The Slippery Elm Trail extends from North Baltimore due north to Bowling Green, Ohio in Wood County. A sign marks the North Baltimore trailhead on East Broadway. More Ohio trails should be this clearly marked -- it makes finding the trailhead a breeze. You'll find all the essentials here: a parking lot, restrooms and water.

The trail makes a few street crossings before heading out of North Baltimore to open countryside. There it snakes along a farmer's fence, making several gradual "S" turns before once again straightening and moving toward the village of Rudolph. After passing through, the trail enters a section of woods and taller trees before again moving through open fields. It passes underneath Route 6 before entering the southwest corner of Bowling Green, the trails endpoint.

Much of the trail is tree lined, yet allows ample views of the crop fields and open country that surrounds the bikeway. There are a few small signs posted along the trail that provide users with info on this former railway and the surrounding area. There are also signs posted near many road crossings giving credit to organizations and individuals that contribute to the maintenance of the trail. It's a version of the adopt a roadway program which you may be familiar with, only here it's adopt a trail -- an excellent concept and one that appears to be working wonderfully.

This trail was very well maintained and had a wonderfully smooth asphalt surface when we paid our last visit several years ago. The type of asphalt used here appears to differ from other Ohio trails. It's lighter in color, a type of pale gray that seems to have more of a closed-pore surface that gives it a smoother, glass-like feel. Even the transitions over road crossings are nice, no tall curbs to speak of (ok, maybe one in Rudolph). We wouldn't be surprised if the original paving contractor was a cyclist him/herself!

To learn more about current conditions on the trail, see the Comments / Updates page.

Trail Specs:

Class: A3+

Length: 13.9 miles / asphalt - 12' wide

Condition: Very Good

Facilities: Restrooms/water station in N. Baltimore. Public phone, port-a-pot and bulletin board at trail's end in Bowling Green. (A city map along with upcoming events posted on BG board.)

Food: In town in N. Baltimore & Bowling Green.

Parking: Parking at all three towns along the trail. Along E. Broadway in N. Baltimore; Gypsy Lane Rd in Bowling Green. Also at Portage Rd.

N.Baltimore Rudolph Bowling-Green
13.9mi 5.8mi 0mi
Trail Route

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