County Line Trail

Features, Special Interest, Etc.

Ohio-to-Erie Trail Tranquility


Greene County, OH - "My June 12 bicycle ride on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail was a pleasant surprise for me..." more

Connecting Youths with Bike Share


NY - "For the past four years, Citi Bike has been cultivating an early love of biking through the Bike Share for Youth Program." more

New Visitor Center at Hocking Hills


Logan, OH - "...The building is 8,500 square feet with an additional 5,000 square feet of lower and upper outdoor platforms. Inside, are exhibits with information on each trail and how to stay safe while hiking." more

Making Cycling Safer & More Appealing


UK - "While some people may be happy cycling in painted lanes, research suggests that most people don’t think they are safe..." more

Exozox Lets You Tow 2 Bikes


"...Invented by Polish entrepreneur Tomasz Nigot, the device consists of two main parts." more

Eddie Vedder Reunited With Dutch Cyclist


"After his concert in Tivoli, Utrecht in 1992, Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder got a lift back to his hotel from a Dutch woman, who borrowed her brother’s bicycle..." more

Wilier’s New Zero SLR


" Wilier’s new Zero SLR is a modern race bike in every way, with the performance you expect from a top-of-the-line bike." more

Forest Trail Leads to Big Mountain View

AZ - "The White Mountains TRACKS Trail System is a loopy network of nonmotorized paths that spans a strip of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests from Linden to Vernon in eastern Arizona’s White Mountains." more

Kate Middleton’s Brother's Cargo Bike Stolen

"On Wednesday, James Middleton, the brother of Kate Middleton, made a plea on his Instagram page for the safe return of his Babboe Dog-E cargo bike..." more

Film to Document Slickrock Trail

UT - "Mark Finley and Kevin Christensen of Finley Holiday Productions were recently in Moab making a film on the history of the Slickrock Bike Trail, which then-resident Dick Wilson created in 1969." more

Best Cross-Country Road Trip Is on a Bike


"...To cross the United States by bike is not for the faint of heart and, like thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, events can easily go wrong." more

VeloGuide Matches Cyclists with Guides


CAN - "Travelers seeking a guide and perhaps a bike in far-flung locations can opt for VeloGuide, an app offered by Canadian entrepreneur Joel Goralski..." more

Energy Drinks May Give Your Heart a Jolt

"Drinking 32 ounces of a caffeinated energy drink can increase your blood pressure and temporarily alter your heart’s electrical system, according to a small new study..." more

Bike Friendly South Dallas

TX - "Dallas is getting friendlier to bikes thanks to a grant, a donation of space, and the continued efforts of one very committed nonprofit." more

René Herse: On Gravel Before it was Cool


Seattle, WA - "Now that even Shimano has jumped into the gravel bike component market in a definitive way, it’s a time of reckoning for suppliers who have nurtured the category's growth since before it was a category." more

How Courtney Cobbs gets Around Chicago

IL - "A hula-hooping cyclist’s quest for more bike lanes—and more bus lanes, too." more

How Much Nature Is Enough?

"Researchers have now quantified the ideal amount of time needed to reap the health benefits of the great outdoors." more

The Future of Gravel is Travel


"The new Topstone Carbon has a groundbreaking leaf-spring suspension system that provides 30mm of travel." more

Trail Champion Darwin Hindman Dies at 86

"On June 16, the rail-trail community lost one of its giants with the passing of Darwin Hindman, a lifelong champion for active communities and a driving force behind active transportation strides across the state of Missouri." more

Native Americans & Cuyahoga River History


Geauga County, OH - "...Rambeau said she was thrilled to have native voices included in the Xtinguish Torchfest, acknowledging the role Native Americans played in Cuyahoga River history." more

East Lake Greenway Now a Tourist Hub


CHN - "...The green stretch has been attracting families, marathon runners as well as elders, who would like to soak in the beauty of the place, go for walks or just limber up." more

How to Safely Remove a Tick

"Because of all the time you spend outside riding, it’s important to know how to properly remove a tick..." more

The Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike


"’s one of the most affordable e-bikes on the market right now." more

First Bike Trip


OH - "...I’m knew at this whole bike path thing. I’ve seen the paths nearly every day but, until just recently, I’d never actually ridden on them." more

Minnesota meets Wisconsin via North Country Trail

WI - "... In the woods of the Town Of Superior in Wisconsin, about five miles south of Duluth, a crew of 10 volunteers was busy building the longest hiking trail in the United States." more

Cuyahoga River’s Biggest Barrier to Continued Improvement

Akron, OH - "The biggest barrier to the Cuyahoga River’s ultimate return to health stands 60 feet tall, spans 400 feet across a dramatic gorge..." more

Ohio's 5 Most Popular State Park Campgrounds


OH - "The days are longer and the temperatures are warmer. And that also means it's peak camping season in Ohio." more

Mountrain Bikers put Sweat Equity into Building Sport


NE - "Many enthusiasts cross state lines to find mountain bike trails, but fortunately for Nebraskans, mountains aren't a requirement." more

When Not to Push for Bike Lanes

CA - "In 2015 at a convening of bike coalition executive directors from all across California, one of my counterparts said that if a community opposed a bike lane, they would stop their advocacy of that bike lane." more

Remember When: Murray-Ohio in Brentwood

"...Murray-Ohio was founded in 1919 in Cleveland, Ohio..." more

iCan Bike Camp gets Much Needed Help

Grove City, OH - "It is a week-long camp designed to help people with disabilities learn how to ride a bike..." more

Can Americans Hack Their Way Out of an Aversion to Exercise?

