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New Cleveland Towpath Section Opens

8/13/17 by Ohio Bikeways

This new 1/4-mile segment connects with the southern end of the Scranton Flats section, and heads south under the I-90 bridges. Future construction will connect it with Steelyard Commons further south. Read more...

Summit County Trailhead Closed

8/9/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From summitmetroparks.org, "The Long Lake/Manchester Road parking lot is closed due to construction."

Tree Removal along Towpath Section

7/29/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From nps.gov, "There will be removal of hazardous trees along the Towpath between Station Rd. and Red Lock. This will take place the week of 7/31. Please be aware of the work zone and equipment in this area."

Run & Ride Events on 7/29 & 7/30/17

7/24/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From summitmetroparks.org, "7/29 & 7/30: An endurance run will bring approximately 500 runners to the Towpath Trail from Botzum to Memorial Pkwy.

"7/29 - An organized ride will bring more cyclists than usual to the trail in Barberton."

Summit County Vehicle Break-Ins

7/22/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes, "Officials from the Summit Metro Parks are asking for the public's assistance in helping to prevent break-ins like a series of seven that were reported July 20.

"Seven cars parked in six locations had windows smashed and purses taken, according to rangers.

"...the break-ins happened in Hudson at the Bike & Hike Trail/Route 303 lot; in Akron at the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail/Memorial Parkway lot; in Akron at the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail/Big Bend lot; two in Fairlawn at the Sand Run Metro Park/Revere Road lot; in Springfield Township at the Springfield Bog Metro Park and one in Munroe Falls at the Munroe Falls Metro Park Lake Area."

Summit County Event Notice

7/17/17 Ohio Bikeways

From summitmetroparks.org, "07/29 & 07/30/17: An endurance run will bring approximately 500 runners to the Towpath Trail from Botzum to Memorial Pkwy."

Summit County Towpath Closures

5/30/17 Ohio Bikeways

From Starkparks, "The Towpath Trail is closed between Beech Street and Route 59 due to storm damage." And "The Towpath Trail is closed north and south of the Clinton Trailhead due to flooding."

Towpath Closure in Navarre

5/29/17 Ohio Bikeways

From Starkparks, "The trail will be closed just north of Wooster St. in Navarre until further notice for a construction project next to the trail. We are working with the contractor and Village of Navarre to have the trail open on weekends during the summer season. Varying trail conditions should be expected until after the trail reopens. Please use caution and be aware of construction equipment in the area. More permanent repairs after recent flooding will be in progress as weather permits."

CVNP Towpath Closure May 9 & 10

5/7/17 Ohio Bikeways

CVNP, OH - From the CVNP, "...The Towpath Trail south of Highland/Vaughn Road will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9 & 10 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. No detour will be posted. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this allows us to repair flood damage, the result of all this rain."

Towpath Groundbreaking April 22

4/20/17 Ohio Bikeways

Cleveland, OH - From freshwatercleveland.com, "Stage three, which spans an urban stretch of 1.9 miles between the northern entrance to Steelyard Commons and Literary Avenue in Tremont, will not only serve as a greenspace buffer between the residential areas of Tremont and industrial areas of the valley below, but also offer paths and access to the rest of the Towpath Trail."

Skull Found along Towpath

3/29/17 Ohio Bikeways

Independence, OH - Park officials have announced that a skull was found near Hillside and Canal roads.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office is trying to determine an identity, while the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is handling the investigation.

Canal Rd Detour not Recommended

3/15/17 Ohio Bikeways

Valleyview, OH - From cleveland.com, "...Starting Wednesday, the Towpath Trail will be closed to foot and bicycle traffic between Stone Road to the north and Hillside Road to the south...

"..."'Some people may choose to move onto Canal Road, but we don't recommend that,' Barnes said. 'It's really not safe, and we don't want people to be surprised by the closure and make a wrong choice.'

"People using the Bike Aboard train service can continue to enter and exit at the Canal Exploration Center on Hillside Road, where there is plenty of parking, Barnes said."

Cleveland Towpath Groundbreaking April 22

3/10/17 Ohio Bikeways

From canalwaypartners.com, "...we have found the perfect date to celebrate construction beginning on Stage 3 of the Towpath Trail - Earth Day morning Saturday, April 22nd.

"...Stage 3 of the Towpath Trail Extension will run 1.9 miles from the Northern entrance of Steelyard Commons to Literary Ave. This stage will provide an important link between Tremont, Steelyard Commons and the public outdoor recreation area Clark Fields."

Learn more about Stage 3.

Towpath Closures in Valley View

3/9/17 Ohio Bikeways

Valley View, OH - Major river bank stabilization work has closed a towpath section south of Highland Road in Valley View. This closure is expected to be lifted by the end of March 2017. No detour is provided. View map.

There's another closure between Hillside Road and Stone Road in Valley View. This one is expected to continue from March 6, 2017 through March 2018. From March 6 to May 26, 2017, this section will be completely closed.

On May 27, 2017, it will be open on weekends and holidays, but closed Monday - Friday through July 31, 2017. After July 31 a complete closure will be in effect. No detour is provided for this closure. View map.

Tuscarawas County Trail Developments

3/3/17 Ohio Bikeways

From timesreporter.com, "Tuscarawas County has secured an easement for use on either side of the Fink Truss Bridge near Zoarville for use by the Towpath Trail.

"...Work has already begun on building a trail crossing over state Route 800 near Zoarville. In addition, the county recently reached an agreement with the Kimble Co. to use a four-mile rail bed from the Fink Truss Bridge to the White Bridge near Dover for the trail."

Rubber City Heritage Trail Connector?

2/16/17 Ohio Bikeways

A concept trail for the old Akron industrial area is being proposed. The trail would connect the Goodyear and Firestone factory sites with the towpath, utilizing the old track bed of the Akron-Barberton Belt Line railroad.

Though it's not officially part of the iTowpath project in Downtown Akron, money is being raised for a feasibility study of this potential trail connector to the towpath.

Toxic Soil Clean Up Delays Towpath Section

2/7/17 Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "...Residents and Towpath Trail enthusiasts who had anticipated the completion of the renovation project [and trail build through Clark Field in Tremont Park] this year must wait at least until 2018 or later, as funding for the remediation work remains tangled in the bureaucratic red tape of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"...The good news is that the remediation project has been approved by the EPA. The bad news is that it's going to be delayed..."

Funding for Final Northern Towpath Section

1/20/17 Ohio Bikeways

From canlwaypartners.com, "Cuyahoga County has been conditionally awarded $317,030 in 2016 Clean Ohio Trails Funding for Stage 4 of the Towpath Trail Extension Project.

"Stage 4 of the Towpath Trail Extension will run 1.5 miles from Literary Ave. to the future Canal Basin Park in Downtown Cleveland’s Flats. This stage will be the final northern Towpath connection between Tremont and Downtown Cleveland.

"Part of Stage 4 will repurpose University Ave. as a pedestrian and bicycle trail offering spectacular views of Downtown Cleveland. The Towpath will integrate with plaza improvements made by ODOT as part of the George V. Voinovich Bridge project, and connect to the already constructed Scranton Flats as the trail heads Downtown. Lighting and interpretive elements are part of Stage 4 of the Towpath Trail project, which is currently in the Final Design/Engineering phase."

