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Akron's Bike Lane Plans


Akron, OH - "...The city says the Knight Foundation grant will help make Akron more bike-friendly with a plan for connecting neighborhoods, the downtown business district and the Towpath Trail with bike lanes..." more

Columbus Rd Bike Path Spur Repairs Scheduled


Athens, OH - "...Repair of the bank is planned to begin in late April. The path is currently open to users." more...

Video From Deadly Uber Crash Released


"Footage shows what happened inside and outside the vehicle moments before the fatal crash that killed a woman walking her bicycle." more...

Cyclists will Need Detection Beacons to Be "Seen" by AVs


"Many lives would be saved if cycles were fitted with “bicycle-to-vehicle” sensors, a cycle industry association boss told automotive leaders..." more

Bike Share Brake Lines Being Cut in Seattle


WA - "All three of Seattle's bike-share companies say vandals are cutting the brake cables on their bikes." more...

Company Wants to Redefine Bike Parking


"Oonee, a Brooklyn-based startup, will debut its colorful, customizable 'bike pods' in April." more...

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Akron to Partner with Copenhagenize Design Co.

Akron, OH - "The city of Akron is working with Copenhagenize Design Co. to plan a connected bicycle grid that will make it easier for residents to bicycle around the city." more...

Ohio Capital Budget Highlights

Columbus, OH - "Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) announced Wednesday night the Senate's passage of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects." more...

Niles Township considers LimeBike


Niles, IN - "Those bright green, shareable bicycles in South Bend have a way of migrating north up around Niles." more...

'Twisted Oliver' to Open Soon


Scottsville, KY - "As we wait for Spring-like weather to arrive, several volunteers are ready to open a new trail for hikers and bikers at Port Oliver on Barren River Lake." more...

Economic Analysis of the Devou Park Trail System

KY - "We are pleased to release our analysis on the effect of the Backcountry Trail System located in Devou Park, Covington, KY." more...

“Things in Bike Lanes” Campaign

CO - "Bicycle Colorado and Bike Denver have teamed up to raise awareness about safety issues in Denver’s bike lanes." more...

Milwaukee Drivers Don't Like to Yield to Peds


WI - "Researchers observed 364 crossings at 20 intersections in Milwaukee, and drivers only yielded 16 percent of the time." more...

E-Bikes Are Getting More People Out of Their Cars


"A new survey takes a deep dive into how and why people use electric bikes. Spoiler alert: They tend to ride more often after they buy one." more...

Energy Is Real


"...The driver’s anger poisoned the energy of the other drivers on the road. Everyone started honking." more...

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Study Finds 29% of U.S. Drivers Drive Like Jerks


"The good news from the latest ZenDrive study is that 71 percent of drivers on the road in the USA drive safely. The bad news is that the remaining 29 percent are phone addicts, frustrated lead-footers and speed demons." more...

Independence to Break Ground on New Trail


Independence, OH - "The city will soon be breaking ground on a new biking and hiking trail connecting the city to the Towpath Trail." more...

Cincy Bike Plan Has Stalled


Cincinnati, OH - "...eight years into the plan's adoption, the city has only installed or implemented roughly 20 miles worth of new bike infrastructure, according to city data." more...

Royal Oak to Begin Creating Bike Lane Routes

MI - "Royal Oak is getting ready to establish north-south bike lane routes through the city this spring." more...

Making Bike Connections in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA - "...Nobody builds a road that’s unconnected to another road, right?.." more

More Details on Fatal Uber Crash

"...Traveling at 38 mph in a 35 mph zone on Sunday night, the Uber self-driving car made no attempt to brake..." more

Take Action to Require AVs to See Bikes & Peds


"On Sunday night, an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ, as she was walking her bicycle across the street. While the details of the crash are still forthcoming, the League of American Bicyclists is concerned that these vehicles are being deployed without having to first prove their ability to recognize and respond to people biking and walking in our streets." more

Bike Share Rider Takes to Highway


Boston, MA - "Harrowing footage shows someone riding a Hubway bike through a highway tunnel in downtown Boston." more...

Closer to Bike Share is Better for Business


"A new study from researchers at New York University (NYU) shows that restaurants closer to bike share stations do better business than those farther away..." more

Police Officers Schooled on Traffic Laws


AUS - "...The police officers wasted little time pulling into a nearby driveway and beginning to explain our wrongs..." more

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Woman Killed by Self-Driving Uber


AZ - "A self-driving car operated by Uber struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona, as she was walking her bicycle..." more

$35K for Ohio & Erie Canalway


Akron, OH - "...The Summit County Trails grant provides essential seed funding for the planning, development and activation of multi-use recreational trails throughout Summit County..." more

Park Board Looks to Finalize Supervisor Position


Madison County, OH - "The Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails (FMCPT) have decided the new Park District Supervisor should be a county employee." more

Have Smart Streets Driven Downtown Turnaround?

South Bend, IN - "...He found that smart or 'complete' streets were a common thread running through success stories..." more

Computer Scientist Fights Blocked Bike Lanes

NY - "...Three years ago he sued U.P.S., targeting the delivery company’s trucks for blocking his bike path..." more

Bike Share Companies Face Uphill Ride in U.S.

San Francisco, CA - "A bike-sharing craze that has swept China over the past two years is picking up speed in cities across the United States, but with a different spin..." more

Ofo Bike Share Co. Raises $866M

"...'Ofo has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development,' founder and CEO Dai Wei said in the company statement." more

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Sandusky County is Getting About $1.5M for Improvements


Sandusky County, OH - "Sandusky County is getting about $1.5 million for projects in the new state capital improvements bill, including money for local universities and for parks development." more...

Group Wants Nickel Plate Rail Preservation


Fishers, IN - "A group that promotes trails and greenways is trying to persuade officials in two Indianapolis suburbs to include both a railway and a trail in the redevelopment of an old rail line." more...

No Reduction in Sentence for 14-Year-Old Who Killed Cyclist

PA - "Derrys Sanders Jr. was 14 years old when he killed another teen because he wanted the victim's bicycle." more...

Ped Deaths Spike in Richmond

VA - "...It’s the most pedestrian deaths in the city since at least 2010, when the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles starting tracking the data statewide." more...

Seattle Experiments with Bike Share Parking


WA - "...There are five locations in Ballard where SDOT painted bikeshare parking stalls. They are located in “furniture zones” of the neighborhood’s sidewalks..." more

Amateur Motor Doper Receives Punishment

UK - "...Fontayne’s case is the second example of a rider being banned from racing for what is officially known as 'technological fraud'..." more

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Huron County Projects will Improve Park Trails


Norwalk, OH - "...The three projects are $150,000 for improvements to Willard Reservoir at Willard, $100,000 for improvements to a trail in the City of Norwalk, and $33,000 for a trail project in Monroeville." more...

Protected Bike Lanes Coming


Philadelphia, PA - "Protected bike lanes are coming to Market Street and JFK Boulevard in Center City by the spring, Philadelphia officials announced on Saturday." more...

Commissioner Sees Countywide Trail Project as a Conspiracy


Lackawanna County, PA - "...I don’t have a problem if a borough or a town wants to build their trail, but they’re talking about this being a countywide trail and there’s a specific agenda behind that, and it’s to try to get people out of their cars..." more

Suspect Sought in Fatal Attack on Bicyclist

AZ - "A Scottsdale man has died from head injuries after another man forced him to be thrown from his bicycle last month, police said." more

Man Killed when Motorized Bicycle Malfunctions

MO - "...Pavel A. Nadtochayev, of Willow Springs, was riding the bicycle on a private road about seven miles west of Pomona when the bicycle malfunctioned and Nadtochayev was ejected..." more

Stolen Bicycle Leads To ‘Little Acts Of Kindness’

Brooklyn, NY - "If you walked down Clinton Street in Caroll Gardens in early March, chances are you noticed the 8-foot by 3-foot sign making a plea to whoever stole a bicycle..." more

What Google Maps Could Learn From Strava


"...Strava’s route-planning feature is my go-to. It’s the type of alternative that Google could learn from to make its bike-based navigation not just acceptable, but excellent..." more

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Cyclist Identified from Fatal Crash

Elkhart County, IN - "...Miller died at the scene. Police say he was wearing a reflective vest and had lights on his bicycle.." more...

DOT Prepping More Barrier Work Along Bikeway

NYC - "Construction is slated to start this summer and last into 2019." more...

[Barriers/bollards create permanent hazards for trail users. Learn more...]

What Caused the Miami Ped Bridge Collapse?

"The unfinished pedestrian overpass that toppled onto the Tamiami Trail on Thursday was being built under a relatively novel approach called accelerated bridge construction..." more

Bridge Collapse Is About So Much More Than a Failed Structure

"It's an indictment of the approach to transportation planning that opts for pedestrian bridges instead of making streets safe for people to cross on foot." more

Coast to Coast Trail Spurs Business Growth


FL - "Entrepreneurs across Central Florida have opened inns and bike shops — and one city is investing more than $1 million to boost business — all in hopes of benefiting from a bike trail that’s carving a path through the state." more...

Spurring Mobility in Cities of the Future


"Rails to Trails was at the SXSW Cities Summit this week, exploring the role of trails in the cities of the future. I sat down with Jeff Risom, partner and managing director U.S. of Gehl—a cutting-edge, international design firm that focuses on the intersection of quality of life and the built environment." more...

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At Least 4 Dead in Ped Bridge Collapse

Miami, FL - "A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed Thursday, just days after crews had dropped an elevated 950-ton span in place..." more

'Book-a-Bike' Program in Athens

Athens, OH - "Book-a-Bike is a FREE bike borrowing program available at library branches in Athens, Glouster, The Plains, Nelsonville (and Chauncey–coming soon!)." more

Dayton MetroPark About to Grow


Dayton, OH - "...Five Rivers MetroParks has entered into a purchase agreement with Calvary Mission Baptist Church for 45.8 acres of land..." more

City Seeks $55K for Sidewalk Project

Port Clinton, OH - "The City of Port Clinton is seeking additional grant funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation for a sidewalk project on Jefferson Street..." more

Stolen FL Bike Turns up in Ohio

Fairview Park, OH - "...Officers checked the bicycle's serial number through the computer system and found it had been stolen from the Orlando area..." more

Finishing the Trail Bridge at Cocalico Creek

PA - "The rail trail bridge over the Cocalico Creek just west of Akron is still a project in progress." more...

Greenways + Blueways 2020 Plan Introduced

IN - "...The plan encourages local governments and private land owners to create connections between patches of natural areas in Northwest Indiana." more...

Montreal Considers 'Idaho-Stop' Law


CAN - "Many cyclists (including this one) complain that rules designed for cars don't make sense for bikes..." more...

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Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

Athens, OH - "...Summer J. Bess, 37, of Glouster, was charged with the second-degree misdemeanor after she allegedly hit Russell Wade Cullums, 56, of Guysville with her car as he was walking his bicycle along the berm of Ohio Rt. 13..." more

Truck Rolls Over Bike While Rider Escapes

Orange Twp., OH - "A cyclist escaped from the path of an oncoming truck -- but his bike did not..." more

Protected Bike Lanes Ease Congestion

Philadelphia, PA - "...protected bike lanes can lead to less space for cars — and, by extension, they reason, more congestion. But analysis proves otherwise." more...

Another Pedestrian Death on SE Division


Portland, OR - "...In a sad twist, it appears the exact location where Mr. Chan was hit is waiting for a new rapid flashing beacon, median island and marked crosswalks." more...

Complete Streets in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles


"In late February, I attended the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Public Listening Summit on Automated Vehicle Policy..." more

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Flooding Erosion Threatens Athens Trail

Athens, OH - "More than a year after winter flooding damaged a portion of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway’s Columbus Road spur in North Athens, the path has seen more damage in past few weeks..." more

IU Professor Dies after Bike Crash


Richmond, IN - "...He was found unconscious at the scene around 6:30 a.m. Monday. The circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation." more...

Feds Award $750K for Belle Isle Trail

Detroit, MI - "Federal funds will help pay for a 6-mile, multi-use loop trail around Belle Isle Park in Detroit." more...

Seattle Passes E-Bike Law


WA - "...The new law, Senate Bill 6434, classifies the bicycles into three categories, eliminates a minimum-age requirement for the slower e-bikes and requires manufacturers to label the classification number... more

Driver Hits Trail Users Crossing the Road


Saugus, MA - "...In light of a recent accident in which an elderly couple were walking on the trail and were struck by a car, Planning Board chairman Peter Rossetti said he would like to see additional signs with flashing lights installed where the rail trail crosses major roads." more...

Apple Maps Now Includes Bike-Share Stations


"The new tool can help you find bike-share services in about 180 cities around the world." more...