"Slightly more Americans are meeting the federal physical activity guidelines than in years past..." more

'Bike Around The World' is my Summer Highlight


"It brings together all of my favorite things – food, friends, travel, and biking, of course." more

Discovering the 'Hills of Transylvania' by Bike

ROU - "These bike routes may not be the first choice of thrill-seekers, but for those who want to live an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful regions of Romania, they can be perfect options." more

The All American Gravel Ride

Cycling Rural Rhode Island

RI - "Rural Rhode Island offers scenic and serene cycling off the beaten path." more

Cool Escape on a Greenway Trail

NC - "...Riding down the Salem Creek greenway was exhilarating; mist rose from the creek and light reflected from bright leaves..." more

New Trails & a World Record Attempt


CA - "Hundreds marked the formal opening of the Bosque and Upper Bee, a stretch of natural areas crisscrossed by walking paths, by trying to break a record for longest high-five chain." more

Confessions of a Sidewalk Cyclist

"It’s true. I am a bicycle scofflaw. Sue me." more

Technology Benefits Hikers

"They say, if you’re using a GPS unit when hiking, it’s a good idea to input way-points so you make the correct turns..." more

He Likes Bike


CT - "Justin Elicker popped into a downtown cycle shop Thursday night to vow to become a mayor who rides his bike to work — and makes it easier for other people to as well." more

4 Heat Stroke Prevention Tips


"...Before we break down how to monitor and limit the effects of heat, let’s dissect the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke..." more

Vielo Bikes: Road & Gravel Done Differently

"Of the myriad of new bikes found among the hundreds of expo tents at the Sea Otter Classic, there were two that stood out as being truly unique..." more

Exploring Greene County Bike Trails


Xenia, OH - "...On every Tuesday for the next seven weeks, I’ll post a column about my experiences while bicycling on the Greene County area’s bike trails." more

Get Kids Active with Outdoor Activities

Mt. Vernon, OH - "...When considering ways to encourage kids to play and exercise this summer, Evans suggests making it a family activity." more

The Trail To A Biking Mecca


MN - "I continue to meet new couples that are new to Duluth and they have chosen to live here based on the trails and the recreation opportunities that we have here..." more

Tested: Stompump

"...Flats are no fun, but despite this, I was actually grinning the first time I used the Stompump on the trail..." more

The Platte River Trail

WY - "...Ten miles of paved pathway now thread through a handful of beloved parks, rolling out along the water’s edge under a canopy of cottonwoods in Wyoming’s second largest city..." more

Vermont's Next Great Rail Trail?

Record High Water Levels at Lake Erie


Cleveland, OH - "Lake Erie is 2.6 inches higher than it's been in 101 years of record keeping." more

Terminally Ill Man Loves Giving Kids Bikes


MA - "...So far, he's overseen nearly 1,100 bikes given away. That'd be impressive enough if that was the whole story. But it's not..." more

Teacher Inspired to Establish Bike Trail


MO - "Avid biker and local physical education teacher Travis Ewart drove past Indian Foothills Park daily..." more

The New Bike Mecca?

Survival in the Cycling Media

"Three years ago, Felix Magowan and I wrote a commentary for this publication about ongoing consolidation trends in the broader bicycle industry..." more

Artist Tracking Old Railroads


NE - "When Lisa Conrad was in art school she had an idea revolving around a unique type of art project." more

My Bike Collection Is Out of Control!

"...I have a lot of bikes: In February, the count was 28. Even my friends in the bike industry think it’s excessive." more

The Kona Libre DL

"The Libre DL is a gravel bike that pushes the limits and challenges your idea of what a gravel bike is." more

Biking Across Water in Vermont

VT - "...The Island Line Trail is approximately 22 km long, with slightly over 3 km of the trail is packed gravel over Lake Champlain!.." more

A Dutchman's Take on Spokane's Bike Infra

WA - "There’s something to be said about cycling around Spokane with a Dutchman." more

A Cyclist’s View from the Bayonne Bridge


NJ - "A whole new world is again accessible to New Jersey cyclists now that the 12-foot-wide and 8,400-foot-long pedestrian and cycling path on the east side of the Bayonne Bridge is officially open..." more

How the Pack Mentality Kept Me Alive Through Chemo


"...I think my doctors are right, my bike did help keep me alive..." more

London's One-Woman Bike Theft Deterrent


CAN - "Shelley Carr is helping cyclists reduce the risk of getting their bike stolen." more

I Rode Around San Fran With a Pool Noodle

CA - "...I have a bright yellow pool noodle, approximately 63 inches in length, tied to the back of my bicycle. It juts about three feet into the right lane..." more

Hiking Spain's Luminous Lighthouse Way


"...The Lighthouse Way, Camiño dos Faros in Spanish, traverses a stretch of coast that British sailors in the 19th century dubbed the 'Costa da Morte' (Coast of Death) because so many of their compatriots died in shipwrecks there..." more

The Kokopelli Trail System


CO - "The Kokopelli trail system in Loma is a favorite for tourists and locals alike." more

What Happened to Jacob Gray?