Flooding Closes Towpath Sections in Massillon

1/13/17 Ohio Bikeways

From indeonline.com, "Parts of the Ohio and Lake Erie Towpath Trail were shut down indefinitely due to high water, according to Rick Summers, operations manager for the Stark County Park District. Signs are posted in flooded areas north of Massillon and at other locations alerting trail users to keep their distance."

Land Donated to Extend Towpath

1/13/17 Ohio Bikeways

From timesreporter.com, "The Towpath Trail in Tuscarawas County is four miles closer to completion thanks to a license agreement signed Thursday between commissioners and the Kimble Co.

"The Kimble Co. will allow the hiking and biking trail to utilize property that it owns along the Tuscarawas River from the Fink Truss Bridge near Zoarville to the White Bridge at state Route 416, just north of Dover."

Massillon Bridge Opens

12/16/16 Ohio Bikeways

From canalwaypartners.com, "A new bridge has been put in place on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail by the Stark County Park District. The bridge is between the Bridgeport Quarry and the Forty Corners Trailheads.

"The upgraded steel truss structure is 63 ft. long and 10 ft. wide, replacing a metal open grate bridge. The improvement creates a safer, more accessible option for Towpath users, allowing for two lanes of pedestrian, pet, and bicycle traffic."

Massillon Bridge Could Open Dec. 16

11/30/16 Ohio Bikeways

From indeonline.com, "A $177,500 bridge is being built on the Towpath Trail between Forty Corners Road NW and Bridgeport Quarry (in the 3400 Block of Erie Avenue NW) to help improve the user experience and for safety... The new structure replaces the old Marco's Bridge...

"...Work on the bridge began Oct. 31 and is scheduled for completion Dec. 16."

Brecksville Towpath Closure

11/7/16 Ohio Bikeways

From wkyc.com,"The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed south of the intersection of Highland Road for a distance of about 4,100 feet from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays November 7, 2016 through January 15, 2017...

"There will be no detour available. During this time, there may be a two-week continuous closure..."

iTowpath Illuminates Akron Underpass

11/5/16 Ohio Bikeways

"The Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition lit up the Towpath Trail Thursday, unveiling a luminous new look for a once dark portion under Russell Avenue. A new mural and multi-colored lighting transformed the trail into a more inviting place to gather, walk and bike.

"...iTowpath encompasses 20 projects all aimed at linking Akron's neighborhoods and creating a hub for community life and recreation around the trail..."

New Bike Lanes Coming to Zoar Section

10/13/16 Ohio Bikeways

From ODOT, "Work is scheduled to begin next Monday, October 17th, to construct bike lanes along State Route 800 for the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail at the intersection of State Route 212 in Tuscarawas County east of Zoar.

"...Work will include paving the shoulders, striping and signing for the bike lanes, as well as highway lighting at the intersection."

Ribbon Cutting for New Towpath in Bolivar

10/12/16 Ohio Bikeways

From Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Times, "A completed section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Bolivar will be dedicated on Saturday, October 15, at 1:30 p.m. The Village of Bolivar and Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition invite all to take part in the dedication.

"This final section of the Towpath Trail connects the McDonnell Trailhead and Aqueduct Bridge on State Route 212 with the section of the Trail on the sidewalks through the Village of Bolivar on Park Ave SE to Fort Laurens."

CVNP Towpath Closure for Marathon Oct. 8-9

9/29/16 Ohio Bikeways

From ohioanderiecnalway.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed to the general public starting at dusk Saturday, October 8 until 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 9. All of the parking lots along the Towpath Trail from Frazee House Trailhead to Botzum Trailhead including Indigo Lake Trailhead will be closed.

"Expect limited delays due to short road closures in the morning hours on Sunday, October 9.

"The closure is due to the 25th Annual Towpath Marathon, a specialty marathon, half marathon, and 10K race, sponsored by Canalway Partners, a Founding Organization of the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area."

Property Owner Helps Develop Towpath in Bolivar

9/29/16 Ohio Bikeways

There is an interesting post by Joe Rinehart that addresses towpath development in the Bolivar area. Aside from planning to set up a trailside Snack Shack in 2017, Joe also has ideas on providing a rest stop for towpath users. Read his full post here.

Primitive Camping Near Towpath

8/22/16 Ohio Bikeways

From geauganews.com, "Heritage Farms in Peninsula, Ohio, has opened 5 primitive tent camping sites and 3 Scandinavian style camping shelters set in the woods and tree fields of the farm. From your tent or shelter you will be able to enjoy beautiful sunsets, bald eagle fly overs and lots of local wildlife. You will camp in an area with direct access to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Tree Farm Trail and the Deep Lock and Towpath trails."

Downtown Akron Protected Bike Lane Linked to Towpath

8/19/16 Ohio Bikeways

From www.ohio.com, "...The loop, nearly a mile long, runs along South Main then dips onto the Diamond Boardwalk at Canal Park before returning to the Towpath Trail.

"Along the street, the two-lane track is protected from motorists by large planters and is marked occasionally by large splashes of green paint."

CVNP Trailhead Closures

8/6/16 Ohio Bikeways

Parking lot repaving with close the Canal Exploration Center parking lot in Valley View on August 8.

Likewise, the Lock 39 Trailhead parking lot at Rockside Road in Independence will be closed August 9.

Akron Towpath gets 400-Foot Mural

7/27/16 Ohio Bikeways

A blank wall on a parking garage on Quaker Street has been transformed by local artists into a 400-foot mural along the towpath.

Temporary Towpath Closing in Valley View

7/9/16 Ohio Bikeways

From www.the-review.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed at 6 a.m.. Monday to 6 p.m. Tuesday from Hillside Road to Stone Road in Valley View. There will be no detour available.

"The temporary closure is necessary for public safety while a contractor with the Northeast Ohio Sewer District drills soil test borings along the Ohio & Erie Canal. The soil test borings are in preparation for an upcoming river bank stabilization project on the Towpath Trail.""

CSVR Adds Bike Aboard! Train on Saturdays

6/17/16 Ohio Bikeways

From auroraadvocate.com, "The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad announces the addition of a Bike Aboard! train from the Akron Northside Station on Saturdays, beginning June 18. The train will be for Bike Aboard! or Hike Aboard passengers only and will depart at 11:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. from Akron Northside station..."

Towpath Detour in Akron

5/12/16 Ohio Bikeways

Burned Bridge Detour

5/2/16 Ohio Bikeways

A temporary detour has been constructed around the burned segment of the bridge in Akron. Money is being raised for permanent repairs.

$1K Reward Offered in Bridge Fire Arson Case

4/27/16 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "Councilman Mike Freeman, who represents Ward 9, has offered a $1,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual who torched a wooden Towpath Trail bridge in South Akron.

...Damage to the bridge has been estimated at $75,000 to $90,000. The city of Akron, Summit Metro Parks and the Akron-based Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition have been working on plans for a temporary rerouting with a floating section of bridge in the canal and for permanent repairs."