Naked Cyclists Demand Safer Streets

BRA - "In São Paulo, Brazil, the World Naked Bike Ride was once again a rallying cry against an alarming rate of cycling deaths." more...

Behold, the Dockless Scooter

"Both LimeBike and Bird plan to bring the new urban mobility option to cities beyond California." more...

DeFeet Uses Blockchain Technology to Deter Counterfeiting


Hildebran, NC - "...Consumers will be able to scan their products with a mobile device to ensure they are not counterfeit and to register the product." more...

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Miami Valley Trail User Survey Results

SW OH - "...Here are some of the key findings from the most recent survey released Friday." more...

Trumbull County MetroParks Eyes Tax Levy

Warren, OH - "Declining revenue from natural gas wells and increasing costs are just two of the reasons Trumbull County residents may be asked to approve a levy to operate the County MetroParks." more...

New Greenway Coming to Beech Grove

Beech Grove, IN - "...The 2.5-mile trail will run through the city and the parks system. It will feature four bridges and five trailheads..." more

Lackawanna County Looks to Create New Trail

Elmhurst Twp., PA - "...In 1980, Lackawanna County bought a ten mile stretch of land which is basically abandoned rail line that stretches from Dunmore to Jefferson Township." more

Rally Demands Safer Streets

NYC - "Hundreds of traffic safety advocates and Park Slope residents made their demands for safer streets heard on Monday at a march and rally held exactly one week after two children were fatally struck by a car in the neighborhood." more

Over 200 Felled Trees in Nickerson State Park

Brewster, MA - "...Over 200 trees were felled between the january and March nor'easters, according to state Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Troy Wall.

"...69 large trees had fallen across the park's bike trail..." more

Coloradans Sound Off on E-Bikes

CO - "...a few local governments are trying to get ahead of an expected surge in electric bike activity. This too is unleashing a strong undercurrent of emotion." more...

HOPR is the All-in-One App

"A new app by bike-share company CycleHop lets you find, plan, and pay for different ways to get around a city." more...

400 Cyclists Killed or Injured Due to Potholes

UK - "...The figures have prompted Cycling UK, which says that casualties are on 'a steadily worsening trend,' to urge the government to take action." more...

New Device Designed to Stop Cars from Driving on Sidewalk

UK - "Yannick Read, 47, of Bristol, has created the 'Catclaw' and says it will save lives and could even stop terror attacks." more...

Dockless Bike Shares: Why Can't We Have Nice Things


"It is exhilarating to have a bike anywhere you want it. It is depressing to see the state of the bikes." more...

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Little Miami Trail News

SW OH - Read the latest edition.

Ped Bridges to Coke Ovens Need Replaced


Leetonia, OH - "...Siembida said council needs to replace the current wooden bridges at the coke ovens park with ones that are handicap accessible..." more

Bike Park Fundraising in Lebanon

Lebanon, OH - "...Every $10 individual donation to the bike park between now and June 2nd will be entered to win this sweet new ride..." more

Ann Arbor Bike Share to Relaunch

MI - "The Ann Arbor-based Clean Energy Coalition is getting out of the bike share biz." more...

Truckers Don't Like Bike Share

Boston, MA - "A deal to dump 1,200 new rental bikes on the streets of Boston under a new pact with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has a state truckers’ group fearing trouble is ahead." more...

BionX Shuts Down, Searches for New Owner

CAN - "BionX Canada, the maker of retrofit e-bike conversion kits, has entered into receivership..." more...

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Volunteers Create & Maintain Moon Lake Park Trails


Plymouth Twp., PA - "When the formerly county-owned Moon Lake Park became the property of the state, Meghan Martin wondered what would happen to some of her favorite mountain biking trails." more...

6 Cities Trail Plan Coming to Fruition


TX - "Local North Texas cities are making headway on establishing an interconnected trail system among six neighboring cities..." more

Boring Tunnels will be for Cyclists & Peds?


"Elon Musk's Boring Company is set to revolution the face of ... cycling?" more...

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Akron Awarded $8M TIGER Grant

Akron, OH - "The project will design and reconstruct a portion of South Main Street to incorporate complete streets elements including roadway reconstruction with traffic calming and a road diet, streetscape improvements, upgraded traffic signals, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, bus shelter enhancements, lighting, wayfinding signage, and improved storm water management." more...

Trail Development in Galena


Galena, OH - "...Surveying has been completed and design is in process for the Galena Brick Trail Phase 2 project north of Holmes St." more...

Move to Change Adirondack Park Rules to Allow Rail-Trails


NY - "The Cuomo administration is again pushing forward with a controversial plan to build a rail-trail path from Lake Placid through Saranac Lake to Tupper Lake." more...

Trail Opening Delayed Due to Golf Ball Hazard


CA - "...As the construction of the trail neared completion early last month, members of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department noticed that golf balls mishit over the net were a risk to walkers and riders using the trail..." more

3 Steps to Designating U.S. Bicycle Routes

"One of the key tenets of the U.S. Bicycle Route System is the fact that each route is officially designated. But what does that mean?.." more

NCUTCD Online Survey


"This doesn’t happen very often: The obscure but hugely influential National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is asking for direct feedback from ordinary transportation pros." more...

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Little Free Pantry Opens on Razorback Greenway


Fayetteville, AR - "...The idea behind the pantry is to give people an opportunity to give while providing a helping hand to those in need." more...

Cyclist Knocked Out, Robbed on Trail


WA - "Police in Aberdeen say a man was struck from behind while riding his bike Wednesday and woke up to find his bike, cell phone and sneakers gone." more...

Unhelpful Ways Cities Talk About Bike Helmets


"...'We’re obsessing over helmets, but we’ve already sort of skipped over the problem,' Culver said. 'The actual problem is people getting hit by cars'..." more...

The Gender Gap in Walking


"A recent Stanford study examined walking rates around the globe, finding that in a diverse range of countries, girls and women walk less than boys and men." more...

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Little Miami Trail Closure Alert

South Lebanon, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "The trail will be closed at the State Route 48 overpass near South Lebanon beginning March 26 as ODOT works to fix the washout issues. This work is scheduled to last 5 days."

Solon Gets $300K in Trail Funding

Solon, OH - "...That in itself goes a long way toward securing funding for the proposed 'Solon-to-Chagrin Falls Trail'..." more

The Miami 2 Miami Trail Plan

Butler & Warren Counties, OH - "...Called the Miami 2 Miami Connection, the idea was first proposed in 2002, but Tri-State Trails has rejiggered the plan and gained support from all of the communities it would traverse." more

Cincy Must Become More Bike-Friendly

Cincinnati, OH - "...For a city with a well-established and centrally-located urban population, the lack of accommodations for cyclists and their safety is disappointing..." more

County Working on Extending Karst Farm Greenway

IN - "Several former railroad bridges will be reconstructed for pedestrian use along an unopened portion of the Karst Farm Greenway." more...

3 Foot Law Heads to KY Senate for Final Approval

Frankfort, KY - "The Bluegrass State is one step closer to a safe-passing law for the Commonwealth's roads." more...

Michiana Trail Now on Google Street View

IN - "...Hundreds of miles of trails are covered across Indiana, says Lisa Nye, director of the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association, which coordinated the photo-mapping blitz that spring." more...

Citizen Patrols on Northdale Lake Park Trail after 2 Attacks

Lutz, FL - "Since Feb. 24, people who live in Northdale have been on edge. A woman was attacked in broad daylight while walking along the Northdale Lake Park Trail." more...

Lake Natoma Bike Trail Still Closed After 2017 Rockslide

CA - "A popular bike and walkway on a stretch of the American River Parkway Recreation Trail is still shut down more than a year after a rockslide blocked it." more...

Paris Offers Incentives to Ditch Cars

FRA - "The city will reimburse residents who buy e-bikes and cargo bikes for up to €600​." more...

Why Vision Zero is a Failure


"...the authorities talk about the 3 E’s, Engineering, Education and Enforcement, but always manage to ignore the first, because true vision zero slows cars down and inconveniences drivers..." more...

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Greenway Construction Brings Street Closures


Cincinnati, OH - "Construction on the Lick Run Greenway has been going on for eight months." more...

Hocking Valley Scenic Trail Plan

Athens, OH - "...Last month, the Hocking Valley Scenic Trail (HVST) Committee held a public meeting in Logan to present its plans to create a new rail trail that will connect to and extend the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway (HAB) from Nelsonville to Logan. Once complete, the project will add 11.6 miles of paved multi-purpose trail..." more

The Olentangy Gap

Columbus, OH - "...In January, Clintonville Area Commission members voted 8-0 to send a letter to OhioHealth and city officials, urging that an extension of the Olentangy Trail to close the gap..." more

Hartville Supports Bike Route


Hartville, OH - "Hartville Village Council approved a resolution declaring support for a proposed state bicycle route." more...

Philly Slow on Building Bike Lanes


Philadelphia, PA - "...One reason for the slow progress is a special rule, enacted in 2012 as part of the city’s complete streets policy, that gives each City Council member veto power over bike lanes..." more

Bike Share Litter Treacherous for the Blind

Dallas, TX - "...The problem arose when I actually fell over one of these things. I really screwed up my knee, partially tore my ACL..." more

Wichita Builds on Bike-Friendly Status


Wichita, KS - "...In the past year, the city installed approximately six miles of new bikeways bringing the total within the city to 115 miles of bikeways..." more

New Bicycle Route Navigator App

"... the bicycle touring community is buzzing after the release of Bicycle Route Navigator, Adventure Cycling’s new mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, and ready to help you pilot your journey along the 46,846-mile Adventure Cycling Route Network..." more

Better Biking Conditions Can Help Bike Shops

"...Until recently, there wasn’t an easy way to show a direct relationship between good biking conditions and strong independent bike shop (IBD) sales. The launch of PlacesForBikes’ Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) changes all that..." more

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OU Students Could Soon Borrow Bikes

Athens, OH - "Ohio University students will soon be able to participate in a bike-sharing program on campus." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Residents Speak Out Against Trail Route


Bellefonte, PA - "Some Bellefonte residents are not happy about the proposed route for the future Bellefonte to Milesburg greenway trail." more...

Wisconsin Bike-Friendly Ranking Plummets

WI - "...It doesn’t help that Wisconsin redirects half of our federal funding for bike and pedestrian projects to highways, the maximum allowed under federal rules, or that we became the first (and so far the only) state to repeal a Complete Streets law." more...

Facebook-Shaming to Clear Sidewalks

NY - "Erich Krueger is tired of trudging through snow-clogged sidewalks, and he's taking his campaign against the property owners online." more...

Fatality Rates Remain High for U.S. Pedestrians


"America isn’t making progress on pedestrian safety, with people on foot accounting for a steadily rising share of overall traffic fatalities." more...

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$21.2M Initiative for Grand River Trail Network


MI - "...The Grand River Greenway, first envisioned three decades ago, has the potential to become a significant lure..." more

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Next Border-to-Border Trail Segment


MI - "On Saturday, Feb. 24 just outside of Chelsea’s city limits, a groundbreaking ceremony signaled the beginning of the next Border-to-Border trail segment that will travel through Washtenaw County." more...

Residents Want Trails

NY - "...the passive pursuits offered by trails and pathways are increasingly becoming a municipal priority..." more

What is a STROAD?

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Boyertown Eyes Walking/Biking Trail


PA - "As part of ongoing plans to attract tourists, Boyertown is hoping to provide a walking, biking and running trail called Hidden Valley Trail in the Boyertown area..." more

Bike-Ped Advisory Committee Replaces Greenways Commission


Bowling Green, KY - "The Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County is no more, but its work establishing walking and bicycling trails will live on under a new advisory role..." more

E-Bike Debate Coming to Aspen Trails


Aspen, CO - "Multiple jurisdictions in the Roaring Fork Valley are going to determine this spring if they can get on the same path regarding use of electric bikes on paved trails." more...

Dockless Bikes Increase Access & Chaos


Dallas, TX - "...Joel Miller, bike share program manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation, said preliminary data shows the number of miles ridden on dockless bikes "far exceed" what they had with their dock-based system..." more

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Connecting Cleveland-Area Greenways


Cleveland, OH - "...If fully implemented, the Cuyahoga Greenway will eventually include hundreds of miles of linear parks with biking and walking trails as well as on-road bike lanes..." more

County Approves Payment for Greenway

Wellsboro, PA - "...This phase of the project does not include construction of the trail connecting the Pine Creek Rail Trail northern terminus at the Wellsboro Junction to Wellsboro..." more

Fund will Help IMBA Create 100 New MTB Trails in 2018


"Partnering with the Walton Family Foundation, IMBA says it is poised to launch its largest trail fund ever." more...

