Towpath Trail

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Columbus to Qatar

Columbus, OH - "Through a rather bizarre series of events (ask me about it sometime), I was recently invited to speak at Qatar University (at the pleasure of the Princess, no less) about creating communities that welcome bikes for transportation..." more

East Texas Hikes That Take You to Another World

TX - " East Texas, the 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, the state’s longest continuous hiking path, offers at least a sample of what a thru-hike can feel like..." more

Community Blooms Around Fixed-Gear Freestyling


Portland, OR - "A reunion of old friends has sparked a resurgence in Portland’s fixed-gear freestyle scene." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 8.0 Aero


"Go long and feel fast on this women’s endurance road bike." more...

Paradise Garage Celebrates 10 years

Columbus, OH - "A decade ago Dan and Emily Monnig’s passion for bicycling and love of the Short North manifested as the Paradise Garage, our neighborhood’s oldest and largest source of bikes, parts, gear, apparel, mechanical services, and bike-oriented special events..." more

Slow Cycling isn't Just for Fun

"In cities, people use bicycles for far more than just commuting and recreation..." more

What to See & Do Along Charlotte's Trails


NC - "...walking, jogging and biking. Charlotte’s greenways and trails offer a unique way to see the city." more...

Why We Ride

"Very few things are more conducive to conversation—real, deep, true conversation—than long rides..." more

The Cheapest Digital Power Meter for Cyclists

"Cyclists, listen up — there’s a new app for your smartphone that claims to record your cycling power..." more

Bikepacking Thru New Zealand


NZL - "They had their share of challenges, but three Ahwatukee natives are having the time of their young lives bike-packing through New Zealand and the South Islands." more...

The Trail You’re On


"...I was present in Sedona, Arizona with a bunch of friends for a mountain bike trip. This trip has become an annual tradition for me, a pilgrimage to my holy land." more...

What New Research Misses About Cardio, Strength Training


"Beware of clickbait headlines around new research pinning cardio against strength training." more...

10 Folding Bikes You Have to See

"These convenient folding bikes make it easy to travel, commute, and keep riding." more...

Surly Midnight Special: The Fat Tire Road Bike

"The Surly Midnight Special is a drop bar bike that fits big tires – real big tires..." more

Louis Garneau Recalls About 1,200 helmets

"Louis Garneau is working with U.S. and Canadian officials to recall about 650 helmets in the U.S. and 550 in Canada, according to a notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission." more...

David Byrne on Traveling the World by Bicycle

"The former Talking Heads frontman, who’s touring the world for his album ’American Utopia,’ on his penchant for two-wheeled exploration, losing his way in a Swedish forest and his devotion to leftovers." more...

Sunday Getaway: Dillon Point

CA - "Dillon Point and Glen Cove in the Benicia State Recreation Area have shoreline trails with gorgeous water views up and down Carquinez Strait..." more

With Great Horsepower Comes Great Responsibility

" a cyclist, you don’t have the same rights as drivers. Not only are there thousands of miles of roadway to which you have zero access, but you can’t even get service at the drive-thru..." more

The BMC Speedfox 02


"New Trailsync feature lets you adjust the suspension settings and dropper post with the flick of a single lever." more...

Indiana's Erie Lackawanna Trail


IN - "Northwest Indiana’s Erie Lackawanna Trail offers an experience of beautiful contrasts. The region boasts sandy dunes, a glimmering Great Lake and windswept prairies, but also has a rich industrial and railroad heritage, some of the largest cities in the state, and the urbanization and cultural vibrancy that comes with its close proximity to Chicago..." more

Spectacular Places To Cycle In Dallas


TX - "Ten years ago, cycling wasn’t really part of the fabric of Dallas..." more

No Excuse not to Get Out & Ride

UK - "This week is Ride To Work Week and, with the clocks going back on Sunday 25th, that means lighter mornings and evenings for you to enjoy the amazing rewards of cycling." more...