Fire Damage Closes Bridge in Akron

4/19/16 Ohio Bikeways

From facebook.com/OhioandErieCanalway, "Alert: The first Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail bridge north of Wilbeth Road in Akron was destroyed by arson this morning. The trail is closed in this area.

"If you know something [regarding the arson damage], please call 330-867-5511 and we'll put you in touch with our ranger department."

Temporary Closure in Cleveland Metroparks

2/27/16 Ohio Bikeways

From fallsnewpress.com, "The National Park Service (NPS) will temporarily close the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, from Fitzwater Road to Frazee House, from Tuesday, March 1 through Friday, March 4 and again from Monday, March 7 through Friday, March 11.

"The trail will be open weekends only during this time. No detour is provided. NPS maintenance staff will be repairing a breach in the canal."

Temporary Closure in Cleveland Metroparks

1/19/16 Ohio Bikeways

From ohioanderiecanalway.com, "Please note, the northern mile or so of contiguous Towpath Trail is closed until January 25th. The section stretches from the Cleveland Metroparks Harvard Road lot just north of the five mile marker heading south to just before the six mile marker -- all within Cleveland Metroparks Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation. All public access will be blocked due to danger from large holes involved in the project."

CVNP Towpath Closure Through January

1/1/16 Ohio Bikeways

From the-news-leader.com, "The National Park Service has temporarily closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park from the Station Road Trailhead for approximately 2,500 feet north along the Towpath Trail beginning Dec. 31 through late January. The closure is in effect Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the closure period. No detour is provided.

"The closure is needed to repair erosion and prevent further degradation at that location on the Towpath Trail..."

Plowing the Towpath

12/25/15 Ohio Bikeways

Here's an interesting fact that we didn't know: The paved towpath within the Cleveland Metroparks is plowed during winter.

Learn more towpath tips at facebook.com/OhioandErieCanalway

Tuscarawas County Funding

12/17/15 Ohio Bikeways

From daily-jeff.com, "... the Tuscarawas County Commissioners will receive $75,000 toward a $500,000 project to complete a section of the Ohio & Erie Towpath next to State Route 800, crossing the Tuscarawas River near Zoar/Zoarville..."

Detour Plans Include Downtown Cycle Track

11/9/15 Ohio Bikeways

The huge tunnel project will force 2 detours along the Akron towpath. One near Mustill Store (described in Oct. post below), and another in downtown Akron.

From ohio.com, "...Ideas now are moving ahead for rerouting the trail down Main Street [downtown], planners seizing the opening to route bicycle and pedestrian traffic past Canal Park Stadium, then passing restaurants and bars, reconnecting to the trail near Spaghetti Warehouse..."

"...Although just a short stretch (about one-half mile), the bike lane on Main Street will serve as a highly visible sign of what a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly downtown might look like..."

Akron Section to Close for Up to 4 Years

10/30/15 Ohio Bikeways

A 1-mile section of the towpath will be closed for sewer tunnel construction, starting Monday.

The affected area lies between Mustill Store and Memorial Parkway. The closing due to construction could last as long as 4 years.

A detour along Hickory Street will be available to trail users.

From ohio.com, "Hickory runs north-south between West North Street and Memorial Parkway. It runs parallel to the Towpath Trail west of the trail. There are a few semi-steep hills on the 1.3-mile detour. It is not as flat as the trail. There are also two Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad grade crossings.

"Trail users will be able to walk or pedal on Hickory Street sidewalks and in the street in spots where there are no sidewalks."

Towpath Section Closed in Sagamore Hills

9/24/15 Ohio Bikeways

From the-news-leader.com, "The National Park Service will temporarily close the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, in Sagamore Hills, from the Red Lock Trailhead just north of Highland Road to the Frazee House Trailhead at Sagamore Road from Sept. 24, through 5 p.m. on Sept. 25. No detour is provided.

"The closure is needed for resurfacing portions of the trail. The public is asked to respect the closure and plan visits safely by using different sections of the Towpath Trail during the construction times."

Bike Repair Stations

9/21/15 Ohio Bikeways

In May 2015, it was reported that bike repair stations were being intalled along the towpath. However, we have not heard any news regarding the number of stations or their locations. Get in touch if you know of any of these locations and we'll post the information here.

CVNP Section Closed

9/16/15 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "The National Park Service has closed a section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail through 5 p.m. Friday.

"The trail from Red Lock Trailhead off West Highland Road in Sagamore Hills Township north to the Frazee Trailhead off Canal Road in Valley View will be closed to resurface the trail.

"No detour is available."

Bridge Work Completed

9/15/15 Ohio Bikeways

Tuscarawas County, OH - "Volunteers completed repairs to the boardwalk in Tuscarawas County near St. Rt. 800 on September 11 and 12. The boardwalk had been lifted out of place on during heavy rain and snow melt in the spring.

"...This Friday, September 18, the final touches will be completed as the posts are cemented in, ensuring the boardwalk won't be lifted like it was this past spring."

Source: facebook.com/OhioandErieCanalway

CVNP Towpath Reopens

6/29/15 Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "The National Park Service reopened the closed portion of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park after flood waters receded."

Flooding Closes Towpath Section

6/28/15 Ohio Bikeways

From wkyc.com, "The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) from Hunt Farm to Lock 39 due to high waters from Saturday's storm.

"The trail closure includes associated parking lots from Lock 39 Trailhead on Rockside Road in Independence to Hunt Farm on Bolanz Road in Cuyahoga Falls.

"Heavy rains have also caused the cancellation of Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) services in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) for Sunday, June 28."

Cleveland Towpath Extension Plans

6/27/15 Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "...Stage 3 of the trail, a $17.5 million segment nearly two miles long that will pass through the industrial portion of the city's Flats, extending north from the Steelyard Commons shopping center to University Road at Literary Avenue in Tremont, just south of the Innerbelt Bridge.

"Stage 3 is one of four planned sections of trail extending six miles from Harvard Avenue at the city's southern border with Newburgh Heights."

Improvements Suggested for Akron Towpath

3/7/15 Ohio Bikeways

From www.ideastream.org, "...Officials recently asked trail users for ideas on how to make the towpath even better. Dan Rice of the Ohio and Erie Canalway Coalition says two large suggestions jumped out.

"'Make it easy to navigate so people don't get lost and also the second component of this is: how can we make it easy to navigate connections to community attractions like the Akron Art Museum, the Akron Zoo, as well as neighborhoods.'"

CVNP Towpath Closure for Dredging

2/24/15 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "The National Park Service is closing the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail from Station Road Bridge Trailhead to Frazee House in Cuyahoga Valley National Park for visitor safety during canal dredging activities...

"The closure will occur from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday, February 25 to Friday, March 20. The trail will be open evenings and weekends. No detour is provided."

CVNP Towpath Section Closing for Repairs

2/6/15 Ohio Bikeways

2 miles of CVNP towpath will be closed for 5 days, beginning Monday.

From cleveland.com, "The closure will be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The trail will be completely open after Friday, Feb. 13.

"...The northern end of the closure is at Red Lock Trailhead in Sagamore Hills Township. The southernmost point is the Boston Store."