"He set out in April 2017 for a multi-day bike ride. Then, he disappeared." more

Mountain Biking Appeals to an Older Generation


"I’ve been mountain biking on and off for the last 25 years..." more

The Arkansas High Country Route

AR - "If you ask me, Arkansas is a really cool place — a destination worthy of any adventure cyclist’s bucket list..." more

Tour Divide Race Prep

The Most Useful Bicycle Ever


"...To evaluate this bike’s carry-it-all cred, I tried utilitarian tasks, like groceries, and ridiculous challenges, like taxiing the Saturday night bar crowd..." more

How to Prep Your Body to Ride at Altitude


"Sometimes, it just can’t be denied: that call to the mountains..." more

Brain-Boosting Supplements or Good Old Exercise?

"It seems that popping supplements has become a cure-all for everything from weight loss to memory loss..." more

Fewer Kids are Riding Bikes

"...The number of children ages 6 to 17 who rode bicycles regularly — more than 25 times a year — decreased by more than a million from 2014 to 2018..." more

The Cuyahoga River Once Burned, Now it's a Hot Spot


Cleveland, OH - "The Cuyahoga River burst into flames for the last time in 1969. As tourism climbs, the city celebrates the river’s rebound 50 years later." more

Sharing the Roads in Steamboat Springs

CO - "...The most common points in question involve whether cyclists can use a full lane and ride abreast..." more

BikeFit Offers Adjustable BiSaddle

WA - "BikeFit, a supplier of fitting tools to retailers and studios, is offering a special edition of the adjustable BiSaddle, which BikeFit will sell to retailers and other qualified partners." more

Don't Throw Your Old Bicycle in the Trash

U.S. - "...Bicycles, whether broken or not, have major recyclable value here in the U.S. because their metal scraps and tires can be still be repurposed..." more

Mayor Leaves Office, Bikes Around Lake Michigan

MI - "...On Tuesday, he completed a 900-mile bike ride around Lake Michigan that took him through four states..." more

Bicycling to Work from Jamaica Plain

MA - "Jamaica Plain resident Kyle Vining regularly bicycles to work from the Woodbourne neighborhood and shared his helmet cam of his riding in the Boston Bike to Work Day." more

Limit of Human Endurance Found

"The ultimate limit of human endurance has been worked out by scientists analysing a 3,000 mile run, the Tour de France and other elite events." more

Bird Tests Two-Seated E-Bike

CA - "Bird, which operates e-scooter share programs in more than 100 cities, has announced a new option being rolled out for tests in some markets: a two-seated electric bike called the Bird Cruiser." more

Tubeless Tires Are Life Changing

"...tubeless tires have gotten lighter, more reliable, and now offer an improved ride experience compared to earlier versions..." more

Exploring N.H.'s Rail-Trails

NH - "...Years ago, railroads criss-crossed New Hampshire. Now, some of those old rail corridors are making way for bikers and walkers,.." more

Riding Japan’s Shimanami Kaido Route

"...The Shimanami Kaido is a 45-mile bicycle route across Japan’s Seto Naikai (Inland Sea) from the City of Onomichi on Japan’s main island of Honshu to the City of Imabari on Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands..." more

12 Breweries Along Bike Trails in Wisconsin

WI - "The promise of a cold beer is a good motivator for a summer bike ride or hike." more

Framebuilder Bruce Gordon Dies


CA - "Framebuilder, innovator and industry gadfly Bruce Gordon was found dead Friday morning at his home in Petaluma, according to friends." more

The Meteor takes Coffee and Cycling Further


AR - "...'Espresso, Champagne, Chain Lube' is The Meteor’s slogan, and it has struck a chord in Little Rock, Arkansas." more

7 Minnesota Bike Trails to Try this Summer

MN - "...Some trails are well-known and attract hundreds of users, while others are off the beaten path..." more

Roaring Fork Valley a Great Place for Road Biking

CO - "There’s a reason why world-class professional cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Tejay van Garderen make their homes in the Roaring Fork Valley..." more

Bikes as Healers

The Day You Sell Your Bike


"...I was just as eager, or so I thought, to sell this bike..." more

What’s The Difference In Speed Between 1X and 2X?