How Polarized Lenses Play Tricks On Your Eyes


"Polarized lenses are known for causing some interesting visual phenomena..." more

The All-City Cycles Cosmic Stallion


"...Here’s what our tester racked up on this steel road bike, all in one day." more...

Ariel-Foundation Park is Stunning


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...Residents flock to the park to walk their dogs or to go fishing, and bicyclists traveling the Heart of Ohio Trail and the Kokosing Gap Trail often stop to enjoy the scenery." more...

Connecting the Route of the Badger in Union Grove

WI - "...Two moms balancing work, family and the urge to reconnect with nature, Petrick and Gallagher have dedicated themselves to establishing and raising awareness for the Union Grove Rails to Trails movement—an initiative to convert the Canadian Pacific Railway Corridor, an 11-mile abandoned rail corridor between Vandenboom Road and Sturtevant, into a hiking and biking trail..." more

Chasing Trail in Iran

Woman Learning to Ride a Bike

"First, let me assure you that this is not a victor’s tale. This story contains no triumphs." more...

Niner’s Trail Bikes get a Makeover


"Niner’s Jet 9 RDO and RIP 9 RDO trail bikes have not only received a color upgrade, but also now utilize Niner’s internal guide routing system for easy cable and housing installation..." more

Q& A with Karina Ricks

Pittsburgh, PA - "...I caught up with Karina Ricks, director of the City of Pittsburgh’s Office of Mobility and Infrastructure. We talked about the city’s mobility needs and world-class trails—and the intersection of opportunity and infrastructure in a city that’s at the forefront of the future of mobility." more...

Boulevard Trail Serves USU Commuters

UT - "Over the course of its 12-year existence, the Boulevard Trail, with its impressive views and winding path, has grown into the envisioned role of serving as an artery to Utah State University for alternate modes of transportation." more...

Ladies: Cycling Can Boost Your Sex Life


"Women who bike don’t need to worry about sexual or urinary function, according to a massive new study..." more

Canyon Grail CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2


"The Canyon Grail is an innovative gravel bike worthy of your craziest quests." more...

The Ultimate Aero Road Bike


"Packed with top-end tech, this bike proves there's no such thing as too much awesome." more...

Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail

NZL - "Seven lakes, six campgrounds, five nights, three kids, 275km..." more

How to Date a Non-Cyclist

"Because your Garmin can’t help you navigate your relationships." more...

What Cycling Tourism Offers Tiny Towns

MT - "Cycling tourism contributes nearly $377 million annually to Montana’s economy." more...

All-New Kona Process 153

"The popular mountain bike gets a carbon frame—and a few new tricks." more...

Specialized Jumps Into Power Meters


"The brand claims its new Power Cranks are the most accurate power meter in real-world conditions." more...

Scandinavia Peddles a Future with Pedals

Stockholm - "There is really nothing enjoyable about hopping on a bike in the dead of winter just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle." more...

Art Revives Retro Bike Culture


"...Coming off the press this month, a project by a London-based illustrator brings some two-wheel history back to life." more...

Get Your Bike Ready for Your First Long-Distance Trail Ride


"If you’re planning a long-distance ride spanning several days or even a week—you’re probably hitting the trails to get in tip-top physical shape. But fitness is only one part of the equation—as the shape of one’s bike and gear can also help to determine one’s overall experience." more...

Fitbit Launches a New Smartwatch


"The health and fitness tech brand announces the launch of Fitbit Versa and introduces a new feature specifically for women." more...

The Eddy Merckx Liege 75


"This smooth and sporty steel bike is incredibly fun to ride, and has style to spare." more...