Tuscarawas County Towpath to get Biking, Walking Lanes

1/7/15 Ohio Bikeways

From cantonrep.com, "... Bike and pedestrian lanes will be installed on state Route 800 from 400 feet south of the bridge over the Tuscarawas River to 1,000 feet north connecting the Towpath Trail and the Zoar Valley Trail.

"The project will widen existing shoulders and include motion-detection warning lights, signing and striping. Construction is anticipated to begin later this year after bids are awarded and will end in late 2015 or early 2016."

CVNP Towpath Opens Through Nov. 30

11/27/14 Ohio Bikeways

From the-news-leader.com, "The National Park Service will halt dredging work in the Ohio & Erie Canal and reopen the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail from Frazee House to Station Road Trailhead through Nov. 30. NPS will resume dredging and close the trail from Frazee House to Station Road Trailhead from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 1 to Dec. 5. The trail will be open during evenings. No detour is provided. The maintenance dredging is needed to remove accumulated debris from the canal to allow a free flow of water in the canal."

CVNP Towpath Closure Nov. 12 - Dec. 5

11/11/14 Ohio Bikeways

From auroradvocate.com, "The National Park Service (NPS) will temporarily close the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), from Frazee House to Station Road Trailhead, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12 through Friday, December 5, 2014.

"The trail will be open evenings and weekends. No detour is provided. NPS maintenance staff will be dredging and working on the Ohio & Erie Canal. The maintenance dredging is needed to remove accumulated debris from the canal to allow a free flow of water in the canal and to mow the canal banks."

Towpath Completion Date Projections

11/9/14 Ohio Bikeways

Trail builders are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for completion of the towpath.

Current projections are that the Cleveland sections will be completed by 2019. Tuscarawas County should follow closely behind with completion by 2020.

Towpath Closure in CVNP Through Dec. 19

10/27/14 Ohio Bikeways

From twinsburgbulletin.com, "The National Park Service announces the closure of the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park from Lock 29 Trailhead to Route 303 in Peninsula, from Oct. 27 through Dec. 19.

"A detour is provided through the village of Peninsula. The closure is necessary for riverbank stabilization. The trail will be closed during the weekday, starting at 7 a.m. and open during the evenings and on weekends, limited exceptions may occur during construction."

CVNP Towpath Closing for Marathon Oct. 11-12

10/10/14 Ohio Bikeways

From auroraadvocate.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed to the general public starting at dusk beginning Saturday, October 11 until 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 12.

"All of the parking lots along the Towpath Trail from Frazee House Trailhead to Botzum Trailhead including Indigo Lake Trailhead will be closed. Expect limited delays due to short road closures in the morning hours on Sunday, October 12."

New Trail Maps in Downtown Akron

10/5/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "...Large, detailed maps have been installed at six locations along the trail this week by the Downtown Akron Partnership.

"The 12 maps include local attractions, restaurants, shopping, parking and public restrooms, said spokeswoman Kimberly Beckett."

Akron Section to Close Sept. 29

9/27/14 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "About a mile of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed Monday, Sept. 29.

"A division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be operating a large boom mower from the trail, from about a mile south of the Wilbeth Road Trailhead (392 W. Wilbeth Rd., Akron) to about a mile north of the trailhead."

Sewer Project May Close Towpath in Akron

9/13/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "...Construction could affect the trail between the Mustill Store off West North Street near downtown Akron and Memorial Parkway."

When the closure would begin is unclear. The project could take up to 4 years to complete.

Dan Rice mentioned that the city is working to find a solution to keep the trail open, such as possibly using Hickory Street as a detour.

Section Closing for Marathon Sept. 27

9/10/14 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "...The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, between the Mustill Store Trailhead (248 Ferndale St., Akron) and Portage Path in the Merriman Valley, will also be closed for the race from 6 a.m. until noon Saturday."

Towpath Construction in Massillon

8/24/14 by Bob Nupp

Stark Parks gave an update in their Fall 2014 newsletter about a milestone in Towpath Trail development:

"Work is underway on the Tremont bridge to connect the existing Towpath Trail and Lincoln Way Ave. The project is scheduled to be completed in Nov. and is the last section of trail to make the Towpath Trail complete [through Stark County] from Summit County to Tuscarawas County!

"Crews are continuing to resurface the area south of Craig Pittman Park to the Aqueduct Bridge in the southern portion of the Towpath Trail."

Scranton Flats Impressions

7/14/14 by Rich Kaminsky

Visited for the first time a few days ago. Nicely done, with excellent views of the river and downtown, but I was disappointed to find that there are no restroom facilities available! Why is that?

CVNP Towpath Closures Update

6/23/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "The National Park Service, continuing to respond to the aftermath of severe spring storms, will close the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail from Lock 29 Trailhead to S.R. 303 in Peninsula today through Friday afternoon for emergency repairs.

"The work will begin at the bridge over the Cuyahoga River and extend south for 500 yards. A detour will be posted through Peninsula. If work proceeds as planned, the trail will reopen Friday at 5 p.m.

"The Towpath Trail remains closed for two miles from Ira Road in Cuyahoga Falls to the Botzum Trailhead in Akron for flood damage repair."

Scranton Flats Towpath Dedication July 7

6/19/14 Ohio Bikeways

Barberton Connector Dedication

5/30/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "...The city, the Barberton Community Foundation, Barberton schools and other partners celebrated the opening of the 120-foot-long bridge over the Tuscarawas River.

"The bridge sits in the shadow of the Wooster Road Bridge that also spans active railroad tracks."

Navigating Both Ends Of The Towpath

5/28/14 by Jerry Chase

This last Sunday, May 25, 2014, I completed riding all 100 miles of the towpath. I rode the southernmost portion through Tuscarawas County on May 19, and the northern most section ending up at Lake Erie on May 25...

In Tuscarawas the last segment of trail between Highway 212 and 414 is not well marked at 212 and not marked at all at 414.

From the northernmost point of the towpath at Harvard Avenue to Lake Erie through Cleveland is difficult to navigate. I was fortunate to meet up with a local rider who guided me on what turned out to be a rather direct route which I would have never figured out on my own (E on Harvard Ave to Jennings Rd, north to towpath (old 14th St?) to W 14th St, north to Abbey Ave, West to Lorain AVe (H10), East to E9th St, and north to Bicentennial Park.)

Another 1.4 Miles Of Towpath Reopens

5/24/14 Ohio Bikeways

Another 1.4-miles of trail has been reopened from Ira Road in Cuyahoga Falls to Lock 39 in Independence.

From twinsburgbulletin.com, "NPS staff will continue to make repairs on the remaining closed 3.4 miles of the Towpath Trail from Hunt House Trailhead in Cuyahoga Falls to Botzum Trailhead in Akron; and 1.4 miles of trail from Ira Road in Cuyahoga Falls to Botzum Trailhead in Akron."

Towpath Section Opens; Another Remains Closed

5/23/14 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "The National Park Service (NPS) has completed trail work and has reopened 3.3 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park from Lock 29 Trailhead in Peninsula to Hunt House Trailhead in Cuyahoga Falls.