Suspected Serial Killer Taken Into Custody

Kansas City, MO - "A man already charged with killing three people in the Kansas City area was indicted Friday in the deaths of three more men, all of whom were shot in apparently unprovoked attacks along or near hiking trails..." more

Police Brutalize Jaywalker

NC - "...Police body camera video obtained by the Citizen Times on Wednesday shows Officer Chris Hickman beating Johnnie Jermaine Rush with punches to the head while Rush was being restrained..." more

The Design Bible That Changed How Americans Bike in Cities

"A movement has brought safer bicycle lanes to the United States. But it took a manual to spread them." more

How American Transportation Engineers Resisted Bike Lanes


"...Davis, California, began to build protected bike lanes in the early 70s, drawing significant interest from other cities. But instead of embracing these street design concepts, American transportation engineers shunned them for a generation." more

5 Things Preventing Justice for Cyclists

"Many riders have been hit and killed by distracted drivers. Italian professional Michele Scarponi was one of the most famous victims in recent years." more

Following Backlash, Strava Makes Changes


"After reports that its Global Heatmap accidentally revealed military bases around the world, the fitness app quietly changed its privacy settings." more

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Towpath Flooding Reports


Clinton, OH - From, "Towpath Trail is closed north and south of the Clinton Trailhead due to flooding."

Canal Fulton, OH - From, "High water has closed the Towpath Trail at Lock 4 Trailhead. Other low areas might also be under water soon..."

Connector Trail Closing During Construction Hours

Northfield, OH - The Old Carriage Trail Connector in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be undergoing construction that is set to begin soon. This connector, along with a portion of Holzhauer Rd, connects the Towpath Trail with the Akron Hike-Bike Trail in Sagamore Hills. (See map below.)

Sagamore Hills, OH

The Old Carriage Connector Trail will be closed during construction hours, 7 am -- 6 pm, Monday through Friday. It will be open after hours and on weekends. Learn more...

Franklinton Loop Trail Planned


Columbus, OH - "The City of Columbus is moving forward with plans for an off-street trail that would run north from the Mount Carmel campus in Franklinton to the Scioto River..." more

Upgrades Coming to Olentangy Trail

Columubus, OH - "Two major upgrades are planned for the Olentangy Trail: one that will widen a large section of the trail and another that will connect it to Bethel Road..." more

1 Coyote Killed, 2nd at Large After Attacks


NY - " unsettling 24-hour series of attacks that included a dog killed, a police officer and a postal worker bitten and a cyclist attacked." more...

Santa Ana River Trail Homeless Camps Removed


CA - "The last of more than 700 homeless people living in the tent encampments at the Santa Ana River Trail left on Monday — 697 of them gone to motels." more...

A Look at Trail Funding & Advocacy


"[ are] a few highlights from 2017—and a peek at what’s to come as we keep our eye on 2018 and beyond." more...

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Columbus Trail Flooding


Columbus, OH - From Columbus MetroParks, "Trail Alert: Trails are flooding again due to rain. Please use caution.

"The Blacklick [Trail] is closed under Winchester Pike."

Man Struck, Killed by Driver

Chauncey, OH - "...The patrol said Summer J. Bess, 37, of Glouster, was driving north on Route 13 when her car went off the right side of the roadway and struck Cullums, who was pushing a bicycle northward on the unpaved berm." more...

Latest on Bike Route Through Struthers


Struthers, OH - "...Mayor Terry Stocker said that Struthers had little input in determining the path the bike route would take, and recommended the resolution be sent back to committee until the city could make route recommendations to ODOT." more...

Bald Eagles Come Back to Cleveland


Cleveland, OH - "The remarkable recovery of bald eagles in Ohio has reached a new milestone with the discovery of the first active nest in Cleveland in more than a century." more...

Staying Safe on the Greenway


Roanoke, VA - "...The Whitcomb’s say they try to stay aware of their surroundings while jogging." more...

Scooter-Sharing: The Next Big Trend?

D.C. - "...Waybots, a California-based startup, is rolling out an electric scooter-sharing service in D.C., and a second company will soon follow suit..." more

$100K Grant to Help Fund 1,100-Mile MTB Route


AR - "The money will help create Arkansas’ new High Country Mountain Bike Route." more...

Are U.S. Cities Making Progress on Traffic Safety


"...Traffic deaths, especially in smaller cities like Portland, are subject to sizable year-to-year variation. A change in any given year doesn’t say much..." more

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Revamped County Map Helpful to Cyclists


Mahoning County, OH - "...The new map shows what routes are suitable for cyclists..." more

Roundabout Construction Includes Bike Trail


West Chester Twp., OH - "...A multi-use path for pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be constructed along the north side of the roundabout and will connect to an existing path..." more

Midland County to Allow E-Bikes on Trail


MI - "The Midland County Parks and Recreation Commission, which operates the largest section of the Rail Trail beginning at Dublin Road and ending at the county line near Coleman, has approved the use of Class 1 E-Bikes on its portion." more...

Pop-Up Art for Roanoke River Greenway


Roanoke, VA - "The Roanoke River Greenway is about to become a little artsier thanks to a small grant a Virginia Tech grad received." more...

Snow Plow Uproots Plastic Bollards

Portland, OR - "...On Thursday, a Portland Bureau of Transportation employee set the scooper on their plow a bit too wide and uprooted 30 plastic bollards that demarcate the bike lanes on the 28th Avenue overpass of I-84..." more...

Fast & Cheap Protected Bike Lane Projects


"If you’d like to cut the project time of a new protected bike lane by 90 percent and the cost by 75 percent, Mike Sallaberry has some advice." more...

SharedStreets Mapping Resource

"SharedStreets offers an open-source solution to help taxis, buses, pedestrians, bikers, and ride-sharing services coexist curbside." more...

Court Rules Paris Car Ban is Illegal

FRA - "The city vows to fight for its plans to pedestrianize a major thoroughfare along the river Seine." more...

Study Shows Good Bike Infra Encourages Winter Cycling


"...and finds that bike lanes are used all year and they make a big difference..." more...

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Ohio Budget Bill Proposes $234M for Dams, Parks, Trails

OH - "...More than $234 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife." more...

Cleveland Working on Vision Zero Plan

Cleveland, OH - "...In January 2018 Cleveland City Councilmen Matt Zone and Kevin Conwell introduced emergency resolution 5-18. Resolution 5-18 will establish a Vision Zero taskforce with the Cleveland City Council..." more

Cyclist 'Plays Dead' to Fool Gunman


AUS - "A man has told how he pretended to be dead to avoid being fatally shot by a random gunman on a bike trail." more...

Mass Destruction Shuts Down Bike Share


FRA - "...In 4 months, 60% of our fleet was destroyed, stolen or privatized, making the whole European project no longer sustainable." more...

Speed Bumps Used to Slow Cyclists

AUS - "A trial of speed bumps on shared bike and pedestrian paths will be launched shortly in high-traffic areas in Perth, in a bid to get bicyclists to slow down." more...

Bristol 20 Mph Zones Saving Lives

UK - "More than four lives a year have been saved since the introduction of 20mph zones across Bristol, research by the University of the West of England (UWE) has found." more...

E-Bikes Want to Take on Everyone

"...The e-bike was better than a regular bike, obvi. But it might be better than the bus, too..." more...

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Rock Slide on Little Miami Trail

Miami Twp., OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "...we are aware of the rock slide under 275 [3 mi south of Loveland] between Bridge St and Beech Rd in Clermont County. ODOT has agreed to help us get that cleared off.

"Please be patient as crews are stretched thin with all the high water in our region. Continue to use caution on the trail, looking out for high water, debris, and mud."

Councilwoman Has Issue With Bike Lanes

Philadelphia, PA - "...Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell introduced legislation apparently designed to require stricter terms and conditions for the authorization of new barriers in existing bike lanes." more...

Parkway Trail to Break Ground Despite Opposition


NY - "Despite a state plan to break ground on the $2.5 million West River Parkway Trail on Grand Island in April, permanently closing the road to traffic, those who oppose it say they will continue their battle with state parks officials to stop it..." more

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Trail Flooding Continues Across Ohio


OH - Water levels continue to rise around the state, causing more flooding, especially on low-lying trails.

A trail alert from Columbus MetroParks today says that flooding has gotten worse on Columbus area trails.

Updates on Tap for Great Guernsey Trail

Guernsey County, OH - "...The new additions include split rail fencing at the Corduroy Road trail head, signage for the trail and Coal Ridge Park & Trails, updated garbage receptacles, a dog park, observation platforms and pedestrian footbridges." more...

People Trail Flooding

Columbus, IN - "...several sections of the People Trail along Jonathan Moore Pike and from Mill Race Park to Noblitt Park are flooded..." more

IU, Bloomington Bike-Share Nears Start


Bloomington, IN - "A bicycle-sharing service is set to start with 150 bikes around Bloomington and the Indiana University campus this spring." more...

E-Bike Ruling Causing Controversy


Midland, MI - "...This legislation would have allowed senior citizens to ride pedal assist, and throttle-controlled bikes on the rail-trails. But because our week-kneed legislators in Lansing put in a provision allowing cities and counties to opt out, it will create a hodgepodge of regulations and rules for every city and county in Michigan." more...

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Illegal MTB Trail Was Once Legal

IN - "Two Indianapolis men were arrested for building illegal singletrack in a nature preserve, but local mountain bikers say the trail should be reopened." more...

National Bike Greenway Moves to Indy


IN - "...Founder Martin Krieg dreams of a coast-to-coast biking trail -- like the Monon Trail, across the country..." more

Driverless Shuttle Test on Bike Path


Minneapolis, MN - "Minneapolis Greenway bike and pedestrian commuters will face a new form of traffic during one weekend in April..." more

Man Jailed for Ramming Bicycle Thief

UK - "A man who rammed a 'petrified' thief with a 4x4 to stop him stealing a mountain bike has been jailed for four years." more

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Western Reserve Greenway Featured


Ashtabula, OH - "Stretching 43 miles from Warren to Ashtabula, the Western Reserve Greenway Trail is featured in a national magazine, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act." more...

Bike Share Coming to Miami Campus

Butler County, OH - "...It’s the culmination of a four-year process for three college seniors graduating this May with a dream to introduce bike sharing..." more

'Keep Reading it Until You Get it'


Cincinnati, OH - "William Rust’s sister was the second family member to speak at a sentencing Thursday for the man who killed Rust as he rode his bicycle on U.S. 52 last year." more...

Pittsburgh Expands Bike Share

PA - "...The 2018 expansion will bring the total number of stations to 175 with 700 bikes..." more

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Solon Mayor Talks about Trails


Solon, OH - "... can you imagine what you have if you take that old trail, which is the city's right-of-way, that goes into Carter Lumber, and instead of having a bunch of tree clippings on that trail, you develop an asphalt path..." more

County Starts E-Bike Pilot Program


Golden, CO - "Colorado's Jefferson County has launched a one-year e-bike pilot program that will allow Class 1 e-bikes on natural surface trails and Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes on paved trails..." more

Why Bicycling will Continue to Soar in Popularity

"...More than 100 million Americans rode a bike in 2014, and bicycles have out-sold cars most years in the US since 2003..." more

Remembering Andrew Tilin


"A writer reflects on the life and death of Austin cyclist and “The Doper Next Door” author Andrew Tilin." more

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London Trail Section Will Open in April


London, OH - "Another section of the Ohio to Erie Trail will be ready to ride in London this spring..." more

Towpath Flooding Reports Continue


Summit County, OH - From, "The Towpath Trail north and south of the Clinton Trailhead is closed due to flooding."

Stark County, OH - From, "Flooding has closed the Towpath Trail in low areas including Lake Ave. in Massillon, Wooster St. and Craig Pittman Trailhead in Navarre, and north of Canal Fulton and Lake Lucerne Trailhead. Please use caution on all trails as more rain is expected this week. Trail conditions will vary by location..." more...

Mayfield Says "No" to Connector Path


Mayfield, OH - "Mayfield Village Council, on Tuesday, decided against adding a connector path to the Greenway Trail." more...

Zoar Acquires Trail Response Vehicle


Zoar, OH - "...The unit’s main purpose will be to respond to calls on the Ohio and Erie Canal Trail and Zoar Wetlands Arboretum..." more

Judge Approves Trailside Homeless Camp Shutdown


CA - "...County officials said the challenge was ensuring they were reaching some 600 homeless tent-dwellers who had been living on the two-mile (3.2 kilometer) long stretch of the riverbed bike trail..." more

Gorge Bike Trail Extension to Cost $21M


OR - "...Another three-mile installment of the 73-mile-long project, known as the Columbia River Highway State Trail, is expected to be complete in 2019." more...

Could NASCAR Drivers be Cycling’s Advocates?


"The subculture of cycling within the sport is growing, and with it, awareness for cyclists on the road." more...

