This short bikeway parallels old Leonard Avenue and Interstate 670 in Columbus, Ohio from Airport Drive to Cleveland Avenue.

The path starts at Airport Drive and passes right through the city. It begins by moving along some of those infamous highway walls along I-670. You'll find a few moderately high curbs to jump, particularly on bridge crossings, along with a few busy street crossings as well.

We encountered a fair amount of broken glass during our visit. In fact, a flat would not have been any surprise. There was just too much glass. However, there weren't layers of it, so hopefully the trail does get swept from time to time. It's possible that our visit in early May could have come before any regularly scheduled summer maintenance.

This bikeway may work as a bicycle commuting corridor, but we don't recommend it for recreational rides. Portions of the nearby Olentangy-Scioto Bikeway, the Sharon Woods loop trail, the Alum Creek Trail or even the Heritage Trail in Hilliard would be better suited for that purpose.

The cross-state Ohio-to-Erie Trail will utilize the I-670 and its connection to the Alum Creek Bikeway at Nelson Road.

Trail Specs:

Class: A1-

Length: 3.5 miles - width varies from 8' to 12'

Condition: Poor

Facilities: None

Food: We're not familiar with the closest spots, but finding a place in the city is no problem. Doing so while on your bike could prove more difficult.

Parking: No official parking on the trail. We used the visitor's lot at nearby Ohio Dominican College. It's .6-mile from the trailhead along Sunbury Rd (just east of the trailhead - follow Airport Dr.).

Cleveland-Ave Alum-Creek-Trail Airport-Dr
3.5mi .6mi 0mi
Trail Route

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