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Little Miami Scenic Trail

Not only is the Little Miami Scenic Trail one of the most popular trails in Ohio, but it is the backbone for trail development in the Miami Valley. [Scroll past 'Specs & Facts' to continue reading.]

Latest Update: 3/8/18 by OB - Trail Section Closure 3/26 - 3/30

South Lebanon, OH - "The trail will be closed at the State Route 48 overpass near South Lebanon beginning March 26 as ODOT works to fix the washout issues. This work is scheduled to last 5 days."

Rock Slide South Of Loveland - 2/26/18 by OB

Miami Twp., OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "...we are aware of the rock slide under 275 [3 mi south of Loveland] between Bridge St and Beech Rd in Clermont County. ODOT has agreed to help us get that cleared off.

"Please be patient as crews are stretched thin with all the high water in our region. Continue to use caution on the trail, looking out for high water, debris, and mud."

$1M Approved for Trail Work - 2/6/18 by OB

Warren County, OH - From, "...The project is the second phase of a larger bank stabilization project that will allow the trail to remain safe by armoring two slips along the Little Miami Scenic River and relocating the trail away from potential danger zones." more...

Cincy Trail Connection Plans - 1/13/18 by OB

From, "...This project will include a bridge over the Little Miami Scenic River, a retaining wall underneath the bridge, and a tunnel under the State Route 32 westbound ramp to Beechmont Avenue [in Cincinnati].

"Design of this phase is fully funded and is expected to be complete in 2018. The project has received a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant in the amount of $4.3M, and construction is scheduled to begin in summer of 2019." more...

Help Wanted! - Trail Resurfacing Effort - 1/10/18 by OB

From Friends of the Little Miami, "...resurfacing is a lower priority and may not begin for years. The Friends of the Little Miami State Park would like to see repaving of the oldest (1983) and most deteriorated sections done sooner..." Visit their facebook page to learn how you can help.

Trail Reopens along Tree Removal Sections - 12/9/17 by OB

From Friends of the Little Miami, "... ODNR crews and FLMSP volunteers worked this week to remove over 1200 dead and dangerous ash trees from along the trail. Clean up work will continue so please use caution around crews and equipment.

"Thank you for your patience as we work to make the trail safer for our users."

Xenia Twp. Section Closure thru March 2018 - 12/8/17 by OB

From, "The Little Miami Scenic Trail from Brush Row Road to Clifton Road (between Xenia and Yellow Springs) will be closed effective immediately for a water main installation project being done by Greene County Sanitary Engineering. This closure is expected to last until March 31, 2018.

"There will be barricades in place during the closure with no detour route posted. Please advise all trail users to not ride beyond the barricades in place. If you have questions regarding this project, please call Greene County Parks & Trails at 937-562-6440.

[This work closes a 1-mile section of trail.]

See this page for detour suggestions.

Tree Removal Closures Continue - 11/30/17 by OB

From Friends of the Little Miami, "The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be CLOSED for dead tree removal in the following segments: From Hedges Rd. in Greene County to the Corwin trailhead and from East Broadway St. in Loveland to Terrace Park (just north of Avoca Park).

"The trail is OPEN between Corwin and Loveland, but many logs and branches lie in the berms, so please use caution.

"For your safety and the safety of workers, please observe all closures and do not go around barricades."

Section Closure Update - 11/16/17 by OB

Loveland, OH - From Friends of the Little Miami, "The Little Miami Scenic Trail is closed between Fosters and Adams Road (north of Loveland) for dead tree removal. Closure will continue through Nov. 21 or until further notice.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers. Thank you!"

Trail Section Closure - 11/10/17 by OB

SW OH - From Friends of the Little Miami Trail, "November 9-17: The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed between South Lebanon and Fosters for dead tree removal.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers."

Trail Section Closing - 11/3/17 by OB

SW OH - There will be rolling closures along a 13.3 mile section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail between Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve and South Lebanon Ohio from November 1, 2017 through November 22, 2017 for trail maintenance.

"For the safety of trail users and workers, please observe all closure notices and barriers."

Upcoming Trail Improvements/Closures - 8/17/17 by Gretchen Rives

Greene County, OH - "Nearly $133,000 from the Transportation Administration Funds... will be invested into the maintenance of Greene County's paved trails managed by GCP&T with a crack filling and seal coating project scheduled for September.

"...Greene County Parks & Trails will invest $64,046 as matching funds for the program.