25 Years of Biking & Walking Progress

WI - "There was not a single mile of recreational trail or bicycle lane in northeastern Wisconsin when my family and I moved here in 1993..." more

MT Biking: The Stress Breaker

"How many of us are looking for ways to deal with stress?.." more

The Found Key Chain


VA - "The other day, I was walking on the greenway in front of Roanoke Memorial Hospital..." more

The Niner RLT 9

"The hardest part about testing bikes is breaking up with them when the test period is over..." more

Seniors Cycle Their Way to Good Health


NE - "...More people are looking for ways to exercise as they age and cycling has become an alternative for some seniors..." more

Rapha’s New Bike Gear Line

"The new kit from Rapha offers more versatility, longer wear, and lots of interesting pockets." more...

Wahoo Tickr Fit Heart-Rate Armband

"Finally, heart-rate monitor you don't have to strap across your chest." more...

7 Reasons You Should Go on a Trail Adventure

"...Thankfully, with more than 3,800 rail-trails and multiuse trails crisscrossing the nation, and more on the way, there is 32,000-mile-long list of possibilities for every type of adventurer, of every age and ability, to experience..." more

MT Biking Taking Off


PA - "...While road bikes are still popular, local bike shops have seen an increase in popularity of mountain bikes — most likely because people enjoy the tranquility of exploring nature, and the adventure of off-roading..." more

How Cycling Can Slow the Aging Process


"New research finds that older adults who bike can reverse muscle decline and keep their immune systems strong." more...

The 80/20 Rule

"...I’m not sure who came up with it. I’m not even sure whether I’m using it right. (Story of my life). But in any event, my version of the 80/20 rule goes something like this..." more

An Interview with Islabikes Founder


Portland, OR - "You’ve probably seen them: Young kids zipping around on great-looking (usually red) bikes with the Islabikes name on the downtube..." more

Keep it Waterproof


"We spend a lot of time choosing our gear carefully and as we know cycling gear is expensive!.." more

The Jamis Dragonslayer 27.5+ Sport

"Looking for your first mountain bike? This could be it." more...

Locals Love Bentonville’s Trails, Art

AR - "A trip to Northwest Arkansas is not complete without a stop in Bentonville, where you can stretch your legs on Crystal Bridges Trail and explore the grounds of neighboring Compton Gardens..." more

Planning an Overnight Cycling Trip?


"...The nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, among others, and a host of enthusiastic cyclists who share trip reports online say that you can do it. Here’s how." more...

Cycling Keeps Your Immune System Young


"The sport also preserves muscle and helps maintains stable levels of body fat and cholesterol." more...

Ride More Than 100 Miles in 8 Weeks

"You can conquer the century ride even if you're new to cycling with this step-by-step training plan." more...

The CERO One Cargo eBike

"Although eBikes get a lot of attention because of their ‘performance enhancing’ benefits (read: “mechanical doping”), their real potential is at the utilitarian end of the spectrum..." more

The Internet is Transforming Bike Shops

"Bike shops, like many other retailers, have not fared well in the Age of Amazon, as anyone with a shop will tell you..." more

Adventure Cycling Association Bike Bits

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Riding a Bike Takes Work

"Here’s one thing about riding a bicycle that’s worth being honest about: it takes work." more...

The Dirty Secret Of Bicycles

"People at an east London workshop are paying to learn how to make their own bicycle..." more

Interview with a Shopify Store Owner

"...Stuart Hunter is passionate about bicycles. He is the founder and CEO of roll: Bicycle Company, based out of Columbus, Ohio..." more

St James Cycle Trail


NZL - "My Canterbury friends would often speak of Hanmer Springs like a piece of paradise the rest of the country was not privy to." more...

The Bicycle Traders from Sudan

"Can you imagine cycling for two days just to buy coffee or juice?" more...

Biking with the Family Dog

"What’s a family biker to do when the kids have graduated to riding their own bikes? One way to conquer the empty [bike] nest doldrums is by joining the #carrypupolympics." more...

Cannondale Synapse Disc 105

"This alloy-frame endurance bike is great for all-day adventures and fast group rides." more...

VeloRacing Bag Review


"This durable, waterproof bag does an amazing job of keeping your gear and essentials organized." more...

The Big Snow

WI - "’s time for some serious snow commuting! The weather guy on Channel 9 initially said 3-5 inches of snow was expected." more...