"NPS staff will continue to make repairs on the remaining closed 3.4 miles of the Towpath Trail from Hunt House Trailhead in Cuyahoga Falls to Botzum Trailhead in Akron.

CVNP Towpath Flooding Closure

5/15/14 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park due to high waters, washouts, and flooding from Monday night's storm. Multiple sections of the trail are anticipated to be affected by flooding. The trail closure includes associated parking lots from Lock 39 Trailhead in Independence to Botzum Trailhead in Akron..."

CVNP Towpath Reopens After Flooding Scare

4/5/14 Ohio Bikeways

From newsnet5.com, "The Cuyahoga Valley National Park reopened a 19.7 mile stretch of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail Friday afternoon after flooding concerns eased."

Work On Barberton Connector Underway

3/29/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "Work on a pedestrian bridge that connects the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to downtown Barberton is officially underway.

"...The project - which will give 300,000 towpath trail users access to several city amenities - "adds to and improves the quality of life for our residents and towpath users," Mayor William Judge said."

CVNP Towpath Closed For Anticipated Flooding

2/21/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "The Cuyahoga Valley National Park has closed its Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail until further notice due to anticipated flooding.

"The closure includes associated parking lots from Lock 39 Trailhead in Independence to Botzum Trailhead in Akron. Staff will make assessments of trail conditions before reopening the trail."

Towpath Zip Line In Akron Still Possible

1/2/14 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "...The No. 1 site being explored is near Summit Lake in South Akron, said Ferris W. Brown, the former executive director of the Cascade Locks Park Association.

"...There have been discussions with the city of Akron, and a Summit Lake lease is possible, he said. His group also is looking at three or four other Akron sites.

"Brown said he hoped the financing could come together in early 2014 so that the zip line could begin operations this year."

Scranton Flats December Update

12/27/13 Ohio Bikeways

Flooding Closes CVNP Towpath

12/22/13 Ohio Bikeways

Other areas along the towpath are likely affected as well.

From contonrep.com, "The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park until further notice due to excessive flooding, according to a press release.

Bridge Linking Tuscarawas & Stark Counties Dedicated

12/6/13 Ohio Bikeways

From contonrep.com, "Another key component of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail was dedicated Thursday during a "ribbon-tying" ceremony for the Tuscarawas River Aqueduct Bridge.

"The 260-foot wooden bridge - off state Route 212 west of Bolivar - connects Tuscarawas and Stark counties."

Grants To Complete Towpath & Lake Link Trails

11/9/13 Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "The George Gund Foundation awarded $2 million on Thursday to kick off a six-year, $30 million project led by the Trust for Public Land to finish long-delayed trails that would link the Flats and the Cleveland lakefront.

The goal is to complete the final miles of the Towpath Trail and to establish Canal Basin Park on the East Bank of the Flats along the Cuyahoga River, and to extend the Lake Link Trail on the West Bank roughly from the Columbus Road Bridge north to Whiskey Island."

Akron Towpath Closure Through Nov. 22

11/5/13 Ohio Bikeways

From hudsonhubtimes.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is closed at SR 224 in Akron, today through Nov. 22. An under-the-trail pipe for Cargill Salt is being replaced. The work is expected to take up to three weeks, weather permitting.

The trail is impassible at this location during the non-park project. Signs will be posted to alert visitors at the two closest trailheads: the Wilbeth Road Trailhead, 392 W. Wilbeth Road, Akron to the north, and the Manchester Road Trailhead (2740 Manchester Road, Akron) to the south."

CVNP Towpath Closure Nov. 2-3

10/26/13 Ohio Bikeways

From the-news-leader.com, "To accommodate the rescheduled Towpath Marathon, the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed to the general public starting at dusk Nov. 2 until 3 p.m. Nov. 3.

"All of the parking lots along the Towpath Trail from Frazee Trailhead to Botzum Trailhead, including Indigo Lake Trailhead will be closed."

Scranton Flats October Update

10/10/13 Ohio Bikeways

CVNP Towpath Closes

10/2/13 Ohio Bikeways

The government shutdown has closed the 20 miles of towpath within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The rest of the trail is unaffected and open at this time.

Scranton Flats August Update

8/25/13 Ohio Bikeways

Barberton Connector Bridge Grant

8/19/13 Ohio Bikeways

From barbertonherald.com, "A bridge connecting the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail to downtown Barberton got the green light after the Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors approved granting $225,000 for the project. The grant will come from the Foundation's reserve account."

Construction may begin yet this year.

Scranton Towpath Paving Underway

8/1/13 Ohio Bikeways

From newsnet5.com, "...Looking down on two-thirds mile stretch of park from the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, one can see paving teams laying the black asphalt ribbon through yet-to-be landscaped areas of earth.

"The Scranton Road section of the towpath trail will be open by the end of the year..."

Akron Repairs After Flooding

7/19/13 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com," Repairs are nearly complete to a storm-damaged stream bank next to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail north of downtown Akron.

"The temporary repairs mean the Akron Marathon can use the section of trail next to the Little Cuyahoga River on Sept. 28."

Scranton Flats July Update

7/17/13 Ohio Bikeways

Widespread Flooding

7/13/13 Ohio Bikeways

From ohio.com, "All 22.4 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail that Metro Parks, Serving Summit County manages remain closed due to damage from Wednesday's heavy rain, the agency said Friday.

"The 1.1-mile section between the Memorial Parkway Trailhead and the Mustill Store Trailhead is closed indefinitely due to a serious washout caused when the Cuyahoga River crested the trail..."

Towpath sections in other counties may have also been affected.

Scranton Flats Video Update

6/22/13 Ohio Bikeways

Zoar Section Complete

5/31/13 Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "Another 2.7 miles of the Towpath Trail will be dedicated 11 a.m. Saturday, June 1, by the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition and Tuscarawas County Commissioners at the Canal Lands Trailhead located at 8645 Dover-Zoar Road in Zoar.

"...there are 11 miles left to complete in Tuscarawas County, five in Cleveland and one more in Summit County, and the target year to complete the 101-mile trail is 2020."

Bridge Contractor Hired In Stark County

5/4/13 Ohio Bikeways

From cantonrep.com, "Hired MS Consultants of Youngstown for $90,000 and Black Horse Bridge Construction of Norton for $991,130 for the proposed Aqueduct Bridge over the Tuscarawas River..."

"...the 260-foot-long bridge south of Shepler Church that will close one of Stark County's two remaining gaps along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail."

Valley View Closure Update

4/15/13 by Antony Bango

I road the tow path from steel yard to peninsula this weekend. Just south of the rockside road entrance, in valley view, the trail is closed for about a mile or so.

"There are no marked detours, however, there is a road that runs parallel to the path that you can take. Finding re-entry to the path was pretty easy."

Cleveland Towpath Progress

4/1/13 Ohio Bikeways

View more Scranton Flats video updates.

More On Tuscarawas County Progress

3/26/13 Ohio Bikeways

From timesreporter.com, "The 2.7-mile section of trail in northern Tuscarawas County will remain closed until the project is completed by late April or early May....