"The most efficient bicycle chain runs in a perfectly straight line, in fact, a drivetrain without gears (singlespeed) can operate with 97% efficiency..." more

The Best Long-Distance Bike Trails

U.S. - "...Here are four long-distance bike trails to test your legs, spend a little time in the saddle, and witness amazing landscapes." more

Cycling Thru Manila Traffic

PHL - "...Aldrin Pelicano, 35, turned to biking in 2014, cycling from his home in the eastern side of Pasig City to Ortigas Center to 'improve his quality of life'." more

Exploring Iowa Trails


IA - "With more than 1,800 miles of bike trails, the great outdoors really doesn’t get any greater than in Iowa." more

Britain’s Best Walk?

UK - "There are hundreds of real beauties but Kevin Rushby has a soft spot for the ‘sustained glory’ of this North York Moors classic..." more

The Open U.P.P.E.R


"This gravel bike is not just capable of riding everywhere and anywhere -- it cajoles you and inspires you to do so." more

The East Coast Greenway

"Spanning 3,000 miles along the entire East Coast, the Greenway is a more urbanized version of the Appalachian Trail..." more

Bushwick to Red Hook by Bike

NY - "One of the great misfortunes of my life is that I don’t live in Red Hook..." more

Greene County Engineer Retires

OH - "...If Bob did not do that job, I do not think the bikeway would have been built or at least not to the standards Bob wanted done..." more

Kenda MTB Tires

The Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni

"A good track bike doesn’t go out of style..." more

The Air Line Trail

CT - "...thanks to a century of railroad boom and bust, eastern Connecticut boasts a 40-mile path through the forest that is flat and wide enough for hikers and cyclists of all levels to share, and long enough to allow extended stretches of quiet solitude." more

Worcester by Bike: Episode 6

MA - "For being New England’s second biggest city, Worcester still offers up quite a bit of green spaces full of trees, wildlife, old rock walls and other interesting features..." more

New 17-Mile San Francisco "Crosstown Trail’


CA - "Nearly five years in the making, the San Francisco Crosstown Trail officially opened Sunday for your hiking or biking pleasure." more

As Electric Bicycles Go Faster, Legal Questions Swirl

"The bicycle rider flashed by my headlights so quickly it slightly stunned me, lighting up for just a fraction of a second as he silently flew by, the rider tucked in, not pedaling." more

Bike Bag Combines Fashion and Function


"Industrial designer Maria Boustead thought of the idea for a functional and versatile bicycle bag back in 2009 when she couldn’t find one that was both bike-compatible for her work commutes and stylish enough to take into her office..." more

YouTuber Keeps Defeating Bike Lock

Portland, OR - "Back in December a YouTuber named LockPickingLawyer who specializes in defeating security products caused a stir when he posted a video that showed an Ottolock being easily cut with snips in just two seconds." more

Transportation Renaissance in Alexandria?

VA - "Panelists weigh costs and benefits of electric scooters." more

Why Do Cyclists Break the Law?

"A new episode of the War on Cars looks at an issue dear to my heart." more

Shimano’s New XT and SLX Mountain Bike Parts

"The updates make 12-speed components interchangeable between Shimano's top 3 MTB drivetrains." more

The New Open WI.DE.

"... the WI.DE. Open continues to raise the bar on how far you can take a road bike off road and still have an agile, fast rolling, rollicking good ride." more

The North Country Trail

U.S. - "...The North Country Scenic Trail weaves its way 4,700 miles between Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota along the northern United States all the way to Crown Point, New York..." more

Exploring the South Peachtree Creek Trail

GA - "Just north of Decatur, the PATH system is a hidden treasure and mobility option." more

Biking In Boston: What You Need to Know

MA - "It's that wonderful time of year in Boston. We've just marked the 'unofficial' start of summer, and green has burst back into the color palette." more

They Wanted a 1st-Class Trail, So They're Building it Themselves


ME - "A half-dozen volunteers were hacking about 4 miles worth of mountain-biking trail into the side of Great Pond Mountain on Wednesday. It was grinding work." more

The Origins of UnTapped

Withlacoochee State Trail


FL - "The Withlacoochee State Trail is Florida’s longest multi-use trail—and also one of the most popular..." more

Heart of Vilas Trail System Celebrates 25 years


WI - "...Twenty-five years later, it has grown into a 52-mile paved trail system, one of the state’s finest." more

The Phantom Threat of Teenage-Led "Bike-Outs"

"If you follow your local news, you may have heard of 'bike-outs,' those lawless bicycle rides in which mobs of teenagers take to the streets..." more

The Bike Tires Made of Dandelion Rubber


DEU - "By the time the Tour de France begins next month, Continental will offer a limited number of road bike tires made in Germany of rubber derived from dandelion plants grown in the country." more

The Tern BYB

"The BYB offers a smooth ride and great handling with the convenience of a folding bike." more

Biking Trails Great Fun in Michigan

MI - "With challenging terrain, stunning scenery and miles of trails that stretch through urban communities, heavily wooded areas and near waterfront regions, both the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan are ideal for biking." more

The Best Rail Trails in Upstate NY

NY - "New York's rail trail system is one of the state's great recreational resources..." more

Biking the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

CT - "...The paved pathway begins in New Haven and spans 58 miles throughout the state of Connecticut, to the northern Massachusetts border and beyond..." more

Boy Wants to Give Back to Community That Helped Him

NC - "A community in Indian Trail stepped up to help replace a stolen bike that belonged to a boy with special needs. Now, Ben Shoniker, 14, has new wheels and is focused on giving back to other children." more

Mountain Biking at Powder Ridge in Middlefield

CT - "Powder Ridge Park opened its mountain biking trails for the season this weekend, welcoming beginners and experts alike." more

Experience the Joy of The Woonerf

NLD - "...Woonerf is the Dutch word for 'living street'." more

Where Should Kids Ride?