"'With the voter's approval of Issue 18 in 2015,' says GCP&T Director Chrisbell Bednar, 'the park agency is able to maintain and improve the 62 miles of paved trails managed by the organization...'"

"The Little Miami Scenic Trail from the Village of Yellow Springs to the Clark County line, Creekside Trail from Alpha to the Montgomery County line and the Xenia-Jamestown Connector from Washington Street in Xenia to Jasper Road in Silvercreek Township will be impacted by the project.

"The paved trails improvement project will create temporary and rolling closures through early September. Seven to ten days prior to the start of the project, the Ohio Department of Transportation will place signage regarding the upcoming trail closures.

"For more information or up-to-date information on the trail closures, contact Greene County Parks & Trails at 937.562.6440, email or visit"

Springfield Bike Patrols Expanding - 7/15/17 by OB

From, "...The Springfield Police Division is expanding its bicycle patrols to Springfield's greenway trail network.

"The Little Miami Trail, Simon Kenton Trial and the east-west connector, Buck Creek Trail will be patrolled by certified bike patrol officers to off-duty staffing from now into early fall, Clark County Combined Health District officials said Friday. "

8-Mile Trail Section gets New Asphalt - 5/13/17 by OB

From Friends of the Little Miami State Park, "...An 8-mile section of trail from Camp Denison to Loveland was recently repaved, thanks to a $750,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The work included drainage improvement and widening of the trail through downtown Loveland.

"The public is invited to attend a celebration of the newly-surfaced trail section... Saturday, May 20, 10:00 a.m. @ Miami Riverview Park, 587 Branch Hill-Loveland Rd., Loveland, Ohio."

Jeremiah Morrow Bridge (I-71) - 4/25/17 by James

I saw that the ODOT demolished the Jeremiah Morrow bridge, how long will the trail in that area be closed?

[OB: Although there may be additional closings in the future, the only scheduled closing that has been reported (that I could find) was April 23. Check the Friends of the Little Miami Facebook page for further updates:]

Miamiville Trail Paving - 4/24/17 by OB

From Friends of the Little Miami State Park, "Repaving begins April 24, on the southern end (Camp Denison/Miamiville) section of the trail and will move north through Loveland over the next 2 weeks.

"The TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL USERS in areas of active paving. Please look for alternate routes to avoid the rolling closures."

Miamiville to Loveland - 4/23/17 by Ruth

It appears they are preparing to pave the trail. Do you know the extent of the work and where it will be? Also, when will they do it? Right now there are major bumps at each intersection where they've ground it out. Thanks!

Upcoming Trail Closure in Warren County - 2/9/17 OB

From, "Retaining wall installation along the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail under the Jeremiah Morrow bridge requires a two-week closure beginning Monday, Feb. 20.

"Beginning at 6 a.m. Monday, Feb. 20, the trail will be closed from just north to just south of the bridge, Mondays through Fridays, until Friday, March 3. The trail will be open on weekends.

"Notice of Closure signs are placed on the trail and various flagging operations will be used to prepare for the complete short-term closures. All work is contingent upon weather.

"To help ensure the safety of the construction workers as well as the traveling public, motorists should remain alert, reduce their speed and watch for stopped traffic while passing through the work zone."

More on Upcoming 2017 Loveland Improvements - 1/5/17 OB

From, "...The city will continue its investment in downtown with upgraded LED street lights, improvements to the West Loveland Avenue bike trail crossing, the completion of the wayfinding project, along with the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's widening of the bike trail...

"...The project will add uniform wayfinding directional and parking signs throughout the downtown. The project will also add time limits to certain lots to try and free up parking spaces closer to restaurants and shops by having cyclists going for long rides park their cars farther away."

It's Official, Milford Section Reopens - 12/2/16 OB

From, "A collapsed section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in Milford has been fixed and the area is once again open to bike and vehicular traffic.

"...'We are continuing off-trail work on the culvert lining and building a new manhole for future access.'"

Shawnee Run Reopens/Fort Ancient to Follow - 11/13/16 OB

From Friends of the Little Maimi State Park, "...The trail is now OPEN at Shawnee Run in Milford! You don't have to walk around any more!

"Also, the trail at Ft. Ancient is expected to open in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, weather permitting."

Milford Trail Repair Options - 10/2/16 OB

From, "...Repair options are being weighed at the moment and we hope to have the bike trail reopened before the end of the year...

