

Are Electric Mountain Bikes Ruining Trail Systems?


" we are again. Same story, new bikes. This time weighing the validity of electric-assist bikes on the very same trail systems..." more

Peds in a World of Self-Driving Cars


"It may be decades before AVs are good enough, so in the meantime everyone will have to keep out of their way." more...

More News...

Solon City Council Hears Trail Concerns


Solon, OH - "Some residents living closest to a proposed recreational trail arrived at Monday's City Council meeting with new questions..." more

Driver in Fatal Bicycle Crash had Seizure

York City, PA - "...Killed in the crash was Christopher Kress, 45, of York City, who was riding his bicycle on the rail trail when he was struck..." more

Lynchburg Police stepping up Trail Patrols


VA - "...after an alleged rape at Riverside Park last month, Lynchburg Police are sending extra patrols to the bike trail." more...

Barriers Installed Along Goodman Trail


CAN - "Over a year after 5-year-old cyclist Xavier Morgan was killed when he was struck by a car, the city is installing a permanent barrier along a section of the Martin Goodman Trail to separate the bike lane from vehicular traffic." more...

More News...

Heartland Trail Sections Open to Public

Marshallville, OH - "While the Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County Board of Directors continues preparing to pave a 2.4 mile section of The Heartland Trail, the public is invited and encouraged to walk two sections which have been cleared and mowed. Both are easily accessed by starting in Marshallville, where parking is available."

Learn more about this trail project by reading this month's Wayne County Rails-to-Trails newsletter.

Towpath Section Closure July 9th

Akron, OH - From Summit Parks, "The City of Akron will be repairing a retaining wall along the Towpath Trail near Beech Street. Construction will begin on July 9, and the trail will be closed for 10 to 12 weeks between Beech and North streets. The City of Akron will post detour signs."

Knox County Parks July/August E-News

Knox County, OH - "...Another task to complete will start soon for the Mohican Valley Trail as the last section of the trail from the Bridge of Dreams to the Holmes County line will be re-paved..." more

Transportation Innovation in South Bend


IN - "...With its continued commitment to making advances in cycling infrastructure, policy and culture resulting is greater community connectivity and an enhanced range of affordable transportation options, South Bend has emerged as the bicycling leader in the Northern Indiana Region..." more

Roaring Run Trail Damage Causes Funding Concerns


PA - "A $6,000 trail repair sapped the emergency fund of the Roaring Run Watershed Association earlier this year and has trail officials worried about what could happen if strong storms further damage the trail." more...

The Story Behind Why the Rail Trail Ends at 12th Street

Charlotte, NC - "...South End’s Rail Trail was pretty much an accident." more...

Nanook Helps Rescue Injured Hiker


Anchorage, AK - "...This is the second time I've heard of he has saved someone from drowning in that river..." more

Electric Scooter & Bike Parking has Arrived

"Zagster, the bike-share company behind the Pace brand, is launching what it’s calling Pace Parking..." more

Denmark Allowing Fast E-Bikes in Bike Lanes


"We always write 'Learn from Denmark.' We take it back." more...

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SKT Section Closing for Paving


Bellefontaine, OH - "A section of the Simon Kenton Trail will be closed on Monday, July 9th (rain date of Tuesday, July 10th) for paving..." more

Work Begins On Mt. Airy Bike Trail


Cincinnati, OH - "...We have planned somewhere between 4-5 miles flagged out right now, probably to be done in three phases over the next year and a half..." more

SW Ohio Trail Maintenance & Closures


SW OH - From Simon Kenton Pathfinders, "Trail repair/maintenance work is underway on the Little Miami Trail in Clark County/Springfield AND on the Buck Creek Trail east of the spur to the Simon Kenton Trail Detours will be posted for the Little Miami Trail--signs are in place--so be aware that you may need to divert to streets between Now and July 13th.

"There is no posted detour for the Buck Creek Trail closure. This closure is for a complete rebuilding/relocation of the trail where it has been eroded by Buck Creek. This closure is scheduled to be in effect until August 23rd.

"We have heard from the City of Springfield that work is not taking place on the trails July 3rd and July4th due to the holiday. However, there is the possibility that passage may be difficult in some places or that the trail may be posted as closed. Work will resume after July 4th." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest news.

Pigeon Creek Greenway Section Nearing Completion


Evansville, IN - "...The Hi-Rail corridor is nearly three miles along U.S. 41 between Riverside Drive and Walnut Street..." more...

Say Goodbye to Cars in Central Park

NYC - "The last private car entered the park at 7 p.m. last night, culminating half a century of advocacy." more...

Lyft Buys Biggest U.S. Bike Share Company


"The ride-share company will take on Motivate’s existing contracts, like New York’s Citi Bike." more...

Are You Guilty of Shoaling?


"...shoaling is the act of riding up from behind and stopping in front of someone..." more...

Transportation Stereotypes

"Transportation stereotypes, like stereotypes of any sort, are silly..." more

U.S. Spoke Makers Adjusting to Steel Tariff


"Two companies that make stainless steel spokes in the U.S. are having to adjust to a 25 percent tariff on imported steel..." more

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Followup to Complete Streets Workshop


Warren, OH - "After a workshop two weeks ago in which residents learned about the Complete Streets program of improving streets for all modes of travel, officials will now write a policy." more

What's New at Hocking Hills

Logan, OH - "Ohio's scenic Hocking Hills State Park is taking a page from the most popular national parks: using a shuttle bus to transport visitors around the property..." more

Montco Accepting Comments on Bike Lane Network

PA - "Those with strong feelings about bike lanes have until July 6 to submit formal comments on Montgomery County’s draft 'Bike Montco' plan..." more

Biking in Lansing


MI - "...The city is finalizing plans for an 'east side connector' pedestrian and bike route..." more

Expansion of Santa Fe River Trail

NM - "A joint Santa Fe city-county effort to restore the Santa Fe River bed and construct about 15 miles of trail wide enough for walkers and bicyclists is closer to completion..." more

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Buck Creek Trail Paving Progress

Springfield, OH - "The good news is that new pavement is done on portions of the Buck Creek Trail and it seems to be open this weekend!.." more

Future of Rail Line Debated


Warren, OH - "Trumbull County and CSX Transportation have six months to negotiate an agreement to turn nearly 14 miles of rail line into bike trail..." more

Grafitti Battle Continues Along Trail

Dayton, OH - "...when workers come to paint over what’s been put up, people come back to put new graffiti up..." more

Trail Crossing Confusion


Fort Wayne, IN - "Fort Wayne's trail network expanded to just over 107 miles last year and it created some confusion among trail users about the proper safety procedure when crossing a major road." more...

New Schuylkill River Trail Map


PA - "Free copies of an updated edition of the Schuylkill River Trail map, which shows what’s available where, when, and how along one of Montgomery County’s most popular multi-use trails, are now available..." more...

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