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Newark has been a longtime player in the Ohio trail game. The original Thomas J. Evans Trail, or Newark to Johnstown Bikeway, was the cornerstone for area trail development and is one of the older bikeways in the state. Though it stood as a lone sentinel for many years, recent times have seen steady progress in trail development across the city and beyond its borders.

The Trails

This development has spawned the Panhandle Trail on the city's eastside, as well as a connection between the Newark-Johnstown Bikeway and the local OSU-Newark campus trails. The latter by way of a nifty bridge over Rt. 16, the local 4-lane highway. Include another bikeway along the Licking River and the nearby Blackhand Gorge Trail and you have ample recreation and commuting opportunities throughout the area.

Recent Developments

The most recent trail construction by the Evans Foundation is in the Heath, Ohio area. This network map suggests a possible future trail link between Newark and Heath.

In November '09, Granville constructed a bike bridge on S. Main Street. The plan is to eventually connect trail users with the South Main business district on River Road and Raccoon Valley Park by way of a spur or loop trail.

In late 2009, a study on linking the east and westside trails in Newark was completed. According to recent news reports (2011), bike lane striping has begun on city streets to provide this east-west connecting route.

The Main Attraction ..?

Perhaps the biggest shaker on the Newark trail scene originates outside the area, the Ohio-to-Erie Trail. Should plans for an alternate Panhandle Route develop, the bikeway would pass directly through Newark by way of the Johnstown to Newark Bikeway and Panhandle Trail! The impetus behind this plan could result in more bikeway miles and further trail connections within the community making Newark a major part of the larger Ohio bikeway network.

However, trail builders like the Evans Foundation aren't sitting on their hands waiting to see if this will come to pass. They are continuing to build trails, making the Newark area a delight for trail enthusiasts.

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