"...A detour that puts bike trail users briefly on Shawnee Run Road has been created around the washout, which is between the Milford Trailhead and Galbraith Road.

"...A (bike trail) detour has been arranged utilizing the neighbors' gravel driveway to return to the trail, but bikers are required to dismount due to the steep grade."

Fort Ancient Trail Closure Coming Sept. 12 - 9/8/16 by Friends of Little Miami Scenic Trail

Fort Ancient Trail Closure Begins Sept. 12: The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed between Senior Road in Morrow and Route 350 in Oregonia from September 12 through the end of November, 2016. No detour is available. The trail will be open for planned event participants only on certain weekends.

The closure in this area near Fort Ancient is due to erosion of the Little Miami River riverbank as its course has changed to undercut the trail berm. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the remediation which includes stabilizing the bank and building a small bridge over the affected area to accommodate trail use while allowing natural changes in the course of the river.

For updates on all trail closures please see the Friends of the Little Miami State Park website,

Milford Sinkhole Detour Coming Soon - 9/8/16 by Friends of Little Miami Scenic Trail

Closure in Milford: A section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail near Shawnee Run in Milford is closed because of an unsafe condition caused by erosion under the trail.

The condition is a result of stone walls and dirt being washed out of a culvert that channels water beneath Route 126 and the trail, leaving a 12-foot deep empty space below the trail. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) ordered the area closed because heavy rains, large truck vibrations, or other conditions could cause the trail to collapse into the culvert.

The area has been fenced off and signs announcing the emergency trail closure have been posted at the Milford trailhead and at Galbraith Road. Trail users are not permitted to enter this area.

Once they have received necessary permissions and have marked a temporary crosswalk on Shawnee Run Rd., ODOT and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) expect to provide a walk-around detour using a private driveway and path by this Saturday, Sept. 10. The detour should be in place to accommodate the Market to Market Relay Race scheduled to start on the trail at Milford on Saturday.

ODOT and ODNR will be working together to remediate the hazard, considered a high-priority Emergency condition. The repair consists of inserting a sleeve into the culvert and filling the void with a foam material. The trail section may be closed 30 to 60 days until work is complete.

For more information and updates on the trail closure, please contact ODNR at 614-301-9485.

Ribbon Cutting for New Trail Section Sept. 9 - 9/5/16 OB

From, "The project to eliminate two on-street sections of the Little Miami Scenic Trail is being completed and the trail will soon be continuous through Springfield, OH.

"To mark the occasion and thank the many folks who made the project possible and a success the City of Springfield will hold a Ribbon-Cutting on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 2 PM. The public is invited to attend and join in the celebration!

"Gather on the greenspace at the intersection of West John Street and South Yellow Springs Street in Springfield, OH. This is just at the northern end of one of the two new sections of trail constructed during this project."

Sinkhole Closes Trail Section - 9/4/16 OB

A sinkhole was reported on the trail near Milford on Saturday. It is near the Shawnee Run overpass in Milford, OH.

As a result, the trail has been closed from Kugler Mill Rd (shown as E. Galbraith Rd on Google maps) to the Milford trailhead near Water Street in Milford, a distance of roughly 1.4 miles.

Reports say the situation will be evaluated on Wednesday.

Improvements Coming to Loveland - 7/23/16 OB

From, "The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Friends of the Little Miami State Park secured grant funding to repave and restripe the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail within city limits starting in September. In conjunction with ODNR's repaving, the city will improve safety and traffic flow at the two bike trail crossings."

Crack Sealing Brings Rolling Closures - 7/12/16 OB

From, "Crack sealing along the Little Miami Scenic Trail with hot tar will start on Tuesday, July 5, weather permitting, at the Warren-Greene County line (about trail mile 9 ) and proceed south to Morrow (mile 28). For the safety of the workers and trail users this work will necessitate rolling closures of the trail. This means that the trail will be closed between road crossings above and below the active work area. As the work proceeds south the section of the trail closed will also be moved.

"Work will be done only on week days between 7 am and 6 pm. The current work days planned are July 5-8 and July 11-13, weather permitting."

Ribbon-Cutting for New Trail Section - 5/18/16 OB

From, "Be one of the first to officially ride, walk or run the new 3.15-mile extension of the Little Miami Scenic Trail! Come and celebrate this significant milestone as we continue to connect communities through our region's growing trail system. We'll keep the party going afterwards with Fifty West Brewing."