Bianchi Impulso All Road 105


"This alloy road bike is ready for commuting, touring, or almost any adventure you can dream up." more...

Vibration Therapy for Recovery

"More athletes are using vibration to help their muscles recover. Does the tech really work?" more...

Cyclevision Bike Helmet


"Here's a good reason to put on a helmet: you can record every jerk on the road." more...

3 Rides to Help You Ride Faster

"Hit these high notes in your training to watch your speed skyrocket." more...

Unridden Lines Crossing the Purcells

"Real" Cyclists

Columbus, OH - "...Every few weeks I find myself in conversation with someone (let's be real—it's typically a woman) who shares their experience of bicycling and then demurs: 'but I'm not really a cyclist'..." more

Taylorville Has New Bike Advocate


IL - "For years, Bud Altman didn’t pay much attention to part of a 14.8-mile asphalt paved bike/hike rail trail near his Taylorville home. But now he’s an advocate for its upkeep." more...

NASCAR Drivers Working to Make Cycling Safer

"How NASCAR racer Scott Lagasse deals with angry drivers, and other stories from the pro motorists working to make cycling safer." more...

The "Kahuna" of Gravel Riding


OR - "...The 66 year-old former dairy farmer, IBM retiree and Beaverton resident has been riding unpaved country roads his whole life..." more

Bicycle School Ready to Roll

WA - "Port Townsend’s skilled woodworkers may soon be creating not only boats, but bicycle frames and wheels..." more

7 Bike Locks You Won't Leave Home Without


"Thwart thieves with these clever and secure locks, offering every level of security." more...

Cleveland Ohio Shines Again

"I’m walking in a renovated city. Buildings, staples of 20th century American urban architecture, stretch for blocks. Boarded up for most of my life, now they’re home to some of the region’s finest dining establishments, hotels, and bars." more...

'Moksha,' the Film


"The short documentary will be available to screen online on Thursday, March 8, for International Women’s Day." more...

At 106, Cyclist Refuses to Stop Pedaling

FRA - "In France, most people retire at around 62 years old. But it wasn’t until he turned 100 that Robert Marchand set his first world record in competitive cycling." more...

​Trek's First True Gravel Bike


"The new bike's features and lower-cost versions make it a compelling multi-surface option." more...

The 4 Worst Things To Do For Sore Muscles


"You might be making your aches even worse." more...

Former Coal Towns That Converted to Trail Towns

"...As the steel and coal industries fade, small towns are dying out. But for the past twenty years, some entrepreneurs have quietly been working on a different narrative..." more

Monte Bello Can Set You Free

Santa Clara County, CA - "What sets you free? You likely can find the answer at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve." more...

Virginia’s Creeper Trail Offers an Inspiring Model

OR - "The Salmonberry Trail is a project that will make use of a derelict rail line from the current end of the Banks-Vernonia Trail all the way to the Oregon coast..." more

WCU's Trail Maintenance

NC - "Since its opening in early 2013, WCU’s trail system has become a well-loved recreation option for Western’s students. What often goes unseen is the work put into maintaining trails like these here and around Western North Carolina." more...

Tackling the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

NZL - "An impending adventure looms shortly — tackling 300-odd kilometres on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail..." more

A Great Springtime Hike


Hocking Hills, OH - "...Hocking Hills is a large section of trails with surrounding views like caves, waterfalls and other naturally formed rock landscapes..." more

La chouineuse

125 Years Ago: Bike Club gets New Uniforms

Sioux City, IA - "An interesting party was given at the home of the Wall family at 411 Market St. It was a Hard Time Party where there was not a chair in sight and everyone sat on the floor..." more

Tips for Tackling Toddler Helmet Hesitancy


"...Getting a helmet on a kid is one of the toughest parts of family biking." more...

​25 Milestones for New Cyclists

"From nailing your layering to riding clipless (without toppling), so many sweet rewards await you at every turn." more...

