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Dayton, Ohio bike trail development began with the River Corridor Bikeway, now known as the Great Miami River Trail. Its location along the waterway in the heart of the city has provided interesting scenery for trail users for many years. When this stand-alone bikeway began to expand and nearby trails were built, the opportunities to commute or travel by trail multiplied dramatically.

The Trails

Ambitious Expansion Plans

Today extensive expansion plans for the Great Miami Trail set the tone for trail develpment in the area. Not only is the bikeway being extended to the north and south, but the original length of 20 miles is being stretched to an ambitious 95, effectively connecting the bikeway to a number of communities.

But that's just one piece of a rather large pie. In addition, other trails have been constructed in the area, such as the Wolf Creek and Mad River Bikeways, the latter connecting directly to the Great Miami. When you look at the surrounding trails and the planned connectors to reach them, you see a full tree with bikeway branches leading off in most directions.

Bikeway Nirvana?

While that would be sufficient for most trail travelers, that's not quite the entire pie here. The close proximity of the Xenia Trail Network, a mere 18 miles to the east, means that two extensive networks lay literally side-by-side. For trail enthusiasts, that's about as close as you can get to reaching nirvana. When all the connections are completed, it'll be closer yet!


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These maps feature color coded roadways based on how bike friendly the routes are.

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