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Trail Flooding

7/10/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From Franklin MetroParks, "Be advised: Alum Creek Trail is flooded under I-70, 104 and Oxbow Loop."

Alum Creek Connector Closes

6/21/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From Franklin MetroParks, "Alum Creek Connector Trail @ Emrick Dr. / I-270 on north-side closed for the next 12 months for construction by Kokosing."

Trail Section Closing for Repairs

1/30/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From columbus.gov, "A central segment of the Alum Creek Trail will be temporarily closed from February 1st through February 17th for repairs.

"The repairs will occur near trail mile 14, near Agler Road bridge. Signs will be posted at Innis Park and Ballyvaughn Avenue. Please use caution near the work zone and do not cross the barricades into the work area. View map."

High Water Alert

1/17/17 by Ohio Bikeways

From Franklin County MetroParks, "High water in areas between Cooper Park and I-270. Please use caution."

Grant to Fund Connector Trail

12/21/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From dispatch.com, "...On the Northeast Side, a connecting trail will be built on an old railroad right-of-way from the Alum Creek Trail and Hayden Park west to Brentnell Avenue. The state grant is $248,000; the total cost will be $401,000..."

Short-Term Section Closure

11/15/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From columbus.gov, "Alum Creek Trail Closed (Between Mt. Hood Ct. and Strawberry Farms Park). Trail closure for boardwalk improvements starting Thursday Nov. 17th at 9am and will re-open Friday Nov. 18th by 5pm."

Pavement Striping Work Oct. 17-21

10/18/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From columbus.gov, "During the week of October 17th-21st there will be pavement marking installations taking place along the Olentangy, Scioto, and Alum Creek Greenway trails. The trails will remain open and warning signage will be placed in the work areas."

Bridge Reopens

8/7/16 by Ohio Bikeways

Franklin County Metroparks has posted that the Academy Park Bridge has reopened along the Alum Creek Trail.

Surface Paving Section Closure

7/8/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From columbus.gov, "Construction will begin Monday July 11th 2016 to resurface and improve the section of trail through Hayden Park between 5th Ave and Airport Dr.

"Please see map for details and use the alternate route as posted."

[Ed: At the time of this posting, no link was given for the map. Visit their website to learn more.]

Bridge to Reopen Soon

3/18/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From www.columbus.gov, "A large tree has fallen and taken out a section of timber boardwalk on the north side of Innis Park. Repairs of the section will begin immediately, and the section is expected to be re-opened for trail use by March 21. Please obey the barricades."

Bridge Out Near Innis Park

3/15/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From facebook.com/ColumbusRecParks, "Attention: Section of the Alum Creek Trail is closed. A tree has fallen and splintered the bridge near Innis Park."

Sewer Repair Work Thru Jan. 20

1/7/16 by Ohio Bikeways

From columbus.gov, "From January 6 - January 20, 2016, Trail users should use extra caution [between Main St. & Livingston Ave.] due to sewer repair work occurring adjacent to the trail. Crews will be accessing manholes and using equipment near the path."

Flooded Underpass @ 3 Creeks Park

12/24/15 by Ohio Bikeways

Franklin Metroparks reports that the Rt. 104 underpass is flooded along the trail. The 104 is at the northern tip of 3 Creeks Metro Park.

Repairs Near 3 Creeks

11/19/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From metroparks.net, "Small section of Alum Creek Trail near Three Creeks Confluence Trails Area closed Nov 19 and 20 for asphalt repair. Use caution to get around obstruction."

Trail Opens Today

10/2/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From dispatch.com, "The last link of the Alum Creek Greenways Trail opened today, completing a 22-mile trail connecting Westerville and Easton to Three Creeks Park near Groveport."

Trail Grand Opening October 1!

9/15/15 by Ohio Bikeways

"Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Director Tony Collins invite you to the Grand Opening of the Alum Creek Trail. Thursday, October 1..." more

Construction and Maintenance Alerts

9/15/15 by Ohio Bikeways

"Construction at Easton soccer fields area Sept 16, use caution. Construction in area north of Livingston Avenue, Sept 17, use caution.

"Trail bridge over Nelson Road subject to temporary closures on Fri 9/18 for maintenance."

