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Little Miami Scenic Trail

Not only is the Little Miami Scenic Trail one of the most popular trails in Ohio, but it is the backbone for trail development in the Miami Valley. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Latest Update: 4/20/19 - Intermittent Closures Near Morrow April 15 - May 3

Warren County, OH - Trail re-alignment construction may cause intermittent closures on the Little Miami Trail near milemarker 29.5, just south of Morrow, Ohio. The estimated construction time-frame is April 15 - May 3, 2019.

4/17/19 - Trail Detour in Springfield

Springfield, OH - "The Ohio Department of Transportation is currently working on the I-70 bridge at Springfield-Xenia Road, north of Beatty Station (on Little Miami Scenic Trail). There is a detour to Springfield-Xenia, so riders will have to ride along the road for that stretch..." more

4/7/19 - Corwin Peddler Reopens

Corwin, OH - "We are officially open for the 2019 season!! Come check us out!.." more

4/3/19 - Location Markers to be Installed

Springfield, OH - "Over 20 miles of bike trails in Springfield are being outfitted with new safety features to help first responders find people faster in an emergency." more...

3/24/19 - Tree Trimming South of Fosters

Loveland Park, OH - "The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be trimming trees along the trail starting at Fosters and working south..." more

1/11/19 - Work Completed

Washington Twp., OH - "...The trail project between SR 350 and Strout Rd is complete. The trail was shifted away from the river here..." more

10/23/18 - Downed Trees from Storm

SW OH - "We are aware of several trees down over the trail and are working to get things cleared from Saturdays storms." more...

10/19/18 - Trail Detour Oct. 22

Springfield, OH - "Beginning Monday, October 22, a detour on a section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail will be in place during construction on the I-70 overpass..." more

10/14/18 - Corwin Peddler Reopens

Corwin, OH - A trailside stop for travelers along the Little Miami Scenic Trail for many years, the establishment has reopened after a recent change in ownership. Learn more.

10/9/18 - Donations Being Accepted for Safety Project

SW OH - "...Phase I will be painting crosswalk 'ladders' on road surfaces using reflective paint and clearing lines of sight both left and right to 45 degrees by removing brush, low limbs, and trees." more...

10/9/18 - Clark County Adding Location Markers to Trails

Clark County, OH - "National Trail Parks and Recreation District will be labeling the trails over the next few weeks by placing coded stickers every 1/10 of a mile on the Simon Kenton Trail, Buck Creek Trail and Little Miami Scenic Trail.

"These codes will then be put into the Clark County GIS system that is connected to the Dispatch Network. This system will make it easier for emergency services to locate trail users if needed..." more

10/6/18 - Trail Sections Reopen

SW OH - "...All major construction at the Ft. Ancient and Spring Valley locations has been completed. Minor restoration work such as seeding and mulching still needs done. Planting of trees and live stakes will take place late fall but will not require closures." more...

9/20/18 - Trail Section Closure Rescheduled for Oct. 1-5

Wayne Twp., OH - "The week of [Oct. 1-5] the trail will be CLOSED between New Burlington Rd. and Roxanna New Burlington Rd [a 4.3-mile section] for paving..." more...

9/15/18 - Trail Crossing Safety Initiative

SW OH - "...the group [Friends of the Little Miami] is coalescing around a major safety issue: road crossings. At its September 12 meeting, the FLMSP board approved an initiative to improve intersection safety through the marking of crossings in phase 1 and through the posting of trail crossing signs to alert drivers in phase 2. In addition, Friends will address sight lines at intersections by trimming brush to allow for a 45-degree view of the road in either direction." more...

9/9/18 - Trail Section Reroute Closure Sept. 17-21

Warren County, OH - "The trail between SR 350 and Strout Rd. [a 2.3-mile section] in Warren County will be completely closed September 17-21, weather permitting. There will be no safe passage through the construction area for this period of time. Crews will be milling the old asphalt and paving the newly rerouted trail."

8/26/18 - Fort Ancient Construction Continues

Washington Twp., OH - "A lot of earth being moved in the Ft. Ancient area of the trail..." more...

7/8/18 - Mid July Closure Reminder

From Little Miami State Park - "Starting in mid-July and continuing into September, improvement projects in the Fort Ancient area between SR 350 and Strout Rd. and near Spring Valley between New Burlington Rd. and Roxanna New Burlington Rd. may require intermittent weekday trail closures...

Check out previous updates below to get more details.

7/6/18 - Corwin Improvements

From Little Miami State Park - "ODNR staff installed a new drinking fountain and bottle filling station at the Corwin trailhead restroom. New hand dryers, lights, and faucets were put in as well..." more

7/2/18 - Construction Closures

From Simon Kenton Pathfinders - "Trail repair/maintenance work is underway on the Little Miami Trail in Clark County/Springfield AND on the Buck Creek Trail east of the spur to the Simon Kenton Trail Detours will be posted for the Little Miami Trail--signs are in place--so be aware that you may need to divert to streets between Now and July 13th.

"There is no posted detour for the Buck Creek Trail closure. This closure is for a complete rebuilding/relocation of the trail where it has been eroded by Buck Creek. This closure is scheduled to be in effect until August 23rd.

"We have heard from the City of Springfield that work is not taking place on the trails July 3rd and July4th due to the holiday. However, there is the possibiltiy that passage may be difficult in some places or that the trail may be posted as closed. Work will resume after July 4th."

6/12/18 - Construction Closures Coming

From Friends of the Little Miami - "Construction projects between Strout Rd and SR 350 [2.3-mile section south from Rt. 350 near Fort Ancient in Warren County], and between New Burlington Rd and Roxanna New Burlington Rd [4.3-mile section between Corwin & Spring Valley] will begin mid-July.