"...On Saturday's cold morning, about 30 volunteers gathered in the parking area at Canal Lands Park on Dover-Zoar Road at Towpath Trail Road, just outside Zoar. They resumed work on the 150-foot long boardwalk across wetlands along the trail. The first boardwalk is about three-quarters of a mile east of the lot, and a second 150-foot boardwalk will be built farther along, toward state Route 800 near Zoarville."

How Can I Help With Cleveland-Area Trail Building?

3/10/13 by Jason Freed

"I live in South Hills, a popular area for cyclists. In the summer, W. Schaaf is filled with bikers. Many of us families would love to be able to bike to Cleveland, or at the least to Steelyard Commons. How can I get involved in helping the path from Harvard to Steelyard get completed?"

Tuscarawas Segment Nearly Complete

3/5/13 by Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "...Still incomplete is the northern, 4-5 mile section in Cleveland, which will bring the trail to Lake Erie, a half-mile near Massillon and another 10-12 miles in Tuscarawas County. Construction is nearly complete on a new segment in Tuscarawas County, from Ohio 800 to the Village of Zoar."

Closing Towpath Gaps In Stark & Summit Counties

2/22/13 by Ohio Bikeways

Stark County purchased a sliver of land that will lead to a new bridge that will span the Tuscarawas River and will connect the towpath trail between Stark and Tuscarawas counties.

Bids will be sought in a couple of weeks and the project is expected to be completed in about 18 months.

Another gap in Massillon along the dikeway at Lincoln Way has been hard to close due to the railroad not allowing the trail to cross their tracks. A plan to route the trail around the tracks is in the design phase. Hopes are that it can be constructed sometime next year.

Erosion Closes Valley View Section

2/1/13 by Ohio Bikeways

From newsnet5.com, "...Towpath Trail in Valley View is closed because of hazardous conditions, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park said.

"The National Park Service closed the trail from Hillside Road to Stone Road on Wednesday. The news release said the trail is not passable due to erosion.

"The park service said visitors should respect the closure signs for their safety."

I-77 Bridge Work Won't Close Towpath

11/9/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "The Ohio Department of Transportation announced Nov. 8 it plans to replace the bridge deck and repair the drainage system of the Interstate 77 bridge over Granger Road, Cuyahoga River, Ohio Erie Canal and Cleveland Metroparks Towpath Trail in the cities of Independence and Cuyahoga Heights.

"...The proposed project will be constructed over the Cleveland Metroparks' Towpath Trail, but will not impact the trail during work..."

Zoar To Zoarville Construction

11/6/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the timesreporter.com, "Construction already is under way to extend the path an additional 2.7 miles from Zoar to Zoarville, with most of the project set to be complete by the end of the year.

"Following the path's construction from Zoar to Zoarville, 83.7 miles of the trail will be completed from New Philadelphia to Cleveland, with 16.3 miles under development in Tuscarawas, Stark and Cuyahoga counties."

Towpath Closure Update

11/2/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From nps.gov, "The Towpath Trail has now open from Lock 39 Trailhead to Botzum Trailhead. In addition, the Towpath Trail closure for construction from Frazee to Station Road Trailhead has been lifted. Canal Visitor Center remains closed due to lack of power."

From hudsonhubtimes, "The Towpath Trail from Boston Store Visitor Center north to Lock 39 Trailhead in Valley View remains closed to further access damage from impending heavy rains."

Towpath Closes In CVNP For Damage Assessment

11/1/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From nps.gov, "The National Park Service has closed the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail from Lock 39 Trailhead in Valley View to Botzum Trailhead in Akron to assess damage from the heavy rain and high winds [from hurricane Sandy].

"Please respect all closures and stay away from flooded areas. For information on park road closures or cancellations, call our Public Closure Cancellation Hotline at 440-546-5960."

Temporary Towpath Closure Alert

10/24/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From nps.gov, "The National Park Service announces the closure of the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail from the Frazee House Trailhead to Station Road Trailhead, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, Monday, October 22 through Friday, November 9.The Towpath Trail will be open evenings and weekends.

"The closure is necessary to repair the failing Sagamore Waste Weir and clear brush along the Ohio & Erie Canal.

"Frazee House Trailhead is located at 7733 Canal Road, Valley View 44125. Station Road Trailhead is located at 13513 Station Road, Brecksville 44141."

CVNP Towpath Closure For Marathon Oct. 7

10/6/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From cleveland.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed to the general public starting at dusk Oct. 6 through 2 p.m. Oct. 7 for the Towpath Marathon.

"All parking lots along the trail will be closed from Lock 39 Trailhead to Botzum Trailhead, including Indigo Lake Trailhead."

Lock 29 Trailhead Temporary Closure

8/24/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From ohioanderiecanalway.com, "The National Park Service announces a temporary closure of the Lock 29 Trailhead parking lot in the Village of Peninsula for repair and rehabilitation. The closure will begin Monday, August 20 and reopen on Friday, August 31, 2012."

Plan 9-B For Cleveland Towpath

6/6/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the cleveland.com, "Plans to connect the Towpath Trail through a plot of radioactive land south of Steelyard Commons have been ditched. Instead, officials are working on an ambitious multimillion-dollar detour that would finally connect the Harvard Avenue trailhead with the shopping area, and complete one of the last links in the 110-mile trail.

"The connector could be in place by 2016, nine years after the effort began."

Bolivar Towpath Construction

6/5/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the timesreporter.com, "...with ground broken Tuesday for a quarter-mile stretch that will run from the current trailhead at Fort Laurens State Memorial, through the park, along Fort Laurens Road and end in downtown Bolivar. The trail eventually will link the Fort Laurens-to-Zoar section with the trail in Stark County."

Plan To Close Trail Gap In Massillon

4/16/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From IndeOnline.com, "The final obstacle to the completion of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Massillon will be eliminated with the addition of a 14-foot wide pedestrian/bicycle ramp that will connect trail users with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Viaduct.

"The ramp, which could cost an estimated $942,000 to design and build, would allow trail users to bypass a set of railroad tracks that cross the Tuscarawas River levee just south of the viaduct."

It is hoped the design will be finalized this year and go out for bid.

Bolivar Towpath Funding Secured

2/6/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the timesreporter.com, "...funding of $125,000 has been secured for all three phases of the [Bolivar towpath] trail. Phase I and Phase II will be constructed through the village this summer."

2020 is the year targeted for completion of the entire 101-mile towpath trail.

Rockside Station Connector Coming

1/18/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From Ohio.com, "...The biggest grant in the Cuyahoga Valley is $1,356,976 to build a new pedestrian-bicyclist bridge from the train's Rockside Station across the Cuyahoga River to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail at the Lock 39 Trailhead.

"At present, bicyclists riding the train must negotiate traffic-filled streets to get from the train to the trail, and the new bridge will boost safety and convenience, officials said.

"The new bridge would be just south of Rockside Road between Independence and Valley View."

Construction Begins In Flats In 2012

12/9/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From Cleveland.com, "...[Cuyahoga] county will build a 10-foot-wide paved trail along Scranton Road from Carter Road south to University Road on the Scranton Peninsula. The 0.6-mile section will be isolated and not connect to the next section of the trail, which is 2 1/2 miles south behind Steelyard Commons. That section of the trail also is isolated and does not connect to the main artery, which ends at Harvard Road.