Source: Metroparks Greenway Trails Alerts

Trail Surface Bumps Repaired

8/31/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From Bike Commuting in Columbus, "Appreciate Metro Parks for replacing several short sections of asphalt on Alum Creek Greenway Trail that had been uprooted. This is located north of Cooper Park & Vineyard Church -behind the condos."

New Trail Section Open

7/18/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From Bike Commuting in Columbus, "...The Alum Creek Greenway Trail 1/4 mile section between Easton soccer fields/Easton Way-Champions golf course-Innis Park is now open for the public travel. The connection extends south to Brittany Hills trailhead & Bethesda Ave/Sunbury Rd..."

This leaves 1 remaining gap in the trail that's expected to be closed by the end of this year. The longest completed trail section now totals 12 miles in length.

Bridge Out Until Next March

7/16/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From dispatch.com, "Repairs on a suspension bridge over Alum Creek near Wolfe Park likely won't be finished until March.

"...The 140-foot-long bridge south of E. Broad Street is sagging on one side [due to a broken cable]. The city has already spent $100,000 to secure and stabilize it.

"'We probably won't be able to start the repair work until November...'"

Trail Bridge Out at Wolfe Park

4/15/15 by Tony Winegardner

The suspension bridge that crosses Alum Creek at Wolf Park is currently out. The cable supporting the northern side has broken. The bridge is now on its side. Please note that the trail on both sides of the bridge is also blocked off.

Suggested detour by Columbus Parks.

Trail Completion Pushed Back to Fall 2015

1/16/15 by Ohio Bikeways

From Columbus.gov, "Construction for the completion of Alum Creek Trail [began in] Summer 2014. A 0.25 mile section from Innis Park to Sunbury Rd near Easton and a 1.2 mile section from Airport Drive to the existing Brittany Hills trailhead will complete the 22 mile Alum Creek trail.

"Construction will not affect existing trail usage and is expected to last through Fall 2015."

Metro Parks 2014 Crime Stats

11/4/14 by Ohio Bikeways

From dispatch.com, "So far this year, rangers have taken more than 340 reports. Almost a quarter of those were for injuries or illnesses in the parks and on the trails. Nearly 100 others were break-ins to cars, or parking and traffic issues.

"Only nine were classified as assaults. Just a few fit the scenario that trail users fear most - a random attack."

Woman Sexually Assaulted, Set on Fire on Blacklick Trail

10/10/14 by Ohio Bikeways

[The southern end of the Alum Creek Trail links to the Blacklick Trail.]

From dispatch.com, "...a man came out of bushes along the trail, dragged her back into them and sexually assaulted her. Her assailant then poured a flammable liquid on her and used a lighter to set her on fire.

"...The attacker was described as a white man in his 30s who was about 6 feet tall and thin. He was wearing dark pants and a black hoodie, police said."

What To Do In An Emergency?

5/1/14 by Lauren De Camilla

I'm biking south on the Alum Creek trail today. In case I have an emergency, is there a number for the park rangers? Could someone please email me their number? Thanks!

OB Comments: I believe Franklin County Metroparks has oversight for Columbus bikeways. They recommend calling 911 in an emergency. They also provide contact info here.

Trail To Be Completed In 2015

4/28/14 by Ohio Bikeways

From dispatch.com, "...Construction is slated to begin this year on two projects that will connect the northern and southern legs of the trail to a 4.5-mile central section that was completed in 2012.

"When those are completed next spring, the trail will stretch about 20 miles between Westerville and Three Creeks park..."

Trail Bridge Reopens

4/3/14 by Ohio Bikeways

The Academy Park Suspension Bridge is now open.

Sunbury To Innis Park

3/9/14 by Tonya Reyes

I will be using [the] trail more often to walk my dogs. It is safe, and the bridges are awesome.

December Trail Ride

12/4/13 by teeberg

Rode the north end of Alum Creek Trail yesterday, and planning to again today. I'm up here from South Florida, and it sure would be nice if I could find a decent/safe way to get to the south side of the trail from the soccer park at Easton. The traffic here is heavy and without marked bike lanes, so I hesitate to wade in to possibly hostile waters while finding my way to the south's trail head. Any suggestions?