"Once work begins and through September 10, contractors may close the trail for work on weekdays, but must re-open the trail on weekends--unobstructed and safe for users from 5:00 pm Fridays until 7:00 am Mondays.

"From September 11-October 31, the contractor will have full control of the sites and can close the trail for up to two weekends in each area. The contractor will do their best to minimize closures. For the safety of trail users and construction workers, please abide by all closure notices and barricades."

6/2/18 - Easements Approved for Lunken Connection

Cincinnati, OH - "Cincinnati Planning Commission approves easement for @great_parks to build a connection over the Little Miami River using the existing Beechmont Ave bridge which will connect Lunken Trail with Loveland Trail..." more

4/10/18 - Funding Approved for Resurfacing

SW, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami Trail, "The Capital Budget has been signed into law by Governor Kasich, including the recommended $200,000 for repaving parts of the [Little Miami Scenic] trail! These funds, requested by FLMSP, will be administered by ODNR, and they will determine the timing of the disbursement."

4/7/18 - Beatty Station Trailhead Improvements

Springfield, OH - From, "...The updated trailhead, located at 3200 Springfield-Xenia Road, [now] feature[s] a number of new amenities, including a dedicated bathroom, a bike fix-it station, a picnic area and mock train for children. A $66,000 grant was provided by NatureWorks to pay for part of the upgrades for the area." more...

3/8/18 - Trail Section Closure 3/26 - 3/30

South Lebanon, OH - "The trail will be closed at the State Route 48 overpass near South Lebanon beginning March 26 as ODOT works to fix the washout issues. This work is scheduled to last 5 days."

2/26/18 - Rock Slide South Of Loveland

Miami Twp., OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "...we are aware of the rock slide under 275 [3 mi south of Loveland] between Bridge St and Beech Rd in Clermont County. ODOT has agreed to help us get that cleared off.

"Please be patient as crews are stretched thin with all the high water in our region. Continue to use caution on the trail, looking out for high water, debris, and mud."

2/6/18 - $1M Approved for Trail Work

Warren County, OH - From, "...The project is the second phase of a larger bank stabilization project that will allow the trail to remain safe by armoring two slips along the Little Miami Scenic River and relocating the trail away from potential danger zones." more...

1/13/18 - Trail Connection Plans

From, "...This project will include a bridge over the Little Miami Scenic River, a retaining wall underneath the bridge, and a tunnel under the State Route 32 westbound ramp to Beechmont Avenue [in Cincinnati].

"Design of this phase is fully funded and is expected to be complete in 2018. The project has received a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant in the amount of $4.3M, and construction is scheduled to begin in summer of 2019." more...

1/10/18 - Help Wanted! - Trail Resurfacing Effort

From Friends of the Little Miami, "...resurfacing is a lower priority and may not begin for years. The Friends of the Little Miami State Park would like to see repaving of the oldest (1983) and most deteriorated sections done sooner..." Visit their facebook page to learn how you can help.

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Greene, Warren, Clermont, Hamilton & Clark Counties

Class: A1++

Length: 78 miles / asphalt

Condition: N/A

Facilities: At many of the trailheads & parks along the trail.

Parking: Xenia Station in Xenia, OH. (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: Once the trail is officially connected to Lunken Field, the Little Miami will boast 7 trail connections over its 78-mile span.

Map: Little Miami Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: North to south

More Trails in this Region: SW OH Trails List

Still one of the longer trails in the state, the Little Miami begins in Cincinnati, extends northeast through Xenia Station and on to Springfield, OH, a 78-mile span.

But trail doesn't stop there. The Little Miami then hands off the baton to the Simon Kenton Trail which runs north another 32 miles through Urbana and on to Bellefontaine. When the northern most 16-miles of SKT are paved, the two trails will combine for an impressive 110-mile stretch of tarmac.

Currently, 59 miles of the Little Miami are used by the Ohio-to-Erie Trail as it makes its cross-state journey from Cincinnati to Columbus, and on toward its final destination in Cleveland, OH.

The Miami Valley is picturesque and often provides a secluded feel as you ride under the cover of trees and woods only to briefly emerge to pass through a small town now and again. Glimpses of the river catch your attention from time to time along with the sound of canoers in the river valley below during the summer months. Finding a canoe shouldn't prove difficult. There are liveries and campgrounds right along the trail.

The bikeway passes through several small towns where there are trailside stops for ice cream, drinks, or a bite to eat. The city of Loveland has perhaps the most attractive "through town" trail section, with eateries, a trailside park, bike rentals and a nearby bike shop.

Yellow Springs has a restored depot (as does Xenia Station) along the trail which makes a convenient trailside water and restroom stop.

We generally see people utilizing this trail like no other in the state. On our last trip we encountered several pace lines with 3-5 cyclists per group, numerous aerobars and tandem recumbents.

The northern end of the Little Miami is in Springfield, OH at Jefferson and S. Center Streets. From here a protected bike lane leads .1-mile north along Center to the start of the Simon Kenton Trail on the east side of the street.

Also worth mentioning, in Springfield in late 2016, two additional trail segments were constructed to eliminate the road riding that had been required there.

The quality of the pavement and upkeep of the Little Miami Trail is consistently good. This may not sound significant, but with longer trails that pass through several counties, conditions can vary a great deal.

Much of this upkeep can be credited to the Friends of the Little Miami State Park, a volunteer-based organization that does a terrific job of fundraising, providing man-power, basically doing whatever is necessary to keep the trail open and maintained for public use.

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