How to Increase City Biking

"...The latest bike counts from Calgary, Alberta — the site of a 2015 pilot project that cheaply installed a five-street downtown protected bike lane network in one swoop — show that the Canadian city continues to be the continent’s clearest example of an auto-oriented city that got immediate results by quickly building a simple low-stress biking network in an area where many people want to go..." more...

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Middle Branch Trail Flooding

Canton, OH - From, "The trail is closed and flooded over between Martindale Rd. and Spangler St." more...

Mahoning Valley Trail Flooding

Stark County, OH - From, "The trail between Rockhill Ave. and Gaskill St. is closed due to flooding." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Ohiopyle State Park Eyeing Safety Plans


PA - "...concern for the safety of pedestrians, kayakers, bikers and hikers facing traffic on Route 381 in the borough prompted the proposed changes." more...

Injury to Jogger Raises Questions

NC - "The North Carolina Highway Patrol is asking for help from the community to figure out how a local doctor was badly injured while jogging in Rutherford County Saturday morning." more...

What is North America’s Busiest Bike Bridge?

"...The ranking was provided by Eco-Counter, a company that sells multimodal data collection equipment, including highly visible bike counters on some of the world’s busiest routes..." more...

How Dangerous is MT Biking


"Is high school mountain biking more dangerous than tackle football? The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) has a plan to find some answers." more...

Bicycle Friendly America

Read the winter edition of the League of American Bicyclists magazine.

Thoughts for Pennies: Driving Change in the DMV

"...A $.01 gas tax provides more than the annual Federal funding for all cycling and pedestrian specific projects combined." more...

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New Mansfield Trail Recognized


Mansfield, OH - "...Richland Moves’ Slow Roll bike rides and the City of Mansfield’s multi-use trail were listed jointly as number eight on Groundwork’s '2017 Top 17 Active Transportation Moves in Ohio.'" more...

Wayne Forest Trail Project May be on Fast Track


Athens, OH - "A plan to build a new system of mountain-biking trails throughout the Wayne National Forest could come to fruition much sooner than originally expected." more...

OR Sidewalk Ramps Violate ADA Standards

OR - "...The survey found 97 percent of 26,000 curb ramps inspected weren't ADA-compliant, and 10 Oregon counties didn't have a single compliant ramp." more...

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The Ongoing Trail Bollard Hazard


"There’s a danger lying in wait on many trails across the country. It was put there deliberately and often stands in plain sight. Yet many are unable to recognize it." more...

Midland E-Bike Ban Not Fair


Midland, MI - "...If potential danger of fast bicycle traffic sharing the rail-trail with other users is the concern, should a speed limit be considered on all bikes rather than a ban on E-bikes?" more...

Cyclist / Author Dies in Wreck


Austin, TX - "...Andrew Tilin, who wrote “The Doper Next Door,” was riding with a group of cyclists from Grupo VOP, a cycling club, along RM 620 when he pulled off the road to fix a flat tire on his bicycle." more...

Stupidest Things Ever Said about Cyclists


"I have read and heard many people take creative license in their objections to bike infrastructure projects but never before had I heard someone portray bike lanes as 'urban rape.'" more...

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Flooding on Olentangy & Alum Creek Trails

Columbus, OH - Columbus MetroParks put out this alert on 2/16/18. No specifics were given regarding which trail sections may be affected.

CVNP Survey Results


"...A recent survey of 274 participants revealed hiking, biking and exploring are park users' favorite activities. They would also welcome a national park app..." more

County to Test Shuttle on Greenway


MN - "...The county is planning to test the EZ10 shuttle April 20–22 on the Midtown Greenway between Hennepin and Lyndale avenues. The shuttle can go up to 25 miles per hour, can accommodate up to 12 passengers..." more

Committee Passes 'Utah Yield' Bicycle Bill

UT - "...Not only is the wait time eliminated in the newly proposed law but bicyclists are also allowed to treat red traffic signals as stop signs..." more

How to Turn a Stroad into a Street

"Our national transportation conversation has us obsessing over finding more money to continue to do the same thing. This is only making us poorer." more

Perth Cyclist Runs Red Lights to Escape Driver Threats

AUS - "...Initially I wasn’t doing anything wrong and a car swerved into my lane - he could have used the right lane, there was no traffic." more...

Teen Cycling Star Dies in His Sleep

UK - "A teenage cyclist died in his sleep after pushing himself hard in intensive training, an inquest heard." more

Should Electric Bikes Be Subsidized?

"...In Sweden there is a 25% subsidy for all e-bike sales until 2020." more

Confidence Shaken in Self-Driving Cars

"...A pirate mentality has infected companies in the autonomous vehicle space..." more

Dockless Bike Share May Have Saved China Billions

"The Chinese government says the country’s new, rapidly growing bike-share industry has reduced traffic costs by $2.6 billion after less than two years.

"...These are the Chinese government’s numbers, and it’s hard to confirm them independently. But it’s true that dockless bike share has grown with remarkable speed in the country..." more

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Towpath Flooding Report


Stark County, OH - From, "Flooding has closed the Towpath Trail in Stark County until further notice."

CoGo Adding 26 New Stations this Summer


Columbus, OH - "...Thirteen of the 26 new stations will be located in Columbus, including new docks in Clintonville, Milo-Grogan, the University District and the Near East Side..." more

Cleveland Metroparks Grows Again


Cleveland, OH - "...The parks board voted on Thursday, Feb. 15, to buy 73 acres of forests and wetlands near the eastern edge of South Chagrin Reservation..." more

Missouri, Kansas Work to Secure National Bike Route


MO - "Missouri and Kansas are working to designate sections of Route 66 as a U.S. bicycle route, and one of the states could receive approval for its route as early as this year." more...

Lyft Joins Baltimore's Troubled Bike Share System


MD - "Uber recently got into dockless bike share in San Francisco. Now, its biggest competitor in the ride-hailing game will sponsor five Baltimore Bike Share stations." more...

6 Customer Bikes Stolen from Specialized Designer

San Francisco, CA - "Erik Nohlin, a senior designer at the revered bike company, has offered $1,000 for the return of his stolen bikes." more...

Eco-Friendly Delivery: Drones or Bikes?


"...I am apparently not alone in thinking that this study is more about justifying the use of drones than it is for really developing a rational, carbon efficient transport and delivery system..." more...

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Ped Pathway Plans Still In-the-Works

Powell, OH - "More than a year after the opening of the Murphy Parkway extension, Powell officials have not lost track of an unfinished portion of the project aimed at improving safety conditions for cyclists and pedestrians." more...

Portage Moves Forward with Trail Project

Portage, MI - "Plans to connect a Portage trail system to a regional network moved forward Tuesday." more...

Men Charged for Creating Illegal Trail in State Park

Indianapolis, IN - "...Authorities served a search warrant on Facebook for two accounts created by Hufhand after they said the men were caught on security cameras spraying herbicide on plants at the Chinquapin Rookery Nature Preserve." more...

Pollution Slows Ludlam Trail Project

FL - "The discovery of potentially extensive soil and groundwater contamination along the old Florida East Coast Railway line in West Miami-Dade has thrown a damper on ambitious plans to turn the right-of-way into a bikeway..." more

Judge Visits Homeless Camps Along Trail


CA - "Stepping over syringes and feces, federal judge David O. Carter walked briskly Wednesday with an entourage of government officials and lawyers along a bike trail..." more

America’s Bike Helmet Fixation?


"...Emphasizing helmets as a singular solution to bike safety — rather than designing streets for safer car speeds or better bike infrastructure — upholds a political structure that favors 'unfettered automobility'..." more

Virginia Tech Helmet Study

Blacksburg, VA - "Rating system for bicycle helmets to be released in April." more

The Case Against Sidewalks

"And how cities can create new avenues for pedestrians." more

N. America's Top 5 Bicycle Counters

"...Here are the 2017 top-five Eco-Display Classic counters for North America!" more

Supporters Fight for Brislington Greenway Instead of Road


UK - "Currently overgrown and a haven for wildlife, the former Brislington Railway Line could be tarmacked and turned into a highway under council plans to ease congestion." more

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Study Calls for New Bike Trail


Springfield, OH - "Local transportation officials will examine modifying a Springfield bridge and adding new bike trails to connect three Clark County and Springfield parks." more...

Employees Log 1 Million "Days" of Biking to Work


Portland, OR - "...staff and students at Oregon’s largest employer have logged their millionth workday of biking to campus (they measuire trips (one-way or round-trip) as one 'day' of biking)." more...

A Prescription for Congress: Invest in Multi-Modal Transport


"...With almost 40 percent of all trips within a 20-minute bike ride and more than 20 percent within a 20-minute walk, Americans want and need more places to safely walk and bike." more...

Bike Shop Owner Ran Bike Theft Gang


UK - "Some bike shops win the hearts of customers by actively fighting bike theft. Others, apparently, like to get in on the crime." more...

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Bollards Being Removed From NCIT in Huron County

Huron County, OH - "...we have been steadily removing bollard posts along the older section of the trail. Removing bollards is a good thing as they are both a protection but also a hazard ​to ​trail ​users." more...

Bike Lanes Planned for Arcadia Avenue


Columbus, OH - "New bike lanes will be part of a planned redesign of East Arcadia Avenue in Old North Columbus. The reconfiguring of the street is planned to coincide with a resurfacing that will occur later this year." more...

Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run


Toledo, OH - "Toledo police need leads in a hit-n-run that left a Toledo man seriously injured..." more

Trail Projects Set for 2018 Construction


Ostego County, MI - "Work will start later this year on the Iron Belle trail extension, and it is hoped that the downtown Gaylord trailhead project also will begin before 2018 ends." more...

Lime-E Bikes Available in Seattle


WA - "Shareable electric bikes have arrived in Seattle. Limebike, which operates about 3,000 analog bikes in the Seattle area, started a soft launch of its “Lime-E” bikes in Seattle this weekend." more...

Related: Read a ride review.

What's Next for Santa Ana River Trail Homeless?

"A federal court hearing is set to get underway in what may be the most pivotal legal clash to date in Orange County’s rancorous debate over how to balance the civil rights of homeless people with local government officials’ control over their communities." more...

Trump Administration Breaks with Congress on Bike Funding


"Today the Trump Administration rolled out its Fiscal Year 2019 budget proposal, which includes the elimination of the TIGER Program and a transportation infrastructure package that largely leaves bicycle infrastructure on the sidelines..." more...

Pursuit of Stolen Bike Leads to International Theft Ring

"Dutch bicycle business Vanmoof has almost by accident assisted in bringing authorities down on an international stolen bike trader." more...

Parties Push Interstate Trail Plan


AUS - "A proposed Great Southern Ocean Bike Trail is being pitched at bringing big spending recreational cyclists to the region." more...

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Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway Connections Planned


Warren, OH - "The final leg of 30 miles of bike trail in Trumbull County connecting Lake Erie in Ashtabula County, and trails in Mahoning and Columbiana counties, is likely to begin construction in 2020..." more

Philadelphia’s Boulevard of Death


PA - "...Roosevelt is a death trap. At 12 lanes wide, it’s basically an at-grade highway through densely populated city neighborhoods. Every year, there are about 700 crashes and 10 traffic fatalities on this single street..." more

Boulder County E-Bike Ban a Hot Topic

CO - "In 2017, the state legislature passed a bill declassifying electric bikes [as] motorized vehicles. Despite that, Boulder County Parks and Open Space said it will continue to ban e-bikes on county trails." more...

More News...

The Miami 2 Miami Connection Project

SW OH - "The Miami 2 Miami Connection (M2M) is the vision to connect the tri-state's two longest multi-use trails, the Little Miami Scenic Trail and Great Miami River Trail..." more

Sewer Project Work Along Alum Creek Trail Jan. 2018 - Feb. 2019

Columbus, OH - "...As the trunk sewer is located along the Alum Creek Multi-Use Trail, users may notice caution signs, temporary ramps, and construction activity in close proximity. Every effort will be made to reduce any disruption to public accessed areas." more...

Cincy Residents Can Report Ped & Bike Problem Areas


Cincinnati, OH - "The city furthered its efforts toward pedestrian safety improvements Wednesday with the launch of a city-wide online survey that allows residents to pinpoint on a map a problem area for walkers and bicyclists." more...

Iron Range to Spend $5M on MT Bike Trails


MN - "The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board voted recently to spend nearly $5 million to kick-start development of 92 miles of mountain bike trails across three mining communities in northern Minnesota." more...

3D Printing of Bicycles

"...Cycling has taken a liking to 3D printing..." more...

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Bike & Hike Trail Section Closure Coming 3/1/18


Boston Heights, OH - From, "The Bike & Hike Trail will be closed between Hampshire Road in Stow and Route 303 in Boston Heights beginning Thursday, 3/1 through Saturday, 3/31 while FirstEnergy and its contractors complete forestry work.