1 Bike, 3 Years, 5 Continents

"...Ben is the award-winning filmmaker behind The Frozen Road, a self-shot documentary about riding his bike through the Yukon, into the Artic Circle, and to the tiny village of Tuktoyaktuk at the edge of the Arctic sea, the furthest north he could go..." more

Success of Irish Trail


Westport, IRE - "On a quiet country path in the west of Ireland, about a mile outside the charming County Mayo town of Westport, walkers and cyclists pass a strange wayside sculpture." more...

How to Bike in the City

"...Urban cycling is fun, healthy and lets you see your town in a new and interesting way..." more

The Diamondback Airen Is Awesome


"Want to crush a fast fondo or hang with the group ride? This solid women's bike with endurance geometry has you covered." more...

We Need to Get More Kids on Bikes

"Schools used to teach auto shop. Maybe it’s time to start teaching bike shop." more...

Pedal Through the Powder at Tahoe

CA - "...For the record, Northstar was the first ski resort in the Tahoe region to have fat-tire bikes, which are now wildly popular around the lake..." more

A Women's Mountain Bike That Shreds Hard


"Built with the same frame geometry and suspension as the Diamondback Release, the Clutch is a capable women's trail bike with great components." more...

Tumbleweed Bicycle Company

All She Needs is Two Good Wheels


"Racing from the highest peak into the valley below with nothing but her trusty Commencal Supreme V4.2 mountain bike to carry her is just where Ella Erickson likes to be." more...

The World's Fastest Triathlon Bike?

"Designed front to back with drag reduction in mind, the Andean looks like a Formula One car and sports lots of cool, aero features." more...

The Crooked River Canyon Scenic Bikeway


OR - "Oregon’s latest officially designated Scenic Bikeway traverses a rugged river canyon about 35 miles northeast of Bend and boasts a base camp at one of the coolest country towns in the state." more...

Best Custom Bikes from the 2018 NAHBS Show


"While every bike at the 2018 NAHBS deserves an award for showcasing passion and craftsmanship, these are the best of the best." more...

Former World Champion Changing the World, 1 Painting at a Time


"Now a professional illustrator, the retired pro cyclist brings watercolors on her rides—and raises money for conservation organizations." more...

7 Must-See Waterfalls In / Near Summit County


OH - "Melting snow and steady rain means water levels in rivers and streams are on the rise, and waterfalls in and around Summit County are surging." more...

New Riverfields MTB Trail Proves Popular


ZA - "The Riverfields mountain bike open day in Glen Marais on Saturday saw residents coming out in numbers to find out for themselves what this trail is all about." more...

10 Mountain Bike Hacks


"Seth Alvo of Seth's Bike Hacks offers up some great pointers." more...

27 Stunning Custom Bikes


"From the highly customizable to the totally unexpected, the bikes on display at NAHBS were as gorgeous as they were awe-inspiring." more...

7 Water Filters for Your Next Bikepacking Adventure


"These filters will keep you safe and hydrated on the trails." more...

Riding the Minnesota River Bottoms

"While my home in Pennsylvania was experiencing a February heat wave (temps in the 60s!), I woke up just before dawn on the first morning of Frostbike and looked at my phone to see that the temperature was exactly zero degrees..." more

Why Can’t Riding Bikes in America Just Be Normal?

"Biking to run errands is commonplace in other countries, so enough with the 20 questions." more...

The History of the Cycling Cap

"The cycling cap, or the ‘casquette’ in French, is a bit of icon in the cycling world..." more

The Chrome Kadet Sling Bag


"I have been slinging this guy around the city for a while now..." more

Woman Files for Divorce Over Husband's Bike Obsession

TUR - "...This is not an ordinary attachment, he is literally in love with the bike..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits


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Keeping Little Passengers Cozy in the Cold


"...Pedaling my heavy bike keeps me warm, but it’s a different story for my non-pedaling passengers..." more

Disability Doesn't Stop Man From Bicycling

Portland, OR - "...He needs a cane to walk, and when he does, his legs can go numb... But put his feet on pedals and everything changes." more...