Also, the north trail is wet and puddled in places for those with slicks still on -- and fallen leaves and pine needles make for a potential slippery hazard. Leaves and water also partially obscure the big cracks rising from the pavement in the first few miles of the northernmost end.

All in all, though, a round-trip on the trail was a decent 16-plus miles and seemed well kept and safe. The signage was confusing, so I rode in circles around Strawberry Park a couple of times, but what the heck -- it added some distance. ;)

Man Robbed & Dog Killed

8/26/13 by Ohio Bikeways

From nbcnews.com, "Police are investigating a report in which a man said he was robbed and his dog was killed while walking on a trail Tuesday morning.

"According to Columbus police, the incident occurred on the Alum Creek Trail behind 4558 Wingfield St. shortly before noon.

"...He claims the males were in their late-teens to early 20s, and were dressed in black hooded sweatshirts and black shorts. He said two of the suspects were white, and three were black."

Increased Police Presence - ?

7/26/13 by K Stets

There was a police car parked beside the trail at the Strawberry Farms Park section of Alum Creek Trail yesterday. Now I know why.

"Knockout Game" Comes To Columbus

7/11/13 by Ohio Bikeways

If you scroll down this page you'll find reports of attacks along the trail in 2010 and again in 2013. Based on carefully scripted news reports from the Columbus Dispatch, we assumed that these crimes were isolated cases. There was little in the news stories to suggest otherwise.

Recently clues have come to light that indicate that a nationwide phenomenon known as the "Knockout Game" has come to Columbus. More specifically, to the Alum Creek Trail. This "game" can result in severe brain injury or death to its victims, which are often unsuspecting trail users.

If you or anyone you know uses Columbus area trails, you need to know what this activity is all about. Read our blog series on this topic to learn more.

Deer Carcass In Creek

6/13/13 by Daniel C

There's a dead dear in a creek overlooked by the "Alum Creek Multi Use Trail (Ohio to Erie Trail)" close to 33. I'm new to the path, so I'm sorry but I'm unable to give exact location.

Bridge Construction Detour

4/15/13 by Ohio Bikeways

From parks.columbus.gov, "The suspension bridge over Alum Creek between Academy Park and Wolfe Park will be closed from April 15 to September 1 for a restoration project. The historic structure was built in 1922 and will undergo a complete overhaul of the towers, railings, decking, and approaches. The structural work will close the trail for a short segment on the east side (Wolfe Park) of the river, between Broad Street and Park Drive. Signed detours around the bridge site are posted for users."

View a map of the detour.

More Attacks Near Livingston

3/13/13 by Ohio Bikeways

From the dispatch.com, "...On Sunday, Columbus and Bexley police responded to a call that several people had been jumped and beaten along the Alum Creek multiuse path near Livingston Avenue, said Metro Parks Executive Director John O'Meara.

"Tracy Rader, a staff representative with the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council, which represents about 20 rangers, said the attacks illustrate why rangers should carry guns."

Attacks were also reported in 2010 along the trail.

Navigating The Trail Gaps

3/9/13 by Rod Hutton

"I was on the trail yesterday riding north to south and it is definitely NOT open [finished] yet!

"Riding on Sunbury Rd. is not fun. It would really be helpful, I discovered after I got home and looked at the map again, if there was some indication given on Sunbury Rd. at the Innis Rd. corner that you can get back to a new stretch of the trail by turning right onto Innis and taking the first right after the bridge. There is no indication there whatsoever about any directions on how to get to the path that you can see right below you standing on the bridge."

Innis Park To Easton Construction Begins

4/8/12 by Theresa L.

I've been haunting Innis Park and was pleasantly surprised to find TODAY that the construction to connect the park Northbound towards Easton has started!

At this time, they have scoured out the area from Innis Park along Alum Creek up to Patriot Drive on the west side of the creek. It is NOT bikeable or walkable at this point, but it's there!

It appears that part of the trail will be a boardwalk to cover a marsh area.

Details On Trail Completion

2/29/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the dispatch.com, "......A 1.1-mile stretch of trail following Alum Creek, from Mock Road Park south to Bethesda Avenue, will cost about $1.75 million.