"No detour is available during the temporary closure. The Route 303 parking lot and trail to the north are unaffected by the project and will remain open."

Bike Connections Planned for Dayton


Dayton, OH - "The city of Dayton plans six projects this year that will add bike lanes, ramps and connectors to help close some troublesome gaps in the downtown’s network of bike paths." more...

Sabina Fundraising for Trail Paving Work


Sabina, OH - "With word that some state funds to go toward blacktop on the bike trail is coming, the village mayor suggested now is a good time for a private fundraising effort so that even more of the path gets paved." more...

Titusville Bike Route Plans


Titusville, PA - "The plans to further develop the region’s bicycle routes and trails are grand; and the potential obstacles standing in the way are nearly as large." more...

3-Foot Law Passes House, Now on to Senate


Frankfort, KY - "Bicyclists in the Commonwealth are one step closer to a mandatory three feet of space when motorists pass them on the road." more...

Bike Trail Safety Assessment Completed


Austin, TX - "Months after a string of attacks on the Butler Hike and Bike trail along Lady Bird Lake, the Austin Police Department has provided a promised assessment list to Parks and Recreation." more...

Cop Points Gun at Unarmed Cyclist


"A BMXer was filming a police car when the officer stopped and pulled out a gun." more...

Plan to Ban Cyclists from Road

UK - "A plan to ban cyclists from a stretch of road in East Yorkshire has been described as "deeply concerning" by the sport's governing body." more...

I Rode a Dockless Bike & Didn't Hate it

"...In my case, though, the app and I didn't get off to a friendly start." more...

More News...

Goal of Connectivity Links Projects

Grove City, OH - "...This year, connectivity will continue as a planning and physical expansion priority. The strategy uses the Town Center as a hub to the entire Grove City community with an objective of efficiently connecting all Grove City neighborhoods." more...

Pipeline Settlement Results in Mixed Feelings


Cleveland, OH - "...The council voted 4-3 to accept the settlement with NEXUS Gas Transmission, which includes 20 acres the city will use for a trail to connect residential streets to a city park." more...

New Albany to Expand Trails

New Albany, OH - "...New Albany City Council members have allocated $1.8 million for new leisure trails -- a considerable amount above the typical allocation of $400,000, she said. The city will try to close gaps in trails for greater connectivity..." more...

Grandview Heights Enacts Helmet Law for Kids

Grandview Heights, OH - "...Grandview police officers now have the authority to write a ticket if they spot anyone under the age of 18 not wearing an approved helmet when riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or in-line skates." more...

1,200 Km Bike Trail From Canada to NYC Coming

"...“The Empire State Trail, once completed, will be the nation’s largest state multi-use trail network, providing residents and visitors alike unprecedented access to New York's outdoor treasures, driving tourism and economic activity to communities across the state..." more

Police Replace Boy's Stolen Bike


Longmont, CO - "...Through small donations of no more than $5 from each person, Campbell collected enough funds from firefighters, police, doctors at Longmont United Hospital and other community members to buy the boy a new bike." more...

’20 is Plenty’ Yard Signs


Portland, OR - "Changing America’s dysfunctional traffic culture begins on the street in front of where you live." more...

L.A. Overhauling Some Bikeways


CA - "As Los Angeles faces surging costs for lawsuits over bicycle crashes, city crews have started to remove and replace badly broken pavement traveled by cyclists..." more...

6 Arrested for Doping in Connection with Cyclist's Death


"Leaders of Italy's Altopack Eppela amateur team allegedly encouraged young riders to dope, which may have caused the 21-year-old's sudden death last year." more...

Daytime Lights: Magic Bullet Or Not?

"Two recent tragic bicyclist deaths in Florida resulted in a local newspaper column extolling the importance of daytime running lights. Without going into detail about these tragedies, I’ll say one thing: It’s doubtful that either death would have been prevented by daytime running lights." more...

Autonomous Driving and Collision Avoidance Technology

"Will autonomous cars and automatic braking systems live up to their promise to improve public safety? Or will a rush to market flawed technology create greater peril for pedestrians and bicyclists?" more...

More News...

Fremont Looking to Pave Reservoir Trail

Fremont, OH - "The city is requesting $148,000 from the state capital budget to pave Fremont's reservoir trail...

"...$23,488 [is also being sought] to create a North Coast Inland Trail hub near the intersection of Park and Hayes Avenue. more...

Greenville Council Examines Dispute Over Trail


PA - "A property dispute is unfolding between the borough and a Greenville couple." more...

E-bikes Allowed on Pete Marquette Rail Trail, For Now...


MI - "...Local authorities can opt out of the state legislation to prohibit class one E-Bike use on linear trails..." more

New Haw Creek Crossing Finished

Columbus, IN - "The pedestrian crossing over Haw Creek in Columbus — a project years in the making — has opened for walking, jogging or bicycling after a series of delays." more...

Man Injured in Rocket Bike Launch

MN - "A would-be Evel Knievel hurt himself trying to land a jump on his jerry-rigged rocket bike." more...

Activist Shot & Killed While Riding Bike


New Orleans, LA - "...He was cycling in the Tulane/Gravier neighborhood around 1:30 a.m. when an unknown assailant shot him several times in the thigh, police said..." more

Is the Dockless Bike-Share Revolution a Mirage?


"...Long-time observers of American bike-share systems have serious doubts about the safety, utility, and long-term viability of the new services..." more...

More News...

Tunnel Plans Move Forward


Ann Arbor, MI - "Plans are moving forward on a tunnel in Ann Arbor to improve access to riverfront recreation areas and curb flooding." more...

Boulder County Flooded with E-Bike Comments


"Some worry about damage to trails; others say they're an alterative to vehicles." more...

Dad Drowns while Saving Son after Bike Crash


CA - "A father-son bike ride turned tragic this weekend when a California man drowned while saving his son from the same fate." more...

Bike Shares Doomed to Fail in Most U.S. Cities


"Dallas' chaotic experiment in bike sharing is a case in point." more...

Some Bike Shares Respond to Dallas Clean Up Warning


TX - "...If the companies — VBikes, Ofo, Spin, LimeBike and Mobike — don’t comply, 'the City may be left with no choice but to begin removing bicycles in its rights of way, sidewalks, trails and/or trailheads that are identified as obstructions or hazards.'" more...

Study: Walkable Cities Reduce Blood Pressure & Hypertension Risk


UK - "The largest-ever study of the link between city walkability and blood pressure has been held up as evidence of the 'intangible value of urban design' in improving long-term health outcomes, say researchers." more...

More News...

State OKs $1M for Little Miami Trail Work


Columbus, OH - "...The project is the second phase of a larger bank stabilization project that will allow the trail to remain safe..." more

Trail Sentinels Recognized for Service


Madison County, OH - "The Madison County Park District recognized the volunteer trail sentinels for their hours of service on the Ohio to Erie Trails..." more

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Bald Eagles Return to CVNP


Brecksville, OH - "...To protect the eagles, the area surrounding the nest will be closed until July 31..." more

Bike-Blocked Plate Bill in MI

Lansing, MI - "A new bill approved by the Michigan House of Representatives would make it illegal for police to stop motorists for having a bike rack or other similar item that obscures their license plates." more...

Dallas Gives Bike Shares Deadline


TX - "This week is the deadline for the five dockless bike share companies in Dallas to clean up their act before the city begins to confiscate their bicycles." more...

Is It Time To Take John Muir’s Name Off His Trail?


"The San Jose, California city council has voted to remove the city’s Christopher Columbus statue, becoming only the latest jurisdiction to join the assault on Columbus, George Washington and Confederate generals. I’m worried the mob will run out of targets, so I offer some more." more...

What Cities Can Learn From Snow-Covered Streets

"Whether or not you’ve heard the term “sneckdown,” you likely know what it is..." more...

Everyone has the Right to Walk


"A new video from Streetfilms makes the point that walking infrastructure needs a lot more attention and investment." more...

More News...

Hearing on Plainville Trail Gap Closure

CT - "A proposed bike and walking trail that would close the largest gap in Connecticut’s 84-mile greenway from New Haven to Northampton, Mass., will be the subject for a hearing." more...

L.A. Faces Skyrocketing Costs from Bike Crash Lawsuits

CA - "...the city of Los Angeles paid out more than $19 million last year to cyclists and their families for injuries and deaths on local streets..." more

House of Lords Peers Criticized for Bike Lane Myths


UK - "Cycling groups condemn evidence-free arguments that segregated lanes cause congestion and worsen pollution." more...

The Cyclist Problem

"Self-driving cars aren’t good at detecting cyclists. The latest proposed fix is a cop-out." more...

More News...

Support for Mountaineer Trail Network


Morgantown, WV - "Legislation recently introduced in Charleston will help make a network of mountain bike trails in North Central West Virginia a reality." more...

North Country National Trail Progress Stalled


MN - "Northeastern Minnesotan leaders are signing a letter in support of a U.S House bill that would officially reroute a section of trail through the Arrowhead Region of the state." more...

Racer's Trek Bike Snaps in Half During Crash


"Trek-Segafredo may have enjoyed a dream start to the year with six wins to their name already in 2018, but things didn’t go quite so well for Luxembourgish rider Laurent Didier on stage one of the Herald Sun Tour on Thursday." more...

More News...

Cuyahoga Greenway Map Survey

Cuyahoga County, OH - Residents are encouraged to take this map survey to provide input for the Greenway system.

Lawmakers Trying Again for 3-Foot Passing Law

Frankfort, KY - "This year's Kentucky's General Assembly session could mean a new safe-passing law for commonwealth cyclists, but only if history doesn't repeat itself." more...

Bridge Bike Access Threatened


NY - "...The Thruway Authority is planning to make life difficult and unsafe for people using the "Shared Use Path" on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Unfortunately, the State's plan is unsafe, and intends to close the path overnight." more

Cyclist Sues City after Crash from Hitting Concrete Islands


Portland, OR - "...Ziemer’s lawsuit faults the city for failing to put reflectors or lights on the islands and situating them in a lane of travel..." more

Trail to North Shore Beaches gets $1.5M Boost


Lynn, MA - "A $12 million rail trail that would connect the city to four communities received a $1.5 million boost this week." more...

Residents Ideas for Arbutus Greenway


CAN - "The city [of Vancouver] has released early ideas for the Arbutus Greenway, a cycling path and collection of small parks that will run from Kitsilano all the way to the Fraser River." more...

Bikes Helped Puerto Ricans Survive Maria

"...María changed people’s perspective about many forgotten or irrelevant issues for Puerto Ricans, like the need for bike infrastructure..." more...

More News...

Columbiana County Supports Trail Extension


Lisbon, OH - "Columbiana County commissioners are supporting efforts to extend the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail to the state Route 11 interchange." more...

Green Kicks off Connectivity & Trail Study


Green, OH - "The city of Green is working to build a healthier, more sustainable community by developing biking and walking amenities interconnecting the city." more...

MT Bike Access Put on Hold in National Forest


PA - "The Allegheny National Forest supervisor has backpedaled, for now, on her July draft decision to open up 12.5 miles of hiking only trails to mountain biking..." more

A Quick Fix for Sidewalkless Streets


"...Seattle has found a way to get a safe walking space on the ground quickly for a fraction of the price..." more

CA Bike Brands Contribute to Trail Reconstruction


CA - "Santa Crus Bicycles and industry partners raise money for wildfire trail recovery." more...

Are E-Bikes the Future of Dockless Bike Share?


"Jump, LimeBike, and other dockless companies have rushed to debut e-bikes in cities across the country—but not without hitting a few snags along the way." more...

Operation 'Ensnare' Targets Bike Thieves


UK - "Police in Brighton showed serious dedication to recovering a stolen bike after they trailed three suspects for 50 miles before making arrests." more...

More News...

Upcoming Cleveland Trail Connections

Cleveland, OH - "There has been a lot of news about all of the long-awaited bikeway connections becoming a reality over the next 3 years. Some are on-street improvements, others are altogether new routes, and one is a key bridge connection over a wide swath of land occupied by railway lines. Let’s zoom in on 3 of them..." more

Philly Strava Map


PA - "A new map published by fitness tracker Strava offers a fascinating peek into how and where people exercise all over the world, including right here in Philly." more...

Legal Decision Allows Trail Link


Seattle, WA - "...But it’s not time to break out the shovels just yet. Josh Brower, an attorney representing opponents of the proposed route, has previously said they are likely to appeal the ruling..." more

Plastic Netting Harming Wildlife Along Bike Trail


FL - "Park members are working to remove plastic netting at a Florida bike trail after a Clay County couple says they found several animals caught in it." more...