Beyond Trails: Atacama

"...The Atacama Desert, known to be the driest non-polar region on earth, is a barren and inhospitable place..." more

The Sharing Economy is Learning to Ride


"Moving to a foreign country has a way of spurring experiments with lifestyle change..." more

10 Tools Every Cyclist Should Own

"Outside of basic tools like screwdrivers, pliers and adjustable wrenches, a cyclist’s toolbox should include a few extra items..." more

When Presidents Day Was Bicycle Day

"Long before Washington's Birthday was marked by car sales, Americans celebrated their first president by pedaling." more...

Kentucky’s Columbus-Belmont

Columbus, KY - "...The 160-acre picturesque park sits atop a towering bluff on the Kentucky shore of the big river..." more

The Mobile Cyclist

"Mobile Cyclist provides an educational and entertainment experience by producing a web-based series of episodes that follow cyclist Anthony Barr..." more

Top 10 Cycling Trends for 2018

"...whether you’re a newbie to cycling (maybe considering your first tour), or a committed cyclist take a peek at a few of our predicted top cycling trends in 2018 before you hit the road or the trail." more...

Shame Leads to Mystery & Redemption


OH - "It was cold, darn cold and with four or five inches of fresh snow the idea of riding my bicycle to work that day was about as unattractive as it gets..." more

Baja Adventure

"Serena and I were sitting on the blacktop overlooking Dodger’s stadium and downtown L.A. after an evening ride..." more

Myth: An Upright Position is Always More Comfortable

"'Raise your handlebars, and you’ll be more comfortable.' It’s one of those almost self-evident ‘truths’ of cycling. And yet the reality is not that simple…" more

E-Bike Has No Pedals, Made With Colored Pencils


"Flower power is back, baby! And it’s got a 500-watt motor." more...

11 Urban Underpasses Converted to Public Parks

"Transforming wasted space into community hot spots." more...

Rail-Trails Along the Underground Railroad

"These rail-trails along the route are providing connections to some of the Underground Railroad’s celebrated and historic landmarks." more...

Travel on Muddy Trails Can Lead to Long Term Damage


"...This is a tough part of the year because the freeze thaw cycle causes a lot of damage to the trails..." more

10 Cool Folding Bikes

"These convenient folding bikes make it easy to travel, commute, and keep riding." more...

Super Biker Woman Rides Again

"...Colleen belongs to an unique, elite group of international adventurers, informally called Women on Wheels (WOW), who travel solo by bicycle worldwide." more...

Follow the Old Cobbled Road


NZL - "...I had read nothing about the Old Coach Road, preferring to find it out as I went along and what I found was a real surprise..." more

Trail Caretakers on the Job Since 1968


Stratton, VT - "Hugh and Jean Joudry have spent the last fifty summers atop Stratton Mountain, and the couple, now in their seventies, aren't planning to descend any time soon." more...

Pedaling My Way to the 520 Bridge


Seattle, WA - "...After years of sitting in traffic due to car accidents, unexpected congestion, and inclement weather, I could not wait to fly past the parking lot of cars on my bike with smile on my face." more...

Breaking The Cycle


"Every Sunday, from May to September, four recovering addicts — Clint Morgan, Alan Patterson, Rob Makas and Jamie Wright — meet in the woods, with a trailer full of bicycles and food." more...

The Commuter Cycling Gear You Need


"New gear to help you commute in style and comfort." more...

The Electric Glide

"E-bikes are destined for something bigger than replacing regular bicycles." more...

Year-Round Biking Isn't Just for the Hardy

MN - "...People think that anybody who bikes in winter is this hard-core cyclist..." more

Top 5 Winter Bikes


"Are you raring to go in 2018, but don’t want to risk your best bike so early in the season?.." more

Hack It Like A World Cup Mechanic

"...Carl has once again opened up his tool box of secrets and let us peek into the world of pro racing mechanics." more...