Portland, OR - "Front, back, side by side — these are all good ways to ride with kids! Different circumstances might call for different positioning during each ride..." more

A Journey Toward Redemption

OR - "As quickly as my bike was dismantled, it was built again." more

The Greatest Bikes Ever Made

"...Our heretical list of 10 bikes that embody the best things cycling has to offer us—and that you can buy today." more

The Marin Hawk Hill


" everything we love about mountain biking." more

How Bikes Were Used During World War I

"World War I was unprecedented in its time for its sheer size and deadliness..." more

The ABC Quick Check Before You Ride

A Stylish Bike Helmet?

"Four years ago, Rachel Hall, a student at Temple University, was riding her bike when a car hit her. She was in a coma for weeks." more

Strider Revolutionized How Kids Learn to Ride


"...The brand caught on because the bikes help kids learn to ride quickly and easily, by teaching them how to balance and steer before overwhelming them with propulsion and speed." more

Biking and Breathing Polluted Air

"... you can’t run from all forms of air pollution. But does that make it a good idea to ride with them?" more

Millcreek Couple Bikes the GAP

PA - "Greg and Teresa Wigham rode the first part of a trail between Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh in 1998 and the rest, known as the G.A.P., in 2018." more

Worcester By Bike, Episode 5: Riding at night

MA - "There’s a widely held perception out there that riding a bike on city streets is unsafe..." more

Spider Mountain


TX - "...Spider Mountain is currently the only year-round, lift-access, designated bike park in the United States..." more

The Merlin Sandstone

"Merlin's gravel bike is everything you want - quick handling yet stable in rough terrain; efficient feeling yet all-day comfortable." more

Dutch-Style E-Bikes Will Eat Cars


"These are not just bikes with motors, they are an entirely different mobility platform." more

Bikes & Bears, a Risky Combination


MT - "...The board of review described mountain biking 'as a recreational activity that involves increased risk and danger of surprise encounters with bears'.” more

Electric Assist Makes Cargo Bikes Cool

"These utility bikes might just be a viable option for replacing our cars (at least some of the time)." more

Allied's New Able Gravel Bike

"Allied dropped a teaser video for a new bike that will launch May 30th..." more

Just One Exercise Session Can Ward Off Brain Shrinkage

"Thirty minutes of cardio exercise triggers greater activation of the hippocampus—an area of the brain vital to memory formation..." more

Bike Shop Owner Adapts to Bike Share

Portland, OR - "...I asked Ross how he went from seeing Biketown as a threat, to embracing it as a partner..." more

Missing Hiker Found Alive After 2 Weeks


HI - "A woman who was found alive two weeks after going missing in Hawaii has told of her 'life or death' ordeal." more

12 Best Bike Trails Near Calgary

CAN - "...Ditch the car and pump up the bike tires to take a spin around some of Calgary’s natural beauty on any of these gorgeous trails." more

The Bliss of Bikepacking in the Backcountry


CA - "We called our trip the TransGabriel Challenge: three days, 78 miles and 18,000 feet of climbing by bike on dirt and gravel roads across L.A.’s San Gabriel Mountains..." more

Rebecca Rusch on Setting High Country FKT


"On the heels of her fastest (and first!) known time traversing Arkansas’ 1,000-mile High Country Route, Rebecca Rusch shares her thoughts from 8 days in the saddle." more

Be a Good Citizen of the Bike Lane

"Be an exemplary commuter by being kind, courteous and considerate when using urban cycling infrastructure." more

Revelate Designs Recalls Seat Bags

D.C. - "...The company has discovered that the straps that fasten the bag to the bike seat can detach and get entangled in the rear wheel of the bike, posing crash and injury hazards to the rider." more

Two Centuries of New York City Bike History

"An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York traces the vehicle’s complex past and present." more

Pizza, Bikes, and Passion

CO - "Fruita, Colorado — which sits between Grand Junction and the banks of the Colorado River in a fossil-rich corner of the state — is a bucket-list bike destination..." more

E-Bike Helps Asthma Sufferer

"...[E-bikes] reopened a door to active travel opportunities that I thought were over, while still providing me with the option of a good workout." more

Get Fit and Enjoy the Outdoors


"...One of the best exercises summer offers around our area is mountain biking..." more

‘The Climb,’ the Movie


"The Climb, a new feature premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, follows two cycling friends who have a falling-out while riding up a tough ascent." more

Locals Share Their Favorite Bike Memories


Mt. Vernon, OH - "...When we launched our “Upgrade Your Ride” contest earlier this month, asking folks to send us their favorite memory on a bicycle, we received 115 submissions." more