Uber Testing Bike Sharing in San Francisco


CA - "It’s Uber, but for bicycles." more...

Cyclist Protests Net Neutrality by 'Throttling' Traffic


"By blocking lanes, riding his bike slowly, and charging $5 to pass, the protester showed what could happen if companies impose fees for faster Internet access." more...

Making Space for E-Bikes on the Streets and in the Law


"Electric bicycles are growing in popularity. But the laws regulating e-bike use have to catch up. In many places there’s ambiguity about the types of e-bikes that are allowed, and where people can ride them." more

More News...

Grand River Greenway Trail Project Picks Up Steam

MI - "The Ottawa County Parks dept. has been working on the $41 million project for about 20 years." more...

Greenway Rape Suspect Faces New Charges

Yakima, WA - "A 16-year-old accused of raping a jogger on the Yakima Greenway last November is now suspected in the rape of a second woman and attempted rape of a third." more...

Sequim Wheelers Wheelchair Bike Program


WA - "...The Sequim Wheelers, a nonprofit started last November by local bicycle enthusiast Nicole Lepping said it’s the first program of its kind in Washington state and fifth in the nation." more...

Designing Greenways for Diverse Users


"With greenways taking root in urban areas across the country, understanding who visits – and why – can help improve trail planning and design..." more...

More News...

Input Sought on Trail in Whitehall

Whitehall, OH - "Whitehall officials are collaborating with the cities of Columbus and Gahanna to plan the extension of a multiuse path along Big Walnut Creek." more...

Trails Planned in Girard


Girard, OH - "...the bike trail would be a spur to the larger Lake to River Greenway Trail." more...

Efforts to Expand Walk/Bike Network in Boyle


KY - "The final design for an expansion of the walking and biking trail along Ky. 2168 north of Danville could be finished this summer." more...

Lawsuit Planned over Bikeway Terror Attack


Tribeca, NY - "City and state officials knew there was a risk of an attack but did nothing to prevent one, a lawyer for the victims reportedly argues." more...

Food Stamps Recipients Can Use Benefits for Bike Share

Boston, MA - "Low income residents will now be able to use food stamps toward bike rides in the Boston-area." more...

Cycle Miles Double In China

"Cycling mileage doubled in two years in those Chinese cities with dockless bike-share schemes." more...

Who’s Afraid of the “Petextrian”?

"The phantom of the “distracted pedestrian” haunts America." more...

More News...

Olentangy Trail Section Closures


Columbus, OH - From, "As early as Monday (1/29) and continuing through mid-February, the Olentangy trail will be impacted between Woody Hayes Drive and John Herrick Drive for soil borings occurring in the area.

"Closures will rotate between the upper and lower trails in this area, however one trail will be maintained [open] at all times for northbound and southbound traffic." more...

Leetonia Revitalization Plan Includes "Trail Town" Concept


Leetonia, OH - "...Ultimately, HRG is proposing Leetonia attempt to become a 'trail town,' one where people traveling the Greenway Bike Trail can stop and patronize the businesses." more...

MOBO End of Year Update

Cincinnati, OH - "2017 may have had its downsides, but here at MoBo, we have had many small causes to celebrate. We helped over 100 youths fix their own bikes; most of them went away with a new ride, a new helmet, and a new set of skills..." more

River Bike Trail Plans Spark Levee Land Battle


Sacramento, CA - "The City of Sacramento wants to construct a bike trail connecting the Pocket to downtown, but some of the land is on private property and many of the residents don’t want to sell." more...

Progress on Fort Worth to Dallas Trail Connector


TX - "For years, the leaders of five North Texas cities have shared their dreams of a bike trail system that would connect downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas." more...

Why Florida Sucks For Cycling

FL - "...Despite factors that favor cycling—abundant sunshine, year-round warm weather, flat topography—Florida has long ignored the needs of riders..." more

3 Boys Killed by Car Near Bus Stop

UK - "Three teenage boys were killed when a car hit them near a bus stop in west London on Friday evening in what police have called a 'horrific' crash." more

More News...

Bike Thrown at Cyclist in Road Rage Incident


Pittsburgh, PA - "An apparent road rage incident was caught on video in Pittsburgh. The viral video appears to show a driver getting into a fight with a cyclist." more...

Belton May Lose $2M Trail Grant


TX - "...If the city of Belton does not bid this trail segment by Sept. 30, it will forfeit the cash. And, should the project die, the city would have poured $175,000 into a doomed endeavor." more...

Smart Cycling Videos

"These Smart Cycling videos — funded through the generosity of Gail Copus Spann and Jim Spann — will help you understand how to ride safely, improve comfort, find the right bike and gear, and your rights as a bicyclist." more...

More News...

Contractor Hired for Toledo Metroparks Trail Construction


Toledo, OH - "Metroparks Toledo hired a Maumee contractor Friday to construct the first phase of a planned 13-mile walking-biking trail through a future wildlife corridor to connect Secor and Oak Openings Preserve parks." more...

Bike & Walking Trail Projects get a $7.9M Boost


PA - "...The commission, which allocated available federal money to local projects, also committed $4 million to future projects through the next three years." more...

2 Pro Cyclists Hit by Truck in South Africa

"Two riders on the Quick-Step Floors pro team are recovering after a truck hit them during a training ride." more...

Boy Has Bike Crash, Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria


"Liam Flanagan contracted a rare disease called necrotizing fasciitis after his handlebar cut into his thigh." more...

How Killing Cyclists Results in No Charges


"...Killing a cyclist due to carelessness is still not considered a prosecutable offense in Boston, nor in most places around the U.S..." more...

More News...

Sabina Bike Trail Lawsuit Update


Wilmington, OH - "A Sabina couple’s lawsuit regarding a property dispute over a section of a new bike trail will go on after an attempt to get all the couple’s claims dismissed was denied in part." more...

Grand River Greenway Taking Shape


Allendale, MI - "...The Grand River was a resource that’s kind of been neglected for a long time..." more

$200M County Bikeway Plan

San Diego, CA - "The region's premier transportation agency plans to break ground on the Rose Creek Bikeway Thursday morning — part of a $200-million investment in bike lanes around the county." more...

Bike Share Bikes Burned on the Katy Trail


Dallas, TX - " should not set bikes on fire. Not on the Katy Trail, or anywhere else, really." more...

Trail System Tops 1 Million Users in 2017


Sioux Falls, SD - "Sioux Falls' trail system was busier than ever in 2017." more...

One Track Minds

"Ask any advocate for bicycling in the United States about important recent advancements in bike infrastructure, and you’re sure to hear about the rise of cycle tracks..." more...

First Glimpses of Infrastructure Proposal: What it Means for Trails


"...Here’s what you need to know about how it would affect trails, walking and biking if enacted, and what RTC is doing about it." more...

More News...

Ohio E-Bike Bill Passes House


Columbus, OH - "Ohio is one of just 20 states that doesn’t regulate electric bicycles, but that might be changing with new legislation." more...

Delaware Building New Trail This Year


Delaware, OH - "...Beth Hugh, maintenance and park director, said the funds will pay for construction of a new trail from Waukeegan Avenue to Bale Kenyon Road along Lewis Center Road." more...

CoGo Expanding


Central OH - "CoGo Bikeshare is expanding into four central Ohio cities in 2018 as the bikesharing network that started in the core of Columbus stretches further into the region." more...

Board OKs $5M for MTB Trails


MN - "The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board on Wednesday approved spending $4.95 million on up to 92 miles of mountain bike trails..." more

Dead Puppy Found Hanged near Sacramento Bike Trail


Sacramento, CA - "A $12,000 reward is being offered to find the person or persons responsible for a horrible case of animal cruelty in Sacramento." more...

Bike-Powered Haulers Fill Local Gaps

"Bike-operated trash collection is finding success in high-density areas." more...

Sagan Gives the Pope a Sweet Bike


"Three-time world cycling champion Peter Sagan presented Pope Francis with a bicycle in the yellow and white papal colors during a visit to the Vatican on Wednesday." more...

More News...

Flooding Causing Towpath Closures


Stark County, OH - "The northern section of the Towpath Trail from Lake Ave. to the Summit County line is closed due to high water and flooding.

"The southern portion through Navarre is expected to flood and may also close soon..." more

Sheffield Lake Seeks Trail Grant

Sheffield, Lake, OH - "...Sheffield Lake City Council approved a resolution on Jan. 23 to authorize the city to apply for grant funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the construction of the Lincoln Nature Trail." more...

Trustees Prep for Next Phase of Bike Path

Oscoda, MI - "...The proposed 34-mile IET non-motorized pathway, expected to be completed in seven phases, will connect several Iosco County communities and will be part of the larger, statewide Iron Belle Trail." more...

The Uncertain Future of Montecito’s Trails


CA - "The trails of Montecito’s front country have been forever altered by recent fires and mudslides, and it is too soon to say when and how they will reopen...." more

Booby-Trap Found on Bike Trail


Colorado Springs, CO - "...In 2016, it was tacks on the road in Jefferson County. There were homemade spike boards on a path in Eagle. And other similar wire booby traps have been found from Carbondale to Littleton in recent years." more...

Reddit Users Help Identify Hit-and-Run Car


FL - "After a hit-and-run driver put a cyclist in the hospital, police asked for help identifying the car. Reddit users already figured out the make, model, and year." more...

Super Bowl Bike Share Wants to Help Fans


Minneapolis, MN - "When crowds begin arriving in Minneapolis later this month in anticipation of Super Bowl 52, the city’s transportation infrastructure will be tested..." more...

Personal Injury Insurance for Cyclists


Portland, OR - "This is one of those things that’s not pleasant to think about [for cyclists], but important to know." more...

Design Speed is a Value Statement


"When engineers design streets, they start the process using the values of the engineering profession." more...

More News...

Bear Tracks Found on Towpath Trail


Summit County, OH - "...Summit Metro Parks said the tracks are from a black bear." more...

Towpath Times E-News

Read the latest edition.

Phase 3 Plan for Southern Tip Trail


VA - "...Schwenk laid out the various ideas for completing the third leg of the bike trail..." more

Indoor Velodrome Opening in Detroit

MI - "An indoor cycling track in Detroit is expected to draw bike riders from other cold-weather states and across the U.S. while giving inner-city youth the opportunity to participate for free in the fast-moving and growing sport." more

Nonprofit has Vision for Southern Indiana Parks


IN - "...Martin wants to create a 500-acre park at the center of the Greenway." more...

New Jersey Passes Drivers' Ed Bill with Bike Safety Info

NJ - " A4165/S2894, which requires the state’s driver education course, the driver’s education manual, and the driver’s license written exam to include bike rider and pedestrian safety information..." more...

Plan to Add 150 Miles of Greenway


Mecklenburg County, NC - "...On Monday afternoon, a nonprofit called Greenways for Mecklenburg shared their plan to ask county commissioners to add 150 miles of connected greenway by 2030." more...

Traffic Deaths Hit Historic Lows in 2 Major Cities

"The milestones come at a time for New York and San Francisco when the number of traffic deaths nationwide has been on the rise." more...

E-Bikes a Hot Trend in U.S.

"...In 2017, the U.S. market grew to 263,000 bikes, a 25% gain from the prior year." more...

More News...

Philly Looks to More Traffic Cops to Improve Safety

Philadelphia, PA - "...The glut of activity, a side effect of Center City’s successful growth, contributes to making Center City streets such as Walnut, Chestnut, and Market among the most dangerous in the city..." more

Discarded Bike Share Bikes Turned into Art?

Dallas, TX - "At least one person has resorted to making street art installations out of the shared bikes that are littering the streets of Dallas." more...

Adaptive Bike-Share Pilot a Success

Portland, OR - "...The Adaptive Biketown pilot ran for 14 weeks, from late July to the end of October..." more

Residents Say no to Barrow Greenway


IRE - "...surveys showed that walking was the most popular of all activity holidays visitors took here and the hard surface was less comfortable for walkers and would encourage cyclists to go at a speed which intimidated walkers and other users..." more

More News...

Mini 'High Line' Envisioned for Columbus


Columbus, OH - "Imagine walking or bicycling along an abandoned rail line with a clear view of the Downtown skyline. That’s what’s being planned for Franklinton: a mini-version of Manhattan’s wildly popular High Line trail." more...

National Parks Government Shutdown Notice


CVNP, OH - From (Cuyahoga Valley National Park), "...Trails and roads will remain open. Restrooms and visitor facilities will be closed. For more information, see"

Vermillion Group Widening Support for Trails


Vermillion County, IN - "...They were coming our way on the old railroad bridge. It seems kind of imperative that we acquire the railroad grade on our side [of the county line] so the trail along the bridge can go somewhere..." more

Couple Donates $2M to Greenway Project

Grand Haven, MI - "A couple has donated $2 million to support the Grand River Greenway Trail project in western Michigan." more...