"But Tim Donovan, executive director of the Ohio Canal Corridor, said this next section is an important step needed to help complete the 101-mile-long trail in the northern section in Cleveland.

"You'll see the dominoes start to fall once we start this project next year," he said. "We projected four phases from a south to north direction to get this work done."

Barberton Finishes Towpath

11/30/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From Ohio.com, "...The 0.6-mile section runs south from the Snyder Avenue Trailhead, crosses the old canal and then runs next to Wolf Creek. It crosses the Tuscarawas River on a 494-foot wooden-deck bridge and skirts two old landfills. It tunnels under the rail line and the edge of PPG Industries' Lime Lake No. 3.

"A large solar panel powers the five lights that illuminate the tunnel.

"The new section then connects to the trail and a wooden boardwalk that runs along Van Buren Road south into New Franklin."

Akron Completes Towpath -- Almost

10/27/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From ci.akron.oh.us, "The City of Akron will officially open the last section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath through the city on Wednesday, October 26, at 10:30am, at the intersection of the Canal with Bartges Street.

"...Akron is the first major city in the state of Ohio to have the entire length of the hike and bike trail completed within its corporate limits."

Bob Downing at Ohio.com reports there is a small piece yet to finish, "It is complete except for a 100-foot section at Falor Street near the old B.F. Goodrich power plant that is used by Akron Energy Systems to produce steam heat for downtown Akron where a bridge over the canal was removed. That work will be done soon."

And he adds that, "Next week, Cavanaugh Construction Co. will begin to reconstruct the Towpath Trail between West Bartges and West Thornton streets [in Akron].

"That work will cover 1,250 feet of trail. The existing trail is not up to Towpath standards and needs to be upgraded, officials said. The work is expected to cost about $900,000."

Summit County Close To Completing Towpath

10/27/11 by Ohio Bikeways

According to Bob Downing at ohio.com, "Metro Parks, Serving Summit County, is working on the last section of the Towpath Trail in Summit County.

"That 1.25-mile stretch between Eastern Road in New Franklin to Snyder Avenue in Barberton is scheduled to be completed by Dec. 31. It will likely be dedicated next spring."

Trail Closure In Boston Mills / Pennisula Sept. 19-21

9/10/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From the Ohio & Erie Canalway website, "The section of the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail between Boston Store Visitor Center Trailhead and Lock 29 Trailhead in Peninsula will be completely closed for construction from Monday, September 19 through Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

"The Lock 29 parking lot will only be closed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily on all three days.

"The closures are required to install weirs to allow future flood waters to move over the Towpath Trail and not wash away the tread surface."

Massillon Levy Work To Close Towpath

8/22/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From IndeOnline.com, "A project to repair erosion along the Tuscarawas River levee in Massillon is expected to begin early next month, likely creating delays for motorists and temporary closures of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District has awarded a $1.1 million contract to Canton-based TAB Construction Co. for the work, which is not expected to be completed until next April, weather permitting."

Towpath Floods For 3rd Time In 2011

7/20/11 by Ohio Bikeways

Flooding has hit the towpath yet again this year. Rainfall of nearly 7" in 24 hours in parts of Akron, amounts said to be seen once in a thousand years, did the damage.

From wksu.org, "Flooding has once again closed the entire Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Also closed is the Virginia Kendall Lake area.

"This is the third time this year that flood waters have shut down the trail. And this time, flooding also has shut down the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad's service to Canton until further notice."

Towpath Repairs In Stark County

6/16/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From CantonRep.com, "The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, between Butterbridge Road and Forty Corners Street NW is open again, with several rough sections including erosion along the side of the trail. Another serious washout between Forty Corners and the High Mill bridge also exists.

"Work in that area is scheduled this week. The affected area of trail will be closed while crews are using equipment to complete repairs and maintenance. Visitors should follow posted trail and parking area closure signs."

Towpath Floods Again

5/28/11 by Ohio Bikeways

The towpath was closed throughout the CVNP on Thursday. On Friday portions of the trail were reopened. To stay abreast of flooding in the CVNP, bookmark their Flooding-In-The-Park page.

Note that other towpath sections were also likely affected.

Towpath Section Closing May 14th For Event

5/11/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From TheSuburbanite.com, "On Saturday, May 14 from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., the popular Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will be closed between the Manchester Road Trailhead (2740 Manchester Rd., Akron) and the Wolf Creek Trailhead (33 Snyder Ave., Barberton) for an annual community bike ride. The Barberton Trailhead (5 Fairview Ave., Barberton) will also be closed during the event."

Akron Towpath Construction Details

5/5/11 by Ohio Bikeways

Details have been released regarding towpath construction in Akron between Thornton and Bartges Streets. The new trail will follow a deteriorated asphalt walkway on the west side of the canal. It will be 10' wide with 2' wide shoulders and connect with the concrete trail section near Thornton Street.

Other improvements in this area include: trail signage, pavement markings, benches, trash receptacles, security cameras and lighting.

Interview With Dan Rice

4/29/11 by Ohio Bikeways

Dan Rice, CEO of the Ohio Canalway Coalition, recently spoke with us regarding the completion of the towpath trail. See the interview in the Trailside section.

Barberton Section To Be Finished In 2011

4/17/11 by Ohio Bikeways

"Work will begin soon on one of the last unbuilt sections of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Summit County.

"Haynes Construction Inc. of Norwalk will begin building the 0.6-mile trail section this month with the project scheduled to be completed by Nov. 30.

"The $1.8 million project, being supervised by Metro Parks, Serving Summit County, calls for a tunnel under an active railroad track, skirting two old landfills, a bridge over the Tuscarawas River and a second bridge over the old canal."

Massillon Gap May Be Closed This Year

4/17/11 by Ohio Bikeways

Assuming this project is still on schedule...

"The Stark County Park District (Stark Parks) proposes to construct a 0.12 mile section of new Towpath Trail along the US Army Corps of Engineers Tuscarawas River Flood Control Levee in the City of Massillon. The project area will extend from the newly renovated Tremont Avenue Bridge north to the Coxey Bridge, an existing pedestrian bridge spanning State Rt. 21. The proposed trail will become part of the Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail and will vary in width from 8-10 feet wide and consist of a crushed limestone surface and graded shoulders or concrete sidewalks. The project also includes construction of a switchback ramp from the Tremont Avenue Bridge deck to the levee.

"...The project’s final design is expected to be completed and reviewed by December 2010, with construction starting and finishing in 2011. The project cost is approximately $829,000."

Source: ohioeriecanal.org

Some Closures Continue Due To Flooding

3/16/11 by Ohio Bikeways

Flooding has been widespread along the towpath in the last few weeks. Some sections and trailheads are still under water within the Cuyahoga Valley.

Check their web site for the latest conditions.

Summit County Section To Be Completed In 2011

1/25/11 by Ohio Bikeways

The Bartges Road bridge construction in Akron, along with the towpath that will pass under it, will be completed by fall of 2011.

Towpath construction in Barberton at Snyder Road is scheduled to start in April and expected to be completed by November. These two projects will complete the roughly 33.4 towpath miles in Summit County.