"This is the second-to-last section of the trail, and construction will begin this spring, said Alan McKnight, the city's recreation and parks director. The final phase of the trail between Three Creeks Metro Park and Westerville should come in 2013, he said."

Trail Completion Slated For 2013

2/12 by Ohio Bikeways

From the Franklin County Metroparks Spring newsletter --

Alum Creek Trail

  • City is projecting that it will be 2013 before the Alum Creek trail will be completely connected.
  • Suspension bridge at Wolfe Park- hope to schedule for the spring.
  • Balleyvaughn Dr to Valleydale- open to bidding; City is will also be putting in trailhead parking.

Schrock Rd Drainage Work Update

8/31/11 by Ohio Bikeways

From Cbus Pacers, "Something new on the trail today. The path under Shrock road has been open for a couple of weeks now. But now it looks like it has dried up enough that they are starting to do work on the area to improve drainage.

"As you come south, right before the underpass there is a big ROAD WORK AHEAD sign that sits right in the path. The sign is only about 6" narrower than the path, but the path remains open under the bridge. You don't have to divert up to and accross Shrock Road. I'm assuming this might not be true during work hours on the weekday, but tonight after 5 and I am assuming this weekend, the path will remain open.They are working on drainage around the path, not the path itself."

Detour In Westerville Aug 17 - Oct 11

8/10/11 by Ohio Bikeways

YayBikes! reports, "The Alum Creek Path under Schrock Road (in Westerville) is scheduled for retaining wall construction starting on August 17th and the project will be completed October 11th weather permitting.

"The path will be closed for construction in an effort to reduce path closures due to flooding. Path users are recommended to head east and cross Schrock Road at the Park Meadow light."

New Trail Section Paved

6/18/11 by Theresa L

This morning, my husband and I biked from Innis park south, to see how far south the trail had been completed. All of the online maps are VERY unhelpful, so we figured we'd just have to ride. We did, and the trail is completed from Innis park down to the Dominion Homes Development, called Village at Stone Cliff. It's been paved at this point, but there are no lines.

Very few bikers or joggers. Lots of ups and downs to get to very nice bridges. They have a lot of work to go to get a connector, and the place where the trail stops is very sudden. It's a nice ride along a golf course as well, with both sun and a lot of shade.

Tagging Between Cooper Park & Easton

8/16/10 by Sue Burkett

While riding the Alum Creek trail from Cooper Park to Easton on August 2, I noticed tagging that looked like [it] said crips on the trail. Given the news of assaults further south on the trail, I am not happy!

This is close to my home and my work, and was a favorite trail to ride. Maybe not so much anymore!

Attacks Along Alum Creek Trail

8/9/10 by Ohio Bikeways

"... My husband was pulled off his bike [July 29th] and beaten by two guys hanging around the bike path just north of Livingston at the Alum Creek intersection. African-American males late teens to mid-20’s; one was lounging on the path maybe smoking a cigarette and the other guy moved off the path as he came thru and then knocked into him pushing him over.

"They did not take his bike or anything else – just beat on him. Someone going by continued on but then called 911 – by the time the 6 cop cars came the guys were gone (into the woods there probably as people coming from the direction they went didn’t see them on the trail.)

"It sounds like this is not the first time there has been some incident in that dark little section of the woods."

OB Comments: There are published accounts of communities using serveillance cameras and officers to deter simple trailside vandalism. It makes one question what local officials are doing regarding the more serious crimes along the Alum Creek Trail.

Trail Specs:

Class: A1++

Length: 22 miles / asphalt & concrete

Condition: Overall Very Good

Facilities: Available in many parks along the route -- Westerville Sports Complex, Heritage Park, Alum Creek South Park, Sycamore Fields, Heron Pond, Madison Mills, 3 Creeks Metropark.

Food: Didn't notice (or seek out) any trailside restaurants. Undoubtedly there are establishments close by.

Parking: Available at parks along the trail -- Heritage Park, Alum Creek South Park, Cooper & Casto parks, Partridge Park, Nelson, Wolfe & Academy parks, Smith Farm, Sycamore Fields, Heron Pond, Madison Mills, 3 Creeks Metropark.

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