Galena Brick Trail in SW Ohio

Contacting Ohio Trail Managers

Want to report a problem or request permission to use a trail for your upcoming event? Contact the trail manager(s). Here are some tips on how to get in touch.

Go Straight To The Source

Phoning the city, county or village offices where the trail resides should reveal a contact, though you may get passed around a bit before you find the right person or department. Simply ask, "Can you put me in touch with the person or department that oversees the trail?"

Contact Them Online

Finding trail managers online requires a similar approach. Do a search for the city, county, township or village offices where the trail resides. Then look for ''parks department" or "recreation pages."

Once you find trail information within those pages, look for phone numbers and email links for reporting problems. If none are listed, simply contact the city, county, etc. (where the trail resides) through their website.

Multiple Managers

Keep in mind that if a bikeway is long enough, managerial duties may pass between county, city or township offices. So if you want to report a hazard you observed on the trail, you'll want to find the right overseer for that particular section. Generally, if you manage to reach any of the involved parties, they will direct you to the appropriate person(s).

Common Mistake

Unless a trail website is run by those who actually oversee the trail, you will not find a manager there. Ohio Bikeways hosts a number of trail pages, but we do not manage or maintain any trails.

To get in touch with the manager(s), follow the instructions listed above.

Share Your Trail Info!

Did you report a trail problem that others should know about? Report it here to share your news on Ohio Bikeways.

Help Out Your Local Trail

Did you know that many Ohio trails utilize volunteers? You might consider contacting your local trail managers to learn if they could use a helping hand!

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