Walking the Cleveland Way

UK - "The Cleveland Way is a perfect strolling occasion in the North York Moors National Park..." more

Family Biking: We All Fall Down


Portland, OR - "...I’ve read that the most common type of bicycle crash is a solo crash. I find this hard to believe, but I’ve had my share of solo mishaps..." more

Shipping Container Housing for Bikes


"The Container Cycle Hub is one solution to what is going to be a very big problem." more

Quebec Beckons Cyclists


CAN - "In Montreal each spring, an epic bicycle festival demonstrates how 25,000 people can let the good times roll without bumping into each other too much." more

Crooked River Contrasts Exhibit

Cleveland, OH - "...The exhibit – on display throughout the region this year – combines historical images leading up to the 1969 fire with contemporary photographs..." more

New Jersey Rail Trails Provide Unique Outdoor Experiences


NJ - "...New Jersey has 52 rail trails totaling 329 miles. There are 20 projects in the works to create another 175 miles of rail trails." more

Take the Shady Path on Tallahassee Trails


FL - "The Tallahassee area offers a wide range of trails and hiking clubs..." more

The Felt VR5W

"This carbon fiber road bike is light and cooperative, and seems to read your mind..." more

A 30-Mile Journey During Bike to Work Week

"After two-and-a-half years of telling myself one day I would ditch my car and bike to work — from my apartment in Chicago to my office on the border of Naperville and Aurora — I finally I did. Almost." more

2019 Fittest Cities in America


"The American College of Sports Medicine has released its annual report of the fittest cities in the country." more

How Do You Pronounce Pannier?

Ignoring Cyclists Won't Make Us Go Away

"Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening." more

Rules Every Child Should Know Before Riding a Bike


U.S. - "Nearly 600 children end up in the emergency department for bike-related injuries every day..." more

Santa Barbara is Best Cycling City in CA

CA - "Last week, Santa Barbara received excellent news: Places For Bikes, a data-driven national nonprofit bike advocacy organization, ranked Santa Barbara the best place for bicycling in California!" more

Danny Daycare

Sick Bicycle Co Responds to Anger Over Undelivered Frames

"Professional agitators? Revolutionaries? The meteoric growth of Sick Cycles has been interesting to watch from the sidelines..." more

My First E-Scooter Ride


Everett, WA - "A hundred rentable battery-powered scooters have begun dotting — and darting around — Everett streets." more

A Lamp for Cyclists

Why Cyclists Need a Pool Noodle

"...I’ve discovered a life-saving device that allows cyclists to protect themselves and take back the road: the pool noodle." more

Pianist Towing His Piano Around the World

"...the bike lane, more often than not, is the ideal width—for his baby grand piano." more

Enjoying the Vistas from Mount Agamenticus


ME - "Trails for all skill levels lead to spectacular vantage points in York." more

Retracing The Trek Along The Oregon Trail


"Last week I asked – Where was the hoped for end of the Oregon Trail?" more

The Best Mountain Bike Helmets


"For a product that appears to be so simple, deciding which helmet to spend your money on can quickly an become overwhelming endeavor." more

Biking to Work: I Tried, It's Hard


Albany, NY - "I was hunched over my bag, double-checking that I packed everything I would need for my commute the next day:.." more

How to Ride a Bike in Traffic

"Sharing the road with cars, SUVs and trucks is a fact of cycling life..." more

Trails And E-Bikes Make Park City Bike Commutes Safer


UT - "...Access to the local bike trail system means cyclists who are hesitant to ride on the shoulders of the higher-speed corridors in and out of town don’t have to..." more

D.C. Bike Commuter Movement Activated 50 Years Ago


"D.C. - "While people in DC have been biking to work (and for work) for more than a century, the bicycle commuter movement is celebrating something of a milestone this year..." more

Which is The Strongest Helmet?

Illinois’ Route 66 Trail

IL - "...Imagine interacting with this historic treasure without the roaring of engines or taste of exhaust fumes, by foot, by bike or on a horse?" more

Discover Newport County by Bike

RI - "The downtown streets are busy and crowded, and marked bike lanes may be few and far between, but Newport is definitely a biking city..." more

Women on Wheels

"The bicycle’s feminist legacy has faded, but modern feminists are fighting for cycling again." more

Cycling School to Open to Honor Gino Bartali


ITA - "Bartali is credited with saving the lives of over 800 Italian Jews during WWII, by transporting counterfeit documents hidden in his bike." more

Wilderness Walks

MT - "...This year, participants will be able to choose from 123 walks spanning the state..." more

Penn Grad Helps to Plan 3,700-Mile Trail


IN - "Decades from now, a more than 3,700-mile trail could pass through Indiana as it links Washington, D.C., to the Pacific coast of Washington state. Penn High School graduate Leah Gerber played a key role in planning it." more

Family Biking and Mothers' Day

Portland, OR - "...This year, like the last seven years, I celebrated Mother’s Day by organizing a bike ride for CycloFemme..." more

REI Wants to Buy Your Used Bike

"REI just launched a pilot program with The Pro’s Closet to exchange bikes in the Denver market..." more

Get Out and Bike!

