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The Cleveland, Ohio area offers a number of bike trails and trail systems in and around the city. While the Emerald Necklace Trail system cuts a long path through mostly outlying suburbs, the Lakefront Trail explores the north coast. A few more bikeways exist in the city, but perhaps the most anticipated trail in recent times will be the final 4 miles of Towpath Trail as it makes its way north to Lake Erie.

The Trails

Cleveland Bikeways Master Plan

Cleveland has an ambitious master plan which includes a city loop trail (the Emerald Bracelet), completing the towpath to Lake Erie, developing connector trails and adding bike lanes, as well as a downtown bike station.

In 2007-08 the Treadway Creek Greenway and Morgana Run Trails were completed, along with the Euclid Avenue bike lanes which are the longest contiguous shared road lanes in Cleveland. You can learn more about Cleveland bikeways on their web site.

Future Statewide Trail Hub

As the Ohio & Erie Towpath draws closer to Lake Erie, it will bring trail travelers from as far away as the riverfront in Cincinnati via the Ohio-to-Erie Trail. The North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT), another potential major cross-state trail project, could eventually make its way through the city or suburbs, perhaps utilizing the Emerald Necklace as it passes through. Cleveland could then become a state-wide trail hub where one can ride across Ohio by trail in three different directions! The Ohio-to-Erie is likely to reach Lake Erie around 2020.

Existing Networks

In the meantime, trail connections and extensions abound in the form of rail-trails, towpath and park trails. So there's no reason to wait for future development since many trail miles and connections are already in place -- such as the connection to the nearby Bike-Hike Trail by way of the Brecksville & Bedford Reservations. Visit the Ohio Trails Gmap to explore these trail networks.

Choices Galore

If cycling diversity is your cup of tea, then you could say the Cleveland area produces a fine blend. There are parkway roads within the Emerald Necklace that are bike friendly, multi-use trails that twist, turn and climb, flat smooth trails and even paved towpath. Throw in some dedicated bike lanes and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park just to the south and you have a wide range of two-wheeled enjoyment!

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