Weekday Towpath Closure In Valley View

7/22/10 by Ohio Bikeways

From Cleveland.com: "The Towpath Trail near Fitzwater Road Bridge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will be closed weekdays from Lock 37 to north of the Pleasant Valley Road Bridge underpass. The closure is expected to last through September.

"The trail will be open weekends beginning at 5 p.m. on Fridays, and will re-close at 6 a.m. on Mondays. Fitzwater Road is located near Canal Road, between Canal Visitor Center and Frazee House, in Valley View.

"The National Park Service is in the process of replacing the Fitzwater Road bridges over the Cuyahoga River and the Ohio & Erie Canal spillway. The weekday closure is required to protect the public from construction activities near and over the trail."

Peninsula Restaurant

4/29/10 by dougcbus

There is a winking lizard restaurant in Peninsula, that where my wife and I always stop.

Towpath Section Closed Until 12/24/09

12/4/09 by Ohio Bikeways

The National Park Service is closing the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in the northern part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park due to bridge work.

The trail will be closed from today through Dec. 24 near the Fitzwater Road Bridge over the Cuyahoga River and the canal spillway. The park service is replacing the Fitzwater Road bridges and the closure is needed to protect the public from construction activities.

No detour is possible and violators may be be cited by park rangers.

Review And Related Updates

11/5/09 by Ohio Bikeways

The Bolivar to Dover portion of the review has been updated after a recent trip there. More photos will be added soon.

Also, the Zoar Valley Trail has been added to the Ohio Trails List and the Google map.

Dangerous Limb

9/17/09 by Douglas

Between Zoar and Rt. 800 there is a dangerous limb hanging down to the trail. It has been trimmed off to a height of roughly 5 feet. I am concerend someone will get hurt if they don't see it... It is about 1/4-mile from Rt. 800.

Cleveland To Barberton Report

7/28/09 by George Kirschling

Very much enjoyed this site and your hard work. Two rides last week took me from Harvard Ave in Cleveland to Snyder Ave in Barberton. With the exception of about 1000 ft, just north of Bartage in Akron (the old BF Goodrich plant), the entire trail in navigable! Even that short uncompleted section is easy to travel via parking lots. The total distance must be close to 45mi. There is still some final asphalt paving to be done, but there are no construction barriers that prevent travel along this portion of the trail. It is fabulous!!!

Stark County Closure

7/28/09 by Ohio Bikeways

As reported on the News page today, the towpath will see a temporary closure under Rt. 21 in Massillon until Friday, July 31st due to road construction.

Summit County Progress

11/3/08 by Ohio Bikeways

Towpath construction is on-going in Summit County on several fronts. In early summer '08 a new 1.1-mile section was completed from Vanderhoof to Eastern Road, just south of the Snyder Trailhead. Work is currently underway to reach Snyder Road soon.

A 275'-long bridge was constructed over the Akron Innerbelt (Rt. 59). It is part of a new trail section from Beech Street, where the trail had ended at the southern end of Akron's Cascade Locks Park, to Ash and Quaker streets behind Cascade Plaza.

Also in Akron, towpath construction at various points from Manchester Road to Waterloo to Wilbeth and Kenmore Boulevard are on-going, with some finished trail already in place. These sections lead to the southern end of Summit Lake where the ground work is being laid for a floating trail (boardwalk) which should be completed in 2009. Visit the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition pages for more updates.

Lake Avenue Trailhead Facilities & Activities

2/19/08 by John Snively

It might be worth noting in your review that the Lake Ave Trailhead in Massillon has a full service bike shop (including rental bikes), a restaurant, and a running supply store. There are also heated restrooms and a large parking area. The Stark County Bike Club does both trail and road rides from that location every Mon. and Wed. at 9:30. Our ride schedule is available at bikescbc.com.

Recent Akron Developments

9/26/07 by Greg Leimeister

The trail is completed from the Mustill Store on W. North Street South to the Interbelt Expressway (Rte 59). There is a new Trailhead across the street from the Mustill Store on W North Street. There will be a future Trailhead on Beech Street off of Howard Street.

Work is continuing on extending the trail along the Interbelt Expressway (Rte 59) where it will go under W Market Street; and then will follow along Rand Avenue (which it will tunnel under); and then a new bridge will be built so the trail can crossover Rte 59 towards Quaker Street.

New Bridges In Independence

9/26/07 by Lynda Warner

As of last fall (2006), two very unique bridges were opened, which remove the stress of having to cross two major intersections. The paved 5.7 mile section of the trail from Rockside Road north to Harvard Road is actually in the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation of The Cleveland Metroparks, which funded the bridges. This is one of my favorite locations to ride, as it is a very smooth, quiet, mostly shady place to glide along, seemingly detached from the rest of the world. Surprisingly--given that it is in the midst of an industrial city--I have sighted more wildlife here than most of the other, more remote metroparks! Herons (3 types) and many other birds, several turtle species, beaver, muskrats, ducks, and geese are among my sightings; and both the canal and the Cuyahoga River, which flank the trail, are fairly loaded with fish.

Mustill Store Trail Progress

10/20/06 by Joe Chase

The southern extension of the Towpath Trail [in Akron] is open from Mustill’s store up the Staircase Lock area, ending at a gravel parking lot near Martin Luther King Drive (also called the Akron Innerbelt). There is no trail at all from this point south, but on a quiet Sunday I was able to ride on Main Street in reasonable safety, rejoining a short segment of trail which runs from the Akron Aeros Stadium south to Canal Place (the former BF Goodrich tire plant).

At my last visit (August 2006), the Staircase Lock trail was still a mix of good asphalt and gravel, and some construction was still in process. The finished parts of the trail are 8’ asphalt, and the grade is quite reasonable. There is a temporary parking lot at the top of the grade off of Howard Street and ample parking lots near Mustill’s store on both sides of North Street.

The trail segment from the stadium to Canal Place is partly pavement, and partly a resilient paving surface (similar to an athletic track). This section is not specifically designated for bicycles and a lot of pedestrian traffic should be expected.

New Trail Between Clinton & Barberton

9/29/06 by Tom Bower

The towpath trail is now open from the Center Road Trailhead to Vanderhoof Road [between Clinton and Barberton]. A new trailhead facility is almost completed at Vanderhoof. The parking lot is not yet paved. Also, please note that the comfort station is completed but as of yesterday (Sept. 23) it was not open for use. Also, the fine gravel on this newly opened stretch is NOT compacted and is very loose and thick in spots. You can go down if you're not careful!

Towpath Extension at Mustill Store

5/11/06 by Craig Morgan

There is a lot of information on the next phase of the towpath trail under construction in Akron. The new segment will start at the Mustill store, where the trail ends now, and rise 80+/- feet to the edge of downtown Akron. Their newsletter states the trail will be open by the fourth of July ['06].

Trail Specs:

Class: A, B & C

Length: Approx. 100 miles / asphalt, crushed stone & natural surfaces

Condition: Varies from Good to Excellent

Facilities: See the review Trail Specs for facilities in each county along the route.

Food: See review Trail Specs.

Parking: review Trail Specs.

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