"May is National Bike Month and there are lots of local events to encourage people of all ages to ride for transportation or recreation..." more

‘Stranger Things’ Bike


"Schwinn released a second special-edition Stranger Things bicycle on Wednesday." more

Iowa’s Cedar Valley Nature Trail


IA - "...Just in that original 52-mile stretch, you can see every ecosystem that Iowa has to offer." more

Lewis and Clark Trail Extended Thru Indiana

IN - "...The expansion of the trail stretches from Pittsburgh and goes to St. Louis, where the historic trail previously began..." more

E-Bike Sales Up, Weight Down

"Today, e-bikes weigh half as much as they did five years ago and come in a range of models, including hybrids, road bikes and mountain bikes." more

What Should Your Ideal Cadence Really Be?


"The act of pedaling a bike is really pretty simple. Figuring out the ideal cycling cadence for peak performance? Far less so..." more

Santa Cruz Stigmata & Juliana Quincy Gravel Bikes


"This dedicated ’cross race bike became a ’cross, gravel, and bikepacking beast, now comes in women’s builds and smaller sizes..." more

The Sing Sing Kill Greenway


NY - "...The new (2016) Greenway is an elevated walkway running alongside the kill, which glides under two gigantic stone arches and heads towards the waterfront..." more

6 Best Houston-Area Hiking Trails

TX - "May represents a sweet spot for Houston outdoor enthusiasts — generally warm and sunny (well, usually), but not yet so hot that a hike can turn into a sauna treatment." more

Are Custom Bikes Worth It?

This Guy is Biking Through His 90s


"...approaching a century on Planet Earth, Brasjen, 96, still likes to do 30 mile jaunts through though the country. Holland..." more

Comics: Just Riding Along

"Every bike mechanic has funny stories about customers who were 'just riding along' when something failed on their bike..." more

The Xtracycle RFA E-Bike

"...The email with the press release for the Xtracycle RFA e-bike described it as the 'world's first future-proof electric bike'..." more

National Water Trails


"...In southwest Ohio, families can access 291 miles of paddling, fishing and wildlife watching on three rivers and numerous smaller tributaries, including the Great Miami River, Stillwater River and Mad River, as well as Twin, Greenville and Buck creeks..." more

40 Bike Hacks You Should Know

"From maintenance tips to DIY wisdom to advice on what to carry, these bike hacks will help you through your most unpredictable rides." more

Cannondale’s SystemSix Hi-Mod Dura-Ace Women’s Road Bike


"...what the company is calling the 'world's fastest bike'." more

The Great American Rail-Trail Dream

U.S. - "...It’s fitting that in 2019 we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike, which marked the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Like that famed route, the expansive trail will chart a course to connect the country, spanning 12 states and the District of Columbia..." more

Bikeway & Brewed on the Bikeway

Athens, OH - "Bicycling remains one of the top tourism attractions in Athens, Ohio. The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is one reason why..." more

The New Rules of Cycling

50 Best Walks in America


U.S. - "From mountains to canyons to lakes, these top-rated trails explore the natural wonders of the U.S." more

How Your Type of Workout Can Cut Stress


"The more intense the workouts, the greater the stress-reducing benefits, the study found." more

Highlights Along the Great American Rail-Trail


"...Unique in makeup and geography, each trail that’s hosting the 3,700-miles-plus preferred route of the Great American Rail-Trail has many stories to tell..." more

Visit Santee’s Rattlesnake Mountain


CA - "Rattlesnake Mountain is best known to East County residents as the mountain that has the illuminated star during the holiday season that is visible for miles..." more

Shotgun Kids MTB Seat

How Mountain Biking Impacts Trails


CA - "...It took several years to amass enough data to come to meaningful conclusions, and now, MBOSC has released their findings in a new report called the Mountain Bike Trail Impact Review..." more

Proposal to Allow More Visitors to Popular Hiking Spot


Salt Lake City, UT - "...The Bureau of Land Management is weighing increasing its daily visitor limits from 20 to 96 people a day at The Wave, a popular rock formation near the Utah-Arizona border." more

Riding the Silk Road Before it's Gone

South Haven Named Pure Michigan Trail Town


MI - "...South Haven was one of four towns to be awarded the designation Tuesday morning by Travel Michigan vice president Dave Lorenz." more

Frank Brilando, Who Helped Create the Sting-Ray, Dies at 93


IL - "Frank Peter Brilando, a designer and engineer with Schwinn Bicycles for four decades and a two-time cycling Olympian, died Sunday in Niles, Illinois." more

Get Ready for the Gorge Pedal


Portland, OR - "As much as I love Portland proper and could happily spend all my days right here, I adore visiting the Columbia River Gorge — the waterfalls, the mighty Columbia, the trees, the flowers, the expansive views!" more

The Propella Singlespeed

"This is a low-cost, bare-bones e-bike that works great for flat roads and shorter commutes." more