What Are Sharrows Good For?

"Maligned and misunderstood, sharrows are the cause of much frustration for cyclists and drivers alike. But they can play an important role—if they’re used correctly." more...

MIT Builds Autonomous Bicycle

"MIT has unveiled its new autonomous bicycle, with promises to make the transport of packages and movement of city dwellers easier." more...

More News...

MT Bike Trail Coming to Boyle

KY - "...the Boyle County Industrial Foundation’s board of directors unanimously approved two perpetual trail easements on Jan. 11, which make it possible to create a mountain bike park..." more

Goshen Studies Bike & Ped Plan


IN - "With the help of a comprehensive study, city leaders may soon be able to steer a plan for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure into reality." more...

Allegan County Backs Bike Path along Lakeshore


MI - "...The proposed 20-mile non-motorized path is planned to run on the west side of Blue Star Highway from South Haven to Saugatuck..." more

180-Mile Yellowstone Bike Trail in-the-Works


"...The Greater Yellowstone Trail is a 180-mile loop of paved and gravel road that will circumscribe the park across all three of the states it encompasses. Scheduled to open in 2019, the Trail was made by piecing together existing biking and hiking trails..." more

Student Shows How to Redesign Streets Around his High School


Seattle, WA - "...The ideas he presents are bold, thoughtful and based on real-world examples from around the world..." more

Helping Cars Talk to Bikes for Safer Streets


"A new partnership with Ford and Tome shows how cycling interests are finally being included in the development of driverless cars. Here's what it could mean for the future of our roads." more...

How Poor Street Design Prevents Women from Walking


"... I was confident the kids could walk that far, and I knew it would be the healthier and more interesting choice for all of us--but without good walkability, I wasn’t sure that I could keep them all safe." more...

More News...

Retiming Traffic Signals to Improve Safety


Richmond, VA - "...The City is leveraging this timing project as part of an overall $3.5 million initiative to improve pedestrian safety..." more

Raleigh Plans its First 'Cycle Track'

NC - "...It will essentially be a two-way street just for bicycles running down one side of West Street, set off from car traffic with signs, traffic tape, flexible posts or planters." more...

Deadly Road Design in Atlanta

GA - "The mere presence of bus stops near destinations doesn’t make a place transit-friendly or walkable — not when streets are deadly for pedestrians..." more

Why Drivers Don't 'See' Cyclists

"New research explains why cyclists can enter a driver's field of vision but still go unseen—a phenomenon known as 'inattentional blindness.'" more

Blame the Infrastructure, not the Cyclist

"I broke my jaw last July after falling off my bike. I was headed south on 14th Street in Columbia Heights in Washington, D.C., and swerved to avoid another cyclist, who was riding in the opposite direction in my one-way, painted lane..." more

E-bikes: Education, Training & the Law


"...My purpose in writing this post is to point cyclists and cycling instructors in the direction of educational, training, skills and legal aspects associated with e-bike use. This serves only as a starting point. Never stop learning and improving your skills, whether on a 'traditional' bike or e-bike!" more

More News...

Cuyahoga Greenway Planning Enters Round 2


Cleveland, OH - "...In round two, what you’re going to see is the analysis we’ve done so far and the data and feedback we’ve collected, as well as the results from the ongoing survey..." more

New Trails will Bring Benefits to Athens County


Athens County, OH - "...When finished, the 88-mile system of trails will connect and add on to multiple mountain bike trails and multi-use trails throughout Athens County..." more

Cadiz Considers Nature Trail


Cadiz, OH - "Mike Sliva and Mark Chisnell of the Cadiz Community Improvement Corporation (CCIC) spoke to council concerning a proposed nature trail that would run from Ohio 9 near the entrance of the new Harrison Hills City School District to Country Club Road..." more

Creating '20-Minute' Neighborhoods in Cincy

Cincinnati, OH - "...research shows an increased demand for hyper-local, "20-minute" communities where citizens can access neighborhood amenities like stores, parks and entertainment in just a short walk." more

Hudson Greenway Terrorist Wants to Avoid Death Penalty


NY - "Lawyers for a man charged with killing eight people in a Halloween attack on a New York City bike path said he would plead guilty if the death penalty is not an option." more...

$620K Trail Study Awarded

CA - "Sonoma County’s Regional Parks Department has been awarded a $620,000 state grant to study the feasibility of creating a bicycle and pedestrian trail along the lower Russian River." more...

'20 Is Plenty' Rolls Out in Portland


Portland, OR - "Today the Portland will make official one of the key pillars in the war on speeding: A blanket 20 mph speed limit on 70 percent of our entire street network." more...

LimeBike Blames Residents for Stray Bikes

Dallas, TX - "...This week, one company pointed the finger at Dallas residents for some of those issues saying they're making it look like a dump." more...

A Message to President Trump & Congress


"...Trails, and more specifically trail networks, must be part of any infrastructure plan that comes out of Congress. Just like roads and railroads, they are fundamental infrastructure for a modern American economy and way of life." more...

More News...

Ohio River Trail Extension Back on Track

Cincinnati, OH - "...As 2017 drew to a close, a group of governments and a nonprofit health organization scraped together the local match, to keep the $4 million federal grant." more...

Little Miami & Ohio River Trail Connections

Cincinnati, OH - "Design of the final segment of the Little Miami Scenic Trail needed to connect it to the Ohio River Trail – and eventually downtown Cincinnati – will be completed by 2019, with construction set to be finished by 2021.

...The city of Cincinnati has yet to work out a deal to use the Oasis rail line right-of-way to complete the Ohio River Trail to downtown..." more

Philly Could Woo Amazon with Better Bike Lanes

Philadelphia, PA - "...In light of the recent news about our bike lanes, though, Philadelphia may need to think about doing more to impress Amazon." more...

Trail Crossing Bid Approved


IN - "...There will be a 'refuge island' in the center of the street at the crossing where bikes and pedestrians can wait for traffic to clear." more...

California Commuters Take to the Sea

CA - "Mudslides have closed US 101 above Los Angeles, so tourist boats are offering an ad-hoc ferry service between Ventura and Santa Barbara." more...

Road Diet Cuts Crashes by 90%

CA - "A breakthrough design on La Jolla Boulevard in San Diego cuts crashes by 90 percent and gives local business a shot in the arm." more...

Florida’s Miami LOOP

FL - "...Termed by one state trail advocate as 'an extraordinarily brilliant idea,' and with plans to link a network of existing trails and planned routes, the LOOP would cut a 225-mile triangular path through Miami-Dade County with a grand vision to “expand transportation options..." more

New Chair at NCUTCD


"The men and women who write the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices are an obscure bunch. But their influence over our living environments and how we get around extends almost everywhere you go in America." more...

More News...

Broadview Heights Adding Bike Lane


Broadview Heights, OH - "The city of Broadview Heights is looking to add bike lanes along Wallings Road between Broadview Road and the Brecksville border." more...

Work Continues to Enhance Summit Lake Area


Akron, OH - "Neighborhoods on the east and west shores of Summit Lake will see more options for recreational activities and a variety of enhancements to public spaces in 2018..." more

Sidewalks Coming for Colerain Students

Cincinnati, OH - "After years of complaints about Colerain High School students walking down the middle of Joseph Road, a workable solution may be on the way." more

Foundations Contribute $860K to Greenway


Grand Haven, MI - "Two western Michigan foundations have together contributed $860,000 toward a trail effort that would connect Grand Haven in Ottawa County to Millennium Park in Kent County. more...

Ofo Bike Share Employees Cite Poor Working Conditions

"...there's a lot of guys riding in the back of vans with no seat belts..." more

Trails Closed at Night for Owls


CA - "In a deal to protect breeding owls, the Marin County Open Space District has agreed to close 10 trails at night..." more

Study: Cycling Does No Harm to Men's Sexual Health

"Researchers compared cyclists with runners and swimmers and found their sexual and urinary health was comparable." more

More News...

Cuyahoga County Greenway Meetings

Cleveland, OH - "...On Wednesday and Thursday at locations across the county, a team of planners and engineers will hold public listening sessions to get reactions on the first rough draft of what's being called the Cuyahoga Greenways." more...

Paint Creek Trail E-Newsletter

Fayette & Ross Counties, OH - Read the winter edition.

Bike Lanes Rarely Plowed in Philly


Philadelphia, PA - "Society Hill resident and cyclist Jon Williams was fed up with the city’s response to the snow storms earlier this month, especially as it pertained to the bike lanes outside his house..." more

Bike & Ped Plan Draw Concerns


PA - "Downtown GC parking is already at a premium, locals say." more...

More News...

Bike-Hike Trail Section to Close for 3 Days

Hudson, OH - From Summit Metro Parks, "The Akron Bike and Hike Trail, between the SR 303 trailhead and Route 8, will be closed from Tuesday, 1/16 to Friday, 1/19 while a contractor collects soil borings."

$2M Gift for Greenway Trail


Ottawa County, MI - "A $2 million gift from the Bill and Bea Idema Foundation to the Ottawa County park system announced Friday will help shore up support for the long-planned Grand River Explorers Trail greenway project." more...

More News...

Central Ohio Trail Alerts


Columbus, OH - From Franklin MetroParks, "The Alum Creek Trail is flooded north of 3 Creeks Park.

"There are 4-5ft. snow drifts on some sections of the Camp Chase Trail. Please use caution in these areas."

Connecting the Little Miami Trail with Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH - "...This project will include a bridge over the Little Miami Scenic River, a retaining wall underneath the bridge, and a tunnel under the State Route 32 westbound ramp to Beechmont Avenue.

"Design of this phase is fully funded and is expected to be complete in 2018. The project has received a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant in the amount of $4.3M, and construction is scheduled to begin in summer of 2019." more...

Effort Seeks to Fill Olentangy Trail Gap

Columbus, OH - "...Currently, a gap in the trail from Northmoor Park to Clinton-Como Park forces cyclists to ride on surface streets and to cross West North Broadway at its signalized intersection with Milton Avenue." more...

Friends of the Little Miami Trail E-News

Read the latest edition.

Troy-O'Fallon Bike Trail Nearing Completion


IL - "...When finished, the $9.9 million project, which is largely being constructed on abandoned railroad right of way, will link up the 130 miles of pedestrian/bike trails that crisscross Madison County with the 183 miles of shared-use trails in St. Clair County." more...

The Viral Video of Santa Ana River Trail Homeless

CA - "Jay Mendoza never expected the video he shot of tent encampments occupied by homeless people along the Santa Ana River Trail in Orange County to get the kind of attention it did..." more

More News...

How Will Driverless Cars Change Downtown Columbus?

Columbus, OH - "...A group of City and Regional Planning students at OSU recently studied the issue for a studio class..." more

Why Can't We Shovel Our Sidewalks?

Syracuse, NY - "Syracuse is the snowiest big city in the nation. Yet somehow, we've never been able to figure out how to keep our sidewalks passable." more...

U.S. Traffic Fatalities for Kids Rated Highest

"A study calls on Americans to do “everything possible” to address these preventable deaths." more...

BLM Approves Expansion of Phil’s World

CO - "Decision allows for 22 more miles of trails." more...

70% of Children Walk or Bike to School in this Town


IRE - "...there’s an Irish town that is similar to Dutch towns in terms of cycling rates - Westport." more...

Why Bikes & E-Bikes will Eat Cars


"Cities should prepare for, and encourage, an electric bike revolution." more...

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Licking County Taking Steps to Connect Trails

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...the Licking County Planning Commission has successfully applied for a grant to buy a 1.1-mile parcel that will connect two sections of trail: the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Meredith State Road Trail." more...

Stark Parks Working to Connect Trails


Alliance, OH - "...The city of Alliance is working with Stark Parks, the city’s Parks & Recreation department and the University of Mount Union to develop a grant application this month that will fund the project, designed to connect the existing hike/bike trails north and south of the Carnation City." more...

Plans for "Hospital in a Park"


Cleveland, OH - "...The latest version of the transformation plan for the county health system's main campus on West 25th Street calls for turning nearly half of the complex into open green space with connections to the Towpath Trail and other amenities." more

Commissioners Set Guidelines for Greenway Trail


IN - "...electric or motorized bicycles and wheelchairs traveling no more than 15 miles per hour would be permitted on the trail." more...

Greenway Impasse Still Unresolved


Roanoke, VA - "Roanoke officials and Walker Machine & Foundry found a small point of cooperation to advance construction of the Roanoke River Greenway, but the two remain at odds over city efforts to build the greenway across the foundry’s Norwich plant site." more...

Trek & Ford Partner on Bike-to-Vehicle Technology


"Trek and other companies are looking into Bicycle-to-Vehicle technology, which would allow bikes to automatically alert drivers to the presence of cyclists." more...