"Little Miami Golf Center - 3811 Newtown Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244"

Springfield Trail Improvements Coming in 2017 - 4/5/16 OB

From, "...The project is expected to begin in August of 2017 and will include repairs to the pavement and the pavement markings along certain portions of trails...

"The project will be completed in about three months and resurfacing work will occur in phases. Some portions of the trail will be detoured for three to five days during construction."

Trail Usage Soars in 2015 - 2/2/16 by Janet Slater

The trail-corridor Little Miami State Park was visited an estimated 910,000 times during 2015, a 20% increase over the previous year. The surge is attributed to the trail's growing popularity and more accurate data handling.

The Friends of the Little Miami State Park (FLMSP), an all-volunteer organization that performs maintenance and special projects in the park, recently released results of its year-long Trail Uses Counting Program along the park's 50-mile-long section of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. In 2015, the program's second year, accuracy was improved through upgraded equipment and better data handling.

...For information on how the numbers are determined, please see the 2015 Trail Uses Counting Program report posted at

Southern Trail Extension Opening in Spring - 1/31/16 OB

From Hamilton County Parks, "Construction is underway on the extension of the Little Miami Scenic Trail through the Village of Newtown and Anderson Township in Hamilton County!...

"...The extension will run from the Little Miami Golf Center to the Beechmont Avenue/ S.R. 32 ramp and will connect local public parks and communities, including the Village of Newtown's Robert W. Short park and Anderson Township Park District's Clear Creek Park..."

$1.3M Springfield Trail Construction set to Begin - 1/5/16 OB

From, "Work should begin next month on the $1.3 million Little Miami Scenic Trail extension to move the path off city roads and onto a dedicated trail...

"...If approved, construction work is expected to begin in February and wrap up in August..."

Trail Specs & Facts:

Location: Greene, Warren, Clermont, Hamilton & Clark Counties

Class: A1++

Length: 75.1 miles / asphalt

Condition: N/A

Facilities: At many of the trailheads & parks along the trail.

Parking: Xenia Station in Xenia, OH. (See trail map for more options.)

Worth Noting: Once the trail is officially connected to Lunken Field, the Little Miami will boast 7 trail connections over its 75-mile span.

Map: Little Miami Trail or Sm Screen Version

Elevation: North to south

More Trails in this Region: SW OH Trails List

Still one of the longer trails in the state, the Little Miami begins in Cincinnati, extends northeast through Xenia Station and on to Springfield, OH, a 75-mile span.

But trail doesn't stop there. The Little Miami then hands off the baton to the Simon Kenton Trail which runs north another 32 miles through Urbana and on to Bellefontaine. When the northern most 16-miles of SKT are paved, the two trails will combine for an impressive 107-mile stretch of tarmac.

Currently, 59 miles of the Little Miami are used by the Ohio-to-Erie Trail as it makes its cross-state journey from Cincinnati to Columbus, and on toward its final destination in Cleveland, OH.

The Miami Valley is picturesque and often provides a secluded feel as you ride under the cover of trees and woods only to briefly emerge to pass through a small town now and again. Glimpses of the river catch your attention from time to time along with the sound of canoers in the river valley below during the summer months. Finding a canoe shouldn't prove difficult. There are liveries and campgrounds right along the trail.

The bikeway passes through several small towns where there are trailside stops for ice cream, drinks, or a bite to eat. The city of Loveland has perhaps the most attractive "through town" trail section, with eateries, a trailside park, bike rentals and a nearby bike shop.

Yellow Springs has a restored depot (as does Xenia Station) along the trail which makes a convenient trailside water and restroom stop.

We generally see people utilizing this trail like no other in the state. On our latest trip we encountered several pace lines with 3-5 cyclists per group, numerous aerobars and tandem recumbents.

The northern end of the Little Miami is in Springfield, OH at Jefferson and S. Center Streets. From here a protected bike lane leads .1-mile north along Center to the start of the Simon Kenton Trail on the east side of the street.

Also worth mentioning, in Springfield in late 2016, two additional trail segments were constructed to eliminate the road riding that had been required there.

The quality of the pavement and upkeep of the Little Miami Trail is consistently good. This may not sound significant, but with longer trails that pass through several counties, conditions can vary a great deal.

Much of this upkeep can be credited to the Friends of the Little Miami State Park, a volunteer-based organization that does a terrific job of fundraising, providing man-power, basically doing whatever is necessary to keep the trail open and maintained for public use.

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