Bicycle Museum of America

New Bremen, OH - "Foot-powered vehicles have been making history in Ohio even before the Wright brothers built them at their Wright Cycle Company shop in Dayton..." more

Grit and Grime on the GAP


"...The rain started day 1 of your weekend adventure on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail..." more

Cycling Advice

"...For today's comics (and hopefully your entertainment) I redrew some of my favorite [cycling] quotes." more

How We Talk About Drivers Hitting Cyclists

"What the media gets wrong, and why, says a lot about how our society views vulnerable road users." more

Shimano Launches First Gravel-Specific Component Group


"If you thought we were reaching peak gravel and the bike industry couldn’t get much more segmented than it already is, think again..." more

Bike Lady Program Gives Bikes


Steubenville, OH - "Twenty-five children in foster care here in Jefferson County have brand new bicycles, helmets and bike locks, thanks to the statewide Bike Lady charity run by a former foster mom." more

Bike Couriers in Columbus Hanging In


OH - "Once numbering 20 or more, just four full-time messengers -- all in their 40s -- ply their trade in the city streets." more

Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails in the US & Canada


"Each spring Singletracks takes a look at which mountain bike trails are the most popular in each US State and Canadian Province, and it’s always fun to see what changes..." more

The Beautiful Bike Parking Facility in Tilburg


"It even has moving sidewalks for bikes..." more

The Affordable Giant Stance 2


"The Stance 2 is Giant’s entry-level full-suspension trail bike..." more

Trails and Public Spaces

"...One of the great privileges of my job is the opportunity to visit beautiful trails across the country and meet their inspiring supporters and leaders. I’m starting this monthly blog to share with you those connections and some of the reflections they inspire." more

MTBiking Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument


NM - "The Bureau of Land Management Las Cruces District manages more than 300 miles of multi-use trails in the greater Las Cruces area." more

Interval Sprints for Women

"The magnitude in muscle gain was similar to what you would see in a strength-training program, according to the researchers." more

Can Zwift Calm Traditional Full-Gas Sprints?

"Performing high intensity cycling intervals using virtual reality technology significantly reduces leg pain associated with hard sprints..." more

Brooklyn Lorimer Commuter

"The Lorimer is labeled as a 'versatile commuter bike that’s just as ideal for running errands as it is for working up a sweat on city streets'...” more

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail


CA - "With 342 miles of rugged and beautiful landscapes in, columnist Carey Kish hikes on." more

Gearing up for Bke Season


"Safety paramount when enjoying day on roadways, trails." more

Tim Staub, Bike Czar


FL - "It took a while, but the city has once again been able to fill the position of bicycle/pedestrian/transportation coordinator – locally dubbed 'bike czar'.” more

Family, Friends Remember Yakima Greenway Champion


WA - "Family and many friends are remembering a community leader and ambassador who enthusiastically embraced Yakima through his business, in civic service and tireless support of his beloved Yakima Greenway." more

Best Hard and Softshell Bike Cases For Traveling


"Whether you’re planning to travel across the country or across the globe, a sturdy bike box or bag is a worthy investment..." more

Knox County Parks Prepping for Summer

Mr. Vernon, OH - "...outdoor activities awaiting Knox county visitors this summer also included mentions of multi-use trails..." more

How I learned to Love Commuting by Bike


CAN - "In 1997, when I first moved to Vancouver, I lived in Grandview Woodlands and unless it was pouring, walked to work downtown..." more

GObike Buffalo on a Roll


NY - "The nonprofit that oversees Slow Roll Buffalo and the Skyride has become the go-to grassroots biking organization since it rolled onto the scene in 2008..." more

Adventure Cycling Bike Bits

Read the latest edition.

The New Ibis Ripley

"... The fourth generation of this popular and well regarded 29er trail bike (120mm rear and 130mm fork) gets a ground-up redesign..." more

The Crash: Act 2


Columbus, OH - "...I call 911. The scene is loud (rush hour traffic) and I’m a bit rattled (just got hit by a car). When I’m asked where I am, I describe my location..." more

Why Blaming Cyclists is Bad Safety Advice

"When issues of bicycle and pedestrian safety come up, it's common for many people, including well-meaning ones, to suggest those road users ought to 'follow the law' more..." more

The Most Interesting Bike Racer in America


"He hates drafting, raises Angora rabbits, and is training fot he olympics after just two years of racing." more

Wahoo Upgrades Its GPS Cycling Computer


"The new Wahoo Elemnt Roam is Wahoo’s latest GPS cycling computer." more

Want a Happy Commute? Use a Bike

MN - "...Cyclists are the happiest commuters, arriving to work or school in better moods than those who drive solo or ride the bus, according to new research..." more

Sean Avery Confronts Drivers Who Block Bike Lanes

NYC - "Retired from hockey now for seven years, Sean Avery is taking his fight to New York City's bike lanes." more

Rooftop Dining along Loveland Bike Trail

Loveland, OH - "Bishop's Quarter is located in Loeveland, near the bike trail..." more

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