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Xenia Station, Xenia, OH

The Xenia Station is home to the largest paved trail hub in Ohio. The grounds are tucked alongside where Miami Avenue and Detroit Street (Rt. 68) meet in Xenia, Ohio in Greene County.

The hub boasts about 170 miles of paved bikeways that connect directly to the station at this time. These trails link to a number of different communities, as well as the nearby Dayton trail network, making this part of southwestern, Ohio very conducive to traveling by trail!

A strong case can be made that the southwestern Ohio region, which includes the Miami Valley, is the state leader in trail development. That's not to suggest there aren't impressive trail projects elsewhere. There certainly are, the Ohio & Erie Towpath being a sterling example. But southwestern Ohio trailbuilders have been the forerunners for connecting trails and establisthing networks. They've also established a trail numbering system with a supporting comprehensive signage program that's second to none. In short, their planning avoids the "trail to nowhere" pitfall and their superior navigation signage in Greene County serves as a model for others to follow.

The Trails

Improved Bikeway Signs Added

In 2009 new trail signs were installed on Greene County trails, including Xenia Station. The signs feature a more comprehensive approach for navigating trails. They distinguish themselves by using a numbering system and listing destinations and the required mileage to reach them. The signs also list the next town along each trail.

The concept of assigning trail numbers is to avoid the confusion that results when a trail's name is changed, or when a regional or state-wide trail is made up of a many smaller trails with differing names. It's a fine idea, and made much less confusing by the supporting signage now in place in Greene County.

This is a huge benefit to first time visitors. Not only does it reduce confusion at the station, it also clarifies the bigger picture of where the connecting trails lead. Without such a system in place, connecting trails and networks become a puzzling maze to those unfamiliar with the area.

For an overview of the many trails that converge at Xenia Station, view the station map.

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