Bicycle-to-Car Communication Systems?


"It is not about making the world safer for cyclists, it is about making the world safer for autonomous cars." more...

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'Beer Trail' Along the Loveland Bike Trail?

Loveland, OH - "Joe Brenner, manager of the newly opened Little Miami Brewing Co. in Milford, can see it..." more

Deer Culling Closures at CVNP Jan. 8 - March 16

CVNP, OH - "...NPS has secured permits by the Ohio Division of Wildlife to use sharpshooting on park property to reduce deer populations... ...Most culling activities will be away from established trails...

"...Activities will take place between dusk and midnight, on weekdays (Monday through Thursday). At times, specific areas will be temporarily closed to ensure public safety. NPS staff will patrol the park during removal actions to ensure compliance with park closures and public safety measures, and accompany USDA-WS teams in the field." more...

$1.88M to Improve Bonnie Park Water, Restore Wetlands

Strongsville, OH - "...The Metroparks announced a $1.88 million grant today from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to improve the water, foliage and wildlife in Strongsville's Bonnie Park, a popular part of Mill Stream Run Reservation." more...

Foundation Awards $785K to Summit Parks

Akron, OH - "Akronites are about to get some new green space near downtown, thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation to Summit Metro Parks." more...

Metroparks a Money Tree for CEO

Cleveland, OH - "...Zimmerman's current pay of $237,723 exceeds the head of the U.S. National Park Service, who made around $180,000 in 2016. Zimmerman is paid more than Ohio Governor John Kasich..." more

Trail Work at Thomas City Park


WV - "...Tucker County is home to some of the East Coast’s premier mountain biking opportunities..." more

LimeBike Adding E-Bikes to Seattle Streets


WA - "Shareable electric bikes are likely coming to Seattle—and soon." more

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Help Wanted! - Little Miami Trail Resurfacing Effort

Little Miami State Park, OH - "...resurfacing is a lower priority and may not begin for years. The Friends of the Little Miami State Park would like to see repaving of the oldest (1983) and most deteriorated sections done sooner..." Visit their facebook page to learn how you can help.

CVNP Breaks Ground for New Visitor Center


Boston Twp., OH - "Despite cold and sleet, about 50 enthusiasts gathered in the valley on Monday to break ground for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park's $6 million state-of-the-art visitor center." more...

Towpath Times E-News

NE OH - Read the latest edition.

Bicycling Growth Continues in D.C.

D.C. - "D.C. bicyclists can expect 2018 to be another year of steady (but slow) progress toward the improvement of the region’s bicycling scene..." more

A Trail Runs Through It


CA - "California officials tell hundreds to leave homeless camp." more...

Is Your State Bike-Friendly?


"Do you live in the safest or the most dangerous state for riding a bike?.." more...

A Global Directory for Bike Share Systems

" was designed to help connect users, system operators, sponsors and suppliers." more...

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Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run

Columbus, OH - "A man was killed late Friday when he was struck by a vehicle that left without stopping, the first traffic fatality in Columbus this year." more...

Best of the Worst Bike-Share Fails

Dallas, TX - "Many things aren't clear about Dallas' growing hoard of bike-share bikes..." more

Mayor to Speak to Landowners Regarding Trail Plans


Plaquemine, LA - "...Reeves said he'll need consent from two landowners with properties along parts of the levee that will make up the proposed trail before the city can move forward..." more

Runners Waiting for Trail Safety Improvements

Austin, TX - "...Makan said he was hoping to see safety improvements along the trail after several sexual assaults last year..." more

Google Bikes are Continually Stolen


Mountain View, CA - "A helpless, flailing Google is unable to stop people from running off with hundreds of the free bicycles available at its Mountain View, California headquarters..." more

Is it Dangerous to Bike in Traffic with Kids?

"In short, your children are in vastly more danger in their own driveways than they are in a bicycle child seat." more

Dutch Cycling Statistics

"The Dutch cycle more. They cycle more often and they cycle longer distances..." more

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Ohio Fatal Bike Crashes in 2017

OH - "...I’ve reviewed the preliminary ODPS stats, which reflect a total of 19 cyclists killed in Ohio in 2017..." more

$860K Boosts Grand River Greenway Campaign


MI - "...Once complete, the trail will complete a contiguous connection from Grand Haven to Millennium Park in Kent County, and the recreational areas in between." more...

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Metro Parks Bikeway Extension Facing Opposition


Mahoning County, OH - "As planning continues for the final phase of the Metro-Parks bike trail in Mahoning county, the project still faces opposition from some property owners along the proposed trail route." more...

Conservancy Makes Pitch for Land Acquisitions

Athens County, OH - "...One [parcel] is along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway and would connect two separate halves of the Athens Conservancy Bluebell preserve while also connecting to the Wayne National Forest." more...

Freezeway on the Greenway Could Open Soon


ND - "...the Freezeway will be an ice skating rink designed as a pathway in which skaters cruise on a loop beneath strings of overhead lights." more...

U.S. Bicycle Route Status Sought for Rt. 66


MO - "...Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is leading the request to make this happen and Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, Route 66 tourism organizations, and local and national cycling advocates all support MoDOT’s endeavors..." more

Seattle's Safest Driver App Shows Promise


Seattle, WA - "Among the 4,000 or so people who initially downloaded the 'Seattle’s Safest Driver' app, speeding decreased 10 percent and phone distraction decreased 15 percent, according to SDOT." more...

The Rise of Women in Bike Advocacy

"...there has been a growing array of very talented women involved in bike advocacy from the get go, but in the early days those women could certainly feel a bit, well, rare." more...

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Green Twp. Looking at Recreation in 2018


Green Twp., OH - "...township officials plan to revisit potential work on a new bike trail." more...

Indiana Would Reap Benefits by Connecting Trails

IN - "...Multiple [bike-friendly] ratings put the Hoosier state near the bottom, including 38th in the League of American Bicyclists’ 2017 Bicycle Friendly States list..." more...

Flashing Crosswalks a Thing of the Past?


St. Petersburg, FL - "The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a letter of termination in late December which turned back its previous approval of the signals, known as rectangular rapid flashing beacons, or RRFBs." more...

Traffic Calming Concrete Balls

St. Louis, MO - "New traffic calming infrastructure arrived in Tower Grove East ahead of Christmas, but for many residents the sets of spherical concrete bollards at intersections are proverbial lumps of coal..." more

Doctors Charged with Illegal Riding, Resisting Arrest


CA - "Two Marin doctors have been charged with riding their bicycles illegally on Marin County open space land where bikes are prohibited and resisting arrest when a Marin County sheriff’s deputy attempted to issue them a citation." more...

Snowmobilers Rescue Moose Trapped in Deep Snow


CAN - "With its head sticking out of the snow, the 1,000-pound moose was frantic." more...

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Pathfinders Purchase Land for Greenway


VA - "Pathfinders for Greenways is giving a major boost to the urban trail system in the Roanoke Region." more...

Adventure Cycling Newsletter

"This is the 419th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling’s twice-monthly bicycle bulletin..." more

Dormant DL&W Rail Line Will Become Greenway


Buffalo, NY - "...We would like to see this formerly industrial landscape become a place where people can reconnect with nature and each other..." more

Crash Highlights Need for Guardrails Along Lakefront Trail


Chicago, IL - "...While the crushed vehicle had been towed away, debris from the car and some of the victims’ clothing was still strewn across the path." more...

Portland is Overrated as a Bike City


Portland, OR - "One of the most well-known bicycling and urban planning consultants in the world had harsh words for Portland after a visit over the holidays." more...

Another perspective on Portland called, 'A Swede’s view on cycling in Portland.'

The National Trails System


"In 2018, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act, which provided an incredible legacy for all Americans. The 1968 law allowed for the establishment of long-distance National Scenic Trails (spanning more than 100 miles) and National Recreation Trails, which can be found in all 50 states..." more...

FL Study on Cyclist / Driver Interactions


"...The results do not support the assumption that cyclists are reckless rule-breakers." more...

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Bikeway to be Built on Huffman Dam

Dayton, OH - "...The trail will run from the intersection of the Mad River Bike Trail and Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway to Lower Valley Pike, near the entrance to Huffman MetroPark, according to MCD." more...

Bike Share & Park Development Coming


Blue Ash, OH - "...Blue Ash will introduce Zagster, a bike-share program, next summer." more...

Ray Petro’s New Year Update


Cleveland, OH - "...Hearing that he was making some big improvements was the highlight of the trip..." more...

NYC Poised to Install 1,500 Bollards


"Officials plan to put 1,500 metal posts at high-traffic locations — including the bike path where a suspected terrorist killed eight people." more...

[OB: Trail bollards are a known hazard for trail users. Learn more here.]

Frustration With Bike Lane Safety

Baltimore, MD - "Protected bike lanes are becoming more prevalent across Baltimore, but some say the lanes are driving them crazy and putting lives in danger." more...

Lawsuit Over Fatality in Streetcar Track Crash


Seattle, WA - "...McCloud was biking with friends May 2016 when she crashed, passing away a week and a half later..." more...

Many Disabled People Cycle in Cambridge


UK - "...Many don’t realise that more than a quarter of disabled commutes in this university city are made by bike." more...

China's Bike Share Companies Hit the Wall


CHN - "The industry boasted close to 60 startups as recently as 18 months ago, according to Yu Xue, an internet research analyst at IDC China. He predicts fewer than 10 will survive the next year." more...

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Michigan Moving Ahead on Bike Laws

MI - "...lawmakers are trying to make up for lost time by seeking some of the nation’s strictest bike-safety regulations and tough new penalties for distracted motorists who cause serious injury or death while using a mobile device." more...

Monon Trail Upgrades Coming

IN - "...The city plans for the widening and complete makeover of the Monon Greenway from Main Street to just south of City Center Drive..." more

Residents Calling 911 on Bike Share Users

D.C. - "...residents of the upscale Georgetown neighborhood have lately taken their dislike to another level, calling 911 to report suspicious activity when they spot anyone riding one of the bikes." more...

LimeBike Working on Creating Virtual Parking Spots

"It’s the company’s answer to cities’ concerns over bike congestion." more...

Should E-Bikes be Allowed in Colorado?

CO - "...Boulder County commissioners will likely decide sometime this month whether to ban e-bikes from almost all of the county’s parks and open space trails..." more

Falcon Attacks Prompt Trail Detour


NZ - "...Nesting falcons Sery and Ford have been swooping, talons drawn, at cyclists and small dogs on a popular piece of the Te Ara Ahi cycleway, just south of Rotorua." more...

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Lowellville Awarded Money for Dam Removal


Lowellville, OH - "...We’ve already got the bike trail here, so we’re hoping to bring in people who are looking for those outdoor adventure-type activities. more

Park District Hires its First Employee

Madison County, OH - "Early in 2018, the Madison County park district will hire its first-ever employee." more...

County Changing Bike/Ped Trail Plan


Bristol, IN - "The Elkhart County commissioners view a new option for a bicycle/pedestrian path near Bristol as a compromise to move the project forward and cool some of the heated controversy." more...

Mother Nature Closes Ute Trail


Aspen, CO - "The universe apparently decided it had had enough of the crowds on the Ute Trail up Aspen Mountain this summer when an Aug. 31 thunderstorm struck the namesake outcropping at the top of the hike with a bolt of lighting." more...

Bike Stunt Gone Wrong

"If you've ever asked how lucky a person can be, there is now a definitive answer." more

3 Beneficial Ways to Use Cycling Cameras

"Cycling cameras are gaining in popularity and being used for anything from recording memories to serving up justice." more

Zac Efron Says He 'Narrowly Missed Death' On a London Bike Ride

"Zac Efron says he’s lucky to be alive after he nearly collided with a bus during a bike ride with Hugh Jackman." more...

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Cincy Keeps Sidewalk Bicycling Ban

Cincinnati, OH - "City Council's transportation committee pumped the brakes last week on a move to allow bicycles on all city sidewalks." more...

Eastern Trail Alliance Meets Fundraising Goal

Portland, ME - "The Eastern Trail Alliance has reached its $4.1 million fundraising goal to build two bridges to complete 16 miles of uninterrupted trail from downtown Saco to Bug Light Park in South Portland." more...

Man Dies From Bike Trail Crash

CA - " appears the San Rafael man was riding his bicycle on a paved path near the Lincoln Avenue exit of southbound Highway 101, when he struck an object off the trail and was ejected..." more

Bike Network With Just Trails is Like a Car Network With Just Highways

"...Greenways remain an important endeavor to link our region and provide recreational opportunities, but as recognized by a growing number of cities, on-street protected bikeways are much more effective at providing transportation options and connecting a city." more...

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