Pisgah National Forest

Cycling Helps Ohio Vet Cope with PTSD


Chillicothe, OH - "Chillicothe native Joe Lawhorn broke two world records last year on his bicycle. Now, his sights are set on finishing the Race Across America in June." more...

Before It Was a Rail-Trail: A Silent Love Story

"I don’t have to tell you that there’s a certain romance to the rails. A train is not simply a means of transportation, but the promise of an adventure or a life-changing occurrence—even just one stop away." more...

How I've Carried My Kids by Bike


Portland, OR - "... I’ve since learned about bikes that work for babies through big kids, but I liken my multi-bike journey to the car seat progression many families follow..." more

But That’s Cheating!


UK - "I was recently very fortunate to be given a free loan of an electric bike (e-bike) for a few days by Edinburgh Bike Cooperative and I have been having a great time trying it out..." more

The Louisville Loop

KY - "Louisvillians officially named the Louisville Loop in 2005, but you could argue that trails run in this city’s lifeblood..." more

A Cyclist Pursues Zen by Bike


"Is cycling religion? A vision quest to Japan’s Shikoku Island reveals some answers." more...

Man Gives Bike to 90-Year-Old Bicyclist

Grant Pass, OR - "...Since his bike has gone missing, he's been using his walker, which is hard on his toes." more...

How Do You Build a Healthy City?

"The Danish capital ranks high on the list of the world’s healthiest and happiest cities. With obesity and depression on the rise worldwide, here are its lessons for how to combat them culturally." more...

Rinse Your Bike Anywhere With This Hack


"Every cyclist needs one of these." more...

Hiking & Biking in OR & WA

"...In Oregon, I suggest you try the popular mountain biking trails of Bend, Oakridge and Mckenzie River..." more

Math Formula Can Help You Ride Happier


"Researchers came up with an actual formula for happiness! Here’s what it means for your cycling life." more...

How Intervals Boost Your Speed

"...If you’re looking to get faster over short distances like a town-line sprint, intervals work by targeting the muscle fibers you need for speed..." more

Off-Road Trail Cycling


NZL - "...There are 1000s of kilometres of off-road trails in New Zealand to shred some gravel. Pointed in the right direction by Around the Basin, I hit the Queenstown Trail..." more

Beware the Online Bike Fitter

"Our bike editor tested a handful of new fit apps to see how they stacked up to the brick-and-mortar specialists..." more

Cycling Center Bringing Back ‘Velotines’ Delivery Service


Portland, OR - "When is the last time you sent someone a hand-written note?.." more

The Internet Won't Fix Your Bike


"The Internet is eating everything, including the independent bike shop..." more

Midwinter Ride Across the Tahuya Hills

WA - "...The Tahuya Hills course makes a beautiful 80-mile ride that goes along the water for much of the way. It sees very little traffic apart from the first and last kilometers near Bremerton..." more

Bike Hut Provides Pit Stop for Cyclists

WA - "...I will be honest and say I am not big on biking, so I did not know what to expect when I pulled up to their newly built Bike Hut..." more

Silver King Monarch Restoration

Ottumwa, IA - "Mary Kivlahan speaks of her father’s Silver King Monarch bicycle as if it were a person." more...

How to Find the Right Bike Size

"Whether you're new to cycling or simply buying a bike online, here's how to get the right fit." more...

Fat Tires Keep Cyclists in the Thick of It


MI - "...Here in southeast Michigan, the snow is so spotty that any snow-focused sport seems to be hit or miss, but fat biking has a much broader range of usable conditions than many other silent winter sports, so it works out well..." more

Enjoy the Wilds in Winter


Cleveland, OH - "...It takes more than our few warm months to survey all the parks around here. So grab boots, skis, snowshoes, poles, crampons, gaiters, whatever you need to explore the wilds in winter." more...

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

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The Growing E-Bike Trend

WA - "...Besides the cost, fit and your personal preferences, there are some legal and common-sense factors to consider before buying an e-bike." more...

I Rock a Helmet Mirror When I Ride!

"How former pro Tom Soladay learned to love the one piece of gear he never thought he’d wear." more...

Cyclocross Riders Love This Tire

"The Limus Team Edition S is Challenge's winning combination of control, durability, and speed." more...

Johnny Velo Bikes Ready to Roll

Clintonville, OH - "...We want to be a hub, where people can learn simple bike maintenance, register for Clintonville-based bike tours, get advice on appropriate trails to ride, and lots more." more...

The Bike Maine Experience?


ME - "Hundreds of miles of eating, riding, sleeping, drinking, repeating." more...

The Greenest & Leafiest Sheffield has to Offer


UK - "A 111 mile route, 90 per cent of which is off-road, meandering in the shape of a flower’s petals through the city’s leafiest suburbs..." more

Solar Electric Bicycle Touring Trailer

The Gear You Need For Your Next Spin Class

"No, spin class doesn't have to turn you into a soggy mess." more...

PA Trail Initiative Could Provide Roadmap


"...About 10 years ago, after a long career in computer sales, Rod Darby was downsized, and out of work." more...

New River Trail


VA - "...The trail includes more than 51 miles of trail stretching from Pulaski to Galax and a six-mile spur..." more

Bike Touring Trash Collectors

"...Seth Orme and Abby Taylor, two long distance touring cyclists who pedaled 5,025 miles across the United States in 2017 to pick up 1,200 pounds of trash from Cumberland Island, Georgia to Cape Flattery Washington..." more

The Joy of Bicycle Riding


DE - "For Ben Jones and Jenn Rowan, cycling is more than pedals." more...

New Family Biking Column by Madi Carlson


Portland, OR - "...I ride with my two sons, aged 10 and 8, and our conveniently-basket-sized dog. I’ve been family biking since my first son was one year old and have gone through several bike iterations along the way..." more

Hike To Brandywine Falls


Sagamore Hills, OH - "Relationships are rarely a walk in the park. But the Brandywine Gorge trail may set the perfect pace for a romantic trek..." more

How to Bike in Winter Without Freezing


"Everything you need to brave the commute in style and comfort." more...

Omata One Is One Stylish Cycling Computer


"Vintage looks meet modern technology in this GPS cycling computer. Old-school dials let you see only the most essential information..." more

Cycling the North York Moors


UK - "The best trips, I reckon, are those where you arrive home feeling like you’ve been to the other side of the cosmos..." more

Inspired by my Dad's 1977 Cross-Country Bike Trip

"His adventure at 25 gave me the courage to venture across Europe and Asia at 27." more

In Praise of the Slow Bike

"This sounds stupid, I know, but one of the keys to happy urban cycling is learning how to slow down..." more

6 Myths About Women's Cycling

"The next time someone spouts off any anti-women-on-bikes nonsense, here's how to set the record straight." more...

Riding the John Wayne 720

Taking on NZ’s Longest Cycle Trail


NZ - "An impending adventure looms in April, tackling 300-odd kilometres on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, a rather daunting prospect..." more

NFL Players Who are Cyclists

"Who wouldn't want to ride with these NFL stars?" more...

How to Use Your Action Cam to Ride Faster


"Replaying footage can help you spot and correct mistakes." more...

A Look at Bicycling in Ireland


IRE - "Half of all Irish adults now own a bicycle, a figure that looks set to grow..." more

MT Bike Trailer Park: Racing Sucks


"Racing sucks. I know. I hear it all the time from my friends who don’t race..." more

Steel-Core Zip Tie Lock Fits in Your Pocket


"This unique lock is small and light enough to fit in your back pocket, with more than enough security to keep your gear safe." more...

CrossFit Made This Cyclist Fit


"I walked in a skeptic. One month later, I feel like Peter Sagan (minus the wheelies and splitting